Stuff the ballot boxes!!!!!!!

If you really, really care….you’ll go over to the “It Is High, It Is Far, It Is….Caught” blog and vote for me. Yes, there’s an election for the Best Yankees Blog of the Decade and “Confessions of a She-Fan” is on the ballot. Of course I’m losing badly to LoHud and River Ave Blues, but it would be sweet not to come in last!



    It’s working, people…when I voted at 1:20, Our Miz Jane was TIED UP with River Ave…KEEP IT UP, PEEPS!!

  2. peggy3

    Hi Jane ….

    Yay !!! My vote just put you in second place !! No matter what you will always be FIRST in our hearts. Your blog brings me laughter and fun ….I go to Lohud for the breaking info …so…it was a tough choice but in the end the FUN always wins … :o)

    Very busy with holidays …dinners, shopping and such so there hasn’t been much time to write but I still read every day. I loved the She-Fan Awards….that trophy just “blew” me away ..haha. So many tough choices but I believe the winners all came out right in the end…especially the Fan of the Year …Surf Dog (although I always consider MYSELF the fan of the year ..hahaha).

    Christmas definitely came early for me with the winning of the Championship and now with Grandy and Andy on the team. I would like Johnny D back too and after that anything else will be gravy for me…of course if it’s Halladay that won’t be gravy but the icing on the cake. I hate losing any more of our kids tho’ so it’s a tough call with Halladay for me. How can you NOT love a team that is always giving their fans gifts …especially around the holidays. I don’t think they can top last year’s gifts …CC, AJ and Tex but it’s starting out pretty good this holiday season….keep up the good work Cash !!!

    Good Day to all …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    Done and done!! It’s about 1:52 here (Snow day here today in the Hudson Valley) and you are currently in 2nd place!!! You’re beating River Ave and are only 11 votes behind LoHud! C’mon people vote for Jane!!!!!


  4. Jane Heller

    Hey, Peggy. Thanks for voting. LoHud is The Place, so I’m sure they’ll win – and deservedly. Glad you enjoyed the She-Fan Awards and approve of all the winners. Grandy and Andy! They rhyme! It was meant to be! LOL. I wonder what’s next? Cashman said pitching, but I’m sure he’s monitoring Damon (maybe Hideki too). We’re very lucky about the gifts. You’re SO right about that.

    Very nice of you to vote, wirishrose! If I’m beating River Ave it must be because I’m soliciting votes and they’re going about their business of reporting actual news. HAHA.


    Curses. Foiled Again. Tried to vote twice (or thrice), but I don’t think it lets you. Well, DARN! Still, here it is, two hours later, and you’re still hanging on to the silver medal position (with a tie for bronze behind you). No matter. We ALL know who’s #1 — and may you never resemble those G’town and Yalie ladies (ugh! Looks to me like the Hoya girls haven’t changed since my college daze…they looked like that NORMALLY, as well as when they were running away from me…)! Nevermind that. EV’RYBODY VOTE !!!

  6. Jane Heller

    Randy, it was so much fun voting you did it twice. HAHA! Thanks for that.

    Mike, you’re too funny. I appreciate the vote. You probably voted for all three, right?


    Well Jane — this is one of the awards I asked for, so it was with great pleasure that I cast my ballot for you. And I join all your fans with a holiday toast to our beloved Yanks and to your continued success. Clink! Rob Storm


    well that was an easy vote–easier than who to pick in the senate showdown of who to replace kennedy. this is the only blog i read. i read it daily. jane, you rock.

  9. Jane Heller

    Thank you, Rob! As they say at the Oscars, “It was fun to be nominated.”

    I’m honored to be the only Yankees blog you read, Sue. I bet you enjoy it more when our teams aren’t playing each other. 🙂

    You rock, Barbara. You’re a Yankee fan in Boston. Enough said!

  10. Jane Heller

    Freya, you’re the best. Sweet!

    We despots do whatever it takes to remain in power, Duque.

    I hope you’re right, Courtney, but I think there are two more days of voting. This could get ugly.

    Thank you, Babu! I’ll cling to my lead while it lasts.


    LoHud is great for the news. She Fan is great for the fun and the fans! And who else has such wonderful interviews with players and their wives? I voted for you, Jane!


  12. Jane Heller

    I love LoHud too, Melissa. I go there first in the morning, blog wise, after the NYT. Voting for blogs is like comparing apples and oranges. They’re all so different. But I’m happy you voted for mine!!!!

  13. Jane Heller

    I figured this would happen, dadlak. I think all my buddies have already voted, so if LoHud is crowned the champ, I’ll try to be gracious in defeat. 🙂

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