My Dinner With Mo

Well, okay. Not with Mo. I’m exaggerating. But you all know that Mo is my favorite player in the Universe (current). So the first thing I did after I booked my flight to New York for this weekend’s visit with my mother, sister and brother-in-law was to make a reservation for us at Mo’s New York Grill for Saturday night. Since it’s too late to be at any of the playoff games or the ticker-tape parade, I figured the next best thing would be to eat at Mo’s and soak up all the Yankee-ness. Here’s a tour.
I certainly hope they’ve updated their wall art since that video was shot. I want to see a framed photo of this.
When I went on the restaurant’s web site, I noticed that one of the entrees is a “Yankee Burger.” Does that mean it’ll have pinstriped grill marks?
Or that the burger will be world championship size?
But food aside, the real question is whether Mo himself ever shows up at his place. Now that the season is over, he and his sore ribcage could be in Panama enjoying the sun. Or he could be feeling antsy with no games to save and wander into the restaurant for a little adoration. Assuming the latter is remotely possible, I decided to rehearse what I’d say if I met him. Did I leave anything out?
P.S. Speaking of Mo, how cool is this Nike ad? Commenter Mike just sent it to me.


  1. mikeeff

    I have heard that he is there from time to time and is very friendly with the guests…no autographs of cousre. i also heard the food is great ( and appropriately priced…)

    have a great trip

  2. irishsoxkid19

    Hey, have fun in NY!! Great city, don’t like the team that much, but you already know that!! Anyways, I’m glad Mo won this year and got to close it out. Good ending for a good season for you guys. I wrote on your wall on facebook on the Matsui situation I found out. Going to check in on that later. Have a safe trip Jane!!

  3. Jane Heller

    Really, Mike? He actually goes there and fraternizes with the guests? OMG. Now I have to pack something great, just in case. Can’t go there looking like a bag lady. 🙂

    Thanks, Holly. I saw your Matsui post. If he lands a gig in Boston, I’ll be happy for him. He’s a real pro. I can’t see him playing left field though. And I thought Ortiz was your DH. Maybe it’s a ploy to get Bay to sign?

  4. mikeeff

    i have heard it…

    i would cringe to see matsui in a sox uni–of course he’d only be playing in the field for one day then they’d have to find someone else – he’d be on the DL. i think that it is a transparent ploy as well jane.

  5. Jane Heller

    Sounds like a ploy to me, Mike. He’d play the outfield for one day, then have to have his knees drained. But I wish him only the best if that’s the direction he takes.

  6. mlbmom

    great post.
    Love the Nike ad.
    Missing The Boys of Summer.
    Looks like I will have to download game 6 from our friends at iTunes.
    How many days till pitchers and catchers report??
    Matsui with a “B” on his cap?? …….
    Never happen. NEVER. Bostonian propaganda.


    He might have gone to a warmer climate, but aren’t his kids in school? I don’t know how that works — some of the players’ families stay in their home states/countries so there’s no break in the year but I can’t see Mariano going for months without his family.

    Restaurant and food look like something to enjoy – I’m sure a new photo will be up for your visit. Welcome backt to the right coast – enjoy your time here.

    I’m currently reading Joe Torre’s book – I thought it would be bad luck to read it during the season. Its a really hard read – its like a 200 page newspaper article. And I have no idea why Torre’s name is listed first as author — or as the author at all. It’s all Verducci and like I said I’m finding it hard to get through. We read “The Life You Imagine” — Jeter’s book — when it first came out and we loved that one. He obviously had help writing that one but it was his story and his emotions for sure. I would recommend that book to kids and parents regardless of whether or not they are into sports. It has a lot of positive thoughts and life experiences.

  8. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. I ate at Mo’s restuarant a few years ago. It was pretty tasty and not too badly priced. Have fun while you are in New York. This weekend I am going up to Cooperstown with my sister (another rabid Yankee fan). I have never been so I think it will be fun. I love those movies that you make! I can always count on getting a smile from your blog. That is why I always check it first thing when I get into work to start my day off right.


    I love skirt steak and if I were going, that is what I would have. The panamanian special for me! Have a great time. I hope you see Mo.



    Have a great time in C’town as we used to call it when I was going to school in Oneonta. You will love it but it is smack dab in the middle of nowhere so give yourself lots of travel time. Here is my cool Cooperstown story: In 1975 I was a college senior and it was that world series (Red sox vs. Reds) that got me back into baseball after not following it through my teens. It seemed like the longest series because of a huge rain delay between games five and six. Game six was so spectacular that my boyfriend and I decided to go to a bar in Cooperstown and watch game seven. The game was a bit anti-climatic except for a bad call by an umpire which could have changed the outcome of the game. Nothing new on that front. I had grown up a Cleveland Indians fan, living in Akron, but that series was so great that in 1976 I started following baseball and since I was living in NY, I became a Yankee fan. It was excellent timing as they won the pennant that year and the WS the next two. In ’77 I moved to Manhattan and got to see the Chambliss walk-off and Reggie’s three homer game. Not a bad couple of years. Have fun and let us know how you like it.

  11. Jane Heller

    Oh, Wendy. I know you’re counting the days like the rest of us. So that’s why I have to keep things interesting around here – to ward off depression! Download Game 6 and enjoy.

    Diane, I found out last night after I wrote the post that Mo is in town! Tomorrow night (Friday) is Joe Torre’s Safe at Home Dinner at Chelsea Piers and Mo is the guest of honor! So maybe he’ll amble into the restaurant the next night, just to see what’s going on? Speaking of Torre, so you’re finding the book hard to get through? The reason his name is on the cover is because it wouldn’t have been a #1 bestseller without it! Thanks for the tip about Jeter’s book. I remember when I did a signing for mine in Tampa in February and the Barnes & Noble PR person showed me that my book was next to his in the display. I took a pic of it and posted it on the blog, but I guess that was before you came aboard. It was exciting for me to be near him!

    Thanks for the link to the Huff Post article, Melissa. Will read it as soon as I finish commenting. The business side of baseball isn’t my favorite part either, but this is the time of year when it’s front and center.

    The fried calamari, yanksfan123? Got it. Thanks.

    Cheshirecat, I hope you have a great time in Cooperstown. I’ve never been there either and was thinking of going next summer. There’s so much to see and you picked a great time to go: no games to miss, fewer tourists, fall foliage. Good move!

    Mo’s English was almost Spanish, Jeff. I selected the Spanish option for that character and it sounded great except it was completely unintelligible. I was so mad because I had to do it all over again with the English voice. Yeah, the ad with Mo in it is very cool – just like he is.

    Mo did seem to favor the skirt steak, ibrenne. I might have to check it out. But if he’s really paying, I’ll check everything out. LOL!


    “Gotta go to Mo’s…!” Hey, he’s got his own built-in theme song, thanx to Modell’s!! Won’t that be FABULOUS if he’s at the ristorante when you’re there…oh pleez, bring your She-Fan cam, and give him a copy of your book…? Totally cool.
    Yikes about Godzilla…maybe it won’t happen, like it didn’t with Bernie, and it seems that the Hoseheads would wanna be/stay younger too…but ya never know. Sounds like Damon’s agent is pricing Johnny D out of the market…sadly but likely true. Yanks should sign Jason Bay just for spite! Jus’ keeding…hey, it’s GREAT that you’re goin’ home again…hugs to mama and anyone you may see from the old daze…don’t let it rain on your personal parade, and let us know what neato new Yankee Gear u see!!

  13. Jane Heller

    You went to school in Oneonta, Laurie? I went to the University of Rochester for undergrad and I think we played your school when I was on the tennis team. All I know is it snowed ALL THE TIME!

  14. irishsoxkid19

    I would love for Boston to resign Jason Bay, but you may never know these days. As for Ortiz, this past season we all saw a side of him many fans don’t like and if Matsui does come to Boston, I would see him more as a DH with Papi and playing some LF if we get Bay back. Let the offseason begin!!

  15. peggy3

    Hey Jane …

    I’m still recouperating from all the Yankee excitement. I sure do miss not watching the games tho’. The way time is flying by it won’t be long till P’s & C’s…thankfully. I still can’t believe that Christmas is only about 6 weeks away.

    I’ve been to Mo’s a few times and enjoyed it…both the service and the food. I have been told Mo does stop by on occasion but unfortunately not the times I visited which was during the season. A few years ago we went after Old Timer’s Day and we were seated next to Joe & Mickie Fosina who’s son is the chef and part owner with Mo. Joe has been in charge of Yankee uniform alterations for over 35 years. He and his family befriended Mo when he first arrived thus becoming Mo’s second family. He told us so many great stories about Yankees past and present especially about Mickey all time favorite. I didn’t get to meet Mo but I did find out so many fun things about the Yankees and Joe took us to see the back room which was closed at the time but filled with fantastic pics of Mo and the Yankees.
    It was a good day for sure (as Andy would say…haha).

    There is a Cancer Walk at Yankee Stadium on Sunday and I most likely will be there to cheer my friend who is a participant and the head organizer of the Yankee Meetup Group to which I belong. If anyone is interested in reading about the walk you can go here: or if interested in the Yankee Meetup Group go here:

    Enjoy the weekend Jane ….too bad you weren’t staying longer because we could have hooked up at Mickey Mantle’s
    and fought over who he would have married … :o). Enjoy your trip and visit with Mom.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  16. Jane Heller

    I always think of Mo when I hear that Modell’s song, Dave. LOL. And don’t worry. I’m bringing the She-Fan Cam, even if I only get a waiter to talk about Mo! If the Yankees don’t sign Matsui, it’ll be sad to see him go. But from the way Cashman is talking, I can’t see him sticking around to be the full time DH. And I don’t think he’d take a big pay cut to be a bench player, nor should he. Will enjoy my visit to NY and post from there. I hope it doesn’t rain the entire weekend.

    Holly, the Hot Stove Season should be getting hot now that teams have had a chance to assess what they need and who’s available. I think we should start hearing rumbles very soon.

    I wish you could be at Mo’s on Saturday night, Peggy. You could introduce me to Joe and Mickie and get me into the “back room.” Would love to hear their stories about Mo. Too bad I’m missing the walk and a chance to duke it out with you for Mickey’s affections. 🙂

  17. ladyjane303

    Jane – Loved the interview with Mo. You “definitely” got one of his key phrases in there. I’m excited at the prospect of you maybe meeting him – if it happens, give him a big hug for me and a Thank You for that ball he tossed me. The Nike ad is great – I have to find it and add it to the post-WS pictures hanging on my office door. Have to say, that giant-sized burger is scary. I sent you something that may look like an ad at your address – hope you got it and can use it while you’re in NY this weekend. Have a safe and fun trip.

  18. Jane Heller

    Ladyjane, you caught the “definitely” in the interview! Lol! It was much funnier when I had him with the Spanish accent but oh well. I haven’t gotten the email you sent yet but I’ll be on the lookout for it.

    I’ll hop over to check out my props, Paul!


    Ooo…Ooo! (think Gunther Toody in “Car 54”)…I just remembered sumthin’ I saw in da sports this mornin’…now, I know you don’t pay attention to Other Sports, and like you, I don’t care (much) about pro hoops…BUT…did you see the sneakers that LeBron James wore the other nite?? With the number “27” on the tip of one shoe, and “New York” on the other? Now, I’d hate to see him leave poor ol’ Cleveland…Lord knows they’ve had more than enuf sports sadness…still hurt for them in 1997, once we were out…but I do love how Bron-Bron’s really truly a Yankee fan…heck, I can barely stand rap music either, but by now, I kinda don’t mind ol’ Jay-Z…guess that sports, like politix, creates some verry straaange bedfellows…doncha think??

  20. Jane Heller

    I remember Gunther, Dave. Loved that guy. LeBron proved his Yankeehood to me when he wore the cap at the 2007 ALDS – in Cleveland. I remember how loudly he was booed. And since CC and he are buds, I guess it’s real. I’m not a Jay-Z fan either, but I like his taste in baseball teams. 🙂

  21. rrrt

    Enjoy your trip to NY, Jane! I know you’ve often said you’re not a big fan of flying, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you have a smooth, uneventful flight. Mo’s restaurant looks pretty nice, except for the wall art, not quite my taste :-). Maybe you will be lucky and see him there!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  22. phillies_phollowers

    Have a great time in NY! The weather is sucking in the East right now, but hopefully will clear up by the time you arrive :O) Don’t know if you have been to Madame Tussauds in the city, but they have a wax figure of Jeter that is pretty cool…I took a lot of fun photos with him last time I went. And you can also visit the David Wright figure and pretend to mash his head in with a bat…oh sorry, maybe that was just fun for me ;o)



    Have a safe and wonderful trip. If you see Mo tell him we are holding him to that five year deal! BTW, wish Nike would do an ad for Utah, but how would they ever fit the Mormon Tabernacle Choir all on one page?

  24. yankeeholics

    Hi Jane,
    hilarious article as always.

    We were wondering if you could give us some tips on how to become successful bloggers. We noticed that you are the #1 blogger in America right now and we were wondering if you could give us some tips of how to become better bloggers. Just a couple helpful hints to put us in the right direction.

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  25. yankeeholics

    Hi Jane,
    hilarious article as always.

    We were wondering if you could give us some tips on how to become successful bloggers. We noticed that you are the #1 blogger in America right now and we were wondering if you could give us some tips of how to become better bloggers. Just a couple helpful hints to put us in the right direction.

    Thank you!

  26. stonebutch99

    I wanted to come on here and congratulate you and your team for winning it all. Whenever the Astros win it all, I will expect you to do the same. Will this happen in my lifetime? I’m not sure. 😉 I read that Drayton is cutting the payroll back from $107 million. Chances of winning with high priced veterans like Carlos Lee, Berkman, and Roy “oh my aching back” Oswalt will be difficult. Wish us some luck, we’re going to need it next year.

  27. devilabrit

    Since the start of post season play, your posts have almost shared equal time between the Yankees and food… I have to have edibles on hand now when I read your blog for fear of hunger setting in….:-)
    Have fun in New York, I can’t believe there wont be some lingering celebrations going on somewhere for you to join in with….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  28. Jane Heller

    Sue, you’re so right about me and flying. Because of the storm coming up the coast of Virgina and N. Carolina, the flight was really bumpy and I was not a happy camper. But I survived!

    Jenn, the weather isn’t that bad yet. We landed and it was windy, but no rain. I don’t know if I’ll be going into the city this trip. I’m in Westchester at my mom’s.

    I will absolutely tell Mo we’re holding him to that five-year promise he made, yankeeinutah. (Of course, if he does come to the restaurant, I’ll probably freeze and say nothing!)

    I’m hardly the #1 blogger in America, Vig, but it sure sounded good! LOL. I’ll drop by your blog with a few ideas.

    If the Astros win the World Series, you can count on me coming over and saying congrats, Austin. It could absolutely happen, so don’t get down!

    Peter, I stepped off the plane and the first thing I saw was a shop at JFK Airport selling Yankees World Series stuff! And then I kept seeing people wearing Yankees caps and it seemed so odd until I realized I was in New York! (I’m a little slow sometimes.)

    The guy ate the whole thing, mattpeas? I have a stomach ache just thinking about that.

  29. latinyankeerebel


    enjoy NYC and Mo.. lol

    well, I can garantee that he’s NOT in Panama right now… maybe during Christmas, but who knows.

    I hear he hangs out at the restaurant from time to time, who knows, maybe you’ll meet him! (crossing my fingers) if you do, say hello from me and casually tell him that I need a job and could be his assistant… I’m very discreet, I swear! LOL

    have fun! :0)

  30. Jane Heller

    Lillie, Mo’s not in Panama because he’s being honored tonight at Joe Torre’s Safe at Home Foundation dinner! So maybe he’ll be at his restaurant tomorrow night if he’s not staying in the city. We shall see. But if he’s there, I’ll tell him you should absolutely be his assistant. No prob!

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