1. greenroomsue@yahoo.com

    I was so happy to have She-Fan wish me a Happy Thanksgiving . I think she is the cutest with her long arms and big hands . I wonder how some of the Yankees will be celebrating Thanksgiving Maybe C.C. will need 2 turkeys. I can’t wait to find out what the team will look like in 2010 . It would be perfect if we could get Halliday . So Happy Thanksgiving to you Jane and all the She-Fans out there . GreenRoom She-Fan

  2. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Wow! A shout out from the She-Fan! Can a mention from Jeter at a press conference be far behind?

    Thanks to you Jane for giving us She-Fans a place to meet! Hope you have a great day and get through the anti-Yankee comments without throwing cranberry sauce in someone’s face.

  3. cheshirecat9

    Happy Thanksgiving Jane and to all the readers here. As I have said many times your blog is one of my favorites and I read every morning. I am happy you have given all the she-fans a place to meet on the interwebz. I love nothing more then seeing women wearing Yankees gear. You truly make the sport better and more interesting with your enthusiasm.

  4. ladyjane303

    I’m so excited to be included in the list of shout-outs! In addition to the 15+ you listed yesterday, I’m thankful for all the fun reading the blog and being part of the she-fan community has been in this exciting year. Thank you, Jane, for being our ringleader. Happy, healthy holiday to all of you and the boys in pinstripes.

  5. mikeeff

    my goodness–all of us he- fans left out in the cold. we are devastated… and so are the transgendered!

    have a great holiday xoxox

  6. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,

    Your blog made me cry this morning. Have a wonderful day in LA and we’ll all be waiting to hear how you handled yourself at the table.


  7. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Happy Thanksgiving Jane! Thanks so much for the mention – my husband and I were all smiles! Remember, while at the dinner table with all the other non-believers, keep saying to yourself, WE WON! WE WON! Enjoy your day!

  8. wirishrose81@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the shout-out Jane! That was really awesome. I hope you, all the blog readers, and of course the Yankees have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!


  9. leafiz

    thanks so much for the shout-out! happy thanksgiving to you too, jane! and everyone else as well, especially my brother, cheshirecat. hi to jane’s sister sue, don’t be shy! i’m thankful for sibling bonding over yankee baseball.

    now it’s time to relax and eat the pie, instead of tossing it in each other’s faces. or maybe not… 🙂


  10. Jane Heller

    I bet CC does have two turkeys, greenroomsue. (It’s my sister, everybody! I outed her and now she’s finally commenting!) Hope you have fun at Jimmy’s house today.

    Same to you, Cat. It won’t be long before you’re back in the baseball groove again, so enjoy your time off while you can.

    HAHAHA, Melissa. Yes, I’m sure Jeter will give you a shout-out at his next press conference. I’ll try to keep the cranberry sauce out of anyone’s face today, but no promises.

    You were so sweet to introduce me to your sister, Cheshirecat. Little did I know that she was the one who started you down your Yankees-obsessed path. LOL. Have a great day.

    You’re an important part of the she-fan community, ladyjane, which is why I saluted you on this day of Thanksgiving. Let’s hope our boys in pinstripes have a delicious meal and that nobody overeats, not even CC. (Hmm, I wonder if Mo is having Thanksgiving at his restaurant.)

    Mike, you know I love and adore you. You’ll get your day. Maybe I’ll thank he-fans on Christmas. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful day too, Laurie. I’ve so enjoyed having you join our little Yankees Fest here. I’m looking forward to the party at my friend Rhonda’s later today. I’m bringing the She-Fan Cam in case anyone acts up.

    I will keep repeating the mantra, Kathleen. I’ll say, “Pass the stuffing. The Yankees won.” And then: “More mashed potatoes. The Yankees won.” Sound good?

    You’re welcome, wirishrose. Here’s hoping your holiday is a terrific one.

    That’s right, Courtney. We both enjoy sibling bonding over Yankees baseball! Thanks again for turning Cheshirecat into a first-class diehard.

  11. raysrenegade

    That was a beautiful shout-out to the She-Fans Jane.
    If it wasn’t for She-Fans most of my days/nights at the ballpark would be filled with boring manspeak only.
    But every single game some She Fan or She Fan-in-training sitting near me comes up with a good question about the game,or seems truly interested to learn more about this great game.
    Always great to see people get a new level of respect and love for the game of baseball.
    So I have to be thankful to all the She Fans for making my baseball experience better…. every day.

    Rays Renegade


  12. Jane Heller

    It’s a funny thing, Renegade. When they show old baseball games on TV – like Don Larsen’s perfect game that launched the MLB Network last January – I couldn’t help noticing how few women were in the stands. How things have changed, right? I’m glad you like having us around! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  13. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Thanks, Jane. That shout out meant alot to me as I’m sure it did to all the she-fans. I’m truly thankful for your blog, your commitment to the Yankees and your sense of humor. Hope your Thanksgiving is going well and that this is just the beginning of a wonderful holiday season and the prelude to an amazing new year on 2010 — including progress on your movie, a new book and, of course, W.S. #28!!!

  14. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Diane. I hope your daughter is feeling better and you can have a good Thanksgiving in spite of her flu. I wish you all the best and, of course, the same to our team!

    Yes, you heard your name, Ana. I’m off to my Thanksgiving dinner right now. I’ll be sure to remind everybody that “the Yankees won.”

  15. Jane Heller

    Mike, I’m in the car driving down to LA for Thanksgiving (my husband is driving – don’t worry) and just googled Hilda Chester. She sounds like the original she-fan all right. What a woman!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, levelboss. It’s always great to hear from you.

  16. mikeeff

    i think it would be amazing if you wrote an article on one of the original and most colorful of all she-fans, Hilda Chester. she ruled at Ebbets Field and i have heard some amazing stories about her.

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