Goodbye, Brian Anthony Bruney

With today’s news that Bruney was traded to the Nationals for a draft pick (please let whoever it is be good), I thought we should give the former Yankee a nice send-off.
He came to us after having been DFA-ed by the Diamondbacks and left by the side of the road somewhere in Arizona.
Car eaten by dogs.jpg
After a stint in the minors, he arrived in the majors looking downright flabby.
A reliever who was used in several situations, he was impressive but inconsistent and I, for one, got tired of hearing about his “good stuff” because he always seemed to walk the leadoff batter. He decided to go on a diet in the off-season and showed up in Tampa 20 pounds lighter.
He pitched well – so well that he was supposed to be Mo’s 8th inning set-up guy. But then tragedy struck: the same dreaded lisfranc injury that had robbed us of poor Wang.
He avoided surgery and returned to the team, but he was never the same. He tried shaving his head. He tried changing the number on his uniform. He tried biofeedback, acupuncture and psychic intervention. He even tried visiting a faith healer.
(See him standing off to the right, behind the guy in white?) Despite his best efforts, he was relegated to the role of mop-up man.
Frustrated and unhappy, he lashed out at K-Rod after the Mets closer gave one of his “performances” on the mound.
“A tired act” is what Bru called K-Rod’s celebration, verbalizing what most Yankee fans were already thinking. The remark came back to bite Bru the next day while the two teams were warming up on the field.
K-Rod took exception but no punches were thrown, and Bruney eventually apologized.
And now Brian Bruney is gone. Yes, he has become a Nat.
I wish him the best of luck with his new team and urge him to remember the great times he had as a Yankee whenever he gets sad. I mean, he did win the World Series. That’s nothing to sneeze at.


  1. Jonah

    I like that apology picture…it’s hilarious. Oh, and that “side of the road” shot is brilliant – the frustration is just bursting out of that photo.

    At least Bruney will be feted with a World Series ring the next time the Yankees and Nats cross paths. Or will they just FedEx it to him?


  2. thefreak

    Brain Anthony Bruney…………. Michael Kay does that ALL the time and it gets on my nerves. ESPECIALLY when Tino was still playing. But since this is your first offense, you get a pass.

    I have a feeling that Bruney is going to be bitter about this trade. He was left off the ALCS and ALDS roster. And his appearences in the series was minimal (I’m being kind). And if he could say those things about K-Rod, which I agreed with, who’s to say he won’t say anything about the Yankees. After all, he did get shipped to the Nationals.


  3. Jane Heller

    I don’t know how Bruney will get his ring, Jonah. Good question. I guess they will ship it to him, whether it’s by Fed Ex or Priority Mail. LOL.

    So far Bruney’s comments have been positive, Mike. He said he was grateful for winning the World Series and was looking forward to having a role with the Nats (which he didn’t really have with the Yanks). So maybe it’ll turn out well for him. As for using his whole name, I was saying goodbye. It’s allowed!

    Elijah Dukes? Before they announced it would be a draft pick, Jeff, I thought maybe they were sending the Yankees Zimmerman or Strasburg. (Just kidding.)

    K-Rod did have the perfect response to Bruney, Paul. He should have just left it at “Who?” instead of going after him the next day. Dumb!


    There goes Looney Bruney…and now we Warshingtonians (a lot of D.C. folks actually pronounce it like that) get to see him…oh joy…hey, Who Is Liz Frank, and why is she doing these terrible things to big-league pitchers? A woman scorned? Or maybe, like Dr. John, he was in the “Right Place, Wang Time” [yes, I’ve been WAITING to use that one]. Here’s what the (free) local D.C. rag, The Examiner, has to say: “The rebuilding of the worst bullpen in MLB began on Monday [yeah, well, a 5.09 ERA does qualify]…Bruney doesn’t have to be Mariano Rivera to make the Nats better [no kidding; my dead grandma would be an improvement]…he’ll be in the mix for the closer role along with incumbent Mike MacDougal [who] wasn’t even on the team on Opening Day…” So now you know what beisbol life is like on the OTHER end of the rainbow, boys & girls…!


    With apologies to anyone ever associated with Bye Bye Birdie:

    Bye Bye Bruney
    The National’s got you now

    I’ll try Bruney

    To forget some how

    No more sighing

    Each time you walk a bloke

    No more crying

    When you start to choke

    Your swivel and your sway

    Your pitch meeting a bat

    There’s nothing left to say

    But Brian you’re a Nat

    I’ll try to remember the golden days near the start of the season, when he was pitching well. He did help get us to the post season with some of his outings early/mid season. Not so much at the end.


  6. Jane Heller

    Dave, I bet Bruney will turn out to be the closer for the Nats. Wait and see. You’ll be going to every game and yelling, “Enter Sandman!” Except he’ll need his own closer music.

    Love your lyrics, Melissa. We have such talented people commenting on this blog! I almost wrote a limerick for this post; I was going to rhyme Brian Bruney with George Clooney but it got too complicated.

  7. Jane Heller

    Do share your Brosius limerick, Melissa. Except for the fact that we’re about to sign CURTIS GRANDERSON, there’s nothing going on!

    Yeah, Bruney had a bit of an attitude, YHH. But I won’t miss his erratic pitching. He drove me nuts at the end.


    I wish I could remember it Jane. It was a long time ago. I do remember that Brosius rhymed with atrocious and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


    Hi Jane

    I have a special place in my heart for Bruney. My avocation is being a Yankee fan but my vocation is being a Weight Watcher leader. So his ability to keep off the weight he lost, and I think he lost some one year and then more the next, is something that most people who lose weight are unable to do. I thought when he got hurt the season before last that he might put it back on but I guess he has stuck to the salads and laid off the beer.

    He wins the award for being the first player traded after winning the 2009 World Series. And who knows, he may be back someday.


  10. Jane Heller

    You make a great point, Laurie. When Bruney first told interviewers about his diet and how he changed how he ate and what he ate, I was impressed. A lot of athletes (and the rest of us) say we’re going to make changes and don’t stick to them. He did. Now if could just stay off the DL and pitch well, he’ll be in really good shape!


    i wondering what everyone is feeling about today’s trade. i thought austin jackson would be saved for a trade for pitching–hello roy h. i thought ian kennedy was going to be good someday and i am rather fond of coke. i hope we didn’t give up too much. i hope he can hit for average like past years and not this year. i hope we finally have a really good outfielder. i think he can throw but i just know he’s fast and can track everything down. i miss an outfield with arms better than mine. so now we need pitching–a starter and some serious bullpen help. this trade could be good but it makes me nervous. i’ll just picture mo on the mound after the winning out of the winning world series and try to get calm again.

  12. greg1969

    BENNY HINN??!!! AAAAAAA!!!!! No wonder he’s messed up! ACK! Bad visual!
    No Phil Coke, either, Jane. Settle for Pepsi?
    Speaking of bad visuals, I am still shaking my head at that optometrist photo in your umps awards. The opt guy looks like they crossed Oliver Platt with Rocco DiSpirito. NOT GOOD!!

  13. Jane Heller

    I’ll do a post about today’s trade a little later, Barbara. I’ll just say I was a little sorry to lose Jackson (Coke and Kennedy were expendable, in my opinion) and I, too, wonder if we have any prospects left to trade for Halladay. I’m guessing Cashman will go with one of the free agent pitchers instead. I’m very excited about Granderson though. I’ve long coveted him. He does strike out a lot against lefties, but he’s a great defender and hits for power. That short porch in right was meant for him.

    I think you’re right, Babu. Bruney has a better chance of success with the Nationals, who sound like they’re eager to give him the opportunity to set up or close.

    Rob, I’m not going to miss the Bruney as he was this season, but I’m sorry he didn’t return to form after his successful outings in ’08, prior to his injury.

    I guess I didn’t look at the opt guy as closely as you did, greg. But now that you mention it, I do see Oliver Platt. LOL.

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