In An Empire State Of Mind

My plane landed at JFK about 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time. I still hate flying and the trip was really bumpy thanks to the storm in the mid-Atlantic, but I survived. What’s more, the first thing I saw when I walked into the terminal was a shop selling Yankees gear. I was so excited. I mean, nobody sells Yankees anything in California. A few minutes later, at baggage claim, I saw tons of people wearing Yankees caps. I really was in New York with other lunatics!
But the best part was when I got to my mother’s house in Westchester. She greeted me at the door wearing this.
Did I mention that my mother is 92? I might just have to get her to model the shirt tomorrow on the She-Fan Cam. I’m sure she’ll have some opinions about the World Series. The question is….Will she weigh in on whether Cashman should re-sign Damon and Matsui or go after Lackey or pursue Curtis Granderson? Stay tuned.
(Sorry for the shorter than normal post, but I’m beat!)


  1. raysrenegade

    Got to love a mom that rocks the hometeam.
    Was she as supportive when you almost divorced the pinstripes?
    You know a mother’s love is enduring, but you never know.
    Seriously, glad you got to JFK without any turbulance or ear drum popcorn action.
    I still love that she opened the door wearing the t-shirt.
    But then I understand it totally. I bought 10 2008 World Series t shirts so I can wear them for the next 15-20 years.

    Rays Renegade


    isn’t it a great feeling when you see yankee hats and shirts all around? for those of us who don’t live in new york it isn’t taken for granted but is a treat. I am always surprised when i see it since i am surrounded on a daily basis by garb of the evil red. when i go to new york i feel like i can breathe a little easier amongst my people. i was a little disappointed that two years ago when my dad and i went to our last game at the old stadium we had a row of fans in red sox hats behind us and this year when we had a row of oakland a’s hats behind us. it didn’t matter the rest of the stadium and it’s fan made me smile. say hi to mo

  3. Jane Heller

    When I divorced the pinstripes, Renegade, my mother was just happy I made it into the NY Times! She didn’t care what I was writing about so long as she could see my name in print. LOL. But it was sweet of her to wear that T-shirt when she opened the door. My sister got it for her, apparently. Now I need to get one too. I’m not sure I’ll get 10 of them though. 🙂

    Thanks, Jeff. I’ll ask Nostradamus, aka my mother, about her Yankee predictions later today!

    It really is a thrill, Barbara. When you don’t live in NY you get used to it being an oddity every time you see that interlocking N-Y. So I was sort of overwhelmed last night when we arrived and it was everywhere! Speaking of your dad, I can’t remember which part of Florida he lives in, but I’ll be speaking in Stuart, FL (on the east coast about an hour north of Palm Beach) in mid-March. It’s a baseball panel at a library with authors and players, and he might enjoy it.


    Glad you got in last night instead of today, Jane. The weather for the next couple of days is going to be horrible. I don’t remember how long you said you’d be staying but starting Sunday its going to be nice for at least 3 days.

    On the news this morning they showed Jeter at Coney Island – they’re filming a new comedy and he’s in it – wearing a long blondish wig — pretty funny. He’s not dressed like a girl as on SNL but it still looks comical.

    I went to the local blood center before coming to work today to donate — I’m still wearing my Yankees necklace as always and one of the techs saw it and we started going nuts all over again about the W.S. People were staring at us like we were crazy — they way we were acting you would think the ninth inning of Game 6 had just ended. Too funny.

    Enjoy your dining at Mo’s. I really hope he is there for you to meet. He is also my favorite current Yankee (although Tex is certainly moving up on the list) and Mo might also be my favorite all time Yankee.

    As I told you earlier this week, we’re going to see “Bye Bye Birdie” on Broadway on Tuesday. I’m taking the day off from work (something I never do) and my daughter and I are going in a little early just to walk around and enjoy the afternoon — we’ll meet our friends at the theatre. I’ll review the show for you on Wednesday. Later.


    Heyy, you MADE it back again! All that counts…probably (hopefully) still sleepin’ as I type this, as it’s only 6:20AM your time…when you recover, pleez try to take lotsa pix of the New Yankee gear for we suffering slobs outside of N.Y. — or better, get Michael to do it while you get the details! After days of drenching rain, we’ve had a slight break down here in D.C. (but more precip to come? And very windy)…LUV Mama’s shirt…when you’re feasting at Mo’s, The Wife & I will be at my annual Softball Umps’ Banquet, open bar for beer (that means I’m in trouble), and I’m on the lookout for a young female ump we sat with last year named Emily, who’s a BIG Yankee Fan…will bring She-Fan Book, plan to bring at least 1 more into our fold…Enjoy It All, we’ll be eager to hear about it…

  6. Jane Heller

    I heard the weather is supposed to be awful, Diane, but so far it’s just a little windy – no rain. Good for you donating blood this morning! And how funny about you and the tech going nuts over the World Series. I can picture that! I’m excited for you about your trip to Broadway and going backstage. Yes, do share.

    I did make it, Dave. Miracle of miracles, right? When I got off the plane, I thanked the pilot and he said, “Well, I have 28 years of experience.” I was about to say, “Yeah, and at least you weren’t having a heated conversation with your co-pilot and overshot the airport.” HAHA. Enjoy your softball banquet and tell that she-fan we’re here if she wants to join the party.


    Jane, Welcome back to New York State! Your mother must be a doll! 🙂 I too bought a bunch of t-shirts, fleeces, etc to celebrate our big win. It is great fun to see other she and he – fans wearing their Yankee gear.
    Enjoy your dinner at Mo’s! Tell him hi for all of us!


    jane– when will you be in FL for your speaking engagement? your lovely website has no specifics about future speaking events but i am sure many of us would love to see you speak! my dad would love to go to the panel and wanted to know when in march.
    as for the thrill of seeing the rare NY, my favorite was the time i was hiking in bryce canyon and on some trail, down in the canyon, i saw an ny hat, i said, nice hat, and found out about a thrilling yankee victory over the red sox from the night before that i didn’t know about.



    It’s weather like you are now experiencing that reminds you why you are living in CA. We took a fall New England cruise in 2005 and it rained every day. So much for the leaves. It also was right in the middle of the ALDS and so I didn’t have suffer through humiliation at the hands of the Angels.

    In the book you are just about to go to KC, the series I also attended for my birthday. I think Kim Jones has the same birthday as me. Speaking of her, I’m dying to know if you pin her down. She sounds like she’s blowing you off in her “nice” way. I’m glad that Suzyn and John were nice to you, because I do like them. I bet Suzyn was shocked when she found out A-Rod used steroids – she was so sure about it. I like Tyler Kepner and actually saved his article from the day they won. It really summed it up. I liked his A-Rod vs. Alex analysis.

    I told you my husband read the book on his trip during the World Series and he wonders why you always had up, up, up there seats. I went directly to the team website and he said ours were much better than yours.

    Stay dry!


  10. rocklandyanks

    Oh but its the dreary and terrible and cold and wet and windy weather that makes you appreciate the sunny warm and pleasant days all the more. 🙂 Sunny and warm gets boring after a while, the occasional snowstorm is kind of pleasant 🙂

  11. Jane Heller

    Kathleen, I’ll post a pic of my mom later – and maybe some video. She’s amazingly sharp at her age and I hope I inherited those genes. Right now, given the weather forecast for tomorrow night, I just hope my dinner at Mo’s won’t be rained out!

    Barbara, I haven’t updated the web site in awhile. It’s on my to-do list when I get home. I believe the date of the baseball panel at the library is March 13 but I need to check it. It would be lovely to meet Harold. I’m planning to go to Tampa for spring training from there.

    So you’re up to the KC trip in the book, Laurie? Yes, Kim and Suzyn have the same birthday. And no, I never did speak to Kim. She was very “busy.” The reason I had up, up, up there seats was because I had to buy them myself. Any idea what it costs for two people to go to every game in every city for half a season? More than I expected to spend, let’s put it that way!

  12. Jane Heller

    Dreary and cold and wet and windy? Those aren’t my favorite weather words, rocklandyanks. I know I should appreciate the California sunshine more in comparison, but I’m looking out the window right now and it’s kind of depressing. No leaves on the trees – just gray. I’m glad I’m here but I’ll be happy to get back. No snowstorms for me!


    While our She-Fan is savoring a good old-fashioned breakfast/brunch with Mama, let me add another comment (always forgettin’ somethin’)…you know what’s already been a welcome sight, faraway from N.Y.? The relative absence of Beantown Hosehead Gear…seriously…back in 2005, I braced for it, but we’re FAR away from Noo England here, so I wasn’t expecting much…how totally wrong can you be…remember, as a softball ump, I see a LOT of stuff…but by 2008, I was really truly SICK of all the freshly minted Hosehead hats & garments, red, pink, green & in-between, literally EVERYWHERE…and yet, as 2009 has unfolded, all this summer and fall…NOT SO MUCH! Now, I still respect a dirty, dingy, well-worn Bosox cap or shirt, which tells me they’re a long-time fan, but that’s it…time for OUR Fresh Minty Taste! And yes, I’ll even smile when I see PINK Yankee hats…why not…at long last, it’s OUR TURN, baybee!!

  14. rrrt

    Jane, in my mind, the picture of your 92-year-old mother wearing that shirt is hilarious! I hope she lets you put her on the She-Fan Cam. Sorry to hear you had a bumpy flight – enjoy the rest of your stay, and I hope your return flight is much smoother!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts


    Laurie, thanks for that link. Yeah, it brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps. The replay of that last out will never get old! My favorite part was Jeter introducing himself. Like we wouldn’t know who he was? Hee hee.

    Enjoy the brisk cool weather Jane!

  16. mikeeff

    hey jane–glad you made it — I seem to recall your mom not being too fond of alex. I’m curious if she has changed her mind. have a great trip

  17. Jane Heller

    Sue, I just put my mom on the Cam. She was a good sport. I’m uploading the video now.

    I agree that Laurie’s link was great, Melissa. Watching it never gets old. As for enjoying the brisk, cool weather? Not so much. I’m a hot weather person, what can I say?

    How did they produce offspring like us, Paul? I ask my mother all the time: “Where did I come from?” She laughs.

    Laurie, I love that link so much. I just watched it again. Thanks for passing it along.

    I just asked her about A-Rod, Mike, and mentioned your name. She seems to have warmed to him a bit. Hmm. I guess being a winner will do that.

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