Is Brian Cashman “Hiking The Appalachian Trail?”

Where is Brian Cashman? Has he disappeared? He traded Melky to the Braves for Vazquez, signed a few minor leaguers and then vanished in a cloud of smoke.
While other teams are filling out their rosters, the Yankees remain without a bona fide left fielder (not counting Gardner), a dependable utility man (not counting Pena) and a strong bench (not counting…..anybody). I love that we’re stockpiling other teams’ castoffs for our farm system, but shouldn’t there be a little more activity as we head into spring training? Speaking of which, I’m going!
I’ve been invited to appear on a baseball panel at the Blake Library in Stuart, Florida, on Saturday, March 13th. (If anyone is in the area, please come and hear me talk about the She-Fan book, this blog, the Yankees and God knows what else.) Then I’ll be heading to Tampa to see the Yanks take on the Astros at home on March 16th and the Phillies in Clearwater on March 17th. I’m looking forward to meeting Sue of Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts at the Phillies game, and hope to connect with others fans I’ve met via cyberspace.
On a personal note, I’d like to wish my mother a Happy 93rd Birthday on Friday. As many people know, she came in second to Surf Dog Bill for the 2009 She-Fan Award for the Best Yankee Fan Video.
My mother is such a trooper. In the 1940s, she exhibited true she-fan boldness when she spotted Babe Ruth at a restaurant and walked up to him and got him to autograph her menu. She gave me the menu when I was in high school, and it’s one of my most treasured possessions.
She was very upset when Melky was traded, but I think she’ll come to love Granderson. And she still has Jeter, her other favorite. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!!!!


  1. Jane Heller

    Is Reed Johnson the best target, Rob? If Cashman really wanted him, why wouldn’t he have signed him by now? I’m still thinking Damon will be back.

  2. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Cat. I’ll pass your good wishes along. I wish I could be in NY to celebrate with her, but I’m here in CA. So you’re waiting for your Dodgers to make some moves too? At least spring training is around the corner.


    Happy Birthday She Fan Mama!!!! Please tell her that she has her own fan club here and we wish her all the best!!!

    I forgot to tell you about the dream I had the other night. I was driving and there was traffic in the other direction. Another driver stopped and waved me through. It was Derek Jeter, looking very dashing in pinstriped (of course!) business suit.


  4. ooaooa


    Oh yee of little faith, we will have a left fielder and a bench very soon. I have full coinfidence in Cashman. In fact I like the path he is taking this year building the roster. I have the feeling some nice surprises are coming. You will love the park in Clearwater. We’ve been there and its real nice. Before the game get down near the right side of the visitors dugout. There is a walkway where the players come out of the club house to get to the dugout. Make sure your hubby tries the Philly Cheesteak Sandwich. Hope you’ve hooked up with Ray. Sorry we won’t be there at the same time this year.

  5. mikeeff

    happy birthday to the most sensible yankee fan i know of…

    i’m officially jealous. ive never been to spring training…

  6. Jonah

    D’oh! I’m going to spring training in Florida to catch the Blue Jays and Phillies (and maybe a Yankees game), but not until at least the 18th. It’s a shame I’ll miss the baseball panel that you’re on; it would have been nice to meet you in person. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the games you catch!


  7. ladyjane303

    Happy Birthday Mom – the original She-Fan! May you have a year of health, happiness and another world championship for your (and our) beloved Yankees.

    P.S. I still think there’s a chance of bringing Johnny back.


    CONGRATS to Mama S!! Agree with Lady Jane #303 — your mom has to be the Original She-Fan. Great story about her and The Bambino…and aren’t you the lucky one…but it reminds me in my own left-handed, typically weird way about an allegedly true story ’bout Babe…he was invited to some high-society dinner, and was seated next to a princess (no, not THAT kind of princess) or some such feminine dignitary…trying his mightiest to be on his best P’s and Q’s, Mr. Ruth was polite and (relatively) dainty with his eating behavior…until the Princess noted that, why Mr. Ruth, you haven’t touched your asparagus. Don’t you like asparagus? “No, ma’am,” he confided, trying to remain as delicate and clean of vocabulary as he could…”it makes my urine smell.”

  9. enternight

    Hi Jane,Aww, I love your mom! Happy Birthday to her! That’s so way beyond cool that she actually met Babe Ruth. She’s a treasure to the She-fan community. :)~Ana

  10. rrrt

    Happy Birthday to your mom! She seems like a feisty lady, in a good way, of course. I still love the part of that clip where she blames your nuttiness on your father. And how cool that she got the Babe’s autograph, and then gave it to you! Do you have it framed and on display in a place of honor, or safely stashed away somewhere like a bank vault? You need to at least take a picture of it and post it here to share with us. πŸ™‚
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  11. Jane Heller

    I’ll tell Mom she has a fan club here, Melissa. She still doesn’t quite get what a blog is, even though I’ve shown it to her. She says, “You mean people actually see me?” So you dream about Yankees too? LOL. Isn’t it funny how they just appear in dreams without necessarily being the stars of the dream?

    It’s not that I don’t have faith in Cashman, John. It’s that I can take the suspense of what he’s going to do and when he’s going to do it! I guess I need to learn patience. (Like that will ever happen.) I’m looking forward to seeing the park in Clearwater. Wish you were going to be there, but I did connect with Ray and he’s promised to send the tix after he gets them in mid-February. Thanks again for the tip!

    Don’t be jealous, Mike. Just come to Tampa! You travel all the time. Figure out a way to come in March.

    Oh, Jonah. What a shame! You’re arriving on the day I’m leaving. Wish we could have met in FL. I hope you have fun at the games you’ll be seeing.

    I’ll pass along your birthday wishes, Jeff. The funny thing about the Babe Ruth autograph is that my mother didn’t make a big deal about giving it to me. She just said, “Here. I thought you might want this.” I was the one who started screaming and getting all excited. LOL.

    I wasn’t that much of a Hell(er) raiser, Paul. Only one suspension from high school. πŸ™‚

    That’s so sweet, ladyjane. I’ll tell my mother you call her the original she-fan. She’ll get a kick out of that. Wouldn’t it be nice if she – and we – had another championship to celebrate? Glad I’m not the only one still pining for Johnny, although today’s report that the Tigers are interested in him was not amusing.

    Thanks, Dave. And what a story about the Babe! True or not, I can picture him saying that, based on everything I’ve read about him. HAHA.

    Very kind of you, Ana. My mother would be astonished to know she has fans here. She really would!

    I have Babe’s autograph in a safety deposit box, Sue. People keep telling me I should have it authenticated, but I have no desire to sell it so what’s the point? Good idea taking a picture of it and posting it. I wonder if it’ll come out. The writing on the menu is sort of faded. I’ll ask my husband, the professional photographer, to take a shot at it.

  12. peggy3

    Howdy to Jane and fellow baseball fans:

    It’s been crazy during the holidays and the following weeks …busy, busy, busy. I’ve been on the go but hopefully I will get to say hi a little more often now…at least until Yankee baseball comes around again (happily that will be SOON !!!).

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Mom who did a great job raising the She-Fan. I love a mother who raises her child right …as a Yankee fan !!! I can’t even begin to imagine how it was to meet Babe Ruth…that was awesome !!! Lucky you Miss Jane getting such a wonderful keepsake from your Mom. My Mom wasn’t the least into sports …heck, we didn’t even agree on music as she loved Elvis while I was Beatles all the way and not so much a lover of the man with the swivel hips. Thankfully my daughter and I love the Yankees as well as much of the same music too.

    I won’t be at Spring Training as I made plans to head to Tampa for the first games against the Rays on April 10th & 11th at the opening of the season. I’ve been to ST three times and loved it but now I enjoy going to Tampa during the season for the games that count. It’s back to New York that Monday night for Opening Day at the Stadium on the 13th. I’m getting so excited just thinking about it. I can’t wait !!! I’m sorry I’ll miss you in Florida Jane but I am definitely going to LA for the Dodgers series so hopefully we can meet up then.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I wish everyone the best for 2010. Yankee Championship #28 would be a nice way to end the year once again .. :o).

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!!

  13. peggy3

    Oh Jane …I forgot to tell you that I bought two more of your
    books…Name Dropping & Lucky Stars. If I enjoy them even half as much as Confessions & “Ex” I’ll be one happy lady….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  14. Jane Heller

    Erin, my mother will definitely be happy about your comment! People tell her she looks younger than her age, but she doesn’t quite believe it. I’ll see if she wants to write a guest post. Good idea!

    Howdy to you, Peggy! Yes, I’m lucky I can talk about baseball with my mother. She and I never agreed on music though. I was listening to Led Zeppelin and she was listening to “My Fair Lady.” LOL. She’d always come into my room and go, “How can you listen to that and why does it have to be so LOUD?” Sorry I won’t see you at spring training, but we’ll connect in LA for sure. Right now I’m planning to drive down for the Saturday game. So you bought “Name Dropping” and “Lucky Stars?” Very cool. I hope you get a kick out of them. Keep in mind that it was because of “Name Dropping” that I got to the 2000 World Series. I’ll explain after you read the book!

  15. Jane Heller

    I was planning to go on stubhub for tickets to the Saturday game, Peggy, as we got closer to the date. But one way or another we will see each other and you will have to go in front of the She-Fan Cam. Beware!

  16. ladyjane303

    Peggy – Name Dropping is one of my favorites. I would also recommend Princess Charming. Actually, anything of Jane’s is worth a read – always fun and upbeat πŸ™‚

  17. peggy3

    Jane …

    That would be great if you go to the Saturday game because my daughter and her b/f have tickets to Disneyland that day and I was going to go to the game. If it works out …maybe we can get seats together. If not we can meet up before or after…either way it would be nice … :o).

    I’m just finishing up a J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) book. I’ll
    start Name Dropping next week. Looking forward to the 2000 World Series explanation too.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  18. peggy3

    Jane …

    If you get the tickets on stubhub I would be happy to send you a check immediately if you could get one for me too so that we can hang out together at the game. It’s my daughter’s birthday the day of the Friday game and that’s why we are flying out …to celebrate her bday by going to that game. I’m assuming we won’t get tickets through the Dodger site so Stubhub is going to be the way for us too. As I said they have tickets for Disney on Saturday. I prefer to go to the game so I would go alone if need be …that doesn’t bother me in the least. We can talk about it more if you like have my email address.

    Ladyjane …I do agree with you that Jane’s books are a fun read. I enjoyed the two I read so far and I’m looking forward to reading the next two. Thanks for the input !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  19. raysrenegade

    First off we got to take care of that beutiful mother of yours Jane.
    Congrats on a great birthday to the Yankees most devoted and ageless She-Fan of all. Hope the celebrations go long into the night, and the presents and well wishes of friends and family hum in her mind for a long, long time.
    Jane, hate to tell you, but Cashman is doing his other off season job, putting up the miles and miles of anti-Chinese drywall in the Jeter estate.
    Something to do with a lost bet some time during 2009 that got the Yankee GM doing manual labor and jumping into the Davis Island channel to clean off after the long work day.
    He does have to have his work done soon so the painters and desginer can finish the busy work and have Mr 2 in his humble abode by reporting date.
    Because the house in the enclosed Avilla housing community will not do anymore.

    Rays Renegade


    Hi Jane, long time no speak. I don’t remember the last time I was able to get on and chat. Have been insanely busy but its all good stuff. No worries.

    Happy birthday to your mom. If she helped to make you who you are today, she gave a great gift to the world.

    I agree with everyone’s comments on your books — I have enjoyed them immensely and look forward to more…and the movie, of course.

    Still don’t know what to think about Jeter. The catering hall has bill full page ads in Newsday now with Jeter and Kelly’s picture — I don’t think they would do that if it was a hoax. I can only think that Jeter, as always, wants to keep a low profile and go about his usual business in his usual manner. We do have our daughter on suicide watch however, and a couple of her friends expect to show up for the wedding.

    Nothing else new that would be exciting to you and your fans so I’ll just say bye for now and hope to be back again real soon.

  21. crzblue2

    Happy birhtday She-fan mom! And many more!
    That is so cool that you will meet Sue! I miss the old ushers at Vero Beach but I understand that it was time to move on. I miss the friends that I made there. Luckly, I still correspond with some of them.
    The is an AWESOME story of Babe Ruth! WOW!
    I put together a list of all the MLB players that passed away in 2009. Check it out.

  22. travelingbballbabes

    Ahhhh! Your panel is on my birthday! : ) I hope I do not jinx you as I seem to be a bit unlucky.

  23. Jane Heller

    Ladyjane, I wish you were the fiction buyer at Barnes & Noble. I’d still have my backlist novels in print in all their stores. LOL.

    Peggy, the story with Name Dropping and the 2000 World Series is that the novel is about two women with the same name whose identities get mixed up. After the book came out, I promoted it on my web site by asking if anybody had MY same name. I got an email from someone named Jane Heller who said she was the private banker for Steinbrenner and all the Yankees. Long story short, she invited Michael and me to be her guest at the WS and we sat in the first row at the on deck circle next to the dugout. It was heaven. I haven’t done a thing about getting tickets yet for Yanks-Dodgers. My M.O. is usually to wait until the last minute. I was thinking we wouldn’t have to get the tickets until the season started?

    Thanks for the good wishes for my mom, Renegade. I spoke to her a little while ago and she’s planning to go out for dinner tonight with her “beau!” So you think Cashman’s been working construction on Jeter’s house? Sounds reasonable to me and would explain why he’s been so quiet. πŸ™‚

    Hi, Diane! What a lovely thing to say about my mom (and me). I’m touched. Genuinely. About Jeter, I believe that he’d get married, but why that date in November and why that catering hall? It just doesn’t sound like him. (Not that I know him so well. HAHA.) I hope for your daughter’s sake it’s a hoax!

    I loved when the Dodgers were in Vero, Emma. I used to live in Stuart, not far from there, and it was fun going up the road. But I guess Arizona is more practical for the team and I know you’ll be excited to go this spring. Will check out your blog post right away.

    Serena, how can your birthday be unlucky? I hope you’re not a jinx. I don’t want to get up there to speak and find out I have laryngitis or something!


    Sorry to break the news but JD won’t be playing in the Bronx next season. I know that a single pitch has yet to be thrown this season but I’m going to fast forward to 2011 season. You heard it here 1st: Cliff Lee will be pitching in the Bronx with his best friend CC aka Big West Coast! Petite will leave the Bronx as one of the best post season pitcher ever and we will need a lefty in the rotation. Where is Buster Onley when you need him!

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! Thanks for being apart of Yankee Universe!!I loved Melky however Melky was starting to look like he had one to many MilkyWay bars. He will do just fine in Atlanta, needs to stay clear of all that good down home southern cooking though. How many WS titles has she witness?

    You are going to have a blast at Spring Training! Wish I could be there……however Santa Barbara isn’t bad in March, let’s try to bring the Yankees here!!

    Your SB Neighbor.

  25. Jane Heller

    Hi neighbor! Thanks for stopping by. So you’re projecting into 2011 and figuring the Yanks are saving money for Lee? I wouldn’t mind that a bit. And I agree about Melky. While I loved the idea that he was a home grown, fun loving kid, he wasn’t the best we could do in CF and his work ethic wasn’t anything to brag about. Too bad you won’t be at spring training, but, as you said, Santa Barbara is beautiful in March. Now we just have to hope this approaching storm that’s supposed to last for a week doesn’t cause mudslides. As for bringing the Yankees here, at least they’ll be in LA playing the Dodgers in June.

  26. Jane Heller

    I guess Cashman is biding his time, teenager’s eyes. He said today he didn’t make a deal for Baldelli after a report surfaced on Facebook that he did. Rumors! Rumors!

    Oh, that’s very nice of you, Mike. Please tell ALL the people at the Trolley Station that Mom appreciates their good wishes. πŸ™‚

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