Such a Boring Golden Globes Show

First of all, congratulations to my buddies in New York who are Jets fans. You won! Only one more to go until the World Series Super Bowl! I’m not a football fan, as I’ve said many times, but I know how exciting it must be to be thisclose to a championship.
I spent a very rainy afternoon with friends watching the Golden Globes. Normally, I love this show because – unlike the Oscars – actors are more inclined to say and do silly, spontaneous things, rather than step up to the mic with a rehearsed speech and thank their agents. But today’s show was as soggy as the weather here in California. Jokes fell flat. Nobody wore anything particularly outrageous. And James Cameron, who won Best Director and Best Picture for “Avatar,” felt the need to tell us he had to pee. I was glad Sandra Bullock won for “The Blind Side,” a movie I recommend to my football fan friends. But I couldn’t help but wonder about Kate Hudson. As a cast member of the musical “Nine,” she was a presenter and walked the red carpet. Was she pining for A-Rod or has she moved on with someone else? All I know is that her dress looked like a wedding cake.
Her movie was shut out of the awards. Poor thing. And she worked so hard to get in shape for the show.
Shame on you, A-Rod. She was there for you when you were in the spotlight. The least you could have done was be there for her. You’re heartless!
The good news was that Mo’Nique, Meryl Streep and Robert Downey, Jr. won awards – deservedly; “Precious,” “Julie and Julia” and “Sherlock Holmes” are all worth seeing. Jeff Bridges won too, for “Crazy Heart.” I haven’t seen that one yet, but he lives here in Santa Barbara and is, according to everyone who knows him, one of the nicest, most down-to-earth guys around. Congrats to him!


  1. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. I am not much of a football fan but I have totally jumped on the Jets bandwagon. It was an exciting game and I am kind of in shock they actually won.

    I am seriously contemplating going down to Florida during Spring Training this year. I’ve never done that before but if I can convince my sister to go with me I think it will be a lot of fun.


    As the Black-Eyed Peas say, “Let’s Get It Started…”
    First things first — CONGRATS, DIANE! And all you J-e-t-s fans…we watched the game and couldn’t believe it. Esp. since Diane has to go to work today (not fair)…how sweet!
    Golden Globules? Missed that…too much football, plus my college hoops boys, plus “24” started…but I agree — shame on A-Rod, and great for Downey & Meryl Streep.
    One more comment on The Babe. Tried to find you a source for his “Gidge” nickname (allegedly based on his real first name, George — and can you imagine a macho guy being called “Babe” by his ballplayer friends in the Roaring Twenties?)…no luck yet on that, BUT found out something else…DID YOU KNOW that until 1931, balls hit off the foul pole were considered ground-rule doubles…AND a ball that was hit over the fence fair, but CURVED FOUL and landed in foul territory AFTER it cleared the fence fair was considered a FOUL BALL? And Ruth allegedly hit a LOT of them — fifty or more, according to one source. If he’d gotten credit for al those…PLUS if he’d concentrated on just hitting and not pitching…just imagine the number of taters…O-M-G…!!

  3. thefreak

    Hey Jane,
    Sorry for the absence here. I’ve been walking around the block in a haze muttering b-b-b-b-b-b-ba-ba-ba-baseball. My wife says its the first stage of detox. lol

    Been filling my time with watching football. And here in NY, the Jets are the talk of the town. I’m a Giants fan but I would love to see the Jets go all the way.

    Lets not put all the shame on A-Rod. There are 3 sides to every story. His, hers, and the truth. And did you ever think that maybe she allowed the relationship to fizzle because she was preparing herself for …… ME? Yeah, me neither.


  4. cheshirecat9

    Okay, it’s official, my sister and I will be at the game on Saturday March 13th! Jane, when will you be down there again?

  5. Jane Heller

    No, cheshirecat. Nooooo! The day you’ll be at the game in Tampa – Saturday, March 13th – is the day I’ll be on the east coast of Florida, in Stuart, speaking on a baseball panel. I won’t be in Tampa until the next day. I’m going to the 3/16 game against the Astros and the 3/17 game against the Phillies in Clearwater. So sorry I’ll miss you and Courtney!!!!

    Dave, your search engine came to the rescue again. Love the back story on “Gidge,” but I was really fascinated by the fair/foul rules you unearthed. Just imagine how many homers the Babe would have hit. Incredible!

    I doubt A-Rod sits around with a reflector and baby oil, Jeff. He’s half Dominican and he lives in Miami. At least he doesn’t use bleaching cream like Sosa!

    Always good to see your comments, Mike. I know the feeling about baseball detox. It’s tough stuff! Very exciting about the Jets and diehards must be absolutely jazzed right now. As for Kate and A-Rod, maybe you were the reason they broke up. Sounds possible to me.


    Hi Jane,
    I’m back from my yoga weekend and I am relaxed! I was glad to see someone else says World Series when talking about football’s Super Bowl. I seem to do it a lot myself.
    Congrats to all NY Jets fans! Great game yesterday and I love it when a NY team wins! Especially when all the “experts” pick the wrong team!
    I guess I am out of the gossip loop, but did A-Rod leave Kate or vice versa? Their being a couple grew on me and I was sad at their break-up. Oh well.
    Enjoy your weather there in CA, even if it is rainy. I am sitting here in upstate NY, 40 degrees, with snow on the ground! Spring and Spring Training can’t come soon enough!

  7. raysrenegade

    Just an observation, but aren’t most Jet fans also Mets fans?
    Not trying to throw a label on either team here, just something I noticed during my playing days.
    Seriously, the Golden Globes,and not just the ones boosted up in some of those dresses, were a bit subdued this year.
    Maybe it was a Haiti situation that had some in attendance abandoning their usual frolic.
    But “The Hurt Locker” is an extremely great Iraq war classic that makes “Jarhead” look like a cartoon and was my pick for Best Film.
    Still, congrats to the multitude of Jets fans who get to go back to Lucas Oil Stadium again and face the “first team” this time.
    Tall order, but Joe Namath was once an unknown too against the mighty Colts.

    Rays Renegade

  8. Jane Heller

    Lucky you, Kathleen, getting away for a yoga weekend. I need one of those! I don’t know if A-Rod broke up with Kate or vice versa, but the tabloids seem to indicate it was A-Rod’s decision. Supposedly, he’s still texting Madonna, plus he felt Kate was hogging the spotlight. Who knows. The weather in CA right now is atrocious. It’s so stormy that my electricity keeps going off. We’re supposed to have floods. Fun fun fun!

    I think the Haiti situation might have played into the subdued nature of the awards last night, Renegade. They were all wearing those ribbons and George Clooney is organizing a telethon for later in the week. But even so, the show bored me silly. I’m very eager to see “The Hurt Locker.” I know it’ll be tough to watch, but the reviews have been great.

  9. Jane Heller

    They have become boring, Lorcan, and yet I still watch them. I guess it’s because I love movies. I try to see everything that comes out.


    Thanks, Dave. The local Oldies station WCBS-FM re-wrote the on Paul McCartney/Wings song “Jet” to celebrate the Jets == obviously I love when you rewrite old songs but this one was great. The Jets have gone farther than any Jet fan would have believed they would this season so whatever happens from here are in is fine with me. I love them and I see them being real contenders for at least the next two seasons.

    And here we are about four weeks from the beginning of another year for our Yankees…I’ll be very excited to see what we do this year.

    And I agree, Jane, the GG awards were pretty dull; especially as the final course after the Jets game. Penelope Cruz was gorgeous as was K-Hud == and I was happy Glee won. Otherwise I could have done without it altogether.

  11. Jane Heller

    You must be SO excited about the Jets, Diane! I’m really happy for you and hope they’ll surprise everyone and go all the way. I hope the Oscars are more lively than the GGs were. With Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin hosting, I think we’ll see a more entertaining show.


    She fan, you are right because you do not know how beautiful it is to be in the final lap to championship! Even though you say that you do not drink a cup of football, you surely have a nice heart to give the Jet’s multitude following thumbs up! – Jordan

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