Are Vampires The New Ball Players?

Granted, I’m a little slow during baseball season. I don’t notice anything or anyone unless it/he/she pertains to the Yankees in some way. But now that the season is over, I’ve emerged from my cave.
And lo and behold, there’s life beyond the pinstripes! The Senate started debating a health care bill. Sarah Palin went on a book tour. And Taylor Swift won the top prize at the American Music Awards without Kanye West interrupting her speech. 
But the event in popular culture that really escaped me was the phenomenon that is the “Twilight” series. Obviously, I knew the books have sold well and that first movie in the series was a hit. But “New Moon,” the follow up, grossed $142 million this past weekend. That’s so huge I had to go online and watch the trailer.
So can someone please explain all this to me? No question Robert Pattinson is gorgeous, and I get that these stories have a forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet quality. But why are vampires so hot again? They’re all over “True Blood” on HBO, and there are other book series starring love-struck blood suckers. 
All I know is that, given the choice, I would have passed up “New Moon” in favor of the premiere of the World Series DVD that was shown at the Ziefeld Theater tonight. Mariano Rivera can take a bite out of my neck any time he wants.


  1. thefreak

    Pattinson is gorgeous? You still must be drunk on the world series champagne. The kids face looks like he ran face first into a brick wall and squished it. I was FORCED to go see this movie over the weekend and I personally thought it was “slow” with minimal action scenes. borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! At times I felt like I was at a Jonas brothers concert with all the little girls screaming and sighing.

    anyway……. The movies have hit the “MTV” age when it first came out. You gotsta be good looking or you ain’t gettin on the screen.

    Is it baseball time yet?


    I thought I was the only one on the planet who just doesn’t give a rats a– for this vampire “stuff”.

    I don’t think Pattinson is gorgeous…..he looks like he needs toothpicks to hold his eyes open, some visine, maybe a little less reefer, wash his hair…you know that sort of thing. He’d never wear a NYY uniform. 🙂

    Remember when movies were good and based on story and dialog? yea, I said it dialog. nothing blew up, nothing morphed, everyone didn’t have guns. Remember when people with talent to sing just sang a song well to entertain us? They didn’t need to simulate sex or hang from the raptors with blood all over them for entertainment?

    See the Yankees are timeless. Like my little black dress. They are loved by generations. They are classy. They are winners. They don’t need to trash talk….they just win.

    Aah, there are some things that just make sense for me in the world. She-Fan and My Boys of summer.


    Vell, vell…vot an eenterresting kvestion today, dahlink…okay, seriously?…aside from the obvious h-o-t stuff with vampires (their bite is supposed to be SOO passionate…I wouldn’t know)…as the father of two Young Steers, maybe it’s the appeal of The Night…our two bone-headed boyz stay up ALL night ALL the time…they just laugh when we tell them that we’d be up ’til 3 or 4 maybe once/twice a month in our college daze…they’re up ’til dawn A LOT…guess I’m just Too Old to Comprehend.
    And now, to beisbol…wasn’t there some weird scene in one of those Twilight shows when the Young Vamps were PLAYING baseball?? Seriously. Look…MLB already has a VLAD…and his team wears What Color? (Angels do have a flip side, ya know)…with every batter, we keep track of The COUNT…and wasn’t there a Count Montefusco years ago? Maybe he’s undead by now. Lord knows, most owners are bloodsuckers, right? Everyone in the game has many many BATS…and even on Our Yanks, didn’t A.J. come out to Yankee Stadium to play with Children Of The Night, who can’t tolerate sunlight?? I vonder, dahlinks…and don’t get me started on werewolves (Where wolf? There wolf!)

  4. peggy3

    Hey Jane …

    Hmmmmm Vampires….I’m a fan of some not all. I love “True Blood” but this “Twilight” series is geared more for the teens. I also loved the TV show Moonlight but alas it didn’t last..the actor who played the yummy vampire Mick is now a doctor on another show “Three Rivers”. I also saw the play “Dracula” on Broadway many moons ago …THAT was a HOT play. Many a lady was moaning during the performance with good reason…Frank Langella wasn’t Bela Lugosi …THANKFULLY !!! …lol.

    On to the Yankees ….I did attend the WS DVD premiere last night and loved it !!! Reliving all the special moments of the past season mostly the playoffs was just terrific. I saw Cash, Joe G …both made entrances down the theater aisles to standing ovations. Naturally Kay & Sterling were the MC’s …Waldman was there too. The Championship Trophy also made an appearance …it’s a beauty. Kay asked Cash about future plans but he sidestepped and said he wanted to enjoy the here and now at the moment. The DVD is put together quite nicely with outstanding moments from the season and playoffs. I REALLY LOVED THE ENDING !!! :o).
    I met Sterling outside of the bathroom (charming) and asked if he remembered Jane Heller and he gave a rousing YES !!! He said he loved your book. I asked if he read your blog but he said he isn’t into blogs. I told him he should give yours a try if he enjoyed the book. He was then surrounded by people as we were all being ushered out because they had to get ready for the next viewing. It was a night shared with Yankee fans regarding the one thing we never tire of …the Yankees winning. Here’s to next season and Championship #28. (I think Shelley Duncan had that number so if Joe wants it for this year …shouldn’t be a problem)

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  5. ladyjane303

    Have to agree – I don’t get it either. Much more looking forward to George Clooney “Up in the Air” and Daniel Day-Lewis “Nine”. Grown-up movies, I’m thinking. Anyway, here’s a recommendation for all of you who aren’t quite ready to let the baseball season go: Check out Roger Angell’s column in the November 30 issue of the New Yorker. A great recap of the post-season, and then some. Happy Thanksgiving, all. Jane – I’m looking forward to reading stories of your dinner with friends.

  6. Jane Heller

    Wow. Love that pic, Kaiser, and the its back story. What a thrill it must have been to not only get Joe D’s autograph but to be in a photo with him! Thanks for sharing the link.

    Tell us what you really think of Pattinson, Kenny! LOL. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He looks pretty cute to me. But I hear you on the movie being slow and boring. I’ve heard that from a few people. Maybe you have to be 14 to like it.

    Don’t even get me started on the old “what happened to all the good movies” rant, mhugill. I could write about that for hours. But I’m always interested in movies, books, plays, etc that capture the zeitgeist of popular culture. So I’m asking: what is it about vampires that’s making all these young girls, in particular, go wild? That said, I agree that the Yankees are timeless and classy, like your little black dress (love the analogy). And we she-fans, like the boys of summer, will always be there while the vampires will be gone with the next fad!

    Joba does sort of have fangs, Jeff. LOL! But if I HAD to be bitten on my neck by a Yankee, I’d pick Mo. It probably wouldn’t even hurt if he did it.

    Hmm, lots of vampire-related stuff in your comments, Dave. Are you saying Vlad is a king of the night? Now that he’s a free agent, he should probably keep that quiet. Bats, bloodsuckers, they’re all around in baseball. I never realized that, so thanks. 🙂

    Pattinson drives the girls crazy in a good way, Paul. Can you say the same?

    I kind of liked True Blood on HBO, Peggy. Then I lost interest and stopped watching. So I guess I only have stamina when it comes to watching the Yankees. Really glad you had fun at the premiere. (I just ordered the DVD. Can’t wait for it to get here.) I laughed when I read how Girardi didn’t understand the “What are you wearing” question on the red carpet. HAHAHA. How funny that you met John outside the bathroom (he must have loved that) and mentioned the book. He’s been so supportive and tells everyone how much he loved it.

    I’m seeing both “Up in the Air” and “Nine” after Thanksgiving as part of my screenings group, ladyjane. The directors of both (and maybe some cast members) will be here for a Q&A too. Can’t wait. I will absolutely check out Roger Angell’s column in the New Yorker. I dropped my subscription a few months ago so thanks for the heads up. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I will try to emerge from my LA dinner unscathed!

  7. mikeeff

    maybe in season 4 of Mad Men next year they can all turn into vampires. it’s a fitting metaphor for madison avenue being the bloodsuckers that they already are…

  8. Jane Heller

    I’m kicking myself that I haven’t gotten into Mad Men, Mike. I know it’s supposed to be a really good series. Instead, I’ve been addicted to the Food Network for some bizarre reason.


    Clearly the new vampire passion is mostly for the teens and 20 somethings, although I did hear that there were a considerable number of “moms” at the movie this weekend without any sight of their kids around. As for me, I dearly remember making sure I was home from school in time to see my honey, Jonathan Frid, in “Dark Shadows”. We all had crushes on him and when I recently saw a picture from back then I thought to myself, “What were we thinking?” — at these these vampires and werewolves are hot.

    Anyway, things are not going well for our Thanksgiving. My daughter was diagnosed with H1N1 flu today — we were supposed to have everyone over here but now it looks like that’s cancelled. Saturday and Sunday were her worst days and she is feeling quite a bit better today, thank God, but she’s still contageous so I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to come in contact with us. Oh well. Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to everyone else.

  10. enternight

    Hi Jane,I could go on forever about how awful Twilight is, but I feel this is neither the time nor the place. I will comment on Pattinson… he’s supposed to be a beauty that only teenagers can appreciate, but I’m 18 (presumably within the target audience) and I’ve yet to begin appreciating. I’d rather be bitten by Mariano, all things considered. :)Have a great Thanksgiving!,Ana

  11. raysrenegade

    Vampires can’t be the new baseball players.
    They can not play anything but night games, and those afternoon getaway games would be murder on their complexions.
    Seriously, with the maple bats exploding, a vampire pitcher could get impaled and we have a delay as they take his smoldering corpse off the mound.
    But it would give a new direction to keeping mortal players from stealing bases.
    Just flash the fangs and I would not leave the first base bag even for a slight lead.

    Rays Renegade

  12. Jane Heller

    Diane, I’m so sorry your daughter got the flu and that your holiday isn’t what you’d hoped it would be. But it sounds like she’s improving and that must be a huge relief. The good news is you’ll have tons of leftovers if no one comes over (that’s if you’ve already bought the turkey, etc). I, too, remember “Dark Shadows.” Wow, that was a blast from the past! Please give your daughter my best.

    Ana, I feel so much better knowing you’d rather be bitten by Mariano too! LOL. Have a great Thanksgiving. I’ll be here blogging if you need a Yankees fix.

    HAHAHA, Renegade. Leave it to you to remember that vampire ball players couldn’t play day games. (Well, maybe they could at the Trop?) Yeah, those fangs are pretty scary. They sure don’t turn me on.

  13. crzblue2

    hey vampires do play baseball in the daytime. At least in Twilight. It just has to be overcast and thunders going on so that the crack of the bat can be confused with thunders! You should have heard the teenagers when Jacob (Taylor Lautner) took off his shirt during a scene of New Moon. it was funny. the kid is buffed.


    Some people have already said what I wanted to say about Robert Pattinson. Even I don’t think that the guy is great looking but for me, he isn’t that bad either. However, the movie doesn’t sound very promising and we have to wait and see what they got to offer for us! Mostly, nothing surprising. – Jordan

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