Don’t Get My Halladay Hopes Up, Cashman

I just read the latest Hot Stove article on and immediately bolted up from my chair and did this.
According to the article, the Yankees spoke to the Jays about the possibility of trading for Roy Halladay, the pitcher I’ve coveted since I first started this blog! Be still my heart!
Who needs Lackey, Ben Sheets or any of the other names being bandied about? Halladay is the best pitcher not currently on the Yankees. (OK, there are a few others, but I’m conveniently overlooking them right now.) Sure, Doc actually lost a few games this season. But he was coming back from a stint on the DL, plus there was the uncertainty of being shipped out at any moment. I say he’s still in his prime and I want him on the Yanks for the following reasons and in no particular order:
* He’d look better in pinstripes than in that girly powder blue.
* He’s best friends with A.J. Burnett. They’d have so much fun hugging and shoving pies in each other’s faces.
* He would probably come packaged with Vernon Wells, which is OK because Vernon would play the outfield if Damon left and his offensive skills would miraculously return.
* How cool would it be to have a pitcher nicknamed after a gunslinger?
* He’s a horse like CC and could give us complete games. OK, he’s a smaller horse than CC but still.
small horse_edited-1.jpg
* He throws a cutter, and we all know how successful cutter-throwers can be.
* If we had Halladay in the rotation, it would give Joba and Hughes some room to grow (assuming one of them isn’t part of the trade).
* Adding Halladay to the Yankees would drive the haters crazy and motivate them to come up with even more clever slogans than this gem.
I realize that any discussion Cashman may have had with the Blue Jays is only preliminary. But maybe he’ll make it happen. He’s been known to act disinterested in a player and then all of a sudden…..
P.S. Remember how we were talking about Cooperstown the other day, and some of us said how much we wanted to go? Well, one of our commenters, wirishrose, sent along some pics from her last visit. First, we have the statues of Gehrig, Robinson and Clemente.
Gehrig.Jackie. Clemente1.JPG
Then there’s this one of Joe DiMaggio’s locker.
Joe D. locker1.JPG
And finally a sign that’s very appropriate for a blog called “Confessions of a She-Fan.”
What would the sport of baseball do without women fans? I shudder to think!



    So glad you liked the pictures Jane! My dad and I were just talking about this the other day…going over names of people we’d give up for Halladay (Brunney and Kennedy were a few names we mentioned). While I realize it’s all speculation right now, it goes without saying that it would be HUGE if we got him. You know last year at Thanksgiving when my brother was doing his annual Thanksgiving duty of giving the prayer before we ate, I told him to ask for the Yankees to sign CC. Maybe next week I’ll tell him to ask for Halladay…

  2. Jane Heller

    I did like the pictures and I know others will too, wirishrose. Thanks again for sending them. So now we know the reason we ended up signing CC: your brother’s Thanksgiving prayer! By all means ask him to work his magic next Thursday.

  3. mikeeff

    I really pray cashman does not make a deal with toronto. It would require a boatlaod of our best prospects for a guy that may well be at the peak of his career but will certainly be entering his declining years soon. hmmm. i haven’t written anything on my website since the all star break–maybe i will. i have a few thoughts on this..


    You are funny and insightful. HOWEVER JANE!!!! No 2 DOC> I want Lackey even though the last two years he has been injured. He is tough as we know from the recently concluded playoffs. He also will not cost us Phil or Joba or Jesus Montero which will b the case if we go after DOC H. if lackey signs 4 three or 4 years at less than Zito money than that is a fine gamble. I would also offer CMW an incentive laden contract. Also we should NOT pursue BAY or Holliday. sign Damon and Andy P. and we should b good 4 next year.

  5. enternight

    Hi Jane,I’d love to see Halladay in pinstripes for the sheer amusement of the AJ/Doc dynamic (his record goes without saying). I wouldn’t be terribly comfortable giving up Hughes or Joba, however, because I think they both have the potential to be dominating forces (I have a feeling trading Joba would bite us in the butt eventually); a) great starters (or even very good starters) in their early 20s are of more long term value than a great starter in his early/mid 30s (Doc is 33 at the beginning of next year), and b) we don’t have to give up anything to keep the home-grown talent we already have. Either way, it’s not unlikely that we’d go for Felix Hernandez when he reaches free agency after the 2010 season — he’s similar in age to Phil and Joba and already a proven elite pitcher. However, you have to figure this might be Andy Pettitte’s last year, if he comes back for the ’10 season, and Halladay’s current contract runs out this year … I wouldn’t be averse to getting Doc for this year, if they’d take Jesus Montero for him (I know he’s supposed to be a powerhouse bat, but I like Austin Romine’s all-around scouting better as far as future catchers go… defense wins ballgames, and the Yankees always have the hitting), and not making any promises as to an extension. If Hughes and Joba prove themselves as great starters next year, we could either extend Halladay’s contract or make a run at Hernandez… if one of Hughes/Joba implodes/has a disastrous injury/goes back to the bullpen/etc. this year, first of all, it will have been great to have another proven ace in Halladay so we’re not relying so heavily on the young guns, and trying to re-sign him, regardless of Hernandez’ status, becomes a no-brainer.Bottom line, I guess… I’d love to have him, if we don’t have to give up Phil or Joba (but other highly-rated prospects are fair game), and if we don’t immediately sign him to a long-term extension.Haha, sorry for the essay… sometimes I get a little long-winded when writing about the Yankees. I’d also like to say that, in the picture you posted of Phil and Joba, Phil is abso-frickin-lutely adorable…am I allowed to say that, or does that undermine my position as a knowledgeable female fan? ;)Always looking forward to updates,Ana


    Ah, Jane…leave it to you to keep the stove piping hot, as it were…talk about Doc always makes me nervous…like you, I’d love to have him, but at what price? Not only that, but if we take a pass, and the Hoseheads get him (which is also a strong rumor in the mill), well, that would NOT be fun. The Talking Heads I hear (“Once In A Lifetime”? — you KNOW I had to squeeze in a song reference somewhere!) seem so think it will cost us either Hughes or Joba, plus Hey-Zeus Montero and Who Knows Who Else…flash back to the ’70s, when we traded with the O’s to get Ken Holtzmann…he DID help us win right away, but it cost us Rick Dempsey and Scott McGregor…food 4 thought 4 sure, but ya gotta break some eggs to make that omelette!

  7. thefreak

    no no no no NO! Can’t do it. Can’t give up all the youngins to bring in the doctor. If he was a free agent. Then I would’ve started off with yes yes yes yes YES!

    Lackey is out there, he’s a work horse, and the only thing it will cost the bombers is MONEY!

    Sorry to burst your bubble. But I have to pass on this one. NOT TO MENTION, Halladay will have to shave off the beard. UH OH!!!!!!

    AND one more thing. If you are going to give up everything (so to speak), then why not propose the same deal to the same team for King Felix? He’s a stud and he’s only 23.

  8. Jane Heller

    Well, I can see I’m in the minority when it comes to a trade for Halladay. Hmm. Have you guys talked me out of the deal?

    Mike, if we’d have to give up a “boatload” of prospects, then I’m out. But Toronto tried that strategy with the Phillies last season and couldn’t get what they wanted. I don’t think their new GM has such high aspirations.

    But Lackey is the most expensive FA pitcher out there, Bill. We had our spending spree last year. If we’re going the FA route, then I’d sign Sheets or Harden. I would sign Damon too but not for a multi-year deal, which is what Boras will want. If we can get him for one more year, fine. Otherwise, we’ll need to trade for an outfielder. I’m not comfortable with Gardner, Melky and Swisher. No way.

    Ana, I think you’re right on many counts. Everybody talks about King Felix because he’s young and talented and all the other obvious reasons. But he’s not going anywhere right now and the Yankees need pitching now. If we don’t have to give away the store, I’d take Doc in a heartbeat. And for what it’s worth, I think Hughes looks adorable in that pic too!

    HAHAHAHA, Stacie. So true.

    I wouldn’t see this as a replay of the ’70s, Dave. I think the Yankees have learned the lessons from the past and, as I wrote above, wouldn’t give away the store for Halladay who, while 33, isn’t exactly shuffling out to the mound with a walker. And he isn’t a nightmare like Kevin Brown. If Cashman wanted to ship all our prospects out, he would have gone after Santana when the Twins were trading him (something I advocated because I couldn’t see Hughes and Kennedy working out – I was right).

    I just don’t think the Mariners are ready to part with King Felix, Kenny. I could be wrong, but it sounds like the Jays are more trade friendly right now. And again, I don’t think we’d have to give up all the youngins to bring in the doctor. I really don’t. We’d have to give up some, but I can’t see the Jays asking for the moon this time around.

    Your grandmother was a she-fan, Jeff? So that’s where you got your fire!

    I’ve had a Halladay fantasy since I started this blog, Paul. Not sure when yours kicked in.

  9. raysrenegade

    I think the new GM in Toronto is either going to make a reputation by holding onto, or trading Halladay.
    The problem is that he knows they do not have the same amount of leverage they had in August 2009, so he might not get a bevy of prospects like he originally thought when he played this out in his head.
    But, he can get help both now and in the future for the Jays, which is a good thing.
    If he come to NYC, then you have a solid staff indeed, but you know the Rays would love it considering we have owned him for the last few years.
    But in reality, the Jays did not have the money and power of the pinstripes, so that advantage might just goe out the window.

    Friday is coming fast, and the Free Agent market might have some nice gifts for the Yankees too. You never know, someone could fall into their laps.

    Rays Renegade


    Okay…point well taken…now, as usual, I forgot to make some other comments…first, the HOF pictures are really great, thanx again to wirishrose (hope that ain’t a reference to the WINE…trying to forget I ever tasted it… Jane, don’t you ever DARE)…and the She-Fan kudos are great…for all the grief I give Mrs. YH, she really is a pretty knowledgeable beisbol fan…broke her heart in ’71 when the Senators left town, took a long time to recover (like 33 years)…you ol’ Brooklynites out there know what I mean!!

  11. Jane Heller

    That’s right, Renegade. Your guys had no trouble with Doc. They’re his daddy. LOL. I’m not sure how active the Yankees will be in the FA market this year, given last year’s spending. I see them making trades this time around.

    I love the HOF pics too, Dave.

    I think we’d have to give up more for Felix than Halladay, denveryanksfan. And I’m not convinced the Mariners are ready to trade Felix. I agree with Renegade that the new Blue Jays GM will make his reputation on either cementing Halladay’s relationship with the team or making sure he’s traded.

  12. Jane Heller

    You had to wear the blue pants, YHH? Well, if they brought you luck I guess they’re OK. Yes, the Jays would probably want either Joba or Hughes or maybe Austin Jackson. But I just don’t see them asking for EVERYBODY this time around, since they couldn’t get what they wanted from anybody last summer.

  13. Yankee Hater Hater

    They dont want both Joba and Hughes…the concensus seems to be either one or the other, I cant see us giving either up…but I didnt see us giving up Boomer after ’98 and we traded him to those same Blue Jays before 99…

    …and no, there was no luck from those blue pants. Though I doubt it had much to do with what practice pants we had, and more to do with the fact that the team sucked…


  14. Jane Heller

    I was thinking about this last night, YHH, and if the Yankees are faced with a situation where they have to give up either Hughes or Joba, I think they’d give up Joba. I have nothing to back up my feeling. It’s just a hunch. I hope I’m wrong and we keep both of them (although I still want Halladay – greedy greedy greedy).

  15. cortesian

    As a Blue Jays fan who has been suffering since 92-93, the last thing I want to see is Roy Halladay in pinstripes or red stockings. Watching AJ laughing his way to bank this year was bad enough. What I would like to see is an end to the rich being able to indulge their (and Jane’s) greediness—i.e., a meaningful salary cap in major league baseball. The big spenders don’t always win, but if their multi-million-dollar mercenaries stay healthy, they usually make the playoffs. Maybe the leagues and divisions should be restructured based on the size of payrolls—and forget the so-called “World” Series. Frankly, the World Baseball Classic is much more fun to watch than games between a bunch of teams put together on the basis of who has money to spend and who doesn’t.

  16. Jane Heller

    I don’t think you’ll see a salary cap in baseball, cortesian. Bud Selig has said many times he’s not in favor of one.

  17. cortesian

    And Bud is God!! And God is “just doin’ what he’s supposed to do…” (as in, what people like the Steinbrenners tell him…)

  18. Jane Heller

    I know all this trade talk must be annoying, Jonah, and it sounds like quite a few teams are interested in Doc’s services. But I’m sure A.J. would be thrilled to have his buddy on the team and would greet him with a towel full of shaving cream or whipped cream or whichever he has handy. As far as the facial hair, if Johnny Damon could cut his hair and shave off his beard, anybody can do it!

  19. Jonah


    If Doc does get dealt to the Yankees (argh, it even hurts to write that), do you think A.J. will be waiting with that towel full of shaving cream on that first day of spring training? You know, considering the Yankees’ rule about facial hair and Doc’s penchant the last few years for the scruffy yet trimmed look. Just a thought…


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