After I Left Hal, I Met Up With Joe

If you read last night’s post, you know that Hal Steinbrenner gave me quite a workout on the dance floor after I chased all over Tampa to find him. It was worth the trip just to hear him say he wouldn’t let Yankee fans down and would instruct Cashman to find us a new left fielder….
…or bring back the one we already had.
I was getting ready to call it a night when Hal said, “She-Fan, you can’t leave town without seeing what Girardi is doing to promote chemistry among the starting pitchers.”
“Has he sent them all to the pool hall again?” I asked, remembering Joe’s bonding efforts from spring training last year. 
“No,” said Hal in that deadpan tone of his. He’s an incredible dancer, but he doesn’t show much emotion. I don’t think he smiled all night.
Anyhow, he was very insistent that I take a taxi to another location in Tampa (he wrote the address down on a cocktail napkin and handed it to me) and ask for Girardi. I couldn’t say no. So off I went into the dark of night.
We drove through some interesting neighborhoods and I kept wondering what Joe could possibly be doing with the Yankees’ starting five at such a late hour. Finally, the cab pulled up to yet another club. I was shocked when I entered and saw them.
Seriously. Chippendales? Joe Girardi? I couldn’t imagine what he was up to, but there he was, waiting for me. Apparently, Hal had called ahead and told him I was coming. He was all dressed up to greet me.
“Hi, Joe,” I said. “I’m sure you know what you’re doing, since you won the World Series and all. But team building at Chippendale’s?”
He laughed. “It does sound crazy, but I think it’ll bring the guys in our rotation closer together.”
“What will? I still don’t understand.”
“Follow me, She-Fan. I’ve got a corner table reserved just for you.”
“Sweet.” I sat down and Joe joined me. “So the Yankees pitchers are here?” I asked.
“You bet.”
“Are they working in the kitchen? At the bar? I still don’t -“
“Keep your eyes on the stage,” he said. “And then tell me this rotation doesn’t have chemistry.”
The lights dimmed and the music started. And here’s what happened next.
When the show was over, Joe explained that Phil Hughes was too shy to participate.
“Does that mean he’ll start the season in the bullpen?” I asked.
“It might,” said the Yankees skipper.



    Jane – I am VERY impressed with your social itinerary in Tampa…and VERY afraid of what’s next!!! LOL!!!

    I like what Scott posted under the Hal posting last night…I too was thinking about Nady as a potential fallback. It does seem to be coming down to Damon or DeRosa. Don’t know if folks know, but DeRosa grew up in North Jersey in the shadow of NYC…this I know as he went to the same high school that I did. Because of this I have always had a sneaky feeling that it could be DeRosa, as that might carry some sway if there are a couple of offers on the table which are close – in that case the Yankees might have an edge. Another part of me sees Damon coming back. I do really think it’ll come down to one of the two, but I also think it’ll take some time as the Yanks want whomever this will be on their terms, numbers-wise. However, I do like the Nady option as a fallback. I do not think they will go with Gardner/Hoffman, and they need a fifth OF body anyway… Good news is that this gives us all more time for speculation, and gives you, Jane, more time for additional, um, “scouting” trips…ahem. John

  2. latinyankeerebel

    Jane, Can I get invited to the next team building thing…?? I wouldn’t mind one bit…. hopefully the infielders and the outfielders will be there too, no? LOL

  3. Jane Heller

    John, aren’t you worried about Nady’s two surgeries? It’s one thing for a pitcher to come back from them but an outfielder? I always liked the X Man, but I worry about his sturdiness over the long term. And didn’t I read that DeRosa “preferred the Giants?” Maybe that’s because the Yankees haven’t made him an offer. I think you’re right about the timing. Cashman is probably waiting for everybody’s prices to drop, including Damon’s. In the meantime, I’ll just have to continue with my “intel.”

    LOL, Lillie. Too bad you couldn’t be with me in Tampa to see the Yankees in their Chippendale’s outfits. I promise I’ll get in touch if they do an encore.

    Have no fear about Holliday, Jeff. The Yankees aren’t likely to make an offer. It’s just wishful thinking on my part. Am I having a good vacation? What vacation would that be? Writers never get a day off!

  4. thefreak

    First, I see the atkins diet is working for CC.
    Second, I want to hang out with you from now on. You hang with all the cool people……

    I am curious to see what (if anything) will happen with left field.



    Jane, you are having way to much fun in Tampa (aka Jib jab land). CC has lost a lot of weight! AJ seemed to be enjoying himself, but Joba was not happy. And Andy was just plain scary!
    Another laugh this morning, thanks!

  6. enternight

    Hi Jane,OMG you crack me up. This is good. Too good. I do wish Phil had been gutsy enough to dance with the guys. :)For the record, I did get your book for Hanukkah. :-DLater,Ana

  7. Jane Heller

    I think Hal has naturally curly hair, Paul. I was studying pics of him and he’s got that little curl in the front in every photo. On the other hand, I guess he could bring a curling iron wherever he goes….

    Isn’t it amazing how much weight CC has lost lately, Mike? No big gut whatsoever. And you’re more than welcome to come with me on my adventures. Not sure where the next one will take me, because I’ve run out of Jib Jab videos! I think commenter John is right about the left field situation. Cashman is taking his time, waiting for the prices to go down.

    Poor Joba, Melissa. The pic the Yankees took of him made him look so forlorn. Or maybe he was just very serious about his dancing. LOL. Andy sure is. That face is intense!

    The truth is I could only find a close up of Phil without his cap, Ana. And since the others were wearing their caps, I decided to go with Joba instead. I wonder if it’s a sign of things to come? Maybe Hughes will stay in the pen after all? Very cool that you got the book! I hope you have fun with it.


    Andy Pettitte looked really good with that pouty face of his! I’m thinking he’s got some career options after he retires next year, though I don’t know if those people praying for him CONTINOUSLY will approve. He may need to leave Texas.

    I watched Little Children and really liked it. I liked the ending as I was so afraid something terrible was going to happen. I am like that with movies. I can’t watch violence no matter how much I tell myself it’s just a movie and I only like peole to die of natural causes after a long illness.

    On a good note for you, I see that It’s Complicated had a great weekend. As I said, the theater was packed and I heard it was a record-breaking weekend.


  9. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Laurie, I don’t think Andy’s friends would approve of his dance routine. But he could just tell him it was Joe’s idea and he had to take one for the team. I liked Little Children too. (How adorable is Patrick Wilson? He’s a close friend of Doug Mientkiewicz’s, btw.) I was just disappointed that he and Kate Winslet didn’t run off together, even though I knew it was unrealistic. Yes, It’s Complicated did well, considering it was up against Avatar, Sherlock and the Chipmunks! I’m still waiting for a female-oriented film to do REALLY well though – like The First Wives Club, which did $35 million or thereabouts in its opening weekend. Now that was big.


    I really liked Patrick Wilson and even went so far as to see why he is so familiar to me but it seems I haven’t seen anything else he was in. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy ending-type of movie.

    It’s too bad that so much emphasis is put on Opening Day. Woman have things to do and can’t always get out to see a movie then. I always tell my Weight Watcher groups about a good movie. They are all stressed out working woman who have no time for themselves.

    I am going to see my brother in Austin and so will catch up with your blog when I get back unless I just happen to get on line while I am there.

    Thanks for your creativity and like so many, I always get a laugh.


    I meant to ask you if you sent your book to the people whom you talk about (like John Sterling or Jon Miller) except Kim Jones, of course because you are just too busy for that.

  11. Jane Heller

    If you want to see more of Patrick Wilson, Laurie (and who wouldn’t), he was also in the movie “Evening,” which was based on the bestselling novel. It’s not the greatest movie ever but it has a star-studded cast. He was also in the HBO miniseries “Angels in America,” which is on DVD now. Yes, I did send the book to John Sterling and he gave us a great blurb. He’s been telling everyone to buy it, which is so kind of him. I didn’t send one to Jon Miller, just because I only met him briefly. And you’re right about Kim; I was WAY too busy. LOL! Have a wonderful time in Austin. I’ve never been there and always wanted to go. Everybody says it’s such a nice city. Enjoy!

  12. southernbelle

    Jane: LMFAO!!! That Chippendales thing! My brother made the same video, but he put our teachers’ heads on it! He was going to release it on Youtube, but my parents told him not to. He’s made other ones of our teachers and put those on Youtube, but my parents thought the Chippendales were a bit too sexual. To see the videos my brother made, go on Youtube and type in “Haldane Faculty does a dance.” The other one is called “Return of the Haldane teachers.” And that pic of Holliday…oooh Jane…why did you do that to me?….sooo gorgeous…I really want him.

  13. Jane Heller

    The Chippendale’s one is fun, isn’t it, Virginia? I’ll go check out your brother’s versions on YouTube. And yeah, Holliday isn’t bad looking. Why must Cashman keep saying we’re not interested!

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