Congrats, Jeter and Tex, On Your Gold Gloves!

OK, they’re not those kind. They look more like this.
Either way, I’m thrilled that two Yankees were honored this season. I figured Tex was a shoo-in, given his spectacular play at first, but I wasn’t sure if Jeter would win it. There was so much attention paid to his offensive consistency, especially after he broke Gehrig’s hits record. So a Gold Glove for his defense has to feel mighty sweet for him. I do have one concern, however. Given how many trophies Jeet has won over the years, where will he put them all? His attic is probably stuffed with stuff.
Oh, wait. He’s building that 30,000 square foot Casa Jeter on an island off of Tampa.
Surely, there will be room for the Gold Glove and anything else he wants to store. His living room alone is probably the size of a bowling alley.
Which leads me to wonder who will clean the house? I worry about things like that. I mean, it’s obviously more work than one housekeeper will be able to handle. So will he have to hire an entire crew every week?
Or will he simply borrow the groundskeepers at Steinbrenner Field?
He’ll also need someone to run the house for him – an estate manager who oversees “the help.” I’m pretty good at telling people what to do (plus I’m extremely discreet – well, I am!), so maybe I should apply for the job and my husband could serve as chief butler.
I bet the salary would be excellent, as well as the benefits. And there would be free spring training tickets for sure! The best part would be that Mr. Jeter (I’m starting to call him that already, so I can practice) will be gone for seven months of the year! I’ll have the place to myself! I can have friends over and we can party!
Oh, wait. Why would A-Rod be there? Never mind.
Completely off topic…. for other movie lovers like me, do yourself a favor and click on this link. The video is ten minutes, so it’s long, but it’s so worth it. It’s the American Film Institute’s montage of the 100 Best Movie Lines. Don’t blink or you’ll miss a little baseball.



    jane, this is very funny. i was glad that dj and tex won gold gloves. i am itching for something yankee so this will work for now. part of me is so fine with the baseball break as it was taking over my life more than usual for the past month. and i feel like i can breathe and not be nervous. another part of me is totally in withdrawal. i keep watching the video with jon sterling highlights. i watched a lot of game two against the angels on mlb network the other night. somehow i had forgotten some of the details already and it was very fun. i listened to a lot of static and some tino martinez being interviewed on ny sports radio this morning on my drive to work. i have a pleasant association to static because it often goes with yankee broadcasts that i hear from ny to boston. i also can’t stop talking about the world series and tried to weave it into an all staff training i led today.
    thanks for writing so kindly to edwin. he will be so happy when i next see him.

  2. Elizabeth D

    First of all: Congratulations! Your Yankees won the World Series! They truly were the best team in baseball. Apply for the job, the benefits would be well worth it. I would PAY to babysit Red Sox player’s kids.
    Tex and Jeter definitely deserved the gold glove. Jeter’s defense was definitely criticized at the beginning of the season, but he really shaped up. I am a bit sad that Ellsbury didn’t win in center field, I thought he was perfectly qualified.

  3. Jane Heller

    Barbara, there was a great article in the NY Daily News today about Yankee fans and withdrawal. Mike, who comments often here, passed it along to me and you might enjoy it.

    There’s an entire population of us who are walking around moaning, “Where’s my Yankees fix?” At the same time, I’m glad to have real life again. I’m going to NY to see my mother on Thursday for the long weekend. If the Yanks were still playing, I’d be glued to the TV instead.


    I think I’m kind of over baseball for now. The satisfaction of winning it all helps. And there are so many other things ahead that I’m going to be busy with things other than The Yankees.

    That link was fun, Jane. I watched the whole thing – wow, definitely the quotes that we movie lovers will remember forever. As I mentioned before, my daughter and I went to see the Michael Jackson movie tonight…it was amazing. First of all, the director/co-producer is Kenny Ortega. What an incredibly gifted film maker he is. He brought so much to the planning of the tour that never happened. And I have to tell you that both my daughter and I now believe that MJ’s doctor should be held accountable for his untimely death. In this movie, he was so physically strong. He was as clear as a bell and very committed to the work ahead and to the team he helped secure for the tour ahead at that time. The dancers, the band, the back up singers…everyone was so talented and so ready to become a part of history. And there’s amazing footage of some special effect filming that was done to be shown during the concerts…there were some real artists involved in this production and I’m thrilled that they made it into a movie and that we got to enjoy it. I would recommend it to anyone…don’t think you need to be an MJ fan to find something entertaining in it. Anyway, let’s all get real lives now that MLB is done for now – upcoming holidays, other sports, other fields of entertainment, like movies, theatre, music and books!!! Come on everybody!!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m still very excited that they won! So you think I should apply for the job with Jeter? I would move into his house in a heartbeat and I’d be oh-so-efficient. I’d even cook his meals, although he’d probably get sick of turkey burgers. Since I didn’t follow other teams that closely this season, I’m not up on how Ellsbury played relative to Hunter, Ichiro and Jones. But if you say he was qualified, I’m sure he was.

  6. Jane Heller

    You’re the second person who’s given the MJ movie a great review, Diane. The guy who cuts my hair saw it and loved it. He said the same thing about how competent and inspired Jackson seemed right till the end and how glad he was that we weren’t left with the impression of him as a drug addled invalid. I’m eager to see it. As for non-baseball, I won’t be watching other sports (I’m a one-sport woman), but movies and books for sure. Wasn’t that AFI link fun? And they included three baseball movies!

  7. mikeeff

    definitely worth the 10 minutes! whomever made it was obviously a tremendous fan of casablanca but it did have quite a few zingers, didn’t it?

    i was disappointed he left out ” i swear if you existed, i’d divorce you” from virginia woolf… one of MY favorite movies….

  8. ooaooa

    The movie quotes were a real trip!

    “Theres no crying in Baseball”! I’ve been telling every Red Sox fan I come into contact with just that. There are a load of sobbing “idiots” around here since early October and even more since Series ended. We are going to try to find Jeters abode in March. He probably wants to meet me. I’ll give him your regards and tell him you are looking for a job.


    I too am wondering what to do with all of my free time now that the Yankees are done for the year. I am watching MLB network for World Series highlights and listening to the MLB channel on my XM radio for any Yankee tidbits (one of their announcers actually thought Youkalis was a better 1st baseman than my Tex when discussing the gold glove!). I do seem to be slowing weaning away, and that is healthy.
    Jane, go for the job at Casa Jeter. Does this mean marriage is in his near future if he is building such a house? Maybe lots of little Jeters running around in it? It is time for him to settle down.
    (Also, yes my name is Kathleen. I registered that backwards! oh well). 🙂

  10. Erin Kathleen

    “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room!” Man, half of that montage could have been lines from Dr. Strangelove. Thanks for the link, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my morning! As for the Gold Gloves, meh, they’re a lot like the Grammys. The people who really should win usually don’t, although I don’t think there were any really terrible oversights this year. Maybe Torii Hunter over Franklin Gutierrez (who has to be about the best center fielder I’ve ever seen), but you could make a good case for pretty much everyone else.-Erin


    I’m happy that the guys got their Gold Gloves. They certainly deserved them.

    The estate manager job would be perfect for you. You could tell the staff what to do each morning, then spend the day writing!

    I hadn’t seen that Guitar Hero spot before. Sort of scary really.

    And thanks for that link – that was fun. Casablanca is one of the best movies of all time. If I had to only watch two movies for the rest of my life, it would be that and the Wizard of Oz. There are so many little things to find each time you watch.


  12. redstatebluestate

    I will check out that vid when I get home. Don’t want to disturb my co-workers right now (translation: don’t wanna lose my job). Cap tips to the Yankee gold glovers. We all know about Tex… but man, I am super impressed with Jeter. I’ve mentioned it before on Prince’s site, that watching Jeter play defense is like watching a ballet — pretend i didn’t just use a tired cliche. Seriously, always two hands, always in front of the ball, he’s as swift as he is graceful. Good for him!



    It is really great that they won the Gold Gloves. Tex got good exposure being in NY but the fans know how important he was. Without his glove we don’t win a World Championship. This may be it for awards. Of course the the one they all got last week was the best.

    I am not over baseball! I have been reading your book (I posted two days ago don’t know if you read it) and I am listening to games from the regular season and then going back and reading your blog from the game. (Right now I am listening to Sabathia’s 16th win in Baltimore on Sept 2. I was visiting a friend in NY and missed most of it so it is like new – except I know they win.) I am with you all the time Jane!

    And I have to say that right now, my heart is going out to you. You are in Baltimore on Sunday at the end of your first series. WOW! It doesn’t sound like fun at all. Not that you are whining but it is tough being a fan. The players are coddled and given the best treatment (like a massage everyday) but the fans have to wait in bad conditions surrounded by horrible fans. I can’t wait to read what happens and hopefully it is more comfortable for you at your mom’s and Michael stops eating bad food.

    I also hope your trip to NY is good. I’m glad your mom is still hanging in there.



    This (as usual) was a hilarious post – A great way to start my morning! I was excited to hear that Tex and Jeter won the Gold Gloves – they deserve them. And I can’t think of anyone better to run Casa Jeter than you…as long as you invite us all down to check the place out 🙂 Thanks for the link to the video. There were some awesome scenes – some that made me want to pull out some old movies of my own.
    ~ Bran


    Great post, Jane. Now I’m thinking… surely (not Shirley) you will need an assistant to help Mr. Jeter (see? I can do that too) What do you say? Thanks for posting that great video on a non-work day I had time to watch it! -It was awesome. Some great baseball references too. Have a great day, Jane -Ellen

  16. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Mike. There were a lot of lines from “Casablanca,” but that movie was filled with them. What can you do? My only complaint with the clip was that the music was too loud in some places and I couldn’t hear the lines.

    Yup, John. “There’s no crying in baseball” was in there. And now I have my Vintage shirt with the saying on it, which I love. Hopefully, I’ll be in Tampa too in March – either working for Mr. Jeter or just attending a spring training game. We’ll have to meet up.

    Kathleen, Jeter said on Letterman last week that he’s not engaged. But when he brought Minka Kelly to the parade I thought maybe he just didn’t want to announce it on TV. I would think he’s planning to have kids running around that big house. But for starters, maybe his parents will move in – and, of course, I’ll be there with my husband. 🙂

    Wasn’t that link fun, Erin? I’ve watched it a couple of times and I tear up at “Pride of the Yankees” every time. Can’t help it. Gutierrez is a great outfielder. You could certainly make a case for giving him a Gold Glove.

    That’s exactly what I was thinking, Melissa. I could give Mr. Jeter’s staff their marching orders for the day and then go off to my office and write books (and this blog). You wouldn’t include “Pride of the Yankees” on your all-time-fave list? I would.

    Jeff, was that your nice twin writing that? I don’t think I’ve ever read such a Yankee-praising comment from you! I love it. I know you’re not that much of a movie fan, but if you have time after work I think you’d enjoy the AFI clip.

    I absolutely read your comment about my book, Laurie, and I answered it. Go look! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. Ah, that first series in Baltimore. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Things don’t get better for me for a while, but we wouldn’t want our heroine to just coast through the book, would we? I did enjoy my time with my mother, which you’re about to read about. And I’m looking forward to seeing her this weekend. Maybe I’ll put her back on the She-Fan Cam like I did on my last visit.

    Thanks, Bran. And yes, congrats to our boys on their Gold Gloves. Of course you’re invited to Casa Jeter once I’m installed in my new job. We’ll have a great time. The movie link was fun and I loved that they included three baseball movies, although I would have liked to have seen a line or two from “Bull Durham.”

    Ellen, I will surely (not Shirley – hahaha) need an assistant at Casa Jeter. Are you available? In fact, I think I should staff the place with nothing but readers of this blog. LOL. Glad you have the day off so you were able to watch the clip. I hope the rest of the day is a good one for you!


    Jane, I’ll have to watch “Pride of the Yankees” again. My father was a huge Lou Gerhig fan (I’m the one with the brother whose middle name is Louis), but he hated anything “Hollywood” so he bit***d and moaned about that movie.

    And Jeff, the ballet reference reminded me of the time I decided to try and watch a ballet on PBS. I watched for over an hour, but finally shut it off thinking “I’d rather watch a smoothly turned double play. It’s more beautiful.”


  18. Jane Heller

    Yes, you really do have to watch “Pride” again, Melissa. I know the story has been Hollywood-ized and Gehrig’s actual speech wasn’t used word for word, but it really does convey the type of man and ballplayer Gehrig was. And his relationship with his wife and parents is very touching. (I know what you mean about ballet versus baseball!)

  19. Jane Heller

    That’s funny about Palmeiro, Paul. Since I’m not a stat zombie or even a stat vampiress, I don’t follow these things closely. I only know how many errors players make at their positions and the degree of difficulty on those plays that I do happen to watch. Seeing Tex and Jeter every day, I can really appreciate the great work they did this year.

  20. dj2jd5jm7

    Just thought I’d let you know that I’m with Ellen. I’d love to be an assistant to you at Casa Jeter! Just don’t make me do the cooking!

  21. Jane Heller

    You’re hired, dj! And don’t worry about the cooking. I’ll put you in charge of guest services. You can meet and greet Jeter’s friends when they come over. How does that sound?

  22. ladyjane303

    Tough going through baseball withdrawal, but keeping up with you and the others always cheers me up. I’m catching up on many, many hours of recorded TV shows I abandoned during the playoffs, and will eventually get back to seeing movies – thanks for the tips. I saw an article or two about the Colin Firth movie and am looking forward to that one very much. Seems such a departure for him, but he’s someone I would watch in anything. Did you see that Jerry Hairston filed for free agency? He was a nice pick-up for us this season and I wouldn’t mind seeing him back. I have to say I was under-whelmed by that list of free agents you posted the other day. We have a lot of talent in the wings (Austin Jackson, anyone?) and I would love to see us develop the next generation of “core 4”. Congrats to Jeter and Tex on their well-deserved new fashion accessories (that’s what we call gloves in retail). Anyone who watched Tex for any of the playoff games knows how much he deserved it. And don’t get me started about the Jeter nay-sayers. By the way, I would be happy to help out at Casa Jeter. Enjoy the trip to see your Mom. There’s still a lot of Yankee excitement in the air here in NY.

  23. Jane Heller

    I know what you mean about catching up on TV shows, ladyjane. When people asked me during the summer what I watched, I always said, “Yankees games,” and they always looked at me as if I lived on a different planet. So now I’m rejoining the regular TV watching world. I’ll be interested in your opinion of “A Single Man.” I’m hearing lots of differing reviews so far. I did see that Hairston filed. And now Guzman and Josh Towers are gone – no surprise. I would love to know if Austin Jackson is ready for prime time. If he doesn’t need another year of seasoning in the minors, it would be great to see him in the outfield. I’ll add you to the staff at Casa Jeter. You could be Jeter’s personal shopper!

  24. Jane Heller

    I think Tex had a lot to do with the fielding of the infielders in particular, Babu. It’s amazing how many fewer errors you make when you have a great target to throw to.


    Tex was a lock but I was a little disappointed that Jeter won it. I think he got it with reputation, not necessarily a great defensive season. If you look closely, 4 guys had a better UZR and he was last in RF/9 among qualified shortstops. Personally I would have given it to Elvis Andrus.

  26. Jane Heller

    You think Cano had a shot, Vig? It would have been great, but I’m happy that Jeter and Tex got their awards. I guess nothing much happened at the GM meetings, but things should start to heat up in the next few weeks on the free agents/trades.

    I know there are those who think Jeter isn’t that good defensively, Ben, but the stats don’t tell the whole story. While it’s true that his popularity helps at awards time, I think his “intangibles” stand out. When you watch him day after day, you admire his consistency.


    Yes, You have to watch Jeter every day to appreciate all he does. I’ve always said his numbers will NEVER reflect what he actually does. It’s the way he is so into the game, gets the hits, and makes the plays that matter. He also often does some little thing as a fielder that won’t show up in the stats. His famous headfirst dive into the stands is just an example. it just shows as an out.

    Jane, I’d love to work at Casa Jeter also. I could run his library, or train any dogs he has, and I’m also really good at laundry.

    PS My internet is acting up, so if this gets posted twice, I apologize.

  28. ibleedpinstripes

    Big ups to Jeet & Tex for their GGs! I’m so proud of them! *sniffle* This off-season might be long and dragging, but we’ll have just enough baseball fixin’s to get through it. Hot Stoves are gonna be on fiya! And many thanks for sharing that movie lines link! I saw that AFI special on TV a while back. Definitely something worth sharing!

    – Lisa

  29. Jane Heller

    I agree, Melissa. Watching Jeter every day is to understand all he does at shortstop. He’s not perfect and his range might not be the greatest, but he makes plays other shortstops don’t even think about and makes it look easy. Of course you can work at Casa Jeter! You’d be the perfect person to organize his library and, if you really want to do his laundry, we could work that out too. LOL! I read that the Tigers might be shopping Granderson. I got very excited until I saw his strikeout numbers.

  30. Jane Heller

    Great big ups to Jeet and Tex, Lisa. Our team was well represented when the Gloves were handed out. I’m ready for the Hot Stove to get hot already!

    You like stat vampiress, Paul? By all means, steal it! It’s yours!

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