Cashman, Please Leave Us Somebody!

Yes, I’m talking to you, Brian.
I just read an article on Yahoo Sports, and the mention of Melky’s name in connection with a possible trade with the Braves for Derek Lowe bummed me out. I mean, seriously, Cash. You’ve already said goodbye to Matsui…
…and you refused to give Damon the raise he was looking for…
…so don’t even think about shipping Melky out too.
These are the players who helped us win #27. I realize that every team needs to re-tool, even reigning World Champions. Change is good. Getting younger and more athletic is fine. New blood is exciting. But what’s also good and fine and exciting are team chemistry, a history of winning and the fact that it’s dumb to mess with success. I can live without Matsui. I can live without Damon (although not as easily). I can even live without Melky (if the other two weren’t already gone). What I cannot live with is the loss of all three. So please. Leave the team somewhat intact and don’t make a grown woman cry.
That’s all I have to say. It’s Saturday night and I’m going to watch a movie with my husband now. Can I trust that when the movie is over, nobody else will be traded and/or not signed? Thank you.


  1. mikeeff

    he couldn’t trade melky fast enough as far as i’m concerned–that would mean one thing– we’re gonna get holliday. that would make me very happy.

  2. paulie_21

    I like the new team, with Granderson and Nick Johnson. Trading Melky is a bad idea, however. Trading for Derek Lowe is also a bad idea with a guy like Ben Sheets still out there. I wouldn’t get too worried, though–the Cabrera trade rumors come every offseason.

    I explain my view of the Yanks’ offseason moves here:

    The Backstop’s Here

  3. Jane Heller

    I forgot how much you want Holliday, Mike. So you’d keep Swisher over Melky? I just can’t see us having a brand new outfield!

    You’re right about the annual Melky rumors, paulie. Last year he was being traded for Cameron. I’d much rather have Sheets than Lowe too. What’s Cashman waiting for?

  4. mikeeff

    melky is barely acceptable playing CF–as a corner OF ?unacceptable. how could you possibly prefer melky’s production ( or lack thereof ) over swish’s? Lowe would be a disaster in the AL. i’ll miss johnny damon, but melky? seeeeeeyaaaaaaaaa!

  5. Jane Heller

    I hear you about Melky, Mike. I do. But how can you discount all the clutch hits he got for us last year? He was Mr. Walk-off. And I’ll take his arm over Swisher’s any day. Is he a premier defender? No. But neither is Swish. We’re in agreement about Lowe.

  6. mikeeff

    he had a few clutch/walkoff hits but they tend to cover up his general averageness. he has a strong arm, but lets face it–it isn’t too accurate.

  7. Jonah

    Wow; looking at that pic of Godzilla, I’m scratching my head and wondering if any past World Series MVPs switched teams the following year. The ones I can think of the top of my head are Ray Knight (1986; Mets to Orioles) and Jack Morris (1991; Twins to Blue Jays). Yeah, the Melk-man was a real good clutch hitter last year; it seemed to me every time against the Blue Jays, he was knocking in the go-ahead or winning run. But if his presence frees up a spot for Holliday…I hope Cash goes for it.

    By the way, Jane, what movie you watch? I did a “doubleheader” of sports movies, so to speak – Invictus, followed by The Blind Side. They were pretty good.


  8. JQuist

    *Definently. Damon and Melky are characters… We all remember the infamous ‘wrestling belt’ given to key players by Damon’s kids… Shipping out Melky would be a huge disappointment – I don’t even want to think about. Melky IS young… and his “best friend” status with Cano is golden for some bonus chemistry. Why even consider it?

  9. sox4life13

    I agree that even I (a Red Sox fan) would love to see you guys keep some young home-grown talent … but Melky in a trade for Lowe? Leaving an opening to resign someone like Nady? Or go after Holliday? Is keeping Melky worth it? I have to wonder, as fun as he is to watch out there.


    Ho, ho, ho…greetings from the snow…20 inches or so when it was all said and done…had two unexpected overnite guests to add to the fun…hands & arms & shoulders so sore I’m surprised I can type…and now to beisbol…team chemistry, which as you well know can be like alchemy…that said, g’bye to Godzilla and Johnny D is enuf for now. No Lowe, keep Melky, there’s GOT to be another #3 or 4 starter of some quality still available…but I am fearful that the die is cast, and the Melk-man may already be on his way…if that’s true, then Santa had better have some BIG goodies left in his bag of treats!…Pleez?

  11. Jane Heller

    Mike, Melky’s arm was more accurate than Swisher’s, for the most part. And he didn’t do cartwheels and somersaults while he was catching the ball! (I love that we’re arguing over Melky. LOL.)

    That’s the thing, Jonah. I don’t see Melky freeing up a spot for Holliday because Holliday will cost big money and isn’t that why Cashman didn’t want to bring Damon back? Or was he saving it up for Holliday? I just don’t know anymore! I haven’t seen Invictus yet but it’s on my list of must-sees. I did see The Bling Side and loved it. Sandra Bullock was great. Last night we rented a small indie movie called Wendy and Lucy. Sooo depressing. The night before, our doubleheader was The Hangover and Inglorious Basterds. Didn’t like the first. Did like the second. Today we’re going to a screening of It’s Complicated, the Meryl Streep movie. I’ll be in chick flick heaven.

    I feel the same way, JQuist. It’s about more than pure talent when it comes to Melky. He’s a character and part of the team chemistry, and even though he’s not the best player out there I’d be very sad to lose him, especially after losing Damon.

    I’m so not in favor of the Yankees going after Lowe, sox4life. I just don’t see him working out in the AL East at this stage of his career. I also don’t see Nady coming back. I haven’t even heard that rumor. But anything can happen and usually does.

    I think the pic of Cashman makes him look like a standup comic, Paul. Can’t you just see him saying, “So this guy walks into a bar…”

    That’s a lot of snow, Dave. Thank God you have electricity. I read that a lot of people are without it. I agree that there must be another #4 starter available. (Hello, Sheets?) I don’t have a problem moving Melky to left now that Granderson is aboard.

  12. Jane Heller

    Well, you’re right about Melky’s base running, Mike. I’m thinking especially of his tendency to slide into first!


    I can sympathize with Dave today – we got about 2 feet of snow here on Long Island — took us quite a while to dig our way out, even with an electric plow. We’re the last house on a deadend street and the plows push everything up into our driveway. Ugh.

    Like I said a few days ago, they’ve been talking about trading Melky for years now. I would not be surprised to see him go. And it might make room for Damon to stay, as long as his agent stops asking for a 4-year deal.

    According to the newspaper today, Swisher is going to be on “How I Met Your Mother” in February. A very funny program and he should be a very good addition.

    Going back a day, I haven’t seen “The Hangover” yet, Jane, but my 18 year old daughter thought it was hysterical.


    I had no problem with the Yankees saying goodbye to Damon and Matsui. They had great years but they’re older players with leg/knee problems. Melky, on the other hand, is a good young player. He had a good year and has the potential for many more. He’s a better player than Gardner, IMO. Trade Gardner instead.

  15. Jane Heller

    Granderson gives the Yankees a huge boost in CF, Jeff. But we still need corner outfielders and if Damon is gone and Holliday isn’t an option, Melky’s the man. Besides, I disagree on Lowe. I think he’ll get hammered in the AL East at this point in his career.

    Poor you, Diane. Sounds like an ordeal digging out of the storm. I hope it’s over. I don’t see Boras quitting on his big plan for Damon. If Johnny wants to take the Yankees’ offer, he’ll probably have to do it on his own and just tell his agent, “I’m staying in NY.” I seem to be in the minority about “The Hangover.” I rented it because it was the #1 movie in the country, but it bored me.

    I love Gardner’s speed, Bern, but he hasn’t been very impressive with the bat. I just can’t figure out what the Yankees are doing with the outfield yet. If Melky is traded for pitching, then Gardner might end up playing everyday and I don’t think he’s up to the task.

    If the Yankees are really serious about signing Holliday, then one of the outfielders will be moved, Vig: Melky, Gardner or even Swisher. But I have a hunch Cashman will sign a FA pitcher instead.

  16. thefreak

    Wow. Now that was a good read. These comments had my face making every expression from “are you serious” to laughing out loud. That dude Mike (I’m assuming he’s a dude cause all us mike’s usually are lol) really doesn’t like Melky. I’m wondering if he’s watching the same player the rest of us are. He knows that Melky’s wearing #53 now and not Bobby Abreu right? Melky may not be the offensive powerhouse everyone thinks EVERY yankee should be, but his defense makes up for it. And as for the lousy base running, you’re confuzing him with Posada.

    I’m all for improving and pissing the rest of the country off with another championship, but is Holliday the answer? Didn’t he crap out in Oakland? According to his numbers, I don’t think so but thats what people say. And if we are going to talk about DEFENSE, should we look at the “OOPS” in the playoffs where the ball hit Hollidays glove, then gut, then ground? Or are we blaming the lights.

    And Lowe would be nice, but not at the price of Cabrera. TAKE GARDNER INSTEAD!!!!


  17. Jane Heller

    I’m with you on Holliday, Mike. I know he and Bay are the big position player FAs out there right now, but is he really that good? All I keep hearing is how he was a dud in Oakland. Maybe he should stay in the NL. And defensively, would he really be an upgrade over what we already have?

  18. raysrenegade

    Actually if the team did go after Lowe, that would be their final piece of the rotation, and then the debate can end on that subject.
    But, who do you send to ATL?
    Melky…Swisher…. A combination of one of the two and a top prospect?
    The Merry-go-Round never ends until Cashman is ready to hurl corndogs and cotton candy.
    Just be glad this is not a “rebuilding year”, or is it in disguise?

    Rays Renegade

  19. Jane Heller

    A rebuilding year? I wouldn’t say that, Renegade. Just shedding some payroll and filling a few holes. Pitching is one of the holes and I don’t think Lowe is the right guy for the job. Cashman doesn’t ask for my advice (why, oh why), but I think Lowe will get pounded in our division coming over from the NL at this stage in his career.

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