Introducing The 2009 She-Fan Awards

Baseball has already crowned the Rookies of the Year, the Cy Youngs, the MVPs, the Gold Gloves, the Silver Sluggers, the SI Sportsman of the Year (congratulations, Jeet) and, of course, the World Champions (congratulations, Yankees).
In other words, lots of hardware has already been handed out.
With the Winter Meetings scheduled to begin next week and nothing much happening in the meantime, it’s my pleasure to present the 2009 She-Fan Awards, which recognize excellence in the field of contributing to the success of the New York Yankees. Yes, that’s a mouthful, so let me put it another way. The award goes to a person or persons who helped the Yankees win this year.
No, it doesn’t go to a player. Or the manager. Or the general manager. It’s intended to spotlight those who are more obscure and who don’t generally receive the attention they deserve. And in case you’re wondering, the award itself is solid gold, has been custom-designed by my superb craftsmen here in Santa Barbara and, in keeping with the fan theme, looks like this.
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
Now, without further ado, the awards….
*****  Best Surgeon *****

And the nominees are:
– Dr. Marc Phillipon (A-Rod’s hip surgeon) 

marc philippon.JPG.jpeg

– Dr. David Altchek (Posada’s shoulder surgeon, as well as Mo’s shoulder surgeon)
– Dr. James Andrews (Chien-Ming Wang’s shoulder surgeon, as well as consultant to many Yankees, including Dave Robertson)
– Dr. Lewis Yocum (Xavier Nady’s elbow surgeon)
And the winner of the 2009 She-Fan Award for Best Surgeon is…Dr. Marc Phillipon.
marc philippon.JPG.jpeg
It was a tight race right down to the wire. Dr. Altchek performed surgeries on not one but two valuable Yankees shoulders and certainly merited attention. That said, A-Rod’s hip surgery was more delicate and it allowed the Yankees third baseman and clean-up hitter to return to the team in May, sparing us another minute of Cody Ransom, providing protection for Tex in the lineup and treating us to that heart-stirring walk-off homer in the 15th inning against Boston. Congratulations, Dr. Phillipon. Enjoy your award.
Gold.Fan 010.jpg
Coming next: the 2009 She-Fan Award for….you’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Jane Heller

    For all I know, Jeff, that pic of Dr. Marc was taken in the early 90s! But then his clinic is in Colorado and he’s a ski bunny. Maybe he wears it all year round.

    Congrats on getting your WS sweatshirt, Laurie. (Good move on the small size.) I hope wearing it brings you lots of joy. Melissa posted the SI link with the Jeter video yesterday and it was fun watching it. He’s so deserving of the award and the first Yankee to be chosen, which I still find amazing. Of course you should wear your sweatshirt to Boston. You may hear a few boos and hisses but that goes with the territory.

    No award for you, Paul. I don’t have a category for “Best Hedger” since you’re the only one I know who hedged!


    Well, Congrats to Dr. Feelgood, wherever he may be…may think about Dr. Altchek, since he fixed up TWO old Yankees, but hard to argue over A-Rod’s hip…and speaking of the SI award, it was interesting to read the blog posts on from the Haters/Dissenters…give it to Usain Bolt? Okay, so he runs REALLY fast, but THAT’S IT (so said Jeet’s defenders)…give it to Sidney Crosby? R U KIDDING? (ask Diane the Hockey Fan)…may as well give it to DAVID Crosby, or Stills & Nash for that matter!…give it to Joe Mauer?…well, at last I understand the argument, but no, it is (and should be) for more than just the baseball…and oh, do I hope Laurie is brave enuf to wear the sweats…after five long years of Bosox Taunting, it’s time for paybaxx!!!

  3. Jane Heller

    You’re a stronger person than I am, Dave. I don’t read what the haters/dissenters say about Jeter and the SI award. They’re entitled to their opinions, of course, but it only makes me angry to have our guy trashed. Let’s hope Laurie wears the sweats and makes us proud.

  4. thefreak

    What about me. I didn’t even get nominated? I contributed. Oh sure, these guys actually did something to these players to get them moving again. But if it wasn’t for me (and every other fan), there wouldn’t be a she-fan award.

    I wear the gear which I paid for those goes to the yankees.

    I mortgage the house so I can buy tickets to watch them play.

    I am the one screaming so loud at my TV to motivate the bombers to never say die. Those walk offs were MINE! I was yelling so loud I woke up my toddlers.

    I am the one with the 4 times clockwise around the coffee table, 2 times counter clockwise around the dining room table to get a single rituals…..

    THIS IS RIGGED!!!!!! I know this isn’t Florida. BUT I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!!!!! LOL

    whew, that was fun Jane. Thanks



    for many years i wore yankee clothes in boston and all was fine and then 2003 and aaron boone changed all of that. now i get cursed at walking down the street in yankee clothes, i get people looking unpleasantly at me at the gym, and i found people were not friendly when i hiked in new hampshire when i wore my yankee hat and very friendly when i didn’t wear it. so i don’t wear my yankee clothes as often. the yankee earrings i wore at key moments in the playoffs but i think they are subtle enough. the key chain with the derek jeter walk off call comes everywhere and gets comments when it’s noticed but it’s too precious to not have with me wherever i go.
    i loved the derek jeter si video that i would have never seen if not for the commentor on the blog so thanks and thanks.
    jane, you were at thanksgiving with us because my dad and i so love the blog and loved you actually including my name in the video. my husband thinks we’re all crazy and didn’t want to hear about it but the world series was a big thing to be thankful for this year and sharing it with you and the blog was too so it had to come up at thanksgiving. my dad and i watched some yankeeographies on thanksgiving that i was given as a present at work and i let him take them home with him along with the world series set. so i’ve given him more than headaches in my life!


    I guess ARod’s hip was important, but Mo’s shoulder would rank right up there as an important surgery to go well!!!

    Mike, I love hearing your rituals.

    Barbara, nice that you share so much with your dad!

    I have to make two more comments about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert. I watched the first part last night. CSN seem to be a walking advertisement as to why smoking too much dope when you’re young is a bad idea. You get the munchies too many times, and you lose your voice- or you act really dopey when singing. C looked like a stoned out Santa.

    I was extremely surprised that I enjoyed Metallica. Who knew? The lead singer has a great voice. I was stunned how huggy they were with everyone. Aren’t they supposed to be a hard-edged heavy metal band??


    Thanks, Barbara — for sharing the feeling of what it’s like to be a “stranger in a strange land.” When I first moved to the DC area, the O’s were very good/competitive, and the anti-Yankeeism was strong. It’s still there, just muted, as the local team has been a nonfactor for so long…but I learned long ago not to wear much Yankee stuff (not to mention other fave non-local teams). ’03 and ’04 really did ratchet up the intensity of our ageless rivalry like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…and TV loves it…
    And thanks, Melissa — for more ‘dope’ about the concert that I hope to see somenite. Yeah, CSN went to seed (literally & figuratively) long ago, but then so did a LOT of us…only Nash, the lone Brit, didn’t fall victim to American Excess. As for Metallica…back in the ’90s, they got a little more commercial (for them) with the “Load” and “Re-Load” CDs, and some other stuff — loud but not overwhelming. Their latest one is pretty good, too — and I’m no devotee. It’s just that after surviving two boys’ adolescence and their grunge/rap/metal/whatever, you learn to find a few nuggets in the rockpile (cue Mo)!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Mike (sorry I’ve been calling you Kenny for some reason!), I love your ritual and it’s good to hear you’re as crazy as the rest of us fans. But how do you know there isn’t a She-Fan Award for Best Fan? Today was all about the surgeon. Tonight there will be another award. Never jump the gun on this blog. Tsk tsk.

    Barbara, it’s really a shame that you’ve been hassled so much for wearing your Yankees gear. I can well understand some sniping, but honest to goodness meanness? So silly. All I know is that when I wore my Yankees cap to Fenway, I heard teasing and joking but nothing malicious. Guess I was lucky! I’m honored that the blog came up during Thanksgiving and that you and your wonderful dad have been enjoying it. Lately I’ve been debating whether I should continue writing it or if I should change the format, etc., so it’s great to have the feedback. What a sweet daughter you are to send Harold home with those Yankeeographies!

    Melissa, I really gave Dr. Altchek a lot of thought and consideration for the award, given that it was Mo’s shoulder he operated on. Tough choice. But in the end, Mo’s surgery was far less invasive and complex than A-Rod’s, so I went with Phillipon. As for the HOF concert, I felt the same way about Metallica! I kept saying to my husband, “That guy is actually pretty good.” LOL.

    You’re right about Nash, Dave. He looked great at the concert and his voice sounded good too. I’m not sure he avoided the American Excesses but he certainly survived them better than his cohorts. Mick Jagger, on the other hand, was totally off-key in the beginning of “Gimme Shelter” but he was saved by Fergie and I think the band made adjustments. Not his best moment but he’s always fun to watch.

  9. Jane Heller

    I’m getting to that award, mattpeas, Never fear. It’ll be the She-Fan Best Girlfriend award and there will be interesting competition!


    Hi Jane,
    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Barbara and her terrific (even though he is a Red Sox fan) husband. I guess everyone is entitled to have one flaw. I will have a great time watching all the Yankee videos. The other day you talked about Bob Shepherd. I was at opening day in 1951 – Shepherd’s first day – but it was also the first Yankee game for one Mickey Mantle. I have never, before or after, seen anyone as fast going from home to first, and I have been watching baseball since 1936. I always wished that Mantle could have played just one season without injury. He never did. Keep up your great blog – what a wonderful place for Yankee fans, young and old, to gather all year. Harold

  11. Jane Heller

    A belated Happy Thanksgiving, Harold! How thrilling that you were at Mickey’s first game. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if he’d been able to play without injury? By the time I was old enough to appreciate him, I didn’t think of him as being speedy, just an amazing hitter. So glad you’ve been enjoying the blog!

  12. jessel

    Nothing to do with your comments today, but I just wanted to let you know that a great Yankee has passed away at age 96, Old Reliable, Tommy Henrich. Though before your time or mine, he played his entire 11 year career in right field next to Joe D. and helped to bring 7 World Series championships the Bombers way.

    He was involved in a several famous Series moments. In 1941 in game 4 with the Dodgers on verge of knotting the Series at 2 games a piece he swung and missed at strike 3 with 2 outs in the 9th. The Dodgers catcher Mickey Owen dropped the pitch and Henrich hustled his way down to first where he was safe. With that reprieve the Yanks rallied to win the game and the Series.

    In 1947 he was playing right field when the Yankees Bill Bevens was but a pitch away from the first World Series no-hitter. Bevens had however walked 10 in the game including 2 in the 9th, when with 2 outs he gave up the only hit of the game, a pinch double to Cookie Lavagetto that hit the right field wall just over the head of Henrich, resulting in a 3-2 Dodgers victory. However the Yanks again won the championship.

    And in 1949, again against Brooklyn he hit a 9th inning game 1 homer in a 1-0 Yankee triumph leading to another championship. My favorite story about Tommy was one he told about an exhibition game at Ebbets Field. In those years both teams would leave spring training early and play, I guess, what one might call the New York version of the freeway series. Henrich said that one year when he was the first batter of the game and the first pitch to him was a ball, a Dodgers fan yelled out—Wait Till Next Year!!!—maybe Hilda?

    And I’ll close with a little trivia. Since I mentioned Joe Dimaggio earlier, here’s something few people are aware of. There were five brothers in the family (3 major leaguers) and each brother had the same middle name, Paul, named after their father’s favorite saint.

    And maybe you can enlighten me about something. Whenever I leave spaces for a paragraph in a comment they disappear when the comment gets posted. How does one got around that?


  13. jessel

    Well I guess I figured it out or some kind of perversity has just occurred because obviously spaces appeared in my prior comment. This time I left more than one blank line between paragraphs. Is that the trick?

  14. jessel

    Well I guess I figured it out, or some sort of perversity just occurred because there were spaces in my prior comment. I left more than one blank space between paragraphs. Is that the secret?


    Hi Jane,
    I read, sadly, of Tommy Henrich’s passing and I had the pleasure of watching him play many times. He was part of the great outfield which included Joe DiMaggio and Charlie Keller. Henrich was a terrific defensive player and a wonderful clutch hitter, as evident by his nackname “old reliable”. He did everything well and even played an acceptable first base. My late brother and I would take the train from Brooklyn to the Bronx, wait until the upper deck opened, and get great seats just behind the old broadcast booth where you watched a game without being bothered by the many pillars.
    I am looking forward to meetiing you in Florida; please let me know the date and the place as soon as your plans are finalized. I wish Barbara could be there too.

  16. thefreak

    Jane, I never understood why you kept calling me Kenny. It is wierd and I never said anything because that fact of the matter is that happens to be my last name. “If I’m lyin I’m dyin”

    Maybe you should add Psychic to your blogging title.

    CONFESSIONS OF A PSHYCIC SHE-FAN….. Its got a nice ring to it.

  17. Jane Heller

    Mike (aka Jessel), thanks so much for the stories about Henrich. I mentioned his passing in my next post. It’s wonderful hearing about his special moments as a Yankee. I love the story from spring training. It must have been Hilda who yelled that to him! Interesting how all five DiMaggio brothers had the same middle name after their father’s favorite saint. And yes, you figured out how to leave spaces between the paragraphs. Good job!

    Harold, now I know why Henrich was known as “Old Reliable.” Sounds like he did it all and did it well. I will let you know when I decide the dates for my trip to spring training. But if you want to come and hear me speak on the baseball panel on the afternoon of Saturday, March 13th, it’ll be in Stuart, FL (I think it’s about an hour from Boca?) at the Martin County Library. More info to come. I wish Barbara could be there. I’d love to meet her too.

    Mike, I’ve been calling you Kenny because I think I saw “Kenny” in your email address, although being psychic is much more interesting.

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