Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Celebrates Mo’s Birthday

Tonight I watched HBO’s broadcast of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concert that took place at Madison Square Garden last month. It was a loooong show, but filled with great musical acts. Yankee fans were well represented by Bruce Springsteen….
…and Paul Simon.
No idea what team, if any, Art Garfunkel roots for. Ditto: Crosby, Stills or Nash.
Some of the pairings of performers were interesting. I give Annie Lennox props for even attempting to share the stage with Aretha Franklin, who looked like she’d rather have it all to herself.
Bono, Fergie and Mick Jagger put on an entertaining version of “Gimme Shelter.”
I wish there had been more of them and less of Stevie Wonder, whose girth wasn’t quite on the level of CC’s but getting there.
Listening to some of the older artists made me nostalgic for my teenage years when I wanted desperately to be a rock and roll singer. In fact, in 9th grade my friend Jackie and I formed a “band” (I played the electric guitar and she played the drums) and we made a demo of several songs I wrote. We were convinced we’d score a record deal and be on the “Ed Sullivan Show.” We were so clueless (and talent-less). But we had a lot of fun making music. One of these days, I’ll post the audio of the songs and you guys can have a laugh hearing the 9th grade me singing them.
Anyhow, back to tonight’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame show. The highlight of the concert for me was when Metallica did their thing.
I’m not really a fan of their music. I was just hoping they’d play “Enter Sandman” so I could close my eyes and picture Mo coming in from the bullpen. Fortunately, they did play it and I didn’t close my eyes. I was so excited when the big screen behind them flashed clips of Mo coming in from the bullpen! Talk about a jolt of excitement! Talk about a way for Mo to celebrate his 40th birthday today! Here’s a look via the She-Fan Cam. (The volume is very low. So don’t worry; it’s not your computer.)
Happy Birthday, Mo, and thanks for being a future Hall of Famer yourself.


  1. ladyjane303

    I had the same reaction – what a hoot to see the videos of Mo during Enter Sandman. Another highlight of the show for me was Bonnie Raitt. Anyway, Happy Birthday Mo!Congrats to The Captain, who the news reports are saying is going to get the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award today – so well deserved! And a fond farewell to Bob Sheppard, who officially retired this weekend at the age of 98 – may we all live as special a life as he has.


    What fun!

    I find it very cool that I’m always making connections with people on this blog. ladyjane, I have been a Bonnie Raitt fan since 1976. If any of you get a chance to see her live, jump at it. She puts on an amazing show. I think I’ve seen her 8 times. (The other act that is right up there with great shows is Michael Franti and Spearhead.)

    On an email list I’m on, a woman accidently sent a private message to the whole group. Nothing bad, just irrelevant. She apologized by saying she was distracted by watching a Yankees Classics game with Munson in it. I, of course, emailed her and told her about this blog and Jane’s book. She’s was happy to hear about them and is planning on reading the book.


  3. thefreak

    Good times. I saw the show too. I shut it off after that because I’m not a fan of U2 plus it couldn’t get anybetter than metallica and Mo.

    I too started a band kind of young. Fortunately for me I’m still doing it. It doesn’t pay the bills, but its fun.

  4. enternight

    Aww, has Stevie lost his touch? Anyway, Metallica’s little tribute to Mo is super exciting. My older brother is twenty years younger than Mo to the day… I’m still not sure how he feels about being my second-favorite person with a November 29 birthday ;)Happy Birthday Mariano, here’s to many more years of being the best there ever was. I love you!Til next time,Ana


    Oh-kaaay, Jane…you KNOW you’re lobbing slo-pitch softballs in my wheelhouse with this subject, and I usedta be a power hitter…so here come a few hacks at it…!
    Diane, I hope YOU log on today…you TOLD me this was a great concert, and I missed it…but Who Knew about the MO tribute? Awesome!! I’m not a Metallica buff either, but appreciate their status in rock…also very impressed how they put up $50K as reward $$ for any info on that poor Virginia coed who disappeared after their U-Va concert…now back to fun stuff…well, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ if we got Billy Joel and McCartney, two big-time Yankee fans, to play along? But The Boss and ol’ Rhymin’ Simon work for me! Lady Soul is so big these days, I’m surprised that Annie managed to FIT onstage with her…and Stevie is a lot bigger, no doubt (as if I have room to talk)…but so what. It’s All Good. I can just imagine Mick with Fergie…he probably mauled her…and Bono with Anybody is great…ever hear him with The Corrs? All slices of RnR Heaven, to be sure… And finally…YOU as a lead singer in a band? Oh, that IS great!…video or no, it’s gotta be…um…special… so PLEEZ post THAT sometime SOON!!


    While I’m rocking and drooling (with envy)…as usual, forgot to comment on something…Props to all the Bonnie Raitt fans out there!! Never seen her live…my loss…but how many ‘white girls’ out there can sing AND PLAY the blues…even if they do, it’s hard to compare to The Ol’ Redhead herself…Jane & Melissa, whaddya like best? I love the ol’ stuff on Warner Bros. as much as anything, but the worst there is is GOOD (“Good Enough,” y’know?)…and Ms. She-Fan, I forgot to ask…what were CSN like? Is “C” as large as Stevie W? Does “S” have ANY hair left (well, for that matter, does “C”)…and does “N” even know what beisbol IS…well, maybe, after 40+ years…and can you determine at what point in the beisbol season this thing was performed??

  7. dj2jd5jm7

    Thanks for the video Jane. I am not a big fan of Metallica, but for them to show Mo during “Enter Sandman” is pretty freaking awesome!

    I also have to comment, of course, on Mr. Jeter being named Sportsman of the Year! CONGRATS DJ!! I can’t believe that he is the FIRST Yankee to be honored. This is certainly his year.

    On a side note, I have just started reading your book and I must say I am enjoying the heck outta it. You are just as funny as you are on your blog. I have laughed out loud at something on at least every other, but pretty much every, page so far. I loved reading about you cussing at A-Rod; it’s like your my long-lost Yankee twin. Can’t wait to read the rest! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend.

  8. ladyjane303

    Bonnie Raitt sang “Love Has No Pride” – one of my favorites – and she sounded great. Some of the menfolk, unfortunately, have not been as lucky with maintaining their ability to hit all the notes. Re: CSN – S is actually as big as C, and neither one of them has hair to write home about. N, on the other hand, looked and sounded fine. Simon had to help Garfunkel through “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”, but that and “The Boxer” brought a lump to my throat. I will not comment on The Boss other than to say that he, as usual, was AWESOME and his duet on “NY State of Mind” with Billy Joel was a classic.

  9. Jane Heller

    I’m with you on Bonnie Raitt, ladyjane. I just wish there had been more of her on the show. Love her! What a thrill to see Mo on the big screen. And yes, a big congrats to Jeet for Sportsman of the Year. Wow.

    Ah, another Bonnie Raitt fan, Melisssa. She’s the best, isn’t she? I’ve never seen her in person but would love to. I’m hoping she’ll come to the Santa Barbara Bowl next summer. How funny about the woman sending out the email to the whole mailing list. Oops. I’m always afraid of doing something like that. But I love her excuse and I’m very appreciative that you took the opportunity to recommend my book! Fantastic!

    I can see why you’d turn off the show toward the end if you’re not a fan of U2, Kenny. They pretty much owned the last part. At least you got to see Metallica/Mo! So you’re still in a band? Enjoy it. I wish I could be in one, but my voice sounds like hell these days.

    Interesting that your brother and Mo have the same birthday, Ana, even if he’s not as big a fan as you are. Happy Birthday to both of them!

    Dave, Billy Joel did a song with Springsteen. I thought Billy was a Met fan. I’ve seen McCartney in the Bronx though. Mick didn’t maul Fergie but he seemed awfully happy about singing with her. LOL. One of these days I’ll post the songs I recorded with Jackie Banks. Remember her? I had them digitalized so they’re actually on my iPod! As for Crosby, Stills and Nash, they sounded pretty good for a bunch of old guys. Crosby is huge. I see him around town here, since he keeps his sailboat in the Santa Barbara harbor. The concert was performed last month during Game 3 of the World Series. Apparently, they were giving the Yankees scores from the stage and everybody cheered.

    A big congrats to your namesake, DJ! I had no idea he was the first Yankee to be named SI Sportsman of the Year until I read the release this morning, but it makes sense. Who (besides Mo, of course) would have deserved it like he does? I’m so glad you’re enjoying the “She-Fan” book so far. I love hearing that you’ve laughed out loud and I hope the rest of the book doesn’t disappoint!

  10. robinlyn

    I was following your twitters during the show and was hoping you would post the song. I loved it. I feel that was one of the best moments if not the best of the WS. It was just a feeling of relief…enter sandman, game over!


    Well Jane, you’re probably right about Billy Joel…my aging brain seemed to recall a picture of him wearing a Yankee had, but that was Long Ago & Far Away…cool that Crosby has a boat in your area…conjures up their song “Southern Cross,” which I loove…have heard that he can be/is/was a real jerk, but I hope I’m wrong…yup, I do remember Jackie Banks…she was at the last reunion, too…what a hoot! And how GREAT that the concert was during Game #3…of all games…OUT-STANDING! And you love Bonnie too? Make that a Double Outstanding on whole wheat…or Jewish rye?


    When I saw Bonnie several years ago, her guitar player was in the lobby selling his own CDs. I asked him to pass a message along to her. I told him to say “Thanks for 30 years of giving women someone to play air guitar to.” He laughed and said maybe she’d send me a mirror to practice my moves. I love the old stuff best. “Love Me Like a Man” is probably my all time favorite. I must say her last two albums have been really good though, better than those years in the middle where they tried to make her a pop star. But you’re also right, her bad stuff is still good!

    The show is on HBO on demand, so I know what I’ll be watching tonight!

    Loved your comments about C, S, and N! I was fans of theirs as well, though never did see them.


  13. Jane Heller

    You make an excellent point about Bonnie, ladyjane. Her voice sounded as good as ever, while I noticed that some of the guys had to stay within a certain range. Graham Nash did look pretty good, didn’t he? I thought his harmony, with Crosby and Paul Simon, on “Here Comes the Sun,” was great. But what was up with Ray Davies? He was like, “OK. I’ll stop in and do my thing, and as soon as it’s over I’m splitting.”

  14. Jane Heller

    You were following me on Twitter last night, Robin? I wish you’d tweeted back because I felt like I was the only one watching the show. They were all involved in football and made me feel SO OLD!

    There’s a T-shirt that says “Mo Knows” and it’s not affiliated with baseball, Paul? How funny. I’m not good at side businesses though. If I were, I would have been selling “She-Fan” T-shirts by now. You’re on your own!

    Crosby’s sailboat is called “Mayan,” Dave. Don’t ask me why. I would have thought he’d name it “Wooden Ships.” All I know is that the boat is for sale for $1 million. Interested?

    HAHAHA, Melissa. I love what you said to Bonnie’s guitar player. I love her old stuff too, but “I Can’t Make You Love Me” makes me sob (in a good way). Enjoy the show tonight!

  15. peggy3

    Hey Jane and fellow bloggers…

    I didn’t see the show but someone pointed out that it is on HBO Demand so I will certainly check it out. Thanks so much for the video …I passed it on to all my Yankee friends. I believe I mentioned at the time of the concert that they did the tribute to Mo but it’s so terrific actually seeing it. Whenever I hear “Enter Sandman” Mo is the first thought that pops into my head even before Metallica. He will always and forever be associated with that song thanks to David Wells who suggested he use it as his entrance. I read that Mo has never heard the song in it’s entirety and doesn’t even know the words to it. That’s ok tho’ because thousands of Yankee fans do and they know when the song is being played Mo is coming into the game to put it to rest. I don’t think there is a player or fan that could ever say a bad word against Mo…well ..except for that one Angels fan who accused him of using a “spitter”. That whole thing was too funny for words that even Mo had a good laugh over it.
    As it’s been said …there never was and never will be another Mo. I want to thank the good Lord for making Mo a Yankee !!!

    As for DJ …congrats on an award well deserved and it’s about time a Yankee received it. Jane, how come our Mickey never received it? Mickey personified TEAM and was a great player (ok so he caroused and drank a wee bit but who didn’t back in those times). What about Yogi? How about Donnie Baseball? It’s about time a Yankee was acknowledged don’t you think? Derek is one of the major
    reasons I’m proud to be a Yankee fan as is Mo.

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day…mine was
    YUMMY !!! I gobbled, gobbled, gobbled till I couldn’t gobble anymore. Maybe it should be called Happy Piggy’s Day instead although I do love Robert’s Happy Yanksgiving best of all …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    Thanks for the video, and Happy Birthday Mo! I run half-marathons, and when I go on my long training runs the first song on my ipod is Enter Sandman, in honor of Mo. If it works to pump him up, it can’t but help me!
    Congrats el Capitan Jeter! I will be looking for that issue in the mail.
    Jane, I finished your wonderful, funny book. I was moved by your meeting of fans of other teams. And somehow, even though I knew we would make the playoffs in 2007, you made the end of the season suspenseful. I really liked what you did with the Yankee interview (won’t say anymore). I have lent the book to a he-fan at work, and he wants to let his wife read it after him because, as he put it, “she is on the verge of becoming a she-fan. This will do it!”
    Enjoy Cyber Monday everyone! Buy that World Series gear!


    Wow, I wish I had HBO so that I could have seen that concert! Ironically I was just snging along to “I Can’t Make You Love Me” on my way home from work today (what a GREAT song). How appropriate that Metallica had that Mo tribute playing in the background for his b-day. The whole concert really seemed like it was amazing.
    I was so excited to see that Jete was named SI Sportsman of the Year today….but I really can’t believe his was the first Yank to do so! I would love to see who won in the past instead of some of our greats.
    On a side note my 10 year reunion was this weekend and my BFF asked me at one point if I had ever read “Confessions of a She-Fan”! I guess she had asked her aunt & uncle for some new reading material and they gave her your book. I told her how much I loved it (as well as all about the blog) and that she HAS to read it…Not sure what her Mets fan hubby will have to say though…

  18. Jane Heller

    My internet was down almost ALL DAY. So frustrating, but I’m back in business now. Whew.

    Peggy, when I hear those first few chords of “Enter Sandman,” I go nuts with excitement. I’m like a dog whose owner just said, “Dinner!” LOL. Having Mo come into a game is the best feeling in the world. A spitter. Give me a break. I’m so glad he laughed that off. Big congrats to Jeter for the SI award. I’m guessing that our Mickey never won it because…..? Good question. They started it in 1954, so I understand why Yogi and the earlier Yankees didn’t get it. But Mick? Strange. Glad you had a delicious Yanksgiving.

    Thanks for the link, Melissa. Everybody should watch the video because it’s fun to see Jeter get his picture taken at the Stadium and be interviewed about his personal accomplishments and STILL hear him say, “Bottom line, we have to win games.”

    You run half-marathons, Kathleen? I bow down to you. I try to walk five miles but I’m too lazy to do it every day. Maybe it would help if I downloaded “Enter Sandman.” I’ll try it! I’m SO happy to hear that you enjoyed the book. You really understood what I was trying to do by traveling around the country and meeting other fans. I’m glad the season was suspenseful, even though you already knew the outcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hope your he-fan friend and his wife feel the same way you did.

    Mo and Vin have the same birthday, Emma? Very cool to know. November 29th is even more special.

    Isn’t it interesting that Jeter is the first Yankee to win SI Sportsman of the Year, wirishrose? He’s in great company with Arthur Ashe, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan, etc. How funny that you went to your 10th reunion (hope you had a good time) and your friend mentioned reading the book! I love it! I hope she’ll join us on the blog too.

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