She-Fan and Amber Go Trick or Treating

It’s Halloween and it’s scary out there.
It’s especially scary if you’re the Yankees and you’re in Philadelphia looking at costumes like this.
But not everyone is dressed like a monster. I met up with Amber Sabathia, and – surprise! – we both had the same idea for Halloween. Take a look.
Back in California, I went in search of Bill, the guy who owns the Surf Dog concession at the beach. Last time he gave me a free hot dog, along with his thoughts about the Yankees. This time he presented me with my very own Surf Dog shirt. I do love swag, but what I love even more is a Yankee fan willing to let his freak flag fly, so to speak. Here’s Bill hoisting the pinstripes.


  1. arizonacacti

    Good deal, love that guy as I’m a veteran myself, Just came back from getting my yankee fix tonight. Ian Kennedy is playing in the fall league here in Peoria/Surprise AZ., he pitched three strong innings for the Surprise Rafters but gave up two runs in the bottom of the fourth, but the Rafters scored 5 on the Peoria Saguaro’s, then he gave way to another Yankee prospect named Grant Duff from trenton and all 6′ 6″ of him got laced and they tied the game, another Yankee prospect, Michael Dunn pitched great in the 8 and 9th inning but the Saguaros scored in the bottom of the ninth on an error by the shortstop who is in the mets organization, Rueben Tejada. Oh well looking forward to Andy tommorrow night, maybe we can be Daddy to all the Phillies pitchers, room for all the children.


    what a great way to start the day. i love the amber video–these homemade videos of your always crack me up. bill was pretty good too. after reading all of the comments yesterday it confirmed why i listen to the radio broadcast even with the tv delay. i like our announcers and can’t bear the national ones. i am nervous already and it’s over 12 hours before game time. we need a great game from andy and we’ll be ok. i love andy being on the mound to off set their running game. i’m just not as nervous with men on base when andy’s on the hill. this morning i woke up with a bad feeling about this game and then visualized your blog later this week saying the yankee win the world series with comments from all of us delirious fans. that calmed me down. let’s go yankees. barbara

  3. southernbelle

    Jane: I agree with Amber. All the Yankees are hot! The Phillies are all gross. Seriously, they are one ugly team. Almost as ugly as the Angels. It adds to why I hate them. I have a lookalike for Jayson Werth. And one for Tex ๐Ÿ™‚
    GO YANKEES!!! -Virginia


    Amber and her English accent!

    I’ve been thinking about what these Yankees need. Jane, it is up to you to have a talk with the entire team. Remind them that they are THE YANKEES! The team that comes from behind! The team who feels they are never out of a game. They can always win!

    Remind the bullpen that they went through stretches that they were lights out. Remind Phil that he is Huuuuuuuuughes – the terminator. Remind Robertson that he is the go to man for strike outs in tough situations.


    PS You don’t have to remind Mo, Andy, Marte, or AJ of anything. They seem to remember. Jeter might have to be reminded that you don’t bunt with two strikes, but besides that, he’s fine.

  5. Jane Heller

    Arizonacacti, I was hoping you’d say that Ian Kennedy threw a no-hitter. Or that Mike Dunn was unhittable. Oh well. It must be fun to be able to see the prospects in the Arizona Fall League. I wish we had one of those in California. I like your idea of Andy making the Phillies his Daddy tonight. We need a great performance from him!

    I woke up nervous, Barbara. Great way to start the day, right? But I agree with you that having Andy on the mound and seeing his great pick-off move will be reassuring. We have a film festival here in Santa Barbara and I belong to a screening group that sees upcoming films. There’s a screening this morning so I’ll be distracted for a couple of hours and won’t have to worry about the Yankees until I get home. Visualizing my blog with the headline “Yankees Win World Series and I Douse Myself with Real Champagne This Time,” plus all the delirious comments, is the perfect plan. I’ll try it myself.

    Good to know that even fans who aren’t invested in either team are enjoying the series, Erin. I would too. So far it’s been about the pitching. I wonder what tonight will bring? I do know the TV ratings are up over last year when the Phillies and Rays were playing. Hmm. Maybe the Yankees have something to do with that.

    I think the Phillies have some really good looking guys on their team, Virginia: Chase Utley, Jason Werth and Cole Hamels, to name three. But I agree with Amber too!

  6. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Melissa. I must have a talk with the entire team. They’re in hostile territory and they might be feeling a little insecure. They need to remember that they’re the team with the best record in baseball for a reason: they find ways to win. They need to strike early and often against Hamels, as good as he is. No more of this waiting until the late innings to hit a solo shot. I want runs in bunches and lots of them! As for Hughes, I don’t know what’s up with him except maybe it’s the pressure. I think Eiland was tinkering with his mechanics, but maybe when he gets in the game he can’t make the adjustment, especially out of the stretch. I want the good Hughes back! If not, they should let Joba have another try. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Jeter bunt with two strikes again. Lesson learned.

  7. yankeemeg

    In Philly, those aren’t the costumes!! Those are all the residents!!! It’s Halloween the entire season here! I LOVE being in enemy territory!! It’s amazing how the phone calls stop after Game 2. I was lucky enough to have a voice in Philly representing Yankee fans this week on a radio show here. They got NOTHING!

    HAHA…CC uses old fashion spit. He gets it from Mo. CLASSIC! And Bill…I LOVE HIM! He should be a the Park tonight. I have my Yankee Jack-O-Lanterns lit, and I’m ready to go. It’s gonna be a good night Jane!!!



    I love the sexy secretary look, though white socks and Danskos gotta go, though maybe Mr. Steinbrenner has you on your feet all day. You’re right, you never have a day off, always working on the next blog. Do you blog everyday all winter? BTW, I can’t get audio on Bill though I do on the animation. Any suggestions? I had to stop reading what the doom and gloom the press is saying about Mo and Al. Enough already. Let’s go Yankees. It’s pretty cool that Lee will not attempt to pitch on short rest. I figured he wouldn’t since they held him back here in Colorado even though they had lost home field advantage. My house will be dark tonight to keep the trick-or-treaters away otherwise the doorbell will ring throughout the whole game with a 6PM start time here.



    Went to the NY Post thing. Typical. Women as arm candy, nothing more. They don’t have a feature on best fans, do they? On women who meet with the players and their wives in cafeterias to give them advice before the game. Oh, what was I thinking? That might mean women actually understand sports!


  10. levelboss

    i think Amber Sabathia, Karen Burnett, Leigh Teixeira, and Matsui’s drawing would take exception to being called ‘arm candy’ lol

  11. rocklandyanks


    As much as I love Bills enthusiasm, his synopsis of what the Yankees need to do was at the same refreshing but oh too Tim McCarveresque. “Hit the ball, catch the ball and run to win”. I can hear McCarver squeezing that in there with some other gem of obviousity.

    Btw your costume looked better than Ambers. All those millions and she can’t buy a better one?

  12. Jane Heller

    Meg, I need to hear you on the radio. Do they have a podcast I can listen to? In any case, I’m glad we have you representing us in enemy territory. If Andy falters, we can just send you onto the mound to pitch, right?

    Last year I blogged every single day during the off-season, Laurie. Not sure what I’m going to do this year. It depends on the interest level, I guess. Yes, by all means stop reading any and all doom and gloom articles. Who needs them? They’ll be playing in a couple of hours and that’ll be nerve wracking enough. My house will be dark tonight too. But then we don’t usually get trick or treaters up here in the hills. Too remote and scary for kids.

    LOL that they showed Matsui’s drawing, levelboss. I wonder if his wife actually exists and if we’ll ever see her? Such a mystery.

    They should do an article about women fans, Melissa. I’ve been singing that song ever since my book came out!

    Rocklandyanks, you have to remember that Bill was in the middle of selling hot dogs when I ambushed him. He didn’t have time for a full scale “analysis.” That said, I was excited when he took a break to hang the Yankees flag on his cart. I’ll go back to him tomorrow and see if he has anything interesting to say about tonight’s game. Hopefully, he’ll be in a good mood. Me too. Glad you liked my Halloween costume!

  13. raysrenegade

    I can see you now holding out for a double dose of Milky Ways bars at a house.
    Never has Tim McCarver been known for his ( Forest ) Gump-isms as during this series. He reminds you why he was a Phillies catcher. But you know something, as patronizing as he could be in this series, he has been a bit……….neutral.
    And for that he gets a bar of dark chocolate…with nuts.
    I am looking forward to the crowd shots tonight to see if Santa Claus makes an appearance.
    For some reason, the jolly old elf seems to make it to all the Philadelphia holidays since got got booed at an Eagles game.

    Rays Renegade

  14. Jane Heller

    HAHAHA, Renegade. I can see me too, standing at some house in Philly and saying, “I need 100 Milky Ways for CC Sabathia.” I don’t know if I’d come back alive. What bothers me about McCarver isn’t even the Gump-isms so much as the fact that he repeats them! I didn’t know Santa Claus was a fixture at Philly sporting events, but I’ll be on the lookout for him.

  15. Jane Heller

    Glad you liked the video, Shelley. And Andy was extremely hot tonight in every way! Very “gutty” performance, as I just wrote in tonight’s post. He never ceases to impress.

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