World Series Game 1: Lee Mows Down Yankees

Chase Utley hit a couple of solo shots off CC, who otherwise pitched seven solid innings and was more than good enough to win on any given night. There was just one problem: Cliff Lee. The guy was lights out.
Jeter had three hits and scored the Yankees’ lone run in the 6-1 loss. But Lee took care of everybody else. He could have been pitching in his backyard in Arkansas, not a care in the world, especially on Damon’s pop up in the sixth. He hardly moved a step to catch it and was like, “Oh. Yawn. I think I’ll just stick my glove out and see what happens.”
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitcher so relaxed. Even on Cano’s tricky eighth-inning comebacker, which Lee corralled from behind his back, he could just as easily have been doing this.
So I’ll simply tip my cap and say: “Good job, Cliff. Now get back on that Amtrak train so I never have to see you again.”
The Yankees didn’t play badly, but I’m concerned about the bullpen. Marte was effective, but Robertson, Bruney and Coke? Stinkeroo. And Phil Hughes? What happened to Mr. Setup-for-Mo? He hasn’t pitched well in the postseason and I want to know why. Is it some mechanical problem? A glitch in his delivery? Or just playoff butterflies?
There really isn’t much else to say about the game, except that the Stadium looked beautiful all decked out in its World Series finery, even with the steady drizzle. And I loved seeing Yogi walk out to the mound during the pre-game ceremony, flanked by two heavy-duty she-fans.
But my favorite moment was right after the ceremonial first pitch. I snuck into the Yankees clubhouse, stole one of those nifty World Series sweatshirts/jackets/whatever they were, and rushed onto the field – just as Jeter was approaching Yogi and the others. What a thrill it was when Jeet leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek!
Talk about a World Series to remember.



    The game didn’t make me laugh. The bullpen didn’t make me laugh. You make me laugh Jane! Thank You. I needed to smile after Cliff Lee. My hat off to him. He rocked and so do YOU !

  2. jessel

    Jane, very interesting stuff. You might want to check out an article on my blog

    I have a post there about Jayson Werth and his tortured path from the Dodgers to the Phils, and how if Mr. Werth comes up big time in the series, it will be A J Burnett that will be largely responsible for Jayson’s success therein and the Yanks subsequent heartache.

    I also have another post concerning how the Phillies eased by the Dodgers the last time they faced the Yanks in an October game. Only then, unlike this year, they could not use their ace, Robin Roberts, in a game 1 and Stengel’s charges sweep the Whiz Kids in 4 straight.

  3. jessel

    Jane, I just read your ABOUT ME and I see my situation is just the opposite of yours. I am a Dodgers fan living in New Jersey, and it is no fun being surrounded by Yankee and Met fans. I inherited this passion from my father, who grew very bitter when the Dodgers moved west, but being too young at the time I kept on being a Dodger rooter. I actually cheered for both the Dodgers and Yanks as a young boy, not seeing the conflict since they inhabited different leagues.

    I actually attended my first game at Yankee Stadium, taken there by my aunt. In later years I had wondered why it wasn’t my father who had taken me, and then realized somewhere along the way that he just couldn’t bring himself to see me attend my first game and root for the team he hated most in the world.

    I did some research armed with some memories of that game and found out the exact date it took place. In a N Y Times microfilm story of the game I saw a line stating that it was played in front of a large Ladies Day crowd. In the custom of the time on such a day a woman accompanied by a male paying customer got in free. I guess my aunt had convinced the ticket taker that I was actually paying for her. Aunt Rose was certainly no dummy. Thought you might appreciate that, She-Fan.

    And one more note. I have a friend who is an ex-Variety writer living in your area who is a big Phillies fan. It seems like we are all misplaced. Good luck with the Yanks and the book. And in the movie I see Michelle Pfeiffer or Naomi Watts as you, depending on how they cast these things.

  4. lenn23

    That game really stunk! The kind of game that can drain the life out of you by the end of it. CC and Jeter were the only positive things about this game. I agree Jane, the most worrisome aspect about this game is the bullpen. If none of these guys can turn it around we might be in trouble. Hope the bats don’t stay paralyzed for Pedro. I thought that the Yanks would win in 6 or 7 so I’m still confident. Being shut down by a 60 year old Pedro could shake that confidence though.

  5. devilabrit

    Lee definately didn’t show any nerves for his first World Series game… CC may have had some physcological issues considering last years performance against the Phillies and the season opener against Lee….game with Martinez and AJ there should be some fireworks…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In


    yes cliff lee was good but our offense is not good. it hasn’t been good all postseason we just had great pitching and a rod to get through. we have to start hitting or we are in trouble. hopefully we can still beat pedro or we are in trouble. trying not to panic, barbara


    Good post Jane. The old baseball adage was true last night: Good pitching beats good hitting. CC was very good, but Cliff Lee was outstanding.

    I’m not worried about our hitters because really, when a pitcher is pitching like Lee, there isn’t a heck of a lot you can do. I am concerned about our bullpen. It was supposed to be one of our strong points!

    And now, let’s hope they go out and show Pedro who his daddy really is. I’d like a blowout victory tonight for the Yanks. PLEASE!

    And it really sucks that they have taken away the Yankees radio network here. (I don’t know if that’s the case everywhere, and I couldn’t get CBS radio.) When I couldn’t stand the tension of watching on TV (and listening to McCarver), I was stuck with Joe “Back-when-I-was-on-the-big-red-machine” Morgan on the radio. Ugh!!



    Jane, I am naturally a very positive person. But I could not find any positive aspect of yesterday’s devastating loss. The statistics quoted said that in 11 of the last 12 World Series, the team that won Game One took it all.

    Clearly I’m not throwing in the towel yet…this year’s Yankees always came back big time after bad losses and all of us Yankees fans know what we are capable of doing to Pedro Martinez. I was there at Game 7 of ALCS in 2003 and when 50,000 + of us fans started chanting “A-HOLE” at him, he collapsed. I know he has been good this post season, but he’s not a cold weather pitcher and the Yankees have seen him enough times in the past to get to him very easily. As usual, we just have to take it one day at a time and hope for the best. And PLEASE…ALL YANKEES FANS…if you have any good luck activities, clothing, etc. — USE THEM NOW!!! GO YANKEES!!!

  9. ladyjane303

    Jane – Thanks for giving me something to smile about when thinking about last night. You’re right – the stadium looked absolutely beautiful, that is until it started misting, drizzling, whatever. We were wet, we were cold. How appropriate for the game. We saw a CC who gutted through a night where he had trouble finding the strike zone and left having given up only 4 hits and 2 runs, getting himself out of a big jam or 2. Honestly, when Jimmy Rollins made that first out on 1 pitch, I thought we’d be in for something very special. 23 pitches later, the Yankees finally got up to bat. And Melissa, while I agree that good pitching beats good hitting, I have to say that except for Jeter THERE WAS NO HITTING! Hats off to Cliff Lee – he was great. So on this night, good pitching was beaten by better pitching. Always a huge treat seeing Yogi, though I thought he looked a bit frail. Opening intros were exciting. Probably the biggest roar of the night was for Bernie Williams – they ran a Bernie highlight reel and then showed him sitting right behind the plate. Standing O! How I wished he could have gotten one shot in the batters box. So game 1 is a loss. It’s only one game. We need to wake up tonight and show Pedro who’s boss. We need to get hits, and we need AJ to not hit anyone. We need a WIN! Go Yankees!


    What a wonderful job you do in putting a pinprick in our collective depression balloons! And you put it into life’s perspectives, too, just like with your book. Thanks, I needed that…
    And now the hardball. It felt like the game was lost in the very first inning, even tho’ CC escaped…when Jeet and Tex strike out swinging, how demoralizing. Just the prelude. And as much as I LOATHE the St. Louis Cardinals/We Love The NL Broadcast Team of “Little Jack” Buck and “I Caught Gibson and Carlton” McCarver, I had to agree with their gleefully noted comment that even when it was 2-0 it already felt much much much more lopsided. Not being the Most Optimistic of fans, after the Ibanez hit, I walked upstairs for the night. Son #2 coaxed me back to watch one more depressing 1-2-3 inning, and that was truly enough. We actually scored?
    Now I’m reminded of two old-time Yankee teams. There were the Yanks of ’76…just thrilled to be there after a 12-year drought, facing defending champ The Big Red Machine, getting mowed down by lefty ace Don Gullett in Game #1, and never recovered. But there’s also the Yanks of ’96, returning after 15 years in the wilderness, facing defending champ Atlanta…clobbered by two HRs by the same guy in Game #1, losing both games at home, given up for dead…and then The Unthinkable happened. At their darkest hour, on the road, salvation by the name of Jim Leyritz. And oh yeah, there’s still a few survivors left from ’96, don’tcha know. So altho’ I truly dread Pedro’s Revenge tonight (it’s too fiendishly perfect for him not to be firing live bullets and hitting targets; listen carefully, you can hear the beisbol scribes already drooling over their keyboards in anticipation), I ain’t givin’ up just yet, no matter what, just looking for my Leyritz…


    Don’t despair Diane! Yes, 11 of the last 12 World Series, the team that won Game One went on to win. The exception was 1996 – and the team that lost the first two games and went on to win it all: the Yankees, who beat Glavine, Avery, Smoltz, and Maddux. The Yankees overcame a 6-0 deficit in the sixth inning of Game 4 to win the game, 8-6 in 10 innings. Pettitte got the win in game 5.


  12. robinlyn

    Ok, I’m chalking this one up to nerves. It will just make our comeback even sweeter. Lee was good, but I still believe we can beat him later. They were just nervous with the Boss and Michelle Obama( she could probably match Lee for throws) in attendance.

    One good thing that came out of this: My friend who used to say, I like Joe Buck why don’t you like him? Now understands my frustration with him! 🙂 Go Yankees!!

  13. robinlyn

    Ok, I’m chalking this one up to nerves. It will just make our comeback even sweeter. Lee was good, but I still believe we can beat him later. They were just nervous with the Boss and Michelle Obama( she could probably match Lee for throws) in attendance.

    One good thing that came out of this: My friend who used to say, I like Joe Buck why don’t you like him? Now understands my frustration with him! 🙂 Go Yankees!!


    You never fail at making me laugh 🙂 It looks like your kiss with Jeter could have been the only luck we had last night considering that he seemed liked the only one who could get a good hit. Maybe you should sneak in tonight and get a kiss from all the boys!! I knew this series was going to be tough, but I have all the faith in the world that we can get a win tonight and get back on level ground. Go Yankees!!!
    ~ Bran


    So much for the layoff huh. I think the layoffs are more psychological than physical and the Phillies have so much confidence right now. They can really taste it. Not that our guys have thrown in the towel – the Captain showed that last night. After looking horrible in the first at bat, he got three hits. My concern is that Lee cooled them off and maybe Pedro does come in and do the same. Of course I’m always full of anxiety after a loss.

    Jane you looked marvelous in your jacket and I read that I can get one for only $69.00! As always thanks for the laughs.



    I needed that, Melissa. Thanks. Yankees fans really do stick together. No one else understands us. Onward and Upward!!


    The reason I think there was no hitting, was there was spectacular pitching. Let’s hope the bats come alive tonight!!!

    Robinlyn, I think you’re right – it was nerves. They all were overawed that Jeter got to kiss Jane!


  18. Jane Heller

    Brendan, I was trying to salvage something out of that wretched game. When I saw the pic of Jeter kissing Biden, I figured that the saving grace. Mostly I watched the game in stunned silence.

    There’s a connection between Werth and AJ? Will have to check out your post, Jessel. Sounds very interesting. Thanks for letting me know.

    I sure hope they turn it around, mattpeas. They’ve been undefeated at home in the postseason, so they were bound to lose in the Bronx at some point. But it was a sorry showing.

    Jessel, I love the story about your Aunt Rose! She was a she-fan, obviously, and very clever about getting into that Ladies Day game at Yankee Stadium. Very funny. Yes, many of us are displaced fans. You’re a Dodger fan in NJ and I’m a Yankee fan in CA. Thank goodness for the blogs. And thanks for your kind wishes for the movie!

    Len, you’re so right. That game did drain the life out of me. I was so tired by the end of it that I almost went right to sleep instead of writing the blog. My energy was sapped. And don’t even think about being shut down by Pedro. My concern with him is his tendency to pitch inside. I think he’s hit quite a few Yankees in his day.

    Lee was masterful, Peter. Very impressive. I don’t think CC was nervous but he wasn’t as dominant as he’s been in the postseason so far. Those three walks were more worrisome than the two shots he gave up to Utley, as far as I’m concerned. No idea what tonight will bring with that matchup. Could be fireworks, as you say.

    Barbara, you wrote “we are in trouble” twice. So I’m going to talk you down right now. We’re not in trouble. We just lost Game 1. There aren’t a lot of high-scoring games in the postseason, so this is par for the course when you face the top pitchers. We won 103 games, plus the ALDS and the ALCS. Don’t forget that. Sure we could get our ***** whipped in the WS, but I don’t see it happening. So we’ll try again tonight. Don’t panic. At least not yet.

    I agree, Melissa. Good pitching beats good hitting. At first I kept saying, “Come on!” whenever the Yankees were at bat and failing. But when I saw all those swinging strikes, I knew Lee had great stuff. No doubt. Sorry you couldn’t get WCBS Radio in your area. So weird. I know they were on the air. Booo.

    Diane, don’t pay attention to those statistics. We lost the first game. That’s all. Now it’s on to a new game and we’ll get them tonight. I don’t know what to say about Pedro. He’s not the same pitcher we used to face with Boston but maybe he’s craftier. He certainly pitched well against the Dodgers. I’m more concerned with AJ. If he pitches well, we’ll be fine. Ditto: the bullpen. And yes, we will wear our lucky clothes and all the rest!

    Ladyjane, I thought the same thing when Rollins made that first out. I figured we’d run right over them. Not so. And I honestly think our lack of hitting was due to Lee. He handcuffed the offense, he really did. You just have to tip your cap. The hitters looked totally flummoxed. So sorry I missed Bernie. Fox doesn’t show us the great stuff you see at the games. We get commercials and idiotic “commentary” instead. On to tonight. We will get a great performance from AJ, a better one from the pen and some timely hits. It is done!

    I had to put a pinprick in my own depression, Dave. What an ugly game for us. But I’m glad you mentioned the team of ’96. I remember that series against Atlanta well. We do need to find our Leyritz (a clean and sober version). It’s funny because one of the beat writers was on Twitter last night during the game, asking us which lesser known player we thought might be the hero and I said Hairston. So maybe, Jerry? Please come through?

    Thanks, Melissa, for reinforcing Dave’s argument about ’96. We can do it!

    I wish I could chalk it up to nerves about the Boss and Michelle, Robin, but I think it was Cliff Lee that made the Yankees nervous. Most of the new players have never even met the Boss so he doesn’t command as much fear as he used to. And the old hands are used to him. That said, they need to come back tonight with a swagger and kick some butt!

    Nope, Jenn. You can’t kiss Jeter unless you put the Yankees first and the Phillies second. Since that’s not happening, you’ll have to be content with kissing Utley. LOL. Like you’d mind that!

    That’s all we need, Bran – to get back on level ground. And if my kissing all the boys before the game will do it, I’ll take one for the team and make it happen!

    Yes, great job by Cliff Lee, Jeff. No doubt about it.

    I always worry about being “cooled off” after facing a great pitcher, Laurie. I know what you mean. But they’ve faced some great ones all year long and bounced back. I would think they’ll have confidence against Pedro, even though they’ll respect his ability. They also need to hustle more. There were a couple of at bats where certain players did not get down the line in much of a hurry. As for the jacket, did you really check it out already? I thought about getting one too. LOL! It looks like of comfy on a chilly night, although I’d rather have a blue one.

    Yankee fans do stick together, Diane. Never fear!

  19. Jane Heller

    I underestimated him too, Paul. I knew he was good, or he wouldn’t have won the Cy Young. But I didn’t know he was THAT good.

  20. kaiserthegreat

    Lee was insane. I think I want to name my unborn son Cliff now! I admit though that a tiny little piece of me wanted to see A-Rod hit it out of the park in the last inning, just to remind everybody that he’s A-Rod.

  21. Jane Heller

    And he was so nonchalant about it, kaiser. That was the most amazing part. He looked so relaxed in Game 1 of the World Series. No small feat! And a big piece of me wanted A-Rod to hit one out. 🙂

  22. Buz

    Jane, my favorite moment was seeing how playful Derek Jeter was with Yogi. That was very cool and so indicative of each of their personalities. Lucky you to get a little peck on the cheek. Did you use the Star Trek transporter on that one? : )

    buz –

  23. kaiserthegreat

    I could watch the pop-fly catch all day long, cracks me up. “Hmm…turn off the stove…check… Catch this baseball…check… Balance my checkbook…”

  24. raysrenegade

    Do feel bad, you are not in rare company for having Chase Utley take you deep in Game 1 of the Wrold Series. He unfortunately did the same thing last year.
    Maybe that is his routine, get hot early then fade away?
    You knew anyone named Cliff on the mound was going to be trouble in NY.
    But it is only one of 7, so it can be filed away. You have to give the red stripes some props, they went with their “hot hand” against the Yankees “solid fortress”.
    Something had to break, and for one night, it was a few Yankee hearts………..

    Rays Renegade

  25. Jane Heller

    I loved the Yogi and Jeter back and forth too, Buz – two legends having a little fun. Little did I know it would be the high point of the game. Ugh. And yes, I used the Star Trek transporter. It worked great.

    The pop fly was hilarious, kaiser. Even I had to laugh about it. And your description is so right on. “Take out the garbage….Catch the ball…Get something to eat.” LOL.

    Thanks for commiserating, Renegade. And of course someone named Cliff would be the hero. HAHA!


    I just got back from snowshoeing (how stupid is that) and thought about how baseball is truly a game of inches. If Brad Hawpe’s ball had not been caught by Carl Crawford and the NL won the all-star game AND if the umps had not blown the call that let the Phillies win game three of the NLDS AND the Rockies went on to win the series AND beat the Dodgers in the next round, the World Series would have been scheduled to be here in Denver the last two days with two feet of snow falling.

    I got two e-mails from non-baseball fan friends, one telling me to keep my knockers up and the other telling me that she has a crush on Cliff Lee. What are friends for?


  27. rrrt

    My husband and I were cracking up watching Cliff Lee catch that pop-up. Talk about being cool as a cucumber! Like “Oh, it’s Game 1 of the WS? Ho-hum.” If only there was a way to clone four more of him to fill out the rotation… Barring that, he needs to at least give Hamels some pointers on maintaining his composure.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  28. Jane Heller

    Snowshoeing? Now that would not be high on my list of hobbies, Laurie, since I have an aversion to cold weather, but I bet it’s great exercise. Yes, baseball is a game of inches and what ifs. A snowy World Series would not have been fun. But neither was last night’s game. And LOL about your friends. I got a call from a Dodger fan friend who said, “Cliff Lee is really cute.” I guess he was quite a hit. I’m glad he’s not pitching tonight.

    I bet you were cracking up, Sue. Your guy was doing it all and making the Yankees look pathetic. You must have “manifested” harder than I did. I’d better get to work for tonight.


    thank you jane and melissa and others from talking me back from the ledge. my co workers looked scared today when they asked me if i was ok. i am trying to be happy with the magical season we’ve had thus far and trust that more magic is yet to come. barbara

    jane, you made edwin’s day yesterday. when he came to the kids program, his first question was “did she write me back?” he was thrilled and was telling the other kids that a real writer wrote to him. the kids then wanted to check out the blog. i might be corrupting young red sox fans.

  30. Jane Heller

    Barbara, maybe I should start a hotline for us fans who are tempted to jump! Just call 1-800-Shefans! Glad we could help. There is definitely more magic to come. I know it. And please say hi to Edwin and tell him I enjoyed our “visit.” He can write to me anytime.

  31. southernbelle

    Jane: Lol, Jane, I’m jealous. Jeet kissed you? Hahaha, I didn’t know you were married to Joe Biden. Seriously, Phil Hughes needs to stop. This is ridiculous. And the bats need to wake up. I don’t like the fact that we lost a game at home, not to mention game 1. Please, WHERE ARE MY YANKEES? I don’t like these dead, lost, stinky ones. -Virginia



    I’d much rather be in Santa Barbara, such a beautiful town. I had friends from Masters swimming that lived there and I visited one time for a swim meet in a beautiful outdoor pool which you probably know. I’m snowshoeing only because I am trapped. Everything is closed and I haven’t been out of the house for two days except to shovel as dear husband skipped town and my kids are worthless.

    I have to say I get angrier and angrier (anger staves off depression) every time I see the Cliff Lee catch. I hope the Yanks use it as ammo against the Phillies as I think he’s showing them up. BTW, he pitched a great complete game against the Rockies and then they got to him in Game Three on complete rest due to a postponement. Let’s hope.


  33. Jane Heller

    You didn’t know I was married to the VP, Virginia? LOL. I saw Jeet kiss the blonde and couldn’t resist. Yes, the bats need to wake up. Yes, Hughes needs to get it together. Yes, we need to win at home tonight. But they faced a great pitcher last night. They’ll rebound.

    You must be quite an athlete, Laurie – snowshoeing, swimming, etc. I go for my walk in the afternoon, but that’s about it. Such a slacker! I’m not angry about Lee’s catch. I saw his interview before the the game on MLB Network and he said flat out that he never gets nervous. It’s just his thing. Jorge was asked if he felt shown up and he said no. I think the Yankees need to focus on getting good at bats against Pedro and turn the page about last night. Speaking of which, Game 2 is only a few hours away and I’m starting to get nervous all over again.

  34. Erin Kathleen

    Well, I’m glad Cliff Lee doesn’t pitch for the Indians anymore! That was quite a performance, probably one of the best World Series games I’ve seen in a long time. The good news for the Yankees is that the Phillies’ rotation pretty much drops off after that. Well, Cole Hamels is pretty good, but the Philly bullpen is kinda shaky, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees win every other game.-Erin



    I’m nervous too. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but whatever happens, I’m really proud of this team. I know they’re not happy just to be there but I am. Setting low expectations as a fan can be helpful. Don’t tell Jeter what I said. Don’t kiss and tell.


  36. matttan7

    The game and the performances before, and during the game were fun to watch. I expect more musical acts will be along the way to provide more entertainment to the fans as well as the games. This is turning out to be a fun series, AJ and Pedro should be another fun pitching matchup.

    Matthew Tang

  37. Jane Heller

    Erin, can I hold you to that? The Yankees will win every game from now on? Please be right!

    I know what you mean about low expectations, Laurie. And I’m thrilled that we got to this point. But I also know how much the Yankees want another World Championship and I want it for them – and for us! Can you imagine how happy we’ll be? We can do this. We can!

    They just had another musical act, Matthew. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were great. AJ and Pedro should be a good show too.

    Yeah, Molina, Len. And Hairston in right. I was OK with sitting Swisher but I figured we’d see Gardner in CF or Hinske in RF. Here we go. Let’s hope it all works out.

  38. Jane Heller

    Mo said after the game that he felt fine and could handle the extra work, denveryanksfan. I’m hoping that’s true because the bullpen has looked shaky.

  39. jessel

    Jane, well I see sanity has returned to the baseball world, and I guess you will sleep well tonight. I got your comments and glad I was able to provide some good info. Though I realize this is not of great import, I just wanted to clear up something. Unfortunately my Aunt Rose was not a She-Fan, but rather a nice woman, who because she never had any children paid some extra attention to my sister and me. During that summer long ago she decided to take both of us on separate trips into the city. She took my sister to the MOMA and me to Yankee Stadium, as I was such a fan. Your comment made me remember that after we arrived in the city, we then boarded a subway to the Bronx. There just happened to be some young men on the subway that day in baseball uniforms, I guess on the way to a softball game. I remember my Aunt asking if these were some of the players we would be seeing today, and I had to tell her they weren’t. I guess things worked out well however. My sister wound up being a graphic artist and I came away with a great memory
    I looked up about you online yesterday and found out we share a couple of things in common besides a love for the game. I found a video clip of an interview about your book that you gave to Ron Kaplan, who it so happens published and edited an article I wrote in 2008 about Barney Dreyfuss, the man who invented the World Series. I also found out, not surprisingly, that you were a big Mantle fan growing up. I remember that as I talked so much about Mickey as a boy, that my mother, trying to make me feel good, told me that I shared a common first name with him, as Mickey was actually a nickname for Michael. Though true, I would later find out that there was a flaw there as Mantle’s father had specifically named him with the nickname in honor of the father’s favorite player, Mickey Cochrane. Over the years I would often hear Mickey say how grateful he was that his father was unaware that Cochrane’s real name was Gordon.
    I have that story about Dreyfuss ( though in its longer form) on my blog as well as one about how a great deal of luck figured in Mickey’s signing with the Yanks. Hope you come back again to my blog. I’ll be adding some Yankee stuff, especially about the definition of the Rizzuto Cycle.
    And if after reading my posts you feel that my multiplicity of writing faux pas are deserving of criticism, I would be honored to be able to benefit from your literary skill, experience and wisdom.
    I’ll leave you with this quote from the great wit and radio comedian Fred Allen as you prepare to navigate the mine fields of Hollywood. All of the sincerity in Hollywood can fit into a flea’s navel and there would still be room left for 3 caraway seeds and an agent’s heart. Throw that up to your agent should he or she fall short in fulfilling their duties.

  40. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the fuller description of your Aunt Rose, Jessel. (I had a Grandma Rose, btw.) And how interesting about Mantle. Can you imagine if we’d all be talking about Gordon Mantle? Just doesn’t sound right, does it. He’ll always be The Mick to me. Love Fred Allen’s quote about Hollywood. So true.

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