While I Wait for the Yankees to Sign a Left Fielder…

My grandmother used to say, “A watched pot never boils.”
Actually, the water does boil, even if you stand there watching the pot, but the idea is to stop hovering while you’re waiting for something to happen and just let it be. So that’s my new strategy regarding the Yankees. I’m going to stop reading everybody’s opinions about who should play left field and just let the situation play out. Jason Bay is out of the picture. Matt Holliday is probably out of the picture. Boras wants more for Damon than the Yankees want to spend. Nady has had two Tommy John surgeries. And Reed Johnson, Scott Posednik and Jonny Gomes don’t inspire blog posts. Brett Gardner could still get the job, but didn’t I just say I was through speculating? Enough about this subject! I’m done, I tell you. When the Yankees have something to announce, I’ll write about it then. But there will be a moratorium on all discussion of who will play left field in 2010 starting RIGHT NOW!

Instead, has everybody seen this mashup of the top ten songs of 2009? I don’t hear/see “Empire State of Mind” anywhere, but maybe I’m missing something? I need the interlocking N-Y or I’m not happy.


  1. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    I’m with you girlfriend! I listen to XM radio, turn on the MLB channel several times a day, all in hopes of finding out who our left fielder will be. I also decided to give up the obsession until I saw princeofny’s post about Bay, and of course I headed right over to MLB.com! Oh well :)!
    If I don’t post again for a few days, have a Happy New Year Jane!

  2. thefreak

    YANKEES JUST SIGNED HOLLIDAY!!!!!! ok, I’m kidding….. But the longer it takes, the more I sit and simmer. Rumor has it that Cash is ready to start the season with Gardner and Hoffman in left (sounds kinda familiar…. like right before they signed Tex). But do you think that Gardner is a step up from Melky as a whole? I THINK NOT! I don’t know anything about Hoffman. For all I know he could be the cats pajama’s. But until I see, I will sit and fume. Who pays their #4 starter 11.5 million $$$$?

    Nady isn’t an option right now because we won’t be ready by the start of the season. You’re probably looking at June for him.

    Next thing you know, they’ll do something silly like release Shelly Duncan.

    ok – I’m done (for now)


  3. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Newsday mentioned Hairston Jr. but also thinks its likely to be Gardner.

    The video was fun but everytime I saw Justin Timberlake I was waiting for Andy Samberg to show up and have them start doing “Mother Lover” or “xxxx in a Box”.

    That’s all for me for now…we have three parties to go to over the 4-day New Year’s Eve weekend so I’m pumped. I’m also so excited for my Jets who are one game away from the NFL post-season – I know you’re not a football fan, Jane, but you’re a New Yorker so root for them, please.

  4. junojen

    Jason Bay was the perfect rebound guy for Red Sox fans. I am sorry to see him go. The situation with Damon in almost exactly like our deal with him back in 2004. After winning a WS, he wanted a four year deal and beaucoup bucks. We both know how that turned out. Now he’s in the same boat – a new WS ring and looking for a long term commitment… It’s like Groundhog Day for him, I’m sure.

    I cannot wait for Opening Day. I am sick of football… (shhh… don’t tell my husband).

    Happy New Year, Jane!

  5. Jane Heller

    That’s what I said, Paul: “Jason Bay is out of the picture.” Thanks for taking him over into the NL where he can only pester Yankees pitchers six times a year.

    The obsession with the left field situation is ridiculous, Kathleen. We have to give it up and realize we’re going to spring training with Brett Gardner and it’ll be just fine. If we don’t touch base again for a few days, have a very happy new year!

    Mike, I feel your frustration but I think the rumors are right and we shouldn’t hold our breaths for a big signing. It’s not happening. Our outfield is plenty good, and Gardner will be fine as the #9 hitter. Would somebody like Reed Johnson really be an upgrade? At this point only Damon would be a nice addition.

    Aren’t you the social butterfly, Diane. I hope you have a great time at your holiday parties! My husband roots for the NY Giants but I’ll say a secret prayer for your Jets.

    It boils, Jeff. But it does take longer when you stand there and watch it! LOL.

    The only difference between this Damon situation and the one with the Red Sox, Jen, was that Damon was five years younger when he left Boston. I would think he’d have fewer options now, but I guess we’ll see. I can’t wait for Opening Day too. In the meantime, have a Happy New Year!

  6. mikeeff

    Brett Gardner will hit 50 home runs and steal 50 bases- his number will be retired by the all star break. he will play CF and LF simultaneously. all of our problems will be solved. when Mo retires in 2020 he will take over as closer

  7. Jane Heller

    LOL, Mike. Brett the Jet will also pass Jeter on the all time hits list and take over catching duties when Jorge retires. Could happen.

  8. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Hi, had to respond to the last few posts! Mo will never retire. I envision him being wheeled out in a wheelchair, just like the old guy in the Six Flags commericals. Then, Enter Sandman is played, Mo comes to life, throws 9 pitches for 3 outs, sits back down, and is wheeled back to the bullpen. Maybe Brett could be the wheelchair driver!

  9. Cordaro9418

    Personally, I love it when premier players (which Bay did actually qualify) sacrifice talent and happiness for money. It reaffirms my faith in humanity.

    Will he be a huge help to the Metropolitans? Hell yes! As soon as he blows a knee or twists something, the Mets will officially have the best All-Star DL in baseball. Hands-down! Nuff’ said.

    Oh, on the field? Well, he’s a limited defensive player playing a huge cavernous park and will have to seriously adjust his swing to launch the ball out of the majors worst launching pad.

    Not for nothin’… didn’t the Met’s guys take note of the Yankees’ guys while they were designing and building the park? The House That Ruth Financed is a massive launching pad which NASA is even jealous of.

    Oh well. Bay is used to playing for middling teams run by bumbling executives for a bandwagon fanbase while getting buried on the backpage… Pittsburgh prepared him for that. Boston must have been far too much success for him.

    As for your LF problem. Meet Jermain Dye. He’s the Yankees equivalent to.. Mike Cameron. People can say I’m bluffing all day long but I still believe both the Pinstripes and Scarlett Hose are simply stalling till next season’s FA pool where Carl Crawford, Joe Mauer and a host of young, talented and money hungry players will be waiting. As we all know throughout ‘The Nation’ and ‘The Empire’ all the youngest, brightest players in FA will be in either pinstripes or red socks.. those who aren’t are firing their agents.


  10. Jane Heller

    I don’t see the Yankees signing Dye, Cordaro, but you never know. I agree that next year’s free agent pool will be chock full of tempting players. I’ll sign up for Carl Crawford right now.

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