Presenting The 2009 She-Fan Awards, Part 7 (The Grand Finale) – UPDATE!

The votes are in and, although it was a close race between Surf Dog, my mother and four-year-old Karissa (I’m laughing as I type this), the winner of the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Yankee Fan Video is…
***** Bill “Surf Dog” Connell *****
If it ever stops raining here in Santa Barbara, I’ll take the She-Fan Cam over to Bill’s hot dog stand and videotape his acceptance speech. I have no doubt it’ll be a show stopper. Thanks to all who participated!
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
With the Winter Meetings kicking off on Monday and the certainty that Brian Cashman will be giving Yankees bloggers something juicy to write about, it’s time for the seventh and final 2009 She-Fan Award to be handed out to a person who contributed to the Yankees’ joyous season.
Derek Jeter said during the post-parade ceremony at City Hall that it was the fans that made the season special, so it’s only fitting that we turn our attention to the Yankee fan who best embodied the spirit of the pinstripes when captured on the She-Fan Cam this year. The judges have reviewed the nearly 100 videos on YouTube’s SheFanVideos Channel and come up with clips of the the ones we feel are most praiseworthy.
Here, in chronological order, are the nominees for the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Yankee Fan Video….
Alphonso Uses Pessimism To Protect Yankees (And Himself) From Disappointment –
On March 5th, during a visit to Tampa for spring training, I had dinner at a very dark restaurant with Alphonso of the Yankees blog “It Is High, It Is Far, It is….caught” and asked for his prediction on the upcoming season. As you’ll see, he was correct about almost nothing, which I found very heartening.
Lisa Declares Herself Descendent Of Yankees Legend Joe DiMaggio
On my way out of Steinbrenner Field during the March trip, I met Lisa, a Security Officer for the Yankees. She not only gave patrons excellent directions and handled beer-soaked troublemakers with ease, but announced that she was related to Joe D. Enough said.
Joyce Intends To Be Buried With Yankees (Sort Of)
Prior to the March 7th spring training game, I chatted with Joyce, who caught my eye because of all the Yankees pins and medals she was wearing. A Yankee fan for 65 years, she had surprising news to share.
Michael Picks Yanks To Win World Series Without Being Bribed
Yes, She-Fan family members are eligible for the award. (Why disqualify them?) On April 1st my husband Michael made a bold prediction about the Yankees’ season. He was not coerced. If he doesn’t want to do or say something, he doesn’t. Trust me.
Patricia Reads She-Fan’s Tarot Cards And Pronounces Yanks World Champs
On August 18th, I had my second reading with Santa Barbara tarot card reader Patricia Diorio, whom I had consulted for a New York Times article back in February. Once again, she was extremely encouraging about the Yankees’ chances of winning the World Series.
Karissa Roots for Yankees Despite Being Only Four Years Old
As I was leaving Angel Stadium after the Yankees had just beaten the Angels in Game 4 of the ALCS on October 20th, I heard cheering –  really high-pitched cheering. I followed the sound and came upon Karissa, whose father Mark had clearly raised her properly.
Bill “Surf Dog” Predicts Yankees Win World Series in Six
Local legend Bill Connell, proprietor of the Surf Dog hot dog stand in Carpinteria and former New Jersey-ite, hoisted his Yankees flag on October 30th and let me videotape him in action. He also gave me his thoughts (and a free hot dog). His prediction of six games made him more accurate than Jimmy Rollins.
Mother Knows Best
I couldn’t leave my 92-year-old mom (she’ll be 93 next month) out of this competition, could I? On November 13th, during my trip to New York, I asked her how she was feeling about the Yankees’ big victory. She was thrilled – and very candid.
And now comes the moment of truth…without any interruptions.
kanye west taylor swift video music awards vma 2009 interrupt outburst.jpg
The envelope please.
The winner of the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Yankee Fan Video is…
***** Oh, Wait! You’re Picking This One! *****

That’s right. You. And you have until Monday at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT to leave a comment with your vote. Good luck to all the nominees. The final gold fan awaits.
Gold.Fan 010.jpg



    I finally had a chance to catch up with your blog from my long weekend in tampa (did not bump into the steinbrenners, did get a tour of steinbrenner field). I agree with the Braves game as the turning point. I was at that game! who knew it would be so momentous. I even have pics of the ejection. I had a feeling it would be memorable. Who knew it would win an award? I disagree w/ the kate hudson award. I think Minka has more class, staying in the background and letting her man shine when he is at work. As for this contest, Karissa is my choice for best fan. This is the she-fan blog right?She is the future of she-fan-hood.

  2. levelboss

    i vote for Surf Dog Bill..
    the enthusiasm, the Yankees flag, and the correct prediction of 2 out of 3 in Philly and a victory in 6 wins my vote

  3. jademyst

    Ooooooooooh, tough choices, so many deserving nominees–but I gotta go with the Surf Dog ’cause he just plain rocks. 😀

    Jade 🙂


    She-Fan: Alphonso, alfonzo, alhpuzno! You captured his doomsday essence and, with his use of negative juju, won the 2009 World Series. el duque


    Whoa!! This is HARD pick–my heart says little Karissa but my HEAD says SURF DOG–I am an New Jerseyan soooo I HAVE to go with SURF DOG–his predictions were right ON!! Love from another She-Fan, Lucille.


    I read all the nominees before listening to their comments, Jane. My first reactions were to vote for your mom or for the tarot card reader since the reading was done on my birthday. But after listening to all of them, I have to go with Surf Dog too. So full of energy and enthusiasm. And he focused his comments on the individual team members who made such a big difference. I have to go with The Dog.


    Once again, you make it soooooo tough…was gonna give it to yer mom, then remembered that yer hubby is a nominee too…what to do, what to do…Karissa is cuute, but…gotta go with the flow of the vote…Surf Dog is The Man, for reasons already stated…plus he has the brass to ADVERTISE his fandom like he does…a true Noo Yawkah…!

  8. mlbmom

    if I had to vote for one of the fans, it’s a tie between your mom and the darling little girl.
    If you allow write in votes, I’d vote for you. Thanks for being the ultimate fan and investing so much time and passion into this blog to entertain and educate us about our favorite baseball team.

  9. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. It is a tough choice! Alphonso was hilarious, but the award definitely needs to go to someone who showed more faith. Close runners up are the little girl and Surf Dog but I am going to vote for your Mom.She’s been a Yankee fan for a long time and clearly raised one of the biggest Yankee fans ever.

  10. ooaooa

    You gotta go with the Surf Dog! Your Mom and Karissa are a tie for second losing by only a hair.
    I will contact Joyce and let her know she was nominated. I am sure she will be honored. Her and her daughter are two of the nicest people we have ever met at Spring Training.


    This was tough! The dark lighting in Alphonso’s video matched his dark mood. Lisa is related to Joe D. Joyce has been a true She Fan forever. The scenery in Michael’s was the best. Patricia gave us hope. Karissa is adorable, as is your mom. But after thorough review, the person who best embodied the spirit of the pinstripes has to be the Surf Dog for saying “Just hit the ball.”

  12. thefreak

    Its easy and I didn’t even listen to the video’s (I don’t have speakers on my computer right now).

    But the award has to go to mom. Without mom, she-fan would be here. NOT TO MENTION, its just old fashion RESPECT!



  13. ladyjane303

    Now I understand how hard it must have been for you to make choices on the other awards. Let’s see – you didn’t nominate yourself (which would have made this a no-brainer) and you didn’t nominate Freddy of “Freddy Sez” (has he gotten too commercial?). Karissa or Mom? Karissa or Mom? I vote for Mom – a true Yankees fan for so many years. Karissa is cute, but let’s see if she has the staying power of your Mom.

  14. Jane Heller

    So you’re going with Karissa, Ilene. Yes, she is the future of She-Fanhood. Excellent choice.

    Surf Dog did all of those things, levelboss. He’ll be tough to beat.

    Jade, Surf Dog does rock, and I’ll be glad to tell him you said so.

    Alphonso’s negative juju did help us win, Duque. I’m not sure everyone understands that!

    Nice pick, Lucille. You New Jersey-ites should stick together and Bill does rock (as Jade said).

    Diane, Surf Dog’s enthusiasm was so infectious I came home from each interview doing Surf Dog imitations!

    Good point, Dave. Not only does Surf Dog have Yankee fandom, he advertises it.

    A tie between Karissa and my mom, Wendy? That does make the voting interesting. Thanks so much for your sweet words about the blog.

    So you’re going with Mom, Cheshirecat? Well, she did raise a big Yankee fan, it’s true. She’d be proud of that.

    Oh, that would be wonderful if you’d let Joyce and her daughter know about the nomination, John. They were so accommodating. I’ll put your vote down for Surf Dog.

    You really did give the nominees a thorough review, Melissa. I like your analysis. “Just hit the ball” sums up Surf Dog very well.

    Old-fashioned respect gets my mother a vote from Mike! I like the way you cut right to the heart of the matter.

    Freddy too commercial, Ladyjane? Not for me. If I’d had him on video he would have been a nominee for sure. So my mother edges out Karissa for her staying power. Sweet.

    She’s crafty all right, Jeff. That’s why I didn’t tell her about this award. She’d probably try to rig it.

    Dampiney, Karissa is impossible not to love. I agree.

    Michael gets your vote, Paul? He’ll be ecstatic! He thought only his brother would vote for him.

  15. Jane Heller

    I’m very lucky, Erin. She really does love the Yankees and it’s great to be able to talk about them with her. Nice vote.

  16. ufccaveman

    OF course, the “She-fan” award has to go to the littlest (and cutest, I might add) She-fan of them all … KARISSA! Especially, when you consider the video she made the moment the Yankees won it all:
    And, I’m not saying this because I’m her father! 😉

    On a side note, Jane, have you checked out my new food blog? It’s called Caution: Caveman Cooking. Check it out when you can at

    Thanks, for nominating my little girl!


    Got to go with the She-Fan’s Yankee Fan husband. Calling the race in early April. Way to go, Michael!

  18. Jane Heller

    Even if you weren’t Karissa’s father you’d probably vote for her, Mark. She’s adorable. You need to make sure she stays a Yankee she-fan all her life! Will definitely check out your new food blog. Sounds….delicious.

    Another vote for Michael. Good job, Mark! Your bro did call the race way back in April, so that should count for something. Thanks for participating.


    I got back from Boston just in time to vote. I gotta go with Surf Dog, living in enemy territory, laying it on the line, risking alienating customers. He got the prediction perfect.

    You were going to do an award for which Mr. Rollins was going to be a nominee – the best bonehead remark. I think he should win it with no competition.

    Speaking of Boston, it was great to be there. Since reading the blogs I have a greater appreciation of the roll the Sox play in life, making our season much more exciting. I’d really love to live there as a stealth Yankee fan. It would be great to be back on the east coast.


  20. Jane Heller

    Another vote for Karissa. Thanks, Babu. There were many good videos that didn’t make the cut, so I’m glad you liked all the nominees.

    Yay, Laurie. Glad you made it back in time to vote. Surf Dog was a brave man to hoist that flag in Dodgers/Angels territory. And he did get the prediction right. Sorry about Rollins and the Best Bonehead Remark Award. It got lost in the shuffle. You’d make a great stealth Yankee fan in Boston. By all means, move there!

  21. pinstripesperson2

    Wow, that’s tough. I really like the Surf Dog. His prediction puts Jimmy Rollins to shame. But…. I’m gonna go with your mom. I think it’s great that she’s a big fan! I would love to get the chance to talk to her about some of the people she’s seen play. I’m a 16 year old she-fan and I think she’s really cool! So, your mom gets my vote!

  22. Jane Heller

    It’s a tough competition for sure, pinstripeperson2, but I’ll add your vote for my mom and see what happens. She’s fun to talk to about the old time players. I think Lou Gehrig was her favorite, although she did get Babe Ruth’s autograph!

  23. kaiserthegreat

    I gotta give it to Bill the Yankee fan with “mom” a close second. (But maybe she should be disqualified for being related to the nomination committee?)

  24. leafiz

    Hi Laurie – I live near Boston and am always wearing my Yankee hat. Gotta represent!

    Jane – This is a tough choice. My vote is for your mom! Surf dog and Michael was a close second for me.


  25. letsgoyankees

    Hmm…VERY close race. I’m in between you mother and the tarot card reader.

    I think I’ll have to vote for the tarot card reader. Jus the idea of something who knows nothing about baseball picking the Yanks to win the WS before the season started is too awesome. Your Mom gets an honorable mention though.

  26. letsgoyankees

    Hmm…in between your Mom and the tarot reader, I vote the tarot reader because I love the idea of somebody w/no link to baseball picking the Yanks to do great things before the season started.

  27. Jane Heller

    I decided not to disqualify my husband and mother, kaiser, because I figured you’d all be OK with it – and because it made the competition even tougher for you guys! So I’ll mark you down as a vote for Bill.

    You handled the tough choice very well, Courtney. 🙂 Your vote for my mom is making this a very close contest.

    You think, Vig? Hm. I guess I’ll put you down as a tie between Bill and Karissa.

  28. Jane Heller

    I’m so glad you voted for Patricia, letsgoyankees, because I thought she deserved a vote. You’re absolutely right. She had no knowledge of or connection to the Yankees and yet picked them to win it all. Not bad!

  29. latinyankeerebel

    i knooow I’m late and I’m ashamed I wasn’t able to cast my vote.. technically speaking… *ahem*twitter*ahem*… I’ll tell you who my vote goes to Kanye style…. “Bill, the hot dog guy, Imma let you finish, but Patricia’s video was the best of all time.” LOL congrats to Bill!! :0)

  30. Jane Heller

    HAHAHA, Lillie! Ima let you finish, but you’re too late to vote because Bill already won! (Patricia was great though. And Bill won’t mind if you call him a hot dog.)

  31. raysrenegade

    I am so glad you did not have the Flip camera with you at the booking signing in March 2009.
    That way it is only hearsay that a Rays fan hugged and took a photo with a Yankee fan ( but we know the turth).
    Great last award to present it to a member of the card carrying Yankee fandom.
    The players can only do so much, but it is the true fans that keep them in the news and popular.
    Can’t wait for February.

    Rays Renegade

  32. Jane Heller

    Oh, Randy! You might have swung the award in my mother’s direction if you’d voted sooner. But it stands as Bill’s victory and I will be going to see him and recording his acceptance speech. Thanks for chiming in though.

    I wish I’d had the Cam when I met you, Renegade. I’d be having fun with your video for sure. LOL! I hope I get to see you again this spring. I’m planning another trip to Tampa in March.


    The game of Baseball has a lot of emotion and so does the awarding of presents. Even though you were trying to be fair, the ward should have gone to your mother and not the Surf Dog. By the way why are you laughing as you type the post? – Jordan

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