“I don’t need a left-handed bat for the outfield.”

That’s what Cashman said today, according to LoHud. And while it’s all well and good for the Yankees GM to say that HE doesn’t need a left-handed bat for the outfield, what about us fans?
Has he stopped to ask us what WE need? I said I was OK with Brett Gardner in left and I am. But the team would be stronger with Johnny Damon on the roster. So what’s the big deal? Just sign the guy and get it over with, so we can see him popping out of the dugout and knocking the ball into Damon’s Deck?
Free agents are dropping like flies. Even Eric Hinske has a new team. Did we really spend every last dime on Nick Johnson? Is there nothing left in the vault for Damon? Can’t Hal and Hank chip in a few million from their trust funds?
If all the Yankees needed was a right-handed bat off the bench to play the outfield, why not hold onto Shelley Duncan? Oh, well. We did hold onto Sergio Mitre and his 6.79 ERA. Now that’s a relief.
Cashman also said he’s not looking for bullpen help. Really? Because these two inspire so much confidence?
I know I sound cranky in this post, but I’m feeling cranky right now. I want Damon to remain a Yankee. Not forever. Not for a gazillion dollars. Just figure it out, Cashman. Johnny’s already got his favorite restaurants in New York, even if he can’t pronounce their names. Don’t mess with this, Cash.


  1. yankfansinla

    Yeah, I’d like Damon back, but not if it precludes or diminishes the chance of going after Carl Crawford a year from now. But I disagree with your assessment of Cashman’s responsibilities… . the day the GM goes after a player because he thinks the fans want it–not because he thinks it’s best in terms of the team he hand the manager–is the day he should be fired. I want Damon, but I support Cashman.

  2. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    That Yankee fan is frightening!
    Please, please bring back Johnny! I don’t get it. I know we have Gardner, but come on. That double steal in the World Series has to count for something! He’s been a great 2-hole hitter and he’s fun to boot! According to MLB.com, there could still be a remote chance of the Yankees signing Damon.
    I agree that Ramirez and Albaladejo don’t inspire confidence, although Ramirez has had his moments. Cashman must be held back by Hal. I don’t understand it otherwise. I guess we just have to have confidence that they know what they are doing?! Are we losing Wang? I see others might be interested in him.
    How about Andre Dawson finally making it into the Hall of Fame? Any feelings on the results today of the voting for the HOF?

  3. Jane Heller

    Yankfansinla, I wasn’t being literal in the sense that Cashman should conduct his business on the basis of the fans’ desires. There’s a lot of tongue-in-cheek stuff on this blog. But if the Yankees are really waiting for Carl Crawford, they’ll be letting the fans down for the 2010 season. You can’t field a team based on what might happen in a year.

    I saw that MLB story, Kathleen, and I hope there’s still a glimmer of hope for Damon and the Yanks to come to a compromise. But Cashman’s remarks made me think otherwise. Who knows. Maybe it was just posturing on his part for Boras’ sake. I’d love to see the Yanks take another look at Wang when he’s ready to throw. And congrats to Andre Dawson for sure. I was very surprised that Alomar and Larkin didn’t get in.

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    The three degrees of separation of kevin baco….er..Johnny Damon. The question no longer is “What would Johnny Do?” It’s more like what does Boras want. His mission statement is to keep the market for his player loop artificially high. Until Damon takes charge of HIS agent, it remains what it is. I digress. The last time the Yanks said they were “prepared” to go with someone, Bubba Crosby was going to play CF. They went out and bought Damon like milk and bread before a snow storm after they tactlessly cut ties with Bernie. They said one thing and did another. Whoever the Yanks are “prepared” to go with in LF right now is only until a better option comes by. This is the team that replaced Sheff with Bobby Abreu post haste and roster ramifications be damned. ooops I’m a little cranky too. : o


  5. Jane Heller

    LOL on your crankiness, Mike. It must be something in the water today. You’re right about Cashman’s head fakes. He said Enrique Wilson was our third baseman and then A-Rod appeared. Then came Bubba/Damon. And last year we were told Nick Swisher was playing first before Tex showed up. So the Yankees are full of surprises.

  6. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,

    I’m back after my great trip to see my brother in Austin. It was low key but I did get in some nice walking in warm weather. Right now the temperature here in Denver is zero.

    I tried to comment on Coney but it disappeared just before I posted. I think we should each contact YES expressing our wish to see him return. He is up there at the top with Leiter and O’neil. I personally find Flerhaty annoying as hell. (Every other word is “nice” as in nice play nice at-bat nice job. I guess that was the only adjective he learned in school.) I’m sorry but I don’t think you would get the job with Michael Kay still in the booth but he did admit last summer that if he had all the money he wanted he would get rid of all but one job but he wouldn’t reveal which one it was. I have a feeling that there will never be enough money for him.

    Thanks for the cute Damon video. I hope they are playing a cat and mouse game because it makes no sense not to get it done. Some blog mentioned that players would rather sign elsewhere than go back to their old team for less money. He has to know that all Yankee fans want him back. Maybe he could make up the cash with endorsements.

    On an aside, we rented Sideways which I saw in the theaters when it came out. And I see that it takes place in Santa Barbara – but did it really? Is there really a Windmill Hotel and a Hitching Post restaurant?


  7. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Yup, totally agree that it would be great to have Damon back, tho’ never expected it…so if we don’t, well, so it goes. Luv to have Crawford, but that’s down the road…don’t like TOO many changes in one year (but could have done with out The Meat Tray, other than his monicker)…Hope yer mouth & teeth are much better, Jane…maybe it’s the winter blues that have us all cranky (and no beisbol)…and speaking of the HOF, it’s good/bad to hear Blyleven’s name raised again. Bad ’cause he missed it, but good eventually I hope…this guy’s numbers DESERVE to get him in, and I got to know him some at a fantasy camp in ’02…trust me, he is a GREAT guy (and he’d love the blog)!!

  8. thefreak

    Come here Jane, sounds like you could use a hug *squeeze*

    First, kudos to you for mentioning Shelley……. I knew you would come around lol

    I along with everyone else didn’t think Damon would be back this year. But after seeing the path Cashman chose to go (trading for Vasquez), I still feel he shot himself and us fans in the foot. There are less priced #4 pitchers on the market. Not that Melky was the savior, but he was solid in the field.

    I hate to say this but unless Damon signs a one year deal for $4m, he’s not coming back. According to everyone, the Yanks are going after Crawford next year. HENCE the no Damon signing.


  9. Jane Heller

    You must be laughing after your team paid – what was it again? – for Holliday for how many years? How will they have enough left for Albert?

    Welcome home, Laurie. So glad you had a good trip. I’ve never been to Austin and would love to go. Today it was announced that Coney is definitely gone from YES. He’s saying he wants to spend more time with his family, but isn’t that the default excuse? Apparently, they might not replace him. Yes, Sideways was shot in Santa Barbara County – in the Santa Ynez wine country. The Hitching Post is an actual restaurant. That area has made a fortune because of the film. It’s now a bona fide tourist attraction and, of course, a mecca for wine lovers.

    I read an article about Blyleven today, Dave, that said he’s been told he will definitely make it into the Hall next year. It’s weird how it works – worse than trying to get into a country club. LOL. It seems that the criteria for getting in keeps shifting. I’m glad I’m not a voter. As for getting Crawford in a year, don’t we want to win this year?????

    Aw, thanks, Mike. I needed that. I squeeze you right back. Regarding Damon, once again why is going after Crawford in a year a rationale for not signing someone now? Since when did the Yankees become penny pinchers? And where’s the guarantee that Crawford won’t want to stay in Tampa? Yes, I’m playing devil’s advocate here, and it’s not as if I think the Yankees can’t win without Damon. I’m just not understanding the idea behind waiting until next year…this year.

  10. thefreak

    I guess they figure why pay your fourth out fielder (which is what Damon would be next year) $10m when you have gardner there for less then $1m. It makes sense BUT doesn’t help us this year.

  11. Erin Kathleen

    Don’t worry, Jane. I think Damon will end up re-signing with the Yankees. It doesn’t sound like anyone else is too interested in Damon at his asking price, so I think he’ll be forced to accept whatever the Yankees offer. Cashman is just being smart: why overpay for Damon if he doesn’t have to? Obviously, things might change if another team enters the picture, but it doesn’t make sense for the Yankees to bid against themselves.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.blogspot.com

  12. Jane Heller

    I do understand their thinking, Mike, and I don’t disagree with it. Gardner is probably an upgrade over Damon defensively, but I’d DH Johnny and put Nick Johnson on the bench. Maybe.

    It doesn’t sound like anybody’s rushing to sign Damon, Erin. So maybe Cashman can get him at a better price. But my guess is he’s not wearing pinstripes when spring training starts.

  13. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Well, yeah, Jane, sure, I mean, I’d LIKE to have Johnny D back in the fold OR Crawford RIGHT NOW, either (or BOTH) if possible…just trying to be realistic…
    And speaking of realistic…when that video interview with Damon “got down” to what he likes to wear…and with that attractive young blonde interviewer…well…it sorta reminded me of what one ESPN writer said about Johnny D last summer…how he LOVES to parade around the clubhouse stark/buck/as-a-jaybird naked…makes you wonder what’s REALLY going thru his mind during his answer…(aah, we males, such dogs)…things that make you go HMMMM, n’est-ce pas? (Ooh la la!)

  14. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Kaiser. Who knows what his asking price is these days? It might be going down as I write this!

    I read that too about Damon and his buck nakedness, Dave. LOL. (Why do they say “naked as a jaybird?” I’ve never understood that. Enlighten me, please!) I watched that video and thought the same thing you did: The last thing he’s thinking about right now is which designer suits he wears!

  15. Jane Heller

    How can you say nothing is happening with the Dodgers, Emma? Matt Kemp is dating Rhianna! That’s big news. LOL.

  16. kaiserthegreat

    There’s actually been some rumors that the Giants are interested in Damon. But then again, there have been some rumors that the Giants are interested in everybody. And there’s also been rumors that everybody has been interested in Damon (except the Yankees). I think the guy will ultimately be okay.

  17. dschaub@gpo.gov

    OK, Miz Jane…since Brilliant Inquiring Minds such as Yours would like to know, I tried to do some research on the origin of “Naked as a Jaybird.” No, it ain’t the Toronto team in a mass mooning…nor is it my old CPA buddy Jay Ostrow, who used to run around naked in his house when his parents were out, and sit in the living room (Kinky!!)…the truth is, Nobody Seems to Know. Wordmall says that in the 19th Century, a jay was a hick, a simpleton, a gullible person. That explains jaywalk, but no more.
    But NOW — here’s the BEST answer — and you just HAVE to read this to Michael…a blogger named JT (Jay T?) said the following, and I quote: “This is what I was told by a friend who is a poet, writer and artist…The flat part of a sailing vessel is the jay (ain’t that right, Michael?)…Girls, “birds” as the British call them, would lie on the jay and sun in the nude (on MICHAEL’s boat?)…thus, ‘Naked as a Jay Bird.” VOILA! WORKS FOR ME!!

  18. Jane Heller

    Lots of rumors, Kaiser. It’s always interesting to see which ones end up being reality. Do the Giants need a left fielder?

    I just asked Michael about your jay suggestion and he said it’s not part of a sailing vessel; it’s part of a sail. Too technical for me, but I appreciate your stellar research! I thought the term had to do with a blue jay, but aren’t all birds naked? LOL.

  19. Jane Heller

    I wonder how long this blonde will last, Jeff. I give it a month. He’ll have a new one by spring training. I love how all his women are gym rats like him. I guess he’s not into scrawny types.

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