Another Year Bites the Dust

It was a very good year to be a Yankee fan. Now it’s time to bid 2009 farewell and usher in 2010. I’ll be checking in with the blog over the next few days, but in the meantime HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! Have fun. Be safe. And let me know if the Yankees sign a left fielder while I’m not paying attention.



    Happy New Year, Jane, All!! Since we aren’t talking about LF (I’m sorta sick of it myself – good call Jane), what about starting pitching? Do we go with what we’ve got, or go for a 5th starter of some sort before spring trng? Or does Hughes (or Joba – perish the thought) move to rotation? I’ve stated here that I believe from the moves that they’d like to keep ’em both in pen (which I am a staunch advocate of – brings us again to ’96 where after 6 the game is over)…what say thou? And whaddya doin’ for New Years, Jane? This last week IS a tough act to follow…?!?! John


    Happy, Happy New Year (again) Jane!!! No news on the you-know-what front!
    I think that Joba should definitely stay in the pen, being groomed to take over for closer if Mariano should ever retire (let’s hope his potrait in the attic keeps working!). Hughes is another matter. He was so fantastic as the set-up man, but I have a feeling he could make a good starter, sort of like Moose. Reminds me of Moose in his demeanor, too.
    On another note, we watched Julie and Julia last night, and I kept thinking of this blog whenever Julie was blogging. I loved the movie and I hope that Meryl Streep gets a Oscar nod for her role.
    Enjoy the last day of 2009!

  3. scofid

    I am definitely in the ‘Hughes to the rotation, Joba to the pen’ camp. To maximize the potential of both guys, I think that’s the way to go. Well, I guess there’ll be no resolution for left field until 2010. I get all the reasons for why the Yankees don’t need a “big name”, but I wish they’d do something. I would hate to see them trotting a 4th outfielder out there every day. But I am like you, I’m tired of talking about it so the ball’s in Cashman’s court. Until then, it’s happy thoughts in “Yankeeville”! Have a very happy wonderful New Year!



    Here Here, I agree with Hughes starting and Joba relieving. I don’t want to think about Mariano EVER leaving us but it will happen eventually. You’ll be able to hear me crying all the way out in California when it happens, Jane.

    Anyway, to Jane Heller – master blogger, ultimate she-fan and comedian extraordinare – and to all who join in the blogging on a regular basis — A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Especially to Peggy – hope we get to meet at the Stadium again next season…and to Dave – please keep your song lyrics coming, buddy.


    I’ve thought Joba should be in the bullpen for a while. Let him learn how to be a super closer from Mariano. (Love the portrait in the attic comment! And I thought Meryl Streep was just so fun in Julie and Julia.)

    Paul, of course you can dream – that’s why God invented the off season!!

    Happy, happy new year to you Ms. She Fan! I am so glad we were able to share this wonderful season together. I was driving somewhere yesterday, and remembered ARod’s homer to tie that game in the extra innings in the playoffs and I just grinned like crazy and got goosebumps.

    A happy and healthy 2010 to all of you.



    Happy New to you too, Jane!! And I wholeheartedly agree with the “Joba in the pen, Hughes in the rotation” comments. Joba was so good as the set up man and I think they could really groom him to take over for Mo someday (which I don’t even want to think about as I sit here wearing my new Mo shirt from Bomberbabes that I got for Christmas…). Happy New Year everyone!!!

  7. cheshirecat9

    Happy New Years Jane! I like our starting rotation now with Hughes as the number 5 guy and Joba in the pen. I hope the New Year brings good health to not only the rotation and the rest of the team (can AJ make it two seasons in a row without going on the DL? Can Nick Johnson make it one?) but to all the great people who are apart of the She-Fan community.

  8. Jane Heller

    First of all, thanks to those who checked in with Happy New Year comments. I know how busy people are during these next few days, so I appreciate your taking the time to say hi and wish everybody the best. The same back at you guys. You’re all such passionate, knowledgeable fans, and I love your connection with each other. My 2009 was made so much better by your presence here.

    John, good call by you raising the discussion about Joba and Hughes. I’ve vacillated on this subject for a year. In 2007 I loved Joba as a reliever. Then he got hurt and I wasn’t sure what to do with him. Then he started this year and was really effective a few times (but mostly not) and was subjected to the Rules. I think he’ll end up in the pen eventually, but I wouldn’t mind trying him in the rotation to see what he can do without the Rules and the innings limit. As for Hughes, I’d put him in the rotation for sure. It seems a waste to take our two talented kids and stick them in the pen for an inning here and there. That said, I’m all in favor of whatever works! And I guess there’s always Chad Gaudin if we need another starter. As for New Year’s Eve? I have a party to go to. I’m very glad the sun came out here and it should be a non-raining night! How about you?

    Of course you can dream, Paul. The Mets can’t have another season like last year with everybody getting injured. It’s physically impossible. Isn’t it???

    LOL about Mo’s portrait in the attic, Kathleen. I’m convinced he visits a witch doctor in Panama every year who casts a spell on him to make him pitch like he’s 10 years younger. I like the comparison between Hughes and Moose. It would be great if it panned out that way. But I think we really need to try both Phil and Joba out as starters in spring training and in the early regular season games and see what they can do. If Joba can’t cut it, put him in the pen and leave him there for good! I really enjoyed Julie and Julia, and I laughed about Julie’s blogging. I could so relate to her looking at her husband exhaustedly and saying, “I cant go to bed. I still have to write my blog.” But what I didn’t relate to was all that cooking. They were living over a pizza joint and she was buying those expensive ingredients every day? Oh, well. It was fun and Meryl was fantastic.

    Scott, part of me agrees that Joba should be in the pen. I just can’t help thinking of those starts when he was so dominant. It showed me he could do it. If he could harness that talent and stop shaking off his catcher and walking around the mound and all those other annoying things that drove me mad, I’d love to see him start. If not, to the pen! I think we’d better start getting used to Brett Gardner in left until we hear otherwise…..maybe.

    If Mo retired, you would be able to hear me crying too, Diane. I can’t imagine life without him. Just cannot! So let’s not even go there on this New Year’s Eve day. Sounds like I’m the only one so far here who wants to see Joba in the rotation – at least initially. In the end, I think Cashman and Girardi will let them fight each other for the spot, like Gardner and Melky did for the CF job. Could be fun to watch. It’s funny that you called me a comedian. My mother calls me that too. Maybe I should have a stand up act? LOL.

    Same to you, Jeff. I read yesterday that the Cardinals were stepping up their talks with Holliday and were getting close to signing him. If that’s true, you must one happy camper. The Yankees, on the other hand, are keeping their plans a state secret.

    Joba did show us he could be a super-closer in ’07, Melissa. Until the bug game, he was lights out in the eighth inning. But wouldn’t you like to give him one more try in the rotation? No? OK, never mind. LOL. I enjoyed all your smart and funny comments all year long. Keep them coming in 2010! (Hm. You just reminded me to find the clip of that A-Rod HR and watch it. Thanks for the tip.)

    Sounds like it’s unanimous about Joba to the pen and Hughes to the rotation, wirishrose. I’m clearly out-voted. I was firmly in the Joba to the pen camp after 2007, but now I’d like to see if he can get it together as a starter without the Rules and the innings limit and just pitch. Maybe with a year of maturity, he can do it. We’ll see. Glad you’re shopping at Bomberbabe. They’re such nice people over there and I love their stuff!

    Another vote for Hughes in the rotation and Joba in the pen, cheshirecat! (Hope you and Courtney had fun over Christmas, btw. Glad you’re back safe and sound.) What a good New Year’s wish: to have another healthy season from AJ and no trips to the DL for Johnson. I like it. And who knows? Maybe the Yankees will give Wang another look once he’s healthy enough to pitch. Wouldn’t that be amazing to have him back? Talk about pitching depth!

  9. raysrenegade

    The wild part is the Yankees can celebrate the Championship right up until October 2010.
    Seriously, if you look back at the entire last decade you can see a huge checkmark in the positive box for the Yankees.
    Some bumps in the road, but a pretty dominant decade of wins and thrilling moments from Chamionships and a new Yankee Stadium.
    Wonder what the next 10 years will bring, or even the next 12 months?
    Hope you and Michael have a fantastic New Years Eve, but I have to go out and hit the numerous Gator parties before the big Sugar Bowl tomorrow.
    I will leave you with my New Years Toast to you and Michael:
    “Youth is when you whine to stay up for New Years Eve. Middle age is when you whine that you have to stay up. But both disappear at the stroke of midnight as you share the moments as family.”

    Rays Renegade

  10. Jane Heller

    I guess you’re right, Renegade. The Yankees’ reign continues until somebody else claims the trophy. Yes, it’s been a good decade for the boys in pinstripes. Who knows what the next one will bring? Thanks for your New Year’s Eve toast. It’s much appreciated. I hope you have fun party hopping tonight. Enjoy and be safe!

  11. raysrenegade

    I am entertaining the though of pinning $ 40 dollars to my lapel and hoping the cabbie doesn’t drop me off at a IHop and eat them out of house and Pecan pancakes.
    Driving to the first four parties, then around 10 pm will park it and drive to my last destination to sing with the band.
    Time for the Renegade to sing some Journey and Daughtry tonight (lol).
    BTW, you are always welcome………
    I predict you concluded the year on top…..both with the Yankees and with your blog.

    Rays Renegade

  12. peggy3

    I just arrived home from ringing in the New Year (thankfully safe & sound). I just want to wish Jane & Michael, Diane (I do hope we meet up next year at game too), Dave and all the rest of the She Fan bloggers a very Happy, Healthy and Wonderful New Year !!! I think it’s about 49 days till P’s & C’s …can’t wait…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!


    Hi, Jane, and Everyone…Happy New Year!
    Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for a week or so…we lost our beloved family dog to cancer on Tuesday (also my wife’s birthday), so I need say no more except Goodbye and good riddance to 2009. One thing really redeemed the year, and it was…not so much the championship, as great as it was, but getting on board with y’all and having such fun with this. Looking forward to Doing It All Again in ’10. Diane, Peggy, Renegade, and all the rest…here’s to tomorrow, and the hope it brings…hope that someway someday we can MEET UP this year — and with the She-Fan too…now THAT is something to wish for!!!


    Hi, Jane, and Everyone…Happy New Year!
    Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for a week or so…we lost our beloved family dog to cancer on Tuesday (also my wife’s birthday), so I need say no more except Goodbye and good riddance to 2009. One thing really redeemed the year, and it was…not so much the championship, as great as it was, but getting on board with y’all and having such fun with this. Looking forward to Doing It All Again in ’10. Diane, Peggy, Renegade, and all the rest…here’s to tomorrow, and the hope it brings…hope that someway someday we can MEET UP this year — and with the She-Fan too…now THAT is something to wish for!!!

  15. hehe

    What everyone’s forgetting is Spring Training. Prospects and other possible newcomers are invited to play with the established players. Whether they get signed or not, I think the Yankees are looking at the farm system this year.

  16. Jane Heller

    Renegade, if you sang Journey last night I want to see the video! You need to post it so we can all view your musical talent (and level of alcohol – lol). Hope you had a great time.

    Happy New Year, Peggy. We will definitely meet up, hopefully at Yankees-Dodgers in LA but maybe even at spring training? Are you going to Tampa?

    Dave, once again my condolences over your beloved dog. Let’s hope you and your family have happier times in this near year.

    Thanks, Tom. I send my best for the New Year to you. Hope you did something fun last night!

    I’m not forgetting spring training for a second, hehe. I can’t wait for it to start!


    Dave, I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. We had to put our 13 + year old dog down the day after Christmas. She was the sweetest dog ever and the foundation of my breeding program. It’s tough to lose them – my condolences to you and your family.



    Dave, I too am sorry about your dog. Dogs provide so much love and companionship. We are so lucky to have them!
    Happy 2010 everyone! Even though it is a gloomy day here in upstate NY I am looking forward to the year to come. Pitchers and catchers will report before we know it!

  19. Jane Heller

    Sorry to hear about your dog too, Melissa. What a way to end the new year. On a cheerier note, Kathleen is right to bring up pitchers and catchers. We’re all looking forward to that – and it’s only a couple of months away! Kathleen, it’s gloomy in Santa Barbara too. We were supposed to get a warmer, sunnier day but it’s positively gray out there.

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