If I See Kate Hudson, What Should I Ask Her?

Saturday is my film festival screening of “Nine,” the movie musical in which Kate Hudson sings and dances and, according to advance reviews, is very good. As you can see from the following invitation, there’s a reception after the screening for the movie’s director, Rob Marshall, and a “special guest.”
Now it’s very possible that the “special guest” is Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren, Judi Densch, Marion Cotilliard, or even Daniel Day-Lewis (although I doubt that one). But it could also be Kate. She was in New York taping “Letterman” on Thursday night, but could have flown to LA afterwards, right? The point is, she might be the “special guest” tomorrow afternoon. And if she is, I’ll feel compelled to at least introduce myself and mention the Yankees. On the other hand, she seems not to want to discuss the Bombers or A-Rod.

But she did laugh a lot in that interview (and she does sound like Goldie), so maybe she’s not that uptight about A-Rod questions. So what should I ask her? Here’s what I was thinking:

* Were you always a Yankee fan or did you find religion because of A-Rod?

* How did you two meet?

* Was it love at first sight?

* Do you get along with the Yankee wives?

* Are you really having a cat fight with Minka?

* What do you and A-Rod talk about?

* Does A-Rod read any Yankees blogs?

* Could you tell him about this blog?

* Would you mind doing an interview for the She-Fan Cam?

Let me know if I forgot anything. Wish me luck.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    helloooo… well, you can ask her if she’ll let me marry Alex so I can get a greencard.. but between you and me… is not for that.. LOL hahahahaha j/k
    I love all your questions. she seems nice enough, maybe she will let you interview her with the she-fan cam. Have fun! and tell her “Thank you” from me. ooohh and tell her I’m Team K-Hud… meaning I’m anti-Minka… LOL

  2. devilabrit

    If it’s Kate ask her if she prefers a thong or bikini cut, or even boxers or briefs on a guy…
    but if it’s ‘Dame Judi Dench’, ask her which of the cool gadgets she gives to Bond as ‘M’, she would like to own…

  3. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    i just want to know what she did to get alex to hit in the clutch this year. what did she say? or does he have a new therapist? i also want you to let her know that she must continue to make him happy we needs whatever magic she brought. i hope you enjoy the movie.

  4. baseballisms

    See if you can get Kate on She-Fan Cam giving an explanation of the infield fly rule … And then say “sock it to me!”

    You know you want to!

  5. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    You have to gain her trust so I suggest you give her a copy of your book. If she’s read it then you can ask her some personal questions and if she hasn’t ask her if you can interview her for your blog. She’ll definitely say yes.

    The interview was great and Dave was funny and you noticed he endeared himself when he said he was a Yankee fan.


  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Relatively speaking, there isn’t much to feel sorry for Kate (she’s rich, beautiful, close to her mom, dating a sports superstar). I do feel bad for an actress who goes on a show to promote her movie and only gets asked questions about her boyfriend, and hears comments about her mother. So, ask about her movie, then tell her you run this blog that is geared towards women who are knowledgeable about baseball, particularly the Yankees and ask if she’d just say hello and tell us how great we are. (Sorry gentlemen readers, but we gotta hook her somehow!)

    PS Then ask her about the centaur picture.

  7. Jane Heller

    I’ll be sure to tell her you’re anti-Minka, Lillie. LOL. Someone on Facebook just said she very clearly does not like Yankee fans talking to her. Uh-oh.

    The boxer or briefs question (thong/bikini) is a great one, Peter. Of course you realize she’ll slap me. Maybe Judi Densch will be nicer. 🙂

    I’ll tell her you used to be interested in Erin Andrews, Jeff. That should work.

    I want to know what she said to A-Rod about hitting in the clutch too, Barbara. Or maybe just being happy with her was his biggest help. Will report on the movie later. I’m not a fan of musicals (and my husband is going kicking and screaming), so we’ll see.

    HAHAHA, Joe! Do you think she even knows about sock it to me?

    I think Dave endears himself by being Dave, Laurie. He’s got that little mischievous laugh even when he’s asking questions people don’t want to answer. Maybe if I try THAT….

    You’re right, Melissa. No talk about her boyfriend or her mother. Just her performance in the movie….THEN I strike.

    I’ll bring the Cam just in case, denyankfan, but it’ll probably stay in my bag or one of her publicists will confiscate it.

    Musicals aren’t my thing either, Paul, but there’s rarely a movie I won’t see. I love the whole experience.

  8. mikeeff

    I’m gonna agree with Mel- she’s had a tough career. on a fast track to becoming a “big star” but poor choices and bad luck have left her a bit in the margins. she has plenty of time to re-invent herself as an actress–so yeah i don’t think she’d be too keen on chatting about alex… and for god sake’s don’t ask her if she’s planning on doing a remake of butterflies are free 🙂


  9. Jane Heller

    It’s actually a rainy and cold day in Santa Barbara, Scott, but perfect for being inside a movie theater. I’m heading over to the screening now!

    If Kate shows up, Mike, I’ll try to be diplomatic about her career. She really is getting good reviews for “Nine” so I’ll be full of compliments.

    I’d LOVE to pitch her the She-Fan book, Erin. She would be fun in the part, but I’d get thrown out of the place. Must be on my best behavior!

  10. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    K-Hud!!!!!!!!! I love it. Perfect. I guess she’s to be respected for no making news of her relationship with A-Rod. I love when Letterman asked her about Matsui. Funny. And you know I adore her mother so she’s okay in my book. Minka is another story.

    I can’ wait for your review of Nine, Jane. I’m so looking forward to this movie – what an amazing cast. And if its as big a hit as I expect it to be, maybe a Broadway show will follow.

    Have a great time tonight, Jane. We’ll catch up tomorrow, I’m sure.

  11. Jane Heller

    Just saw the movie, Diane. You’ll love it. Kate’s part is small but her singing and dancing is sensational – the most high energy number in the film. Marion Cotillard was my favorite though.

  12. raysrenegade

    Not that I want to ruin the possible K-Hud vibe, but I hope it is P Cruz.
    Who knows, P Cruz might be a closet Yankee fan and then you have a celebrity exclusive.
    I know she is a huge fan of soccer, but you never know.she could have a Yankee vein in her.
    Or, you could transform her into a true She-Fan.
    We know you will do your best to represent, and be sure to pour a little out for the rest of us MLBlogs homies.
    Peace out!

    Rays Renegade


  13. Jane Heller

    It wasn’t either of them, Renegade. Just wrote a post about it. No “special guest” showed up. Maybe it was the weather, but I was disappointed. The director was there though, and he was interesting. And the movie is worth seeing (you will love all the gorgeous women!). Peace out to you!

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