Movie Break – “Brothers”

Today was our last Cinema Society screening before the Santa Barbara Film Festival kicks off in early February – and the movie was a great one. 
It’s been out for awhile, so maybe people have already seen it. If not, do not miss it! Tobey Maguire is incredible as a Marine sent to Afghanistan, and Jake Gyllenhaal is outstanding as his black sheep brother. We had Tobey Maguire for a Q&A after the screening, along with director Jim Sheridan, and they had interesting stories about the making of the movie. Here’s the trailer.
Yes, it’s intense, but no matter where you stand on war/politics you can’t help but be moved by this film – especially by the little girl who plays one of Tobey Maguire’s daughters. She was 10 when she made the film, and Maguire was saying how mature and professional she was, even after scenes where he had to do and say upsetting things to her. On a lighter note, here she is on the red carpet. Talk about precocious. She’s downright scary!
P.S. If Tobey Maguire isn’t busy starting in February, maybe he could be the Yankees’ new left fielder – at least until he gets another movie gig.


  1. mlbmom

    Tobey McGuire as spider man in LF !! Spin a web, catch all fly balls anywhere near there.
    That’s new plan B, if our boy Damon doesn’t sign.

    ps. Looks like an AWESOME movie. Putting that on my list.

  2. Jane Heller

    Wendy, having Spiderman in left, even just for the first half of the season, would practically guarantee us another championship! Btw, I went on Damon’s web site following your suggestion and it’s very slick. I bet Boras had it designed for him.

    The movie isn’t nearly as bleak as “The Road,” Paul. It’s a family drama as well as a war story and the acting is brilliant. Don’t pass. It’s not “Cinderella” but it’s worth seeing.

    Cat, I would skip it if I had a son in the military. There’s violence and you’ll be upset by it. Go see “It’s Complicated.” Much lighter fare!

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    If anyone hears me say I want to see this, if anyone suspects I’m getting ready to go see this, if I even so much as twitch and you don’t know why…stop me. Duct tape me to a chair, and just feed a long straw into a Snapple for me. Leave me there for 2 hours or until the urge subsides and impulse is gone from my actions. Take the keys to my TROLLEY and hide them. I served (during “COLD” days – 80s) and I’ve seen this story play out many times in real life. I couldn’t handle it. However Jane m’Lady, in fairness to you, the mark of a good movie is – can it inspire/ignite emotions within the self? Agreed? Your take is, I’m sure, dead on! But this movie wouldn’t just ignite an emotion, it would flat out blow me up.

  4. Jane Heller

    Mike, don’t go near the movie. You’re right. It would not be a good way to spend your time. The scenes in Afghanistan still haunt me and I didn’t even have to fight there. Thank you for your service.

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