Keeping the Pressure on Johnny

Another lost weekend. Johnny Damon didn’t sign with the Yankees or anyone else. The Reds managed to cough up $25 million for Chapman, who’s never played a major league game in his life, but Damon? He continued to sit and wait for the phone to ring.
As the clock ticked, I wondered what else I could possibly do to make this deal happen. I’ve already talked to Johnny in a video, begging him to curb his expensive lifestyle and take a pay cut. I’ve left a long comment on his web site, imploring him to remember the good times as a Yankee – all those pies, all those hugs, all the love. I even visualized his two stolen bases in Game 4 of the World Series while I was folding the laundry today. Nothing worked. There wasn’t a single word from Cashman on the subject. So I decided to fly to Orlando, ring Johnny’s doorbell and take him dancing. He seemed to enjoy himself. Fingers crossed that we’ll have news by the close of business on Monday.
P.S. Is Jeter really engaged, as reports indicate? Probably. Just please, Derek, don’t marry Minka if you’re only going to break her heart!


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Johnny was looking a little pensive. I’m not sure his mind was all there, like the body was on auto-pilot. He never smiled once. He’s too busy thinking…what does Boris want? You..? If a rose could dance, thine name be Jane. You were a Bacchinalic Physical Soliloquy, as Johnny was there only so far as they filled those polyester slacks. His face said it all. Thoughts were dancing in his head. He was just moving his feet.

  2. Jane Heller

    I was blown away that the Reds signed Chapman, A.J. Rumors were circulating about the Marlins, Angels and Jays but I never heard the Red were interested – until today. As for Damon, as someone said today, “He’s this year’s Bobby Abreu.” I love the Jib Jabs too. I might find myself dancing with lots of Yankees before this off-season is over.

    A Bacchinalic Physical Soliloquy? Nobody’s ever called me that, Mike! I think Johnny was thinking about what I told him right before we went onto the dance floor, which was: “Just make a deal with the Yankees and get it over with.”

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    (…gas*p!) I hope I didn’t insult you, that was furthest of my intentions, I meant everything in a positive note….as in Dancing for Dionysus….in this case Damon. : o ?


    Johnny did not seem to be enjoying himself, but maybe he was concentrating on keeping up with the She-Fan’s moves.
    Jane, I think you’re going to create a new fashion look: a turtleneck with a tank top.

    In the NY Post it says Jeter and Minka are going to get married at “the castle” on Long Island, which is known for its discretion.

    “But a Post reporter, posing as a bride-to-be seeking to book a wedding that weekend, was shown a scheduling calendar printout as sales manager Rick Bellando explained that the castle hosts just one wedding per day — and the entire weekend in question was already booked.
    A quick peek at the calendar revealed Jeter’s name in big bold letters.”

    Sounds fishy to me. Maybe they put Jeter there to throw people off the track.


  5. Jane Heller

    I was insulted in the least, Mike. I just didn’t know what you were talking about!

    HAHAHA, Melissa. I’m definitely creating a fashion look with those turtlenecks and evening gowns. I kept searching for a pic of me with a bigger head shot and no Yankees cap but I couldn’t find one. Will keep looking. LOL. The NY Post item about Jeter, which was even posted on the Yankees web site, sounded fishy regarding the date and place, but I think the wedding is probably happening. Jeet will try to avoid a media circus, but there’s not much chance of succeeding. We will all know when and where!

  6. thefreak

    WOW! You must’ve intimidated Johnny on the dance floor. Look at taht expression. HE WAS IN SERIOUS CONCENTRATION MODE! As well as he should be. You are a regular Ginger Rogers out there.

    Last year Abreu signed for 5 million. Are the Yankees willing to pay that “IF” Damon agrees?


    Golly gee, She-Fan…seein’ you & Johnny doin’ the boogie oogie oogie makes me flash back to Saturday Night Fever days (hopefully, not for long)…suddenly, I gotta go…take off my disco boots, & post more later!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Ginger Rogers. LOLLLLLLL, Mike. I searched for a pic of Damon where he wasn’t smiling his mischievous smile and I guess I found one. He does look like he’s concentrating hard. I would think the Yankees would do the Abreu deal with Johnny in a heartbeat. The question is whether Damon/Boras would take it.

    You better get ready to disco, Dave. This has been a LONG off-season and I think I’ll be dancing with a lot of different Yankees before pitchers and catchers report.

  9. crzblue2

    aghhh! I can’t see videos at work! I hate it! Oh well, I’ll watch it when I get home but is going to be late since I am going to the Dodger Booster club meeting. I need to hear all their plans for the trip to Boston. Only reason why I am going. I am not looking forward to get on the 5 going South. Anyway, can’t wait to see your dancing moves Jane!


  10. Jane Heller

    Sorry about the video issue, Emma. I know there are others who can’t watch them at work. And I hear you on the 5 freeway. I avoid it whenever possible!


    Ha…Ha…Ha…Ha…Stayin’ ALIIIIVE (as a po-tential Yankee? That’s Johnny)! But is he Johnny B. Goode, Johnny Angel (no, forget that…they already took Abreu and Godzilla), Johnny Rivers (no way…he ain’t from the Po’ Side o’Town), or maybe — more likely — Johnny Depp, as in Jack Sparrow (naah…can’t imagine him as a Pirate, either…or on any NL team for that matter, matey). Jane, you’re right again…better keep that JibJab handy along with your dancin’ shoes this winter…guess it’s like my wife used to say: so many men, so little time…well, at least it will keep you in shape until March!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Dave, you’re too much with your music/movie references. You’re a walking search engine! Yes, I’m keeping JibJab handy because I have a feeling there will be Yankees who will need dancing – before, during and after the season.

    Hello, John. How’s Switzerland? Do they really yodel there? LOL. I think your theory about Damon is right on. I’m sensing the situation is not unlike Pettitte’s last year, although Andy doesn’t have Boras for an agent and it was the Yankees or nobody for him. But that negotiation went down to the wire too and there were times when it looked as if the two sides wouldn’t come together. In this case, if the Yankees wanted to sign Reed Johnson they would have, just as you said. Damon needs to swallow his pride and take the pay cut already!


    Hello Jane, All – back from the dead and greetings from Switzerland (here on business). You know something – something dawned on me as I read this entry (yes, the 5W night light over my little brain went on)…there are two facts at play: 1 – we are all frustrated at the Yankees inaction WRT LF; 2 – Damon is currently overpriced. You know something – these are NOT unrelated events! The lightbulb coming on concerns my theory that I think they dont WANT to sign someone like a Reed Johnson, a Marlon Byrd (when he was available) et al…they WANT Damon back. That’s why the delay. This is gonna go down to the wire – I’d bet like Jan 25th or so – and then I’d guarantee that Damon signs here…just my two cents…Yodeling John


    You and Johnny are good dancers Jane! He better listen to you and come back to New York… as it is, he’s running out of other places to go! Maybe by my birthday at the end of the month he’ll come to his senses and gives us all a present! Oh and on another note, I don’t know if anyone else said this or not but Nick Swisher is going to be making a cameo appearance on the tv show “How I Met Your Mother” in a few weeks. I think it’s scheduled for Feb. 1 but I’ll keep everyone posted.

  15. Jane Heller

    Thanks, wirishrose! What a nice birthday present Johnny would be for you. I did read about Swisher’s cameo. But it would be great if you’d remind us as the date gets closer. I know I’ll forget.

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