Can We Talk About Denzel, Please?

The Yankees have a lot of celebrity fans, but Denzel Washington is no bandwagon guy. He doesn’t show up at the Stadium just because he has a movie to plug. He doesn’t pretend to hang out with Jeter or A-Rod. And he doesn’t ride parade floats acting like he’s a member of the team. (Hello? Jay-Z?) He’s a fan, pure and simple, and I love him for it. I also love him because he’s gifted, not to mention gorgeous. He won the Best Actor Oscar for “Training Day,” but he also deserved it for playing Malcolm X and Hurricane Carter.
I was very excited when I turned on “Leno” last night and saw him promoting his new film, which sounds like a turkey but I’ll probably see it anyway. I was waiting for him to set up the clip for the movie when Jay said, “So you’re a big Yankee fan, right?”
For some reason I screamed at the word “Yankee.” My husband came running into the room and said, “Who died?” I said, “No one. Denzel is about to talk about being a Yankee fan.”
The next thing I knew, Jay showed a picture of Denzel in his Yankees cap and…..onto the stage came CC, who made Denzel look like a toothpick! I flipped out when I saw this.
It took me awhile to recover. I mean, it’s the off-season and there’s not much going on. Any sighting of a Yankee makes my day, my week, my month. But Denzel’s appearance on the show reminded me that several years ago he acquired the rights to Dwight Gooden’s story and intended to star in a biopic about the pitcher.
(You go, Bernie!) The project went the route of most Hollywood movies-to-be, which is nowhere. But can you imagine how perfect Denzel would have been in the role? It would have brought him another Oscar for sure.



    Great clip of Denzel and CC! I forget how big CC is until he is next to normal sized people, not other ballplayers! I am now an even bigger fan of Denzel now that I know he is a real fan with true Yankee trivia knowledge!
    On another note, I ordered your book, “An Ex to Grind” from Amazon and it is on its way! I am heading to a yoga retreat next weekend and I plan to bring it to read. I am looking forward to it!


    I’ve always liked Denzel, and now I like him even more. It was delightful to see how excited he was about seeing CC. And he does know his Yankees! CC is a BIG man.

  3. scofid

    The Yankees trivia contest on Leno was very funny! Denzel definitely knows his Yankees…more so than the winningest Yankee pitcher in 2009! LOL! Next, they should pit Denzel against a long-time Yankee like Derek Jeter or perhaps even Yogi Berra! Yoo hoo! 😉 I like the celebrity Yankee fans like Denzel who are just fans like the rest of us with no personal agenda…


  4. Jane Heller

    That’s what I said when I saw CC on that stage with Denzel and Leno, Kathleen. “I can’t believe how big he is.” LOL. He was double the size of the other two. But what a great smile. And Denzel was so excited to meet him, which I loved. I hope you enjoy “An Ex to Grind.” I’m really hoping the movie gets made and we can all review it together!

    Denzel seemed as excited as you and I would have been, Melissa. I was at the 2000 World Series and he was sitting behind me. (Still can’t believe I had better seats. LOL) He’s a true fan and speaks of his time in the Bronx (at Fordham) with real fondness. And yes, CC is BIG.

    I loved how fast Denzel hit the buzzer on Yoo hoo, Scott. That was hilarious. And I got a kick out of how he knew the Soriano answer (and how CC picked Reggie). It doesn’t hurt that I love his movies too.

    I did notice, Austin. Congrats on the signing. I really hope he doesn’t cause any trouble on the domestic front. Maybe he’s gotten help and learned how to control his anger. Fingers crossed.

  5. angelsgirl012

    Ohhh Denzel *swoons* This is my fav blog post of yours just because of the dashing and ever so wonderfully talented Denzel! One of my favorite actors for sure! Great video of CC and Denzel on Jay Leno. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jane Heller

    Denzel was great in “Glory” too, Virginia. As for Bernie, I did a post a couple of weeks ago, after the Yankees signed Nick Johnson, about how the Yankees should bring Bernie back to play left. If nothing else, he could serenade us with his guitar.

    Isn’t he dreamy, Mimi? So talented and dashing. I even loved him in “American Gangster” and he played a bad guy!

  7. enternight

    Hi Jane,I completely agree with the sentiment of bringing Bernie back as our official clubhouse guitar guy. Talk about improving the atmosphere!Also, DENZEL. YUMMY. The fact that he knows his stuff about the Yankees makes him even yummier. And CC … the more you see CC, the more you like him, you know? One of the things I really love about these Yankee years is that we’ve really got a high percentage of “good guys” at this point (Mariano, Jeter, CC, Teix, Girardi, now we’ve got Granderson, etc.). It makes loving the Yankees so much better.Later,AnaPS Your book is HILARIOUS.

  8. Jane Heller

    I agree about CC, Ana. He seems like such a good guy. And I think we’ll feel the same way about Granderson. No bad apples in this bunch! I’m so happy that you’re having some laughs from the book!!!! Thanks for letting me know.

  9. bklyntrolleyblogger

    even i have to admit denzel is a very good actor! i mean it. to know me is to know how much of pop culture (to include movies) i just don’t care for. I have more fun reading your post about them, than i do them themselves. I’ll say again…he is very good. and it didn’t hurt to say it.


    Ahhh…Denzel…this blog just keeps getting better and better…obviously didn’t read this edition until now, but wow…can’t tell you how long we’ve been fans of his, esp. Son #2…and now to know he’s a YANKEE fan too? Well, it makes those last lines of “Pelham 123” all the more amusing as a fabulous inside joke…remember?…when he asks “Mayor” Gandolfini if he’s a Yankee fan, and “the Mayor” says “no…um…well…of COURSE…!!” Hard to single out any one flick, but ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ is powerful for me on so many levels [both versions], like say Malcolm X or Hurricane is for others…gotta see Eli now…damn, wish I’d seen Leno!!

  11. Jane Heller

    I never saw the remake of “Pelham,” Dave. I guess I should, right? Especially with the inside joke about the Yankees. Sorry you missed Denzel on Leno, but the clip is right here. You didn’t miss a thing!

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