Now The Fun Begins

I was wondering when the Red Sox would start to stir.
The slumbering team from Boston wasn’t about to stay quiet forever (not counting Boof Bonser). So what if their Lowell deal seemed stalled and their overtures to Bay were rejected? We knew they wouldn’t spend this off-season sitting around talking about the good old days. 
So they got Lackey for five years. He’s a good pitcher and he’ll make their rotation stronger and it sounds like the perfect signing. But I never did like Big John and now the “B” on his cap will make the rivalry that much more intense. Besides, he was destined to wear red for the rest of his career.
Lackey.Angels Red Sox Baseball_003.jpg
The Sox also made a deal with Mike Cameron, whom the Yankees talked about acquiring last year and the year before that but never did. The 37-year-old outfielder is said to be a terrific guy in the clubhouse, but is he really an upgrade over Bay in left?
I guess we’ll find out this spring when the two teams face off to open the 2010 season. If tradition continues, they’ll kick our butts the first couple of times around and we’ll kick theirs later in the year and it’ll be another fight to the finish. But if you ask me, the team to watch will be the Mariners. What have they been smoking?
Sure, the Phillies put the Halladay saga to rest and the Angels picked up Godzilla, but the Mariners, having already signed Figgins, ended up with Cliff Lee. I mean, seriously. The AL West just got a whole lot more interesting. Of course, while all this was happening today, US Weekly reported that A-Rod and Kate had broken up. Talk about a kick in the gut. I not only went to see her movie over the weekend but gave her the She-Fan Award for Best Girlfriend! How could she? How could they?
Speaking of movies, I escaped all the baseball news this afternoon and went to see “The Blind Side.” I’m not a football fan, but this true story, based on Michael Lewis’ book, was inspiring and Sandra Bullock was terrific. If you haven’t seen it already, it’s worth a look.



    Hey Jane –

    A mutual friend and high school classmate of yours (initials ST) from back home (I was a year or 2 behind) told me about you a year or so ago and I started following your Yankee writing casually than but in the revelry of no. 27 and the advent of Twitter, I am now reading you daily.

    Thanks — its wonderful.


  2. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. I never really liked Lackey either so I think he is a perfect fit for Boston. The Red Sox rotation is going to be intimidating next year. I am wondering when Cashman is going to sign our fourth guy. Bummed about Matsui going to the Angels, but I guess I knew deep in my heart that his days as a Yankee were done. Good luck to him and I am glad he got his ring finally. Also I was kind of upset about A-Rod and Kate. I hope their break-up was not bitter.

  3. thefreak

    Its amazing, you close your eyes for a minute and next thing you know, you woke up in a different galaxy. Their was little movement yesterday, you watch some monday night football and all hell breaks loose in baseball.

    Lackey to the Sox, wonderful. This guy is an animal. I like him (I know you don’t), but this guy is an animal and would be a perfect offset to Swishers personality.

    Matsui is an Angel. Well it was back and forth on if I wanted him back or not. I guess there is no need to worry about that any longer. Don’t forget to pick up your WS Ring Mr. Matsui on your way out.

    Cameron to the Red Sox as well. I was never crazy about him and was thankful the Yanks didn’t get him when the buzz was buzzing last year.

    Looks like Halladay is going to the Phils. And the Phils are giving up Lee in the process. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Lee was the only pitcher to win a game (2) in the World Series. So what if he said he’s going to test the free agent market next year. You just took the possiblility of a killer 1-2 punch out of the equation.

    What else did I miss? Oh the A-Hud thing. They didn’t break up. Its just a hollywood stunt to get everyone to stop asking her about A-Rod. At least thats what I’m telling myself.

    Jane, as always, a pleasure.


  4. ladyjane303

    Yes, Lackey will make the Sox rotation that much stronger, but I didn’t think he’d make a good addition to our clubhouse and so I’m not unhappy about that signing. Hallady to the Phillies? OK with me – that means we just have to worry about him during interleague play (1 game at most) and maybe in the post season. Hadn’t heard about A-Rod and Kate. Too bad – and after her She-Fan award, too! But let’s take a moment to thank Matsui for all the thrilla’s in The Bronx, and for helping us finally bring back the WS trophy to where it belongs. Good luck in LA, Hideki.


    So where do we send the sympathy cards? A-Rod or K-Hud?? Oh, wait, if they are broken up then she should lose the nickname. But if they didn’t really break up and they wed, does she become K-Hud-Rod? Okay, enough of that.

    It seems strange to let the W.S. MVP walk but I really think it was right for the team. And Lackey seems like a real nutjob – perfect to join Papsmear. Halladay to the N.L. makes me happy…we’ll just have to make him look bad in the post season. I think Philly gave up too much for him but we’ll see what happens.


    Whooo…Mike the Freak is right…you turn around, and all hell breaks loose in beisbol. Goodbye Godzilla…we will miss ya, but once we signed Grandy, I knew that either he or Johnny D (maybe both) were gone. Like Aaron Boone, we’ll always remember “the last” as the best…
    Lackey…nope, never liked him either…get to see him & hate him all the more now, kind of like Mr. Bloody Sock…hope he doesn’t develop Mr. BS’s mouth (or success) too…and now they have unbelievable pitching depth…which they may use in offers to upgrade their lineup…depressing but not worth the worry in December. Still admiring our own prizes from ’09, thank you…
    Comments on That Movie. CAN’T WAIT to see it. Seems to deserve all the raves it’s getting. We hear a LOT about Ohr the player here, as he’s a good young O-lineman for the Baltimore Ravens. What an awesome story. Nice to see that it’s as big a box office hit as it is a quality film; we all can use some true inspiration in our real lives these days…


    What a morning. First I read that we have lost our beloved Matsui and then I read that Kate and Alex are splitsville. That was just a summer romance anyway and the hotter the sex that faster it burns out. But the Hideki break up is painful. I hate the Angels even more.


  8. Jane Heller

    Hi, Bill. So glad ST (are we talking about Steve Tatti?) told you about my addiction to all things Yankees and that you’ve been enjoying the blog and my tweets! Also glad you left a comment so you can join the party. We’re a great community here. Welcome.

    When IS Cashman going to sign our 4th/5th guy, cheshirecat? Good question. He said pitching was a priority, so he needs to get moving before everybody’s taken. I knew Matsui was a goner so I wasn’t that upset about it – except that he’ll make the Angels that much tougher. He’s a big upgrade over the ailing and aging Vlad. I hope A-Rod isn’t too sad. We need him to find a new girlfriend by spring training so he’s “in a good place” again.

    Mike, interesting idea about A-Rod and Kate’s breakup being a publicity stunt while she’s out promoting her movie. But I had the feeling it was over when she said on Letterman, “It was a fun summer” – like it was a fling that was over. The big one yesterday for me was Cliff Lee. If the Phillies were moving him, why couldn’t they move him to the Bronx????

    Jenn, I don’t blame you for not liking the idea of giving up Lee. You would have had two aces and been unbeatable! But Halladay is such a dream pitcher. You’ll be so happy to have him.

    Yes, let’s take a moment to thank Matsui for his years of service to us, ladyjane. He deserves our gratitude. He was a total pro – always polite, always hardworking, always giving his best even when he was hurt. I wish him the best with the Angels and hope he’s happy there, just like Abreu seems to be.

    I thought the exact same thing about Sandra Bullock, Jeff: It was her Erin Brokovich moment. She played the same type of character who steals the show with her femininity and smart mouth. Loved it.

    Isn’t it funny how we feel invested in A-Rod and Kate, Diane? LOL. It’s as if she broke up with us! Well, as I said above, I hope he finds someone new. He doesn’t strike me as a guy who can be alone for five minutes. I think Philly gave up a lot for Halladay but I guess we’ll find out. I’m just glad he’s out of the American League.

    That’s right, Dave. You must see Ohr all the time with the Ravens. As I was watching the movie I had to keep reminding myself it was a true story and that good things do happen to good people. It’s quite an uplift.

    The Matsui breakup is way more painful, Laurie. Just not unexpected. I hope Cashman is working on getting us another pitcher AND getting us a DH – whether that means bringing Damon back or finding another bat. And please don’t let him get Vladimir Guerrero. I have no interest in swapping DHs with the Angels.


    Hey, Jane — guess I read the postings too quickly (again) today…how neat that another ‘mate is “signing in,” Welcome Aboard!! — and I do heartily agree with your guess as to the identity of ‘ST’…
    Okay, enuf inside trivia stuff & blather. Here’s some “Know The Enemy” trivia for ya…that ancient newspaper headline that you dug up for the Sawx…can you (or anyone else) hazard a guess as to What Year it was? Remember, there’s ONLY 7 POSSIBILITIES (heh-heh-heh), and I think you can confidently eliminate the last two…I’m quite certain that I know, having made Sherlock-like observations and deductions, Dr. Watson (BTW, looking forward to that movie too, when it comes out…think it’ll be any good?)


    I’m glad we don’t have Lackey. I just don’t like the guy. Wish we could have tried for Lee.

    I’m sorry Matsui left, though I do think it was best for the team. He was always classy. LA will be easier for him to get back to Japan, so at least he gets some compensation. I’ll miss him. Just think how easy it will be for him to move his wife to LA, he can fold her up and put her in an envelope!

    My sincere hope is that Cashman has some deal going on that we don’t know about (what? he didn’t tell us first!?!??!) that had to wait until all this other stuff went on.


  11. Jane Heller

    It sounds like we’re all on the same page about Lackey, Melissa. Matsui too. Who wouldn’t wish him well? He was such a class act as a Yankee. And yeah, his piece-of-paper-wife will be that much closer to Japan. LOL. I sure hope you’re right and Cashman is doing his waiting-in-the-weeds thing. I’m ready in case he wants to throw some exciting news at us.

  12. Jane Heller

    I’m looking forward to the Sherlock Holmes movie too, Dave. Robert Downey Jr makes every movie better. I haven’t read any advance reviews on it though.

    You and your tick tock, Renegade! You make me nervous! LOL. But that’s my concern – that Cashman will keep window shopping while all the good sale items are already gone!

  13. raysrenegade

    The Boys to the North had been a bit quiet before blasting a few quick fire deals out before the holidays.
    I remember reading a few blog posts where people were wondering if Theo Epstein might have had the Swine Flu and not been making deals to keep other from getting the flu.
    But the Red Sox came out of the chute fast yesterday and grabbed two players off the Hot Stove sales shelf.
    Time for Cashman to stop his window shopping and either grab Ben Sheets before Texas comes in and rips him from his hands….. Tick….Tock….Tick….Tock….

    Rays Renegade

  14. stonebutch99

    I agree completely on the Seattle Mariners if they get Bay…watch out.
    My sister watched “The Blind Side” and was very impressed…she also said that it was as good as the new twilight movie (but in a different way.)
    I know you’re tore up that the Astros signed JASON MICHAELS. Yep, he was on everybody’s radar. I’m going around to all the blogs and rubbing it in. đŸ˜‰

  15. raysrenegade

    I am not sure if you saw it last night, but Kate Hudson was on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night and was fantastic.
    You can guess they both did not talk baseball, but they did talk about their time during the filming of “Almost Famous”
    I thought of you while I was watching it.

    Rays Renegade

  16. greg1969

    You are certainly right, Jane, that the sleeping giant has indeed awakened. We have mixed reactions to Lackey, as we know he is a VERY good pitcher. He has always struck us in much of RSN as a crybaby and a whiner, though, and we are wondering how long it will take over the course of the 5 years for that side of Lackey to resurface. We’ll see–if he can get on the good side of RSN for a change, he should be very good for us, and we will embrace him.
    We are not entirely thrilled with the Mike Cameron signing, as we see him and Jeremy Hermida platooning in LF to cover for J-Bay’s absence. We don’t see him taking the place of Ellsbury at all–he should be a fixture with us for a long time. If not, we’ll know the giant has fallen back to sleep…

  17. Jane Heller

    I think Boston has plenty of faith in Ellsbury, A.J. I’m assuming they’ll use Cameron in left to fill the void of Bay. As for Lackey, he’s a good pitcher but not so much at Fenway. Maybe they’ll restrict him to away games!

    Yup, Austin. If the Mariners end up with Bay, they’ll be locked and loaded and that division will be mighty interesting. You should check out “The Blind Side.” I bet you’d like it. Jason Michaels? I’m jumping up and down about that signing. đŸ™‚

    I didn’t see Kate on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Renegade. (You stay up later than I do, I guess!) She’s really been out there promoting “Nine.” I thought she’d get a Golden Globe nomination today but no dice.

    You must be feeling better about Theo, greg. Yesterday was full of action for Red Sox fans. I was surprised the Sox gave Lackey five years, since they seem not to like multi-year contracts, but he was the best free agent pitcher available. Maybe he’ll shed the crybaby attitude once he sees it’s not cool with everybody.

    Harold, it looks like you’re trying to leave a comment. Sorry you’re having difficulties today. I hope you get through so we can see what you have to say.

  18. greg1969

    So were we with Lackey, Jane, so were we. A five-year deal is not usually in Theo’s way of thinking, let alone for a pitcher. We are feeling BETTER, but not great. Lowell’s deal nearly falling through is helping. But we are still waiting for another shoe to drop.
    Take care, Jane.

  19. Jane Heller

    So you think Lowell’s deal will fall through, greg? I heard the Sox were looking at Beltre to play third. And maybe Gonzalez to come over from the Padres?

  20. greg1969

    Reports are that the Lowell deal–at least to the Rangers–will fall through. We’ll see, but it would make us very happy. Partly because of Lowell himself, but partly because many of us think this was the wrong deal. I would not be surprised to see Lowell traded, as we are pursuing Adrian Gonzalez, and Lowell wants to play every day (and I think he will be happiest elsewhere for that reason). But this was the wrong deal. And if we get “stuck” with Lowell, many of us will not be disappointed.

  21. greg1969

    Yes, Beltre could end up being our 3B, but I have my doubts, as his offensive numbers were off last year, and what we really want is another bat. We’ll see!

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