Presenting The 2009 She-Fan Awards, Part 6

Gold.Fan 010.jpg
Since it’s Saturday night, which is traditionally known as “date night,” it’s time to turn our attention to the celebrity whose romantic interest in a Yankee helped both the player and the team win the championship this year. No, I’m not including Madonna, since she and A-Rod were over their little whatever-it-was before the season started. I’m not considering Joanna Garcia either; for starters, she’s not A-List enough, plus Nick Swisher isn’t the reason the Yankees won #27. What I’m saying is that this is a two-horse race.
And so, without further ado, here are the nominees for the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Celebrity Girlfriend.
Minka Kelly, Girlfriend of Derek Jeter
Minka followed on the heels of a long list of Jeter conquests, but she’s lasted longer than any of the others, which proves she has staying power. She was at the Captain’s side at the finale of the old Stadium, and she’s been rumored to be his fiancee. But can she pass the She-Fan Award test?
1) Did she wear Yankees gear proudly? Yes.
2) Did she show up at the games with her Yankee’s family members? Yes.
3) Did she exhibit genuine excitement and pride when her Yankee played well? Yes.
4) Did her Yankee have a great 2009 season? Yes indeed.
And now for our other nominee…
Kate Hudson, Girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez – 
Kate followed on the heels of Madonna, as previously mentioned, as well as assorted actress/models with whom A-Rod was photographed after his divorce from C-Rod. She was rumored to have moved in with Alex in New York, but is currently on the circuit promoting her new film “Nine.” Can she pass the She-Fan Award test?
1) Did she wear Yankees gear proudly? Not that I noticed.
But she sat next to someone who did – and she sat with Amber Sabathia and Michelle Damon, neither of whom wore Yankees gear either.
2) Did she show up at the games with her Yankee’s family members? No. But she showed up with her own family members.
3) Did she exhibit genuine excitement and pride when her Yankee played well? Yes.
4) Did her Yankee have a great 2009 season? Oh, yes.
The envelope please.
And the winner of the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Celebrity Girlfriend is…
***** Kate Hudson *****
Yes, Jeter made the bigger splash. (How often do you break Lou Gehrig’s record and become the first Yankee to be honored as SI’s Sportsman of the Year?) But how much did Minka have to do with that? Jeter would probably have hit .334 if he’d been dating Miss Piggy. Kate, on the other hand, went to Texas, Philly and other cities where the Yanks played. She hung out with the wives, was on the field for family day, brought her own family. And A-Rod thrived despite all the adversity early in the season. He certainly had his best post-season ever. And tell the truth: doesn’t Kate look like a lot more fun than Minka?
Congratulations, Kate. You and A-Rod may not last another month, but you helped us Yankee fans out this year and we’re grateful.
Yankees win the World Series-013934--500x380.jpg
Oh, wait. Kate would like to accept her award with her mom by her side. Very sweet.
Enjoy, both of you!
Gold.Fan 010.jpg



    I prefer Minka….she is definitely cuter but you’re right….A-Rod came thru like never before……Kate has to stay with him until he retires πŸ™‚


    Your female participants will probably agree with the selection. Many women dislike Minka Kelly BECAUSE she is with Jeet. They either want to marry Derek or, like me, are planning on marrying off their daughters to him. And like you said, Jeter was going to come through strong no matter who he dated. Now, if only he had not been involved in this whole Tiger issue.

    Anyway, Kate is the winner because she had a direct and positive impact on her man’s season. Would like to see this keep going for the 2010 season. And BTW, Goldie is still gorgeous – wish I looked like her!


    Good choice by the judges. Jeter plays consistently well. ARod hadn’t played well in the post season until this year. And even in the regular season, he was more relaxed. Don’t know if that was Kate or the steroid thing, but I’ll give her an award. (Doesn’t Minka sort of looks like she is Derek’s daughter in that inset photo where he’s giving her a piggy back?)

  4. Jane Heller

    Your favorite award, Rob? Why am I not surprised? LOL! Sorry about Minka, but the judges went the other way.

    I don’t dislike Minka, Diane. But maybe that’s because I don’t want to marry Jeter or marry him off. πŸ™‚ I just think Kate’s appearance in A-Rod’s life coincided with his resurgence. I agree about Goldie. And I wish she’d make movies again, but ageism is alive and well in Hollywood.

    Minka sounds like a type of rodent, Paul. A furry animal, in any case. Like: “I want to buy a minka coat but I can’t afford one.”

  5. Jane Heller

    Jeter does look older in that inset photo, Melissa! Maybe he needs a shave. Where’s his Gillette sponsorship when he needs it? Anyhow, that was my thinking on the Kate-Alex thing too. Maybe it was a coincidence that he played a more relaxed brand of baseball after she came along, but whatever it was worked for him – and us.

  6. Jane Heller

    A.J., I’m sure Minka is reading this and going, “Oh, no! I should have won that award.” LOL. But maybe next year.

  7. Jane Heller

    Wait, Jenn. Are you saying Jeter hasn’t called you? How is that possible? Maybe he lost your number. πŸ™‚

  8. leafiz

    No yankee hat worn by Kate? Hmmm..
    Well, she does seem to exhibit a little more genuine excitement and pride than Minka when her Yankee played well.
    Excellent category for part 6, Jane!
    I wonder if Bob Costas will consider this important element to baseball in future broadcasts.

  9. Jane Heller

    I checked quite a few pics, Courtney, and Kate wasn’t wearing a Yankees cap in any of them. Shame on her! And yes, I think this category is ripe for a Costas piece or perhaps a segment on “Real Sports” with Bryant Gumbel. πŸ™‚

  10. latinyankeerebel

    Great choice Jane!
    I don’t like Minka… at all. No, I’m not an obssessed Jeter fan, although, when I was younger I wanted to marry him…. Now, I don’t, and no, Jane I won’t tell you why! ;0) I want to marry A-Rod.. HA! Anywho, Kate gave us luck, and you can see she seems like a very honest, straight forward person. I don;t know her, but she seems that way. Anyway, I support the winner! You go girl!

  11. Jane Heller

    I think men went with Minka and we went with Kate, Lillie. But hey, if you want to marry A-Rod, I’m sure she’ll step aside.

  12. raysrenegade

    I am going for Minka, but it might not be for the simply more beautiful factor either.
    I know when I played ball I wanted my girl to be there cheering and showing support, but I also did not have to worry about her attracting attention or going out of her way to be snapped by Photogs.
    But I also did not have a big ego when I played, and knew (unfortunately) how fast mr career could all end with an injury.
    Minka is not a low profile woman by any means, but she definitely made sure Derek was the main focus when he was in Yankee Stadium, which I totally respect about her.
    Hopefully she will be the first woman to say “I do
    ” out of the pair ( maybe this off season).

    Rays Renegade

  13. thefreak

    WOW! I thought Jeets girl was going to win it the way you were talking. I was ready to argue with you and you do the ole flip-a-rooski on me.

    I agree. Jeter was getting where he was going regardless.

    Alex on the other hand………. WOW ………. thank you Kate Hudson.

  14. Jane Heller

    Hmm, you make some interesting points, Renegade (as usual). I think Jeter probably feels the way you do, wanting his girlfriend to keep a low profile and not draw attention to herself. A-Rod, on the other hand, probably enjoys having his girlfriend be the one everybody’s talking about; he’s never been one to shy away from attention, that’s for sure. I think Minka will get to the altar first, and I doubt Kate will be around much longer.

    Yup, that was my reasoning, Mike. I think Jeter would be fine regardless.

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