World Series Game 6: Dreams Do Come True

The Yankees won # 27 and made me cry with joy. What a game for Andy Pettitte, Damaso Marte, Mo and, of course, Hideki Matsui, the series MVP. Much more on the game itself, but for now the players are celebrating and so am I.
WS WIN 1 copy.jpg
No ginger ale this time. I popped the real stuff. I taped plastic sheeting to the wall, just like they did in the clubhouse (OK, it was a Hefty garbage bag), shook up the champagne and let it soak me. Man, did it burn my eyes and make my mascara run. I finally get why the players wear goggles. But I’m not complaining, believe me. It’s a great, great night to be a Yankee fan.
Congratulations to the Yankees and to my buddies on this blog. We held hands through this entire season and I’m high-fiving each of you right now. To my friends Jenn and Sue, who were rooting so hard for their Phillies, I’ll just say, “Your guys battled to the bitter end. I know you must be proud of them.”


  1. latinyankeerebel

    Jane, I just drank more than half a bottle of Moet & Chandon. yep, the Veuve Cliquot was the one we drank when passed to the WS.. so yeah… I probably won’t remember that I worte here, but either way…I’M SOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYY… High fives and hugs to all the Yankee fans wortldwide.. i’m so proud of both Mariano Rivera and Carlos “chooch/calicho” ruiz who both did an excellent job and have made Panama VERY proud!!! here’s to 5 or more years of Mariano! :0)

  2. tingler

    Yankee haters say that we used money and”bought” our 27th WorldSeries title. But as a Yankee fan, realizing the truth, I would prefer saying we out bided the Phillies in this WS auction!

    Does that makes sense to everybody?

    Long live the Yankee empire!

  3. JQuist

    *We did it Jane! I’ve been busy getting back into the ‘school groove’ for a while now, but you can bet your butt that I’ve still been watching every post-season game like a hawk… How could I not update my page and check out my fellow Yankee-buddies blogs on such an amazing night? What an incredible way to end an incredible season. It’s been one heck of a ride!! *THE 2009 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!!* God, saying that won’t get old for a long, looong time!!

  4. welikeroywelikeroy

    Looks like you were celebrating harder than the actual team. You definately can be proud of them. Regardless of the payroll, this year’s team definately played ‘as a team’ more than great Yankee teams of the past. Things clicked pretty well with the 2009 group, in my opinion. And chemistry goes a long way with a ballclub.

    Also, I think you guys owe the Jays for not trading the Phillies Halladay. Maybe a prospect or two, lol?

  5. lenn23

    The end of this game and this season reminds me of something that the NY Rangers goalie said after winning the Stanley Cup for the first time after fifty-four years: I can’t believe there’s not another game tomorrow! I’m still fired up and ready for more! This has been a long and dramatic season. The end of a baseball season is always a tough habit to kick and this one is going to be a doozy to wean myself from. But, here’s to the greatest Yankee off-season in nine f’n years!!!!!

  6. ooaooa

    On what would have been the 7th (game) day I rest. My work is done. I am pleased with this work. Confidence was the highest! Sweeeeeet!

  7. adirondackgal46

    High Five and stomach bump Jane!!!
    Tip of the hat to the Phillies, it was a great series.
    How fitting that Andy started each deciding game during the playoffs! Not bad for an old man!
    It was a true team effort all season long, I am so proud to be a Yankee fan and so proud of our team!!!
    Let’s enjoy 27, and start dreaming about 28!!
    Is it April yet? I miss baseball already, LOL!


    Couldn’t be prouder of our Bronx Bombers. The way Godzilla came through was amazing – while I would probably have gone with Mariano as MVP the decision was not a wrong one. Pettitte was exactly what we needed him to be. Jane, you must have been very happy with the early lead but it was a little scary when Phllies made a brief comeback. How cool was it that the kept Utley totally handcuffed???

    We want to try to get to the parade on Friday but our daughter has an important meeting at college — freshman year so she can’t mess around. But even if we don’t make it to the parade, we could not be happier and more pleased with our team. Totally Awesome!!!

  9. cheshirecat9

    WHOOOOO HOOOO!!! #27! I almost can’t believe it is over and we did it! Great series. I am so happy for Matsui and for the whole team and for us! Jane thanks for writing this amazing blog. From our shaky beginning to all the ups and downs of the season you have always made me laugh. I always check your site as one of the first things I do with my day. Wow. #27. I can’t even be coherant right now, I am so happy.

  10. phillies_phollowers

    Thanks for the shout out, Jane :O) While I am a little sad this morning, I am happy for the Yankees and very happy for you! Congrats! Guess I can break my Yankees jacket out of the closet for the winter…if anyone was going to beat my Phillies, I am glad it was my #2 team. Enjoy your celebration!



    jane– those are two beautiful pictures. I love that you taped up a hefty bag and celebrated the right way.
    i am so happy tired this morning.
    yesterday was strange because i always worry and assume we’ll lose but i spent yesterday visualizing mariano on the mound winning (and this happy blog this morning) and i was happy all day believing they would win.
    that was weird because it was the least tense and stressful of the games.
    still thought mariano should have been mvp
    very happy and i would have enjoyed better postgame. i saw in the background of interviews aj giving girardi a pie in the face and o’neil hugging jeter and i would have liked to see that.
    Even though it did mean losing game 5, i am glad they won at yankee stadium and with andy getting the victory.
    this was an awesome year and made more fun, jane, by your blog and by all the awesome yankee fans who wrote in. for the first time in almost 25 years of living in boston, i felt like i wasn’t alone in my fandom. great to share with my dad and all of you.
    wow. what fun.
    we are the champions, i’m just saying.
    woo hoo.


    I am so proud of our boys Jane! They really came together this year and look the results!! It was funny….one of my students said something yesterday about Jeter and A-Rod looking like brothers. He meant physically of course but he really made me reflect about how the whole team looked like brothers this year. They supported each other and never gave up!! I am so estatic right now over #27!! They deserve it!!
    Thanks for your great blog, Jane. I’ve been having so much fun reading what you and other fans have to say!! Go Yankees!! World Champs! Whoo hoo!!



    They Did It. YOU did it…all of you…all of us..led by our She-Fan, in the most satisfying Championship Season I’ve known. I’m not kidding…you know when they said that Godzilla tied the all-time WS record for RBIs in one game, set in 1960 by Bobby Richardson? I watched that game on a b&w TV back home in Toronto as a 9-year-old…they won, 10-0…as an old man, I forget what I did an hour ago, but not this stuff…! And I’ll always believe that some of the cosmic (tarot?) karma flowed from Jane…and through all of y’all…Diane, Peggy, everyone…ALWAYS…!!
    While I’m still coherent…listen up…there will be lots of great stuff to read today, but you MUST go to the Washington Post online and read Thomas Boswell’s article, “Returning To Their Rightful Place”… maybe you already know what a great baseball writer he is…but he GOT IT…our every emotion…even the seldom-spoken essential one, “Make The Pain Stop.” This morning, I brought in 2 dozen donuts for the office…in honor of Number 27…but, you know, I shoulda bought 27 donuts…or maybe…28?!?

  14. irishsoxkid19

    All I got to say is congratulations. Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, AJ Burnett, Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano, CC Sabathia, Mariano Rivera, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain… those guys deserve a lot of credit for pulling it off. Probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned the others. Well, they don’t deserve it as much. To me, the prime example of a Yankee is Derek Jeter. He takes it game by game, doesn’t look for the easy way out, doesn’t lie… he has heart, and he deserves this. Joe Girardi, he knew what he was doing too. Now, I have to do some research on a past Yankee and a current Yankee… This ought to be good. See ya in 2010!!


    YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Jeter said, the World Series trophy is back where it belongs!

    Before the series, if you’d heard that Teixera, Cano, Swisher, and Cabrera would hit below .160, that CC would not win either game he pitched, that Cabrera and Damon would be injured, that Mariano would pitch 5 1/2 innings in 4 games, that if you left Matsui out of the equation they’d hit only 3 home runs, that if you didn’t Damon’s heads up play they’d only steal 2 bases, would you ever think we could beat the Phillies?

    What a wonderful team effort, with guys coming through when they needed to. And Matsui! What a hitting machine he was last night.

    It was a great game because though there were some tense moments, I was confident we could win.

    And Andy! Great performance once again. And Mo! He is beyond amazing!

    It’s been so great to connect with other she-fans (and you guys here as well, though I have a group of guy college friends who I email with. We’ve been talkin’ Yankees for 33 years!). We women of a certain age grew up at a time when it wasn’t really accepted for women to be sports fans, unless it was because you thought the guys were cute or you liked the uniforms. How cool is it for us to connect in our knowledge of the game. Thank you Jane!!!!!

    So Jane, are you now going to renew your vows with the Yanks?

    The post game coverage last night was deplorable! I wanted to watch our team have fun and celebrate. I did not want to see the Fox idiots talking about the game. I sort of feel like I missed the end of the world series. I’m sure YES will show the parade, so that will help some.

    Have to say a kind word to the Phillies and their fans. They played well through the series and the Yankees should be extra proud to beat such a good, solid team.

    YANKEES 2009 WORLD CHAMPIONS. The balance has returned to the force.


    PS How long until pitchers and catchers report?


    Congratulations to the Yankees!!! This is my first post. After reading “Confessions of a She-Fan” and loving it, I became a huge Jane Heller fan, and have been reading your blog every day. I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life. It’s been wonderful sharing the season with all of you and the blog has gotten me through. I feel like you are all my Yankee Twins. We are all such passionate fans for our great team. The 2009 Yankees have been amazing. It’s time to celebrate. – Freya from New York.

  17. ladyjane303

    Jane – An amazing night, and maybe the best time I’ve ever had at a ballgame. The house was shakin’ all right. Matsui – fantastic! Marte – great! Jeter, Andy and Mo – there are no words. Still processing everything I saw and experienced, but something that will always stick with me is post-game – the baby bombers grabbing those flags and running around the whole stadium to cheers and more cheers, and the older players following right behind them; the core 4 up on the podium; A-Rod grinning like a kid on Christmas morning (hell, all of them did); Jeter finally relaxing, laughing and enjoying himself; Joe Girardi and his son; Mo saying that he could play 5 more years (please let it be so). Yes, there were tense moments. But Andy started, Mo finished – as it should be – and all is right in the baseball world once again. Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being part of your world this season, and what a treat it was to meet you in The Bronx in June (was it June? Seems like a lifetime ago). More thoughts tomorrow. One question: No more baseball – what will we do for excitement until pitchers and catchers report?


    Wasn’t that game awesome??? I was ecstatic at the outcome – we got #27!!! I couldn’t be prouder of these guys. They truly deserve it – as do all us loyal fans 🙂 Jane, loved your celebration. I did a little celebrating myself, but I consumed more alcohol than ended up on the walls!
    Yankees are #1!!!
    ~ Bran


    Hi Jane, Christy here.
    Hideki Matsui didn’t drive in 6 runs with his bank account. Nope. And Mo didn’t throw goose eggs with dollar bills. Absolutely not. And Derek – he didn’t get more hits than any Yankee in the history of the world with money – The Yankees, they did it with heart, with passion, with clutch, with team. It’s funny; the Yankee haters have always been there. When The Mick, Rajah, Yogi, Whitey, etc., were winning Championships, the Yankee haters found a way to resent their success. Then it was Reggie, Thurman, Paul O’Neil, Catfish, Louisiana Lightening, etc. The Yankee haters were there. I wonder . . . could it be nothing more than jealousy? Jealous of 27 championships? Perhaps it’s nothing more. The Yankees won 27 championships because they are the perfect reflection of this great city, New York City. New York, New York; powerful, huge ego, pounding beat, relentless, strength, fast, sweat, the greatest city in the history of the universe, absolutely like no other! The Yankees, just like the city, the greatest team in the history of the universe, absolutely like no other. New York and the Yankees, they go together. It’s not the money. Nope. It’s simply in the DNA.


    LOVE how you let your fanhood show … it was a great World Series. I’m only sad that the season is now over and it’s approx. 100 days until pitchers and catchers report.

    Jay (


    OK jane,

    I found a flight to LGA and get in at midnight and flight out on Saturday AM. There is a hotel nearby with shuttle and then subway to the parade. Any chance you can go? You can email me . I know its a long shot but I feel like this is my chance to celebrate with millions of other crazy fans and for you, it was in the cards.

  22. Jane Heller

    Cheers to you in Panama, latinyankeerebel. Did you see my tweet last night that I was moving to Panama to live with Mo forever? My husband said he’d come along as the pool boy. LOL!

    Pay no attention to those people, tingler, and savor this moment. There was no amount of money in the world that made Hideki Matsui win the MVP or Andy pitch with the heart of a lion. Long live the Empire indeed!

    Jessica, I was so busy trying to make the champagne fizz that I never actually drank it! LOL. It kept spilling all over my legs.

    Hey, JQuist. Hope school is going well. How about our boys, right? They did it! What a season it’s been. Once the second half kicked in, there was no stopping them!

    Jeremy, the Yankees do owe the Jays for not trading Doc to the Phillies! Cliff Lee was tough enough, but to face Halladay would have been insane. So how about I throw in Kei Igawa?????

    Len, I woke up this morning thinking, What time is tonight’s game? And then it hit me all over again. We won! The season is over! I was happy and empty at the same time. So I’ll just have to come up with something fun to keep us entertained during the off-season. All ideas are welcome.

    John, you did your work. Job well done. Now you can rest up for spring training, which will be coming around before we know it. Hope your health is much improved and you’ll be ready for action.

    High five and stomach bump back at you, adirondackgal! Andy was tremendous. It was so fitting that he clinched for us yet again. But you’re right – it was such a team effort, which is the only way these championships are won. Everybody contributed throughout the playoffs and the regular season. I was so glad Wang and Nady were there to experience the joy too.

    I would have voted for Mo too, Diane, but I’m very happy for Matsui who dragged his two bad knees into the fray and battled. I was semi-relaxed during the game when we jumped out to that lead, but Marte was brilliant and quelled my anxiety. I wish I could be there for the parade, but I just pray they show it on MLB Network or ESPN because I don’t get YES here in CA. So, so proud of the Bombers.

    Cheshirecat, I can feel your excitement and I’m sending mine right back. We did it. They did it. It was a long season and it was full of twists and turns, but what an ending. And one of the best parts was meeting you at Stan’s. A real pleasure.

    You’re very gracious as always, Jenn. I did think of you at the end of the game and wondered how you’d be feeling. I hate when they show the other team’s dugout and all the sad faces. But at least your second favorite team won, so it wasn’t all bad! Wear your jacket with pride.

    Barbara, I agree about the post-game. I switched over to MLB Network and got some player reaction and analysis. But I missed Girardi getting the pie, etc. Oh, well. We saw the important thing, which was the game and the win! As for the blog, if it weren’t for you and the comments you and others leave, I wouldn’t even do this. It’s the community we’ve created that makes it special. So thanks to you.

    Your student was right with that “brothers” comment, wirishrose. And, as you say, it’s not in the literal sense necessarily, but how the players treated each other and talked about each other. They really seemed to care in a way I hadn’t seen in a long time. And I loved the mix of old veterans and new kids. Just a great, great championship team. Thanks so much for being part of this blog.

    Thanks, Drew! My eyes are still burning but it was worth it!

    Thanks, Jen. They were unstoppable after the All-Star break. Amazing. Looking forward to April, when our teams will face off yet again. Should be another great chapter in the rivalry.

    Dave, thanks for passing along the Washington Post piece. Great stuff. And thanks for sharing your memories of the Richardson game when you were a mere nine years old! Interesting that he and Matsui are both quiet, humble, unassuming players who rose to the occasion when they needed to. I hope your co-workers appreciated those donuts. I sure would have.

    Thanks for your congrats, Holly. Yes, Jeter is a great player and I’m very proud of him for winning another championship. I’m proud of all the Yankees.

    Melissa, you nailed it. The Yankees won in spite of the lack of hitting by Tex, Swisher, etc. The playoffs are so interesting that way. You always have guys who hit like crazy during the regular season and get you to the postseason, only to have a so-so World Series. But that’s why you have a team – so the others can pick them up. And that’s what Matsui did big time. What a performance. And Andy and Mo? Wow. Am I going to renew my vows to the Yankees? I did that in ’07 after writing the book. I’m married to them for life! Thanks again for all your wonderful insights.

    I’m still on cloud 9 too, Mike. I think I’ll stay there for awhile!

    Freya, I’m so glad you posted after reading the book and blog. It’s great to have your thoughts. We ARE your Yankee fan twins. We share it all – the good, bad and ugly. Fortunately, last night was very, very good! Enjoy the moment and know that we’re all feeling the same way.

    I kept thinking of you and Gayle during the game and wondering if you were cold! They said it was down in the ’30s, but I’m sure all the excitement kept you warm. I also thought, The place must be shaking! And now you’re confirming that it was. Must have been the experience of a lifetime. I would have loved to see everybody on the field during the post-game, but Fox’s coverage left a lot to be desired. It was SO great meeting you in June (yes, that’s when it was – at that Nationals game we lost!), and it’s such a pleasure having your comments here. Maybe a road trip for you to Tampa? I’m planning to go in March.

    So you did a little celebrating, Bran? HAHA. I hope you’re not hungover today. I’m so happy that I’m sitting here with this stupid grin on my face. #27. They did it. Wow.

    Christy, you said it all. I love your pride in your team and your city. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your words.

  23. Jane Heller

    Thanks so much, Buz. I think I know who your YH will be when I go check your blog. 🙂

    That’s sweet, kaiser. I feel lucky to be a Yankee fan right now!

    Jay, I’m thinking that 100 days isn’t that long and that February will be here before we know it. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying this day a lot. Aren’t you? We did it! Woohoo!

    Oh, Laurie. You’re killing me. I want to go so much, but I’d have to leave this minute to get there tonight and be downtown in time for the parade. Maybe they could postpone it until next week? LOL. I would love to be able to meet you and share in the craziness with other fans.

    Cheshirecat, Laurie above sounds like she’s going. I wish I could be there. Be sure to bring back a report tomorrow and take pics if you can!


    You know what? nycbren said it just right…”first time in my life losing games didn’t hurt so bad.” That’s the power, the appeal, the pure FUN of this blog…it actually ran thru my mind: what if “The Worst That Could Happen” actually happens?…could I handle that awful feeling AGAIN? Well, the answer was YES, because of this blog!! It’s hard enuf to find ANY Yankee fan in these parts sometimes, but now we’ve all got each other…and ain’t life grand!! Youse guys goin’ to the parade…have a GREAT time…we’re all with ya!!


    2 7th HEAVEN ! Thank you Matsui ! Thank You Damon! Thank You Andy! Thank You Derek! Thank You Jesus ! But Most of All, THANK YOU JANE, for making this season so much more enjoyable since i found your blog. First time in my life losing games didn’t hurt so bad. I just had to read your blog and it would bring a smile to my face. Your the best! YANKEES CHAMPS!
    Gotta love the way that sounds!


    2 7th HEAVEN ! Thank you Matsui ! Thank You Damon! Thank You Andy! Thank You Derek! Thank You Jesus ! But Most of All, THANK YOU JANE, for making this season so much more enjoyable since i found your blog. First time in my life losing games didn’t hurt so bad. I just had to read your blog and it would bring a smile to my face. Your the best! YANKEES CHAMPS!
    Gotta love the way that sounds!



    I contacted Cheshire Cat, and I”ll count you out. I can’t reach my husband at work but may go by myself and meet up with her. Words, don’t describe my feelings right now except to say that in Colorado I miss NY so much and I too am afraid I won’t get to see the parade on TV. It is crazy to go but sometimes we need to be crazy.


  28. adirondackgal46

    Jane, is going to have a live stream
    and said they would cover it online

    I sadly can’t go either so I googled it to see who would carry it…

  29. Jane Heller

    Brendan, did you see the pic of you and “Yankees Jesus” on the last blog post? So yes, I guess we have him to thank too. LOL! I’m so glad you found the blog. I know what it’s like to be in SoCal without a lot of Yankee fans around. Enjoy this day!

    Laurie, “cheshirecat” is a guy. His name is Darren. You’ll enjoy meeting him. Please report from the parade and HAVE FUN! Let’s try to meet up in spring training in March?


    As the ancient Egyptians would say, Maat has been restored to the Universe. It’s wonderful to have the baseball world back in it’s proper order. I’m not a New Yorker by birth, but a bit of my heart was left in Yankee Stadium last night. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog this season. Thank you for all the time and talent you’ve shared with the “Yankee Universe”! Here’s to the best team in the MLB, the New York Yankees….

  31. Buz

    Jane, I’ll be here.. just gonna take a couple weeks maybe and clean up some writing projects… Thanks for the great comments! : )

    Buz –

  32. theheirloom

    There it is, Jane! They did it! A long hard climb, but accomplished it in style and grace – as I expected the Yankees to do. And…what happened to the goggles? Yeah, champagne/sparking wine can sting in the eyes! Not a fun disposition.

    I raise a glass of Wollersheim Prairie Fume to you, your husband and the Yanks in toast to Number 27. Except I don’t drink – darn!

    Thanks for a great season! See you next year! Stop by Target Field when the Yanks are in town! They’re coming through May 25-27.

  33. Jane Heller

    Dave, I’m so glad I didn’t have to write THAT blog post, but if I did I would have found a way to sweeten it – at least a little bit.

    I’m out here in CA and I, too, felt like part of me was in Yankee Stadium last night, yankeeinutah. We got pulled right back, didn’t we? And it’s been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you this season. I’m planning to keep going in some form so I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

  34. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Jeff. It’s a great feeling. Total euphoria.

    Good to know, Buz. Thanks.

    Randy, those goggles would have come in handy. I didn’t realize how much alcohol stings the eyes. Ouch! Thanks for raising the glass to us. Much appreciated. I’d love to visit Target Field!

    I’m glad it was fun for non-Yankee fans too, Erin. The Phillies were a tough opponent and they kept me biting my nails the whole time. Yeah, I wish I could go to the parade. I know I’m missing one of the great experiences a fan could have. (SIGH)

  35. Erin Kathleen

    Congratulations to the Yankees, this was probably the best World Series played in a long time. Enjoy your champagne shower! It’s too bad you can’t be in New York for the parade. I remember the 1991 parade was about the most fun I’ve ever had.-Erin

  36. PAUL

    In the aftermath of your team winning the title, I’ll withhold comment on what they celebratory spray actually looks like.
    Also, there may come a day when the Mets fans will have to THANK the Yankees for speeding the demise of the Phillies, which is coming sooner than anyone expected when the word “dynasty” was being used ad nauseam a couple of weeks ago. There are very few Yankee fans for whom I can say this (and they know who they are), but I’m happy you’re happy.


    So Jane, what now??? As you know, I only became aware of your wonderful website during this 2009 season so I don’t know what happens AFTER the season???!!! Do you continue to right? Do you post everyday or just when there is Yankee-related news to discuss? I’m going to go through withdrawal, not only from The Yankees but from your informative and usually hysterically funny data. Help me out here, girl!!!

  38. Jane Heller

    I’m honored, Paul. I know you mean it too. I’m happy all right, but I feel a little lost. What? No game tonight? I guess it’s back to “real life.”

    Diane, I started the blog in August of ’08 and have written a new post every day since then. So my intention is to keep going, because there always seems to be Yankees news, plus I enjoy writing about other things now and then (like movies; I’ve got a screening coming up on Saturday that I’m very excited about). Most of all, I enjoy hearing from you and others about whatever’s going on in your lives. So hang with me and we’ll see what develops each day.


    Christy said “The Yankees, just like the city, the greatest team in the history of the universe, absolutely like no other. New York and the Yankees, they go together. It’s not the money. Nope. It’s simply in the DNA. ”

    I have always thought there was good in the fact that the Yankees lost the World Series in 2001. Some would say the city needed the win. My thought was that it was the perfect end to the season. Because once the Yankees lost, the immediate thought was “Wait until next year.” And that is what NY needed to believe. That there would BE a next year and spring would come again.


  40. Jane Heller

    You make an interesting point, Melissa. The city needed hope and the Yankees continued to provide it. But now we don’t have to wait until year because it arrived last night! Can’t wait to see what the future brings.

    Time to celebrate indeed, Babu. Congrats to you. It was an amazing season for sure.



    WOW – all the comments! My parade trip was not meant to be. By the time things fell into place the airfare had gone up three hundred dollars and I had run out of adrenaline. As you said, I’d have to leave now. There was no time, really. I don’t see the parade on TV listings but it may show up or we can watch those web-casts.

    So now I am ready to say something about the 2009 World Champions. My biggest thought was, what a blast it was following this team during the season. Day in and day out (with a few exceptions) they gave me so much pleasure and so many big moments. Remember the big games that Matsui had in Boston, first the monster night where he had seven RBIs, and then the two home runs off Beckett on Sunday night? He has been a monster for months.

    When they won Game 4 we knew that they were not going to lose three straight but it was excruciating to the point of not being able to let myself think about them celebrating. And when they were celebrating I started saying oh, Swish has a ring or Robbie has a ring.

    So, off the top of my head, here are my personal highlights for each player in no particular order:

    Hedeki – see above;
    Melky – the walk off against the A’s in April – the first I think;
    Cano – the walk off against the White Sox in August;
    Swisher – he carried the team at the start of the season;
    Gardner – his steal against the Angels at home in August;
    AJ – going toe to toe with Beckett at the stadium during the 15 inning game;
    A_Rod – (so many) hitting the HR to win that game in the 15th;
    Tex – all the plays at first and his home run off Bard the night after the 15 inning game and the home run that won the game in Seattle;
    Johnny – his mastering that short porch and hitting so many big home runs – great postseason;
    Andy – beating the Marlins during one of their worst stretches of the season when that win was surrounded by a lot of losses;
    Jeter – Tying Lou Gerhig and then going ahead with two hits that looked exactly alike (Mr. Consistency);
    Posada – winning that game when Jeter broke the record with a three run homer;
    CC – Beating Verlander 1-0;
    Aceves – being the recipient of all those walk-off wins ;
    Robertson – Strike outs in bigger and bigger situations;
    Mo – What can you say , watching him is like taking Valium;
    Molina – WS – picking off Werth;
    Joba – his three great starts after the All Star game;
    Pena and Cervelli – great kids with great energy (Cervelli’s walk off when he ran to center field);
    Hughes – becoming the cocktail before the valium;
    Girardi – WS howling on the stage last night;
    Hinski – always great as a pinch hitter getting the RBI or getting on and scoring;
    Hairston – the face he made at Jeter when Jete stepped in front of him and caught a ball. Game 2 ALCS earned him his pinstripes;
    Marte – best kept secret by the Yankees, even a secret to us.

    Thanks for the memories you 2009 World Series Champion New York Yankees.


  42. letsgoyankees

    What can you say? The Yankees enetered the seasonj with, if you consider that they didn’t ven make the playoffs last year, absolutel astronomical pressure and expectations ever since Spring Training, and they met them. They might even have exceeded them.

    The best year since 1998. A remarkable team.

    BTW, I’m so happy for A-Rod, who should win Comeback Player of the Year.

  43. dj2jd5jm7

    You are always so articulate and right on with your posts.

    Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts and insight. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and all of the posts. I feel a little less alone as one of the few Yankees fans here in the lone Midwest. Even after a loss, you know how to make us smile. I feel like I have been through this post-season with you and your fans. That is the theme of this year — play as a TEAM! Our boys came together and remembered (and some just learning) what they can accomplish when they play together like “brothers” as a TEAM!! I am so excited for them and all of the Yankees fans! Congratulations!!

    I am so bummed they didn’t show the pie in the face and O’Neill hugging Jeter. I did enjoy Fox showing several of the Yankees reactions after that last out. Jeter had the same expression and excitement as his four other WS championships. That is another reason he is my favorite player. He has a geniune love for the game and plays with heart. It’s like watching a little boy just realizing he loves to play baseball.

    Again Jane, thank you for bringing us all together. I have ordered your book and plan to read it during the off-season. You should get together a bunch of us fans at Spring Training or at a Yankees game. It would be so much fun to meet you and all of the wonderful people who share our love for the game of baseball and especially for our WORLD CHAMPION New York Yankees!!

  44. Jane Heller

    I know it must hurt, Peter, but thanks for stopping by with the congrats. Your team was a worthy rival for sure.

    Twinkiegirl, I have no doubt that your guys will win it again. They have a proud history and with a new stadium it could get very exciting in Minny.

    Sorry the parade didn’t work out, Laurie. If they’d only delayed it a few days it would have made it sooo much easier to fly in. The nerve! I couldn’t agree more about what a blast this season was. Sure, it had its unhappy moments. But on the whole it was one of the more enjoyable seasons I can remember. I will now digest all your highlights. I can’t believe you came up with them off the top of your head! Yes, Melky’s walk-off was April 22nd against the A’s in the 14th inning. Cano’s walk-off was against the Jays. Swisher did pump everybody up early on, especially when he was pressed into service as a pitcher at the Trop. I loved that steal by Gardner – huge moment – but I also loved his inside-the-park HR in May against the Twins. Absolutely AJ’s match-up with Beckett in that game, plus his Game 2 performance in the WS. Love all the others too. Great job! Wow. You made me want to watch all the games again!

    They had enormous expectations, letsgoyankees, and they did exceed them. Agree totally. And A-Rod should be the comeback player. I didn’t have high hopes when he came back from hip surgery, but he changed the whole dynamic of the team.

  45. Jane Heller

    DJ, thanks so much for those kind words about the blog. It’s fans like you that make it worth writing every day. I mean that sincerely. I wouldn’t do it without you. Jeter did look like a little boy with the same expression he’s worn for all these years. He’s amazing. I can’t wait to see him on Letterman tonight! I hope you get some laughs from the book and relate to my adventures in Yankeeland. And we should all plan a meetup at spring training. It would be fabulous!



    Here is the summary of Cano’s walk-off against the White Sox on August 28:

    Robinson Cano hit a three-run homer in the 10th inning to lift the Yankees to their 12th walk-off win of the year. Hideki Matsui and Nick Swisher preceded the homer with two-out walks, and the Yanks stayed alive thanks to three scoreless innings of relief after CC Sabathia’s strong start.

    So did Robbie have two walk-offs, one against the Chi Sox and one against the Jays?


  47. Jane Heller

    Ah, I see the confusion, Laurie. I was thinking of Cano’s walk-off single on August 12th against the Blue Jays. Unless I’m mistaken, it scored the winning run in the 11th inning. So I guess he must have had two walk-offs?

  48. Jane Heller

    Mark, we did it! Little did we know when we met in the parking lot at Angel Stadium that we’d be celebrating now! I haven’t gotten a video yet but I’ll keep an eye out for it. I hope it’s what I think it is!



    Robbie had two walk-offs. Since neither of them was a solo shot, I guess he can hit with men on after all. I myself love watching him hit and field. I think he will continue to get better and will one day step up as The Man.


  50. Jane Heller

    I would love to see Cano realize his full potential, Laurie. He’s about as stylish and fun to watch as it gets. And that smile? Killer.

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