Who I Want In My Christmas Stocking

Last year I got CC, AJ and Tex for Christmas. This year all I’ve gotten so far is Curtis Granderson.
I’m excited about Grandy, no question. I think he’ll be a quality player and a great guy in the clubhouse. But I really hope Cashman isn’t done shopping. One new Yankee does not a Merry Christmas make – especially with Matsui going to the Angels. Which reminds me. I haven’t said a proper goodbye to Godzilla.
非常にすばらしいDHおよびワールドシリーズ最高殊勲選手があることにあなた、Hidekiに、感謝しなさい。 私は逃すが、アナハイムの運のベストを望む。 それで、私は運の限り天使aren’最もよく望む; ヤンキーを演じるt。 愛、彼女ファン。

(Translation: “Thank you, Hideki, for being such a wonderful DH and the World Series MVP. I will miss you, and I wish you the best of luck in Anaheim. Well, I wish you the best of luck as long as the Angels aren’t playing the Yankees. Love, She-Fan.”)
Rumors are swirling that the Yanks are interested in Nick Johnson to replace Matsui. Will the former Yankee with the insane on-base percentage be in my Christmas stocking?
He’s not my idea of a great signing. What’s the point? He’s injured a lot and won’t be playing first base, since Tex has the job. Shouldn’t Cashman bring back Damon? And why am I even talking about the DH spot, since what we need is another starting pitcher. Lackey, Halladay, Lee and Harden already have new homes, so it’s time to look elsewhere for a Christmas gift. I think I’ll do some window shopping on my own.
OK, I found a few trinkets that would be perfect additions to the Yanks. No, they’re not Sheets, Marquis, Pineiro or Duscherererer (or whatever his name is). I was shopping for arms on the Halladay level. So how about one of the following?
* King Felix Hernandez
Well? The Mariners just signed Lee. Why do they need King Felix too?
* Zack Greinke
Sure he won the Cy Young. But maybe he’d like to be on a winning team.
* Mark Buehrle
He pitched a perfect game. Why wouldn’t I want him?
* Justin Verlander
The guy is really, really good. Enough said.
Yes, I know I’m dreaming. But Cashman has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. Let him keep telling the media we can find pitching within the organization. I’ve heard it all before. What I want on Christmas morning is one of the above – all signed, sealed and delivered in a Yankees gift bag.
P.S. Commenter Mike thinks we should be happy with Sheets for Christmas. Hmm.


  1. lennysyankees

    Your posts are truly remarkable Jane! Every night I get the same chuckle. You should make a calendar of all your posts, or something like that…

  2. levelboss

    i think the Yankees should resign Damon to be DH and then acquire Matt Holiday for left field
    THEN, they should get Ben Sheets on an incentives deal as a 4th starter and then get another bullpen arm or two

  3. Jane Heller

    You’re so sweet to say that, Lenny. I’m glad to provide some lighthearted Yankee-ness.

    I agree that the Yankees should re-sign Damon, levelboss, but not if Boras is asking for the moon. I think the Mike Cameron deal is giving him big ideas. I’m not sold on Holiday. And Ben Sheets scares me. Can’t we have King Felix for Christmas????

  4. mattpeas

    Granderson looks nice in pinstripes. DO the Yanks really need another pitcher? That 1-2-3 combo is the best in the league. However, the Lackey- Sox deal probably has Cashman ready to add another flamethrower to the arsenal


  5. Jane Heller

    Granderson does look nice in pinstripes, Matt. I thought that when I first saw the photo shopped pic. I bet he’ll sound nice too when he’s introduced at tomorrow’s press conference. The Yanks need another pitcher but not an ace, necessarily. One (or both) of our young guys, Hughes and Joba, might go in the rotation but they’re big question marks. We need a #4 starter.

    Mike (as in Michael David), Verlander is safe from the Yankees’ clutches. I’m just fantasizing. He’s such a great pitcher any team would be lucky to have him. Even without Granderson, the Tigers still have firepower in that lineup.

    Levelboss, I agree with Mike on the bullpen. No need to add anybody at the moment, especially not until we see what happens with Hughes/Joba. So are you thinking Melky gets dealt?

    Big Stein would have gone for Halladay, Mike. You know he’d be ours right now.

    I have expensive taste AND extravagant dreams, Rob. LOL. But would you really be happy with Nick Johnson as our DH though? Seriously?

  6. mikeeff

    levelboss–that’d sure be nice– maybe big stein would have gone there, but I’m not counting on it.. i am however hoping for holliday and sheets. the pen is fine as it is and or will work itself out internally.

  7. levelboss

    i think Melky could be the utility outfielder if the Yankees get Holliday.. and Ben Sheets is the only big name free agent starting pitcher left in this Hot Stove (the fifth starter could be Hughes).. so hopefull Cashman can resign Damon, acquire Holliday, and acquire Sheets

  8. diamondgirl55

    Hi Jane! Long time no see 🙂 Haha, love your entry as always. The Google Translator (is that what you used?) is so innacurate but at least I can vaguely understand what you were trying to say (without reading your translation of course) in the Japanese statement..so here’s to hoping Godzilla reads it! 🙂 He’ll appreciate it! Hehe. Wow you guys got Granderson?!?!?!?!?!?!? That is SO AWESOME, I’m extremely jealous!!!!!! xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  9. latinyankeerebel

    I don’t know about y’all, but I want newly single A-Rod in my stocking… oh yeah.. ;0)
    In all seriousness, why Nick Johnson… he was in the Nats last time I checked. Is he “the player later to be named” in the Bruney trade? If he is I want to kick Cashman’s *** right about NOW…. from that trade I don’t want any less than Stratsbourg. Dammit!

  10. latinyankeerebel

    Ok.. and I want to ADD Grady Sizemore in my stocking too… :0) teehee…. can you see the halo over my head? LOL

  11. leafiz

    Matsui is gone? *cry!* sometimes the off-season changes are tough! Gotta learn to love the new guys and the new team. Suppose i’ll hang up the Matsui shirt now.

    Out here in Boston, the Lackey deal was ‘Breaking News!’ on Fox. Practically interrupted my programming. I thought maybe there was a terrible accident or something, but no. Just that the Sox acquired Lackey. It was a little over the top I think!

    Yes, more Yankees for Christmas, please! 🙂

  12. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Johnson would not be my pick for DH. They might as well have resigned Matsui. I always thought Johnson was a very awkward fielder, but maybe he’s improved.

    Well, if we’re really just wishing, without saying if they are based in reality, I’d wish for one of the following: Felix, Greinke, Halladay, Beckett, Verlander, and Johan Santana!

    Here’s hoping Santa Cash(man) brings us a nice Christmas surprise!


  13. thefreak

    WOW! Whatever happened to just getting you diamonds for Christmas?

    I think you’re going to be very upset Christmas morning. You’re hoping for a kings crown but maybe only getting Sheets. On the other hand, depending on the thread count, it could be some pretty nice sheets.

    Damon – LET HIM GO! Its time to teach Boris a lesson. Forget Johnson as DH. Bring up Shelley Duncan ……. oh wait ….. he’s gone. I KEEP FORGETTING!!!!! Then bring up Miranda to DH.

    levelboss – Damon AND Holliday? c’mon really? They are trying to cut payroll. If anything, sign Holliday. He’s younger and can protect A-Rod in the line-up. Then put Grandy in the 2 hole.


  14. tec622

    Good Mornnig I’m new to blogging since the ASG… I know its a Yankee blog and being a Redsox fan I know that some of you wont like me being here… Unlike some Yankee/Redsox fans I try to be civil… Sorry if I rant to much…lol

    In all fairness the better team did win last year to show its not how you start the race but where you finish… Unfortunately my horse tripped at the ASG turn heading home, we tried to put a bandaid on the broken leg (vmart) though the intent was good ultimately the Redsox hierarchy new that Euthanasia wasnt far away… We struggled into the playoffs, though the ride was awesome as any season is it left some with that infamous bitter taste, and the ever so common catch phrase, “Wait till next Year!”

    Nothing better than a Cashman/Theo, Theo/Cashman grudge match to get through the cold winter months…

    Your team came out strong, adding Granderson to the mix made the Yankees a strong favorite to repeat… Advantage Yankees & Cashman…

    Then came the WM and the Redsox fans were again disheartened by the lack of front office production… Our GM says he’s content with fielding a team that will win 90 -95 games… Theo what is that all about??? We just got swept in the ALDS… Redsox Nation just got kicked in the stomach AGAIN!!! Round 2 Cashman, a bloodied Theo skips back to his corner… Henry and Lucchino working the corner tell Theo to drop the bomb announce the Lowell trade lets leave here with something to tell the faithful… Round 3 starts with sparring and then Theo announces, “Mikey Lowell to the RANGERS for a AA catcher,” Cashman starts ROFL… Theo sensing that he may have a shot here drops another bomb on him, “and we’re gonna pay $9 million to make it happen!!!” “Cashman looks up from the floor and laughingly replies “Theo we’re suppose to make our teams better not decimate them!!!” Psycholical edge Yankees…
    Monday morning rolls along and the Redsox announce a major move coming!!! Woohoo Theo might have a prayer, Bay/Holliday Beltre to fill the 3B hole??? There is hope in RS Nation!!! Then the Lackey announcement??? Who’s going to play LF? Theo pitching is great and you can never have to much , but you still gotta score an occasional run… Shall we dispatch runners to fill the rest of Yankee Stadium with Redsox memorabilia, hook up ARod with Pink? What are you thinking, ok the idle Yankees did come out sluggish in the 4th you win a round, but where did Mike Cameron come from? I have to agree with Courtney the press conference was over the top but what could you expect he had to buy time to make up for being incompetent from the start…sizing up both teams there is no clear advantage now the rest of the winter will only get better… Thanks for listening to my rant… Tom

  15. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, if Melky is the utility infielder, what’s your plan for Brett Gardner? I don’t see Cashman going after Holliday, I really don’t, especially if he signs Damon. He keeps saying how he wants to cut payroll. And I guess Sheets would be the best option on the pitching side….with caution.

    HAHA on the translation, diamondgirl. I always use Yahoo’s Babel Fish translator and it’s always wrong. I’m surprised you could make any sense out of it. Yes, we got Granderson but how about the Mariners? You must be thrilled with Cliff Lee!

    Nick Johnson was traded by the Nats to the Marlins last year, Lillie, and he’s a free agent now. We got Jamie Hoffmann in the Bruney deal. Anyhow, I hope you get A-Rod and Sizemore in your Christmas stocking but I wouldn’t count on it. LOL.

    But with Christmas you can have as many stockings as you want, Paul, so I’ll stick with that. Hopefully, Cashman will give me at least one more new Yankee.

    I knew Matsui was gone, Courtney, but I was still very sad when he was announced as an Angel yesterday. Reality hit and I said, “I’m going to miss him so much. Boo hoo!” But I do wish him well there. He’s such a pro. I think the Lackey signing was big news in Boston because there hadn’t been much else going on. Maybe we’ll have more Yankee news before the year is out – breaking or otherwise.

    Yes, we’re just wishing without any basis in reality, Melissa. So feel free to wish away. I went around plucking the best pitcher from a few AL teams and those were the ones I came up with. But if I went to the NL, I’d take Santana in a heartbeat. I wanted him the first time around when we could have had him in ’08. I’m still not over that one.

    Who needs diamonds, Mike. I’d rather have Yankees! I don’t know if Miranda is ready to be our everyday DH. Is he that good a hitter? Consistent? Hits lefties and righties? I remember his walk-off homer last year and that was exciting, but don’t we need someone more seasoned?

    With Boras, you never know if there really are other offers for Damon, Jeff. So I think the Yankees are smart to wait him out. Granderson makes it easier to do that. That said, I’d love to have him back, even if it’s after Christmas. 🙂

    Good morning to you, tec622, and thanks for filling us in on Red Sox goings-on. The ASG was a huge turning point in the season. The Red Sox got off to a good start and then the Yankees poured it on in the second half and never stopped until Game 6 of the World Series. I think the Lackey/Cameron signings have made the Sox a better team, although I really expected you guys to do whatever it took to hang on to Bay. The Yankees need another bat as well as a #4 pitcher, but by the time we face each other in April, we should both be well stocked and ready to duke it out!

  16. albertx22@yahoo.com

    I like the Granderson deal, that makes us faster and more dangerous than we already are. I hate to see Damon as I also did with Hideki, but Damon has to come down to his sense, do he really believe he is worth more than 30millions for 3 season? Are you kidding me! He should take the good deal on the table 8 million per season and shut and play. Damon is a great complement to Jeter on the lineup.

    Nick Johnson? The guy who´s been hurt every season since leaving New York? wowzers… The Yankees, should sing as DH and part-time outfielder Vladimir Guerrero, the man is asking for a two year contract. C´mon, isn´t that what the Yankees are looking for? He totally fix into the Yankees´plan. A bat like Vlad ain´t easy to find. Vlad batting behind A-Rod would be a more explosive lineup than last year.

    If Iwas to sign a picther, it would have to be between Ben Sheets and Jason Marquis. Justin Duscherererer is also a good pick. There are picthers, just got to go and get them.

    If the Yankees were to trade for Felix, thats a lot of talent and the Yankees don´t want to get rid of Jesus Montero. The Yankees at least need to hold on their catchers top prospects´. This could be the lineup.
    1- SS Derek Jeter
    2 CF Granderson
    3-Mark Tex
    9- Cabrera
    1- C.C
    4. Sheets or Marquis
    5. Joba and Phil

    Joba and Phil can alternative their spot on who can perfomr better as a starter. Plus, with Alfredo, Mitre, Gaudin and Robertson, Marte, the bullpen is good, but you can´t never have too much arms in the bullpen, you always need a arm.

  17. texsig12

    Why don’t you get over yourself and just be happy with what the Yankees already have (not that Moneybags Steinbrenner will ever be happy until the AL all-star is made up completely of Yankees, but we’re talking about you and your greed here)?

    Take a moment and realize that the Yankees are making baseball not worth watching anymore. If the Yankees can sign anyone they want and win at will, then why should any baseball fan even care about MLB anymore?

    Seriously, it’s fans like you that make me sick (and no, I am not dirty Red Sox fan either. The Sox are almost just as bad as the Yankees nowadays…)

  18. albertx22@yahoo.com

    If you have the money, why not? What do you want the Yankees to do with money they have? Give it to you, give to charity? LOL, sir, that´s irrelevant. Teams, want to win, and if a feel like they cannot compete then they should sale o give up anyhow, because the Yankees give money to all those teams and those teams are lazy to go spend a buck on a good players. You praise the Yankees and Red Sox, they´re everything they can to win and for the fans to go to their ballpark and enjoy a nice afternoon game in the summer. Go watch some gulf or anything and dont bother us baseball fans.

  19. Jane Heller

    Albertx22, interesting theory about Vlad. When I watched him with the Angels this past year, I kept thinking he looked so old and wondered if he would retire. He could hardly run and he kept swinging away and striking out. I just don’t think he’s the same Vlad unless he’s working out this winter and comes back in great shape. I also think the Yankees want a DH who can play the field if necessary. That’s why Matsui was no longer viable because they felt he couldn’t play left field. I agree that Nick Johnson isn’t the answer. And I guess I’ve been talked into Sheets. Everybody here seems to think he’s a good idea, so I’ll take your word for it!

  20. denyankfan

    I think King Felix and Lee will probably get a lot of money thrown at them to remain with the M’s. I would like to see Buehrle in pinstripes myself. I think realistically the best option available at the moment is Sheets. I am starting to sound like a broken record about Sheets ha ha.


  21. rocklandyanks

    Texsig, youre kind of a moron arent you? Youre saying because the Yankees spend alot of their money, and they want to win that its not fun because your team loses? Are you aware, sir, that the Yankees are the only team in baseball that takes an annual loss on their revenue precisely because they want to build teams that can win? Perhaps if your team whoever that may be, were that committed to building a championship team, that weren’t lining their pockets, they would be able to compete in the offseason signing? Why dont you stop whining about how much money the Yankees spend (which is ALL of their revenue), and concentrate on WHY your team isn’t spending more of theirs to win?

  22. rocklandyanks

    Im just imagining how annoying it will be next season to hear the idiots on ESPN and MLB talk about how amazing the Red Sox are going to be this year (like last year) because of their amazing pitching depth (like last year). I just hope they don’t get too carried away. The Red Sox had TOO much pitching last year and not enough of much else. I think we should all start bracing ourselves for the barrage of Red Sox are Awesome coming inevitably at us next year. SAD FACE :((

  23. Jane Heller

    Sheets is on everyone’s mind, denyankfan. We all seem to have targeted him. I wonder if Cashman has too or we’re just grasping. I guess what the Halladay/Lee deal made me realize is that nobody is off limits. I never in a million years thought the Phillies would part with Lee – even if he didn’t have a contract extension and was going to cost them next year. So now I’m thinking out of the box.

    I feel your frustration with the unenlightened commenter, rocklandyanks, but we’re used to this stuff. No need for rebuttal. It’s the same old song about the big, bad Yankees ruining baseball. Yawn. As for the Red Sox, they did bolster their pitching by signing Lackey. But as we all know, it’s about who stays healthy. A rotation can fall apart quickly. I just hope and pray it doesn’t happen to us.

  24. vinnya18091@ayhoo.com

    In keeping with the budget Vlad OF/DH 2 years 8 mil each, DeRosa OF/2b/3b/DH (flexability for DH rotation) 8 mil, adn Sheets Her eis the lineup not chopped liver

    Grandi/DeRosa swap vs LH/RH
    Not too shabby


    Joba set up
    Mo Closer

  25. irishsoxkid19

    Wow Jane, seems as though nothing really is going right for NY. With Matsui going to the Angels, and Cashman not resigning Damon, I’m shocked that he got Granderson. He is a great fielder, and has a good bat. Works out for you guys with Tex and A-Rod in the line up with Grand. Just glad that Theo did something right for Boston by getting Lackey and Cameron. Hope your Christmas dreams come true!!

  26. Jane Heller

    So you’re liking Vlad too, vinnya? Cashman said again today that he wanted some flexibility at the DH position. I assume that means he wants the DH to play defense, which would rule out Vlad. But stranger things have happened. Hughes will be have an innings limit, so we’ll definitely need a fill in, which could be Sheets, who, as you say, is not chopped liver!

    Nothing is going right for the Yankees, Holly? And you’re shocked we got Granderson? Not sure I follow you, but I hope you have a good Christmas too.

  27. carrollj27@comcast.net

    Hi Jane – ahhh yes, Christmas is in the air. Remember last year when a shiny new Tex was all wrapped under the tree??? THAT was wonderful! I am absolutely with you re one more starter – at this point that’s it. And no, as some others have posted/complained, it doesnt have to be an all-star! I do like Duchscherererer….but as I said in the El Duque post the other day, I have a feeling…I think that Jolly Ol St. Brian might have one more trick up his sleeve…perhaps a trade for someone like a Gil Meche might be nice…let’s see what turns up in our stocking Xmas morn….love the posts!!! Was too tired last night, but the Bud Selig post was awesome. I’d vote for ya…and I loved the list of what to do to improve the game….I’ve got a couple of my own. Keep up the great work Jane…hey, I think I’m becoming a regular!!!! LOL

  28. paulemack@aol.com

    Fantastic, but the pitchers you mentioned are virtually untouchable, how about Josh Johnson? If not, then add Sheets AND Duscherer, Sheets has had a long time of recovery and Duscherer can be a RP and SP. Mix those two together with Joba and Hughes and I think I’ll be pretty happy. George is getting old, they should go all out while he’s still alive! Sign Damon and either Bay or Holliday, let’s not wait for twenty eight! Let’s not wait for twenty eight!

  29. Jane Heller

    John, I remember last Christmas so well and with such joy. I was absolutely ecstatic when we signed Tex. It was such a wonderful surprise. And as much as I love Halladay and Lee as elite pitchers, as well as the others in this post, I agree that we don’t need another ace. But I do hope Cashman has another trick up his sleeve, even though he keeps saying he doesn’t. Meche would be an interesting idea. When the spirit moves you, I’d love to hear your list of ways to improve the game with regard to the post about Selig’s committee. Most of all, I’m thrilled that you’re becoming a regular. I really enjoy your comments!

    Yes, the pitchers I mentioned are untouchable, but it’s fun to dream, paulemack. I’ve heard Johnson isn’t going anywhere, but you never know. Sheets has had a long recovery and I’m sure Cashman has been pouring over his medical records. If the price is right, Ben might be The One. I don’t see us moving forward with Damon, Bay or Holliday though. And yet, Hal said today he wouldn’t close the door if Cashman came to him with a special need for a player. We shall see. I’m with you: let’s not wait for 28!

  30. yankeepunk3000

    Just want to say. I love your posts. Most of these posts I read from other people are borish and have already been said half to death. Plus most of those people don’t know much about what there writing about. You are well informed and can make us laugh. I know I always crack up with your funny posts. Keep it up Love your one koooo Cat.

    On another note. How do you get on MLB.com with your blog??? do you submit it somewhere??? I really would like to know

  31. vwurzbach@optonline.net

    Seeing that this a “She -Fan” blog, I have to ask the obvious question …… where did you get the Yankee bag that is pictured at the end? I love it, I want one!

  32. albertx22@yahoo.com

    Yeah, the Vlad idea seems a little out of the loom. Sometimes we focus on the big name instead of what has he done recently or what can he do to deliver for a championship caliber team as the Yankees are. What about Jack Cust? What about Mark DeRosa? Marcus Thames is a decent outfielder in left. I saw that play he made against the Twins in the last game of the regular season. what about players like Melvin Mora and Troy Glaus, however Glaus is just a name Im throwing out there. I love DeRosa more than anyone right who are available and cheaper than many others. Can Adrian Beltre play the outfield? But he is too expensive.

    What´s up really with Aroldis Chapman? Is he really what teams are saying he is? 15 million dollars for a player who´s never been in a big league game is a little too much. We´re talking that the man and I have the same experience at the big leagues level. Is there a favorite team or a team leading the race to sign him.

    John Garland, Jason Marquis, Todd Wellemeyer, Joel Piñeiro, Jarrod Washburn is finally out there for the Yanks. Branden Looper, John Bannister. As may notice these players aren´t All-Star player, but one or two could get there or had, but I haven´t heard the Yankees made an approarch or at least hear something is haning in the air. How did Ben Sheets di this year? Not good, he didn´t play, hopefully we can sign for cheap dollars, but there are other player who were playing who did good or average and belive they can compete with the Yankees in a spot. Long live the Yankees.

  33. travelingbballbabes

    Hey Jane!
    Gosh, long time no see! I feel so out of the loop because I’ve been in Spain and the only baseball worthy news that World CNN broadcast was that the Yankees re-signed Andy for one more year. Apparently, the Tiger Woods scandal was the only American news worthy of reaching Europe. Poor Lisa has had to handle the TBB blog all on her own. haha.

    I am thinking that poor Greinke may be a little too young to come to New York. I don’t think he’s too immature to play for the Yankees, just too immature to handle the New York media and fans. I fear what happened to Ted Lily will happen to Zack. Maybe he needs a little more time in the majors before graduating to a New York market. Verlander though? Oh, yes, please! Can we have him wrapped up with a bow for Christmas?! I will be oh so delighted!

    I know this is not fair to say because his bat is important to the Yankees line up, but I cannot take another season with Damon in left field. His pathetic excuse for an arm makes me insanely angry. That and I just don’t like the man. Matt Holliday has a way better arm and he can hit for power. Did he completely screw up during the last game of the NLDS against the Dodgers? Totally. But he’s a better outfielder than that and he can actually reach the infield on a throw without having to bounce the ball 30 times. If the Yankees want someone like that to play left field, they should sign my mother. She’ll do it for less half the price they’ll have to pay Damon.

    Whew! Sorry for the rant! I’ve had a lot pent up over the past 2 weeks overseas! : )

  34. Jane Heller

    Glad you’ve been enjoying the blog, yankeepunk3000. I agree that there are loads of blogs that “report” what the news blogs have already told us, so I try to look on the lighter side and offer my own take on whatever’s going on. As for MLBlogs, it’s a hosting community for blogs, plain and simple. Anyone can sign up here and start a blog. Just go to the how-to instructions and join the fun.

    Vwurzbach, isn’t that bag great looking? I was doing a search for “Yankee bag” on Google Images and the pic just came up. Maybe they sell it on yankees.com?

    Well, albertx, it looks like we already have a DH: Nick Johnson. So that part of the puzzle has been solved. Your list of pitchers is a good one. Surely, there’s somebody who can fit our needs in the rotation! I think we’ll end up with Sheets, but we’ll see. Long live the Yankees is right!!!!

    Welcome home, Serena. Wow. Spain. That’s not just your run of the mill place to visit. Hope you had a wonderful time. I’ve always wanted to go. I don’t think you have to worry about Damon coming back to the Yanks. With the signings of Granderson and Johnson, there isn’t much room for him right now. And he wants too much $. That said, I do love him in that #2 spot in the lineup and would have been very happy with him as the DH.

  35. paulemack@aol.com

    The Mariners, who were looking @ Nick Johnson anyway, are looking to trade Brandon Morrow for a corner infielder/DH type, mmmmmm DUMP JOHNSON NOW FOR MORROW!!! He’s got great upside and can either be a RP or SP!!!

  36. Jane Heller

    Paulemack, you should be a GM. It’s not my thing. But I can tell you I keep being surprised by the Mariners and how they’re really making a run for the AL West. Now they’ve added Milton Bradley.

  37. Jane Heller

    I think you can forget about Damon, paulemack. It’s not happening. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Sheets or Duchscherer.

  38. paulemack@aol.com

    Yes, I’m impressed with Seattle’s moves, and they’re not done! Look for a new division champion in the AL West! As far as a GM? I wish I was! I’m not a “Fantasy guy” except for the Yankees!

    Cash can rectify this;
    Trade Nick Johnson to Seattle for Brandon Morrow
    Sign Damon (2 yrs $18M) Carl Crawford is a FA next year
    Sign DeRosa (2 yrs $12M)
    Sign Ben Sheets ($8M with a 2011 team option)
    Sign Justin Duchscherer ($4M with incentives and a 2011 team option)



  39. Jane Heller

    I wish Damon the best of luck and will miss him a lot, paulemack. I was hoping the Yankees would come to an agreement with him, but it wasn’t to be.

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