Mother Knows Best

I don’t know if anyone else remembers the show “Father Knows Best,” but in my house it was my mother who had all the answers. She’s 92 now and doesn’t remember things as well as she used to, which isn’t a bad thing. For example, she forgot that she caught me smoking when I was in fourth grade.
And she’s a little fuzzy on the time I was suspended from high school, just for taking a spin in my friend Billie’s turquoise blue Riviera.
But she’s as sharp as one of Damon’s splintered bats when it comes to the Yankees, and we spent a little time talking about the boys in pinstripes during my visit today.
My favorite line came when I asked her about Matsui: “I don’t know if you all remember that one homer he made that was so influential.” Yes, Mom. We remember it. He hit more than one, but who’s counting? I have to agree with her on her last sentiment; the Yankees have certainly added to my life, too.


  1. mikeeff

    I don’t think any of us could have summed up our feelings about the team as eloquently as your mother.

    my favorite moment was when you asked her about damon. the small pause and then the carefully considered look on her face before she rendered her verdict on him. she’s priceless. it makes me miss my mother


  2. crzblue2

    Greetings Jane! So you are in NY and I am currently in Boston. I’ve been in N.H. since Sunday but I am going back home tomorrow morning!
    Love the part where your mom “No dear, I was not nutty like you.” and where she paused to say you got it from your father 🙂 Your mom is so cute. Did she ever root for the Brooklyn Dodgers or your dad?
    Have a wonderful time with your mom and have a safe trip back. I’ve been so busy in N.H. I miss reading your blog and reading all the blogs I visit.

  3. rrrt

    Wow, Jane, it’s hard to believe your mom is 92! And the fact that she’s still a baseball fan is so cool, and you can talk about the Yankees with her. I also got a kick out of the part where she says you got your “nuttiness” from your father :-). If I recall, you’re going to Mo’s for dinner tonight? Have a great meal, I’m sure you’ll tell us all about it – will you have the She-Fan Cam with you?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts


    Jane, I love your mother! She is darling, and such a great Yankee fan. You are so lucky to have her.
    Freya from New York


    Your mom is a great she-fan!! She knows the team well and expressed many of the same thoughts about the players that I have.

    Tell her we all love her and hope to be rooting for the Yankees when we are 92!

  6. dj2jd5jm7

    Your mom is so cute! I cannot believe she is 92; she sure does not look like it. I love that she is such a Yankees fan and knows what’s up. Hope you are enjoying your time with her and your time in New York. Say “hi” to Mo for us and enjoy your 42oz steak!

  7. ladyjane303

    I LOVE YOUR MOTHER! The original she-fan. Now we see where you get it from. Enjoy the trip – sorry the weather is so crappy.

  8. susanis

    OMG, your mom is so cute! And wears a Yankees T-shirt! YAY!!!! (My mom just would never wear the one I got her, though she watched every game!) Yes, the Yankees gene is truly inherited!

  9. Jane Heller

    Aw, Mike. She did pause, thinking about the Damon question. She never likes to say anything negative about a player, but I guess Johnny isn’t her fave.

    Hey, Emma. Hope your time in NH has been productive and fun. I’m here in NY until Monday night. No, my mom never rooted for the Brooklyn Dodgers. She’s been a Yankee fan all the way. Have a safe trip back to California.

    Sue, I love how my mother didn’t miss a beat on the “nuttiness” issue. LOL. We don’t go to Mo’s until Saturday night so I still have that to look forward to. And yes, I’m bringing the She-Fan Cam even if I only get to interview a waiter!

    Thanks, Freya. I’ll pass along your sweet thoughts to my mom and I know she’ll appreciate them.

    I’ll tell her, Melissa. I, too, hope I can still talk about the Yankees when I’m 92. She amazes me how she remembers all the players’ names, even if she did call Jeter “Jerek Deter” today. LOL.

    I’m having a very good time, Jenn. Lots of nice catching up.

    She really doesn’t look 92, dj. Maybe it’s those 5 miles on the treadmill that she does every day, putting me to shame!

    She is the original she-fan, ladyjane. And she loves meeting my friends so everybody’s invited over! The weather is pretty crappy, but maybe it’ll clear up tomorrow for our trek to Mo’s?

    My mother not only wore that T-shirt, susanis, but she gave me a really cute Jeter one this afternoon. Nice to hear your mom is a she-fan too!

  10. diamondgirl55

    Aww, your Mom is awesome, the ORIGINAL She-Fan! I love her! Hope you’re having a good trip! I know it’s a little belated but I haven’t said this to you yet so CONGRATULATIONS to your boys! Yay Matsui, makes me proud to be Japanese! Holler! :] xoxo


    Your mom’s a treasure, Jane…and now, thanx to you, she’s a kind of NATIONAL treasure! Amazing for 92…one of my fondest secret hopes is that all my insane sports-fandom will keep me alive & active (well, my brain anyway) into my doddering years. Now, I have inspiration. And I’ll just bet that your mom remembers all too well about your smokin’ and wild ride(s?) with Ms. Pardoe that gotcha suspended, but she’s too polite/discreet to “remember”…we block out the bad stuff…and back to good stuff…have a FANTASTIC evening, weather be damned, Mo or (Hideo?) NoMo…I’ll raise my (beer) glass to ya at the Umps Banquet (maybe more than once — well, the beer anyway) as I regale Emily & whoever will listen about you, the blog, & the book…!



    Your mother expresses how I feel, I finally warmed to Alex, which is what I am going to call him now. I’ll tell you how your mother is a role model for me – she is still coloring her hair! Did she give you the women’s Jeter shirt?

    I read KC and Boston yesterday and it has been the best part of the book. I loved the story of the last game at Fenway! I was laughing all evening whenever I thought about it. This morning I realized that when you interacted with other fans, you got your greatest insights, as opposed to a player or a writer or announcer, though I did love your conversation with Dougie. I remember the great defense he played that night and I do think you had something to do with it. It really is a book about being a fan and I’m so glad you understood that on that road trip. I always love a book where the protagonist grows. That’s what makes the book worth reading.

    I guess I misunderstood – I thought that you were going to get an advance for your expenses. Now I see why you were up,up,up.


  13. ooaooa

    Your mother is priceless!
    Perhaps she could tell us what she eats and drinks to maintain that beauty and freshness. There must be some secret. Maybe she could contact Jeter, Mariano, Pettitte and Georgie and share longevity suggestions with them so we can have the 4 of them for 20 more years.

  14. Jane Heller

    Thanks for your congrats on the WS, diamondgirl. It doesn’t feel belated, because to me it just happened yesterday! Matsui was amazing. I have such mixed feelings about whether the Yankees should re-sign him.

    A national treasure! Dave, my mother will love that one. She does remember that I was suspended from high school that day but she doesn’t remember why. Can’t blame her since the reason was so stupid! I mean, leaving school for an hour for lunch? Gimme a break.

    Laurie, amazingly my mother hardly ever goes to the hair salon. (We are not alike in that way. LOL.) I think she uses some kind of rinse but she’s remarkably “un-gray.” The shirt she gave me just says “Yankees” and “Jeter” on it and it’s blue, of course. I’m so glad you enjoyed the KC and Boston trips in the book. And you have it exactly right: I did get my insights from other fans. So in the end I was grateful that I was denied access to the press box, because it would have been a far less interested book. I did get an advance but I didn’t get it until after the trip and I blew most of it on the trip!

    My mother was a college professor of latin, Buz, so she’s very precise when it comes to the right words to use. God forbid I say “between you and I” in her presence or there will be hell to pay!

    Here’s what she eats, John: peanut butter. It’s her favorite food. She has one glass of sherry every night too. But I think the key to her youthfulness is that treadmill, which she goes on religiously while watching the news at night. If Mo comes to his restaurant tonight, maybe she can give up tips on longevity.

  15. Jane Heller

    ‘Tis true about the smoking, Paul. My friend Jeanie and I swiped some cigarettes from our parents and smoked them in my room. They were AWFUL. I didn’t pick up another one until I was in ninth grade. LOL. And that began my descent into bad behavior.


    I have never left a comment on your blog but I read it every day and looove it. I love the Yankees quite possibly more than life itself. I hate commenting on random stuff that doesn’t pertain to this particular blog but I don’t know how else to tell you that I heard this yesterday from a friend and looked it up this morning and it’s true! Did you know that Derek Jeter is playing a bum in Will Ferrell’s next movie called The Other Guys?

    – Jodie

    PS… I love your mother.

  17. southernbelle

    Jane: I LOVE YOUR MOTHER!!! She’s the cutest! And so devoted! I think she and my grandmother would be great friends. My Grandma is 85 and is an extreme Yankee fan. I get my anger from my Grandma. They should hang out sometime. Jane, you were quite the little troublemaker as a child. Smoking in 4th grade? Lol Jane that’s pretty badas$. I can’t wait for the offseason to end either. I miss all the boys!

  18. Jane Heller

    Hi, Jodie. I’m so glad you’ve been reading and enjoying my blog. It’s great to “meet” another Yankee she-fan. I did hear about Jeter’s movie role as a bum, and I can’t wait to see it, judging by the pictures I’ve seen. It should be hilarious! Thanks for leaving the comment.

    That’s sweet, Virginia. I love the idea of those two ladies getting together and talking about the Yankees. My mom is more easy going though; she never gets too angry at them. I miss them too, but the off-season will go by fast. You’ll see.

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