To The Winner Goes The Champagne

Oops. They did it again.
The Yankees clinched their 40th American League Pennant tonight with a 5-2 victory over the Angels in Game 6. They won because they pitched better, hit better and played better defense. It was a formula that worked for them all year long.
* Pettitte earned his 16th career postseason “W” – a new MLB record.
* CC was named the series MVP, going 2-0 with a 1.13 ERA.
* Mo notched his 37th postseason save – another record.
* Joba threw a scoreless hold.
* Cano singled, walked twice and made three terrific plays at second.
* Swisher broke out of his slump with a hit and a bunt.
* Tex had a huge sac fly/RBI and dazzled at first base.
A-Rod seemed to be on base every inning.
* Jeter got his walks.
* Melky got his hits.
* Everybody contributed.
* Girardi made it to the World Series in only his second year as Manager.
* Hal Steinbrenner accepted the trophy on behalf of his father.
* Mike Scoscia was gracious in defeat.
* Torii Hunter said he’s rooting for the Yankees to win it all.
When the champagne started flowing in the clubhouse after the game, my phone started ringing. Friends were congratulating me, as if I’d actually done something. Even an Angels fan friend called to say, “Your team played better than mine. They deserved to win.” And my Florida friends, Paul and Judy, called just so they could scream, “WE WON! WE REALLY WON!”
I was so excited that I decided to celebrate the way the players were celebrating.
I put on my husband’s snorkeling goggles and had him shake up a bottle of ginger ale and pour it on my head. (I didn’t have any champagne, and I thought red wine would make me look like Carrie.) Here’s the result.
Terrifying, isn’t it? It took me a half-hour to wash and dry my hair. But it was so worth it. Your team doesn’t win a pennant every day. 


  1. mikeeff

    I couldn’t BE more elated– this W at home was so worth it…it really made up for the loss in game 5–to see our guys win in front of the home crowd. it’s been a great run this year…lots of new friends to share it with. 4 more to go…

  2. levelboss

    Jane, that picture is so FRIGGIN hilarious! you’re a super-fan, Jane

  3. latinyankeerebel

    I did not cry. I sobbed. For about 20 minutes. Its all bittersweet for me because I was so close yet so far when I lived in DC just a short month ago. I could’ve been there for any of the WS games if I could’ve. Now I’m waaaay to far away to be able to do it. FML. but you know what? I feel very proud and happy of what MY boys have done, and my heart tells me we’re going all the way. We are. And I’m gonna buy the bubbly and open it and take a champagne shower the day we win the WS this year. won’t be able to go to the parade, but champagne will be flowing in my house for sure!

  4. Jane Heller

    “Elated” is exactly the word, Mike. Winning it at home with Bernie throwing out the first pitch and the electricity at the Stadium….Well, it was thrilling. And sharing all the ups and downs with you this season has been a big part of the fun. A high-five in your direction!

    Thanks, levelboss. I look like a dork with those goggles and my wet stupid hair, but I guess I’ll go to any lengths for my Yanks! Congrats to you on the big win tonight!

  5. lenn23

    A great and amazing series win! Six years doesn’t seem like a long time between Series but at that time Andy had no gray hair and I had a full head of hair. Isn’t the passage of time a fun and interesting thing? Hooray for the old guys!

  6. swanton7

    What a great ending to last nights game. I was really happy to see Pettitte get his 16th W and be the winning pitcher in the clinching game…that was sweet. I, too, did the same thing last night. (Minus the husband and ginger ale) I dumped (and drank) sparkling cider all over the place and like you said, it was worth the clean up. I just hope this is the first celebration I have and they give me a 27th WS title to celebrate!


    So proud of our team!!! It was a very exciting game and clearly Andy did exactly what he was meant to do — and what he has always done in the post-season. It was absolutely adorable to see the 3-way hug from Tex, Jeter and A-Rod.

    No question in my mind that C.C. deserved the ALCS MVP even though we could argue that A-Rod deserved it as well. We also have to thank LA for all of the fielding errors and bad base running that also contributed to our victories. You were right about Soscia, Jane. He was a gentleman in his final interview of the season. I was impressed. But obviously not as impressed as I was with our team.

    I’m not going to lie – I’m nervous about The Phillies. Game One is going to be scary — even with C.C. on the mound. One of my husband’s brothers lives in Philadelphia and although he was a huge Yankee fan for a long time he has become a Phillies fan since moving there. I guess we’ll be betting NY Cheesecake vs. Phillie Cheesesteak. How Sweet It Is! GO YANKEES!!!

  8. heartruss

    Jane. I am sooooo thrilled because your Yankees will be playing in the World Series. If it couldn’t be my Dodgers, let it be your Yankees. I will be cheering your guys on. I love the picture of you celebrating! It is so “Jane!” Again, congratulations. The Yankees deserve to win.

  9. ooaooa

    The highness of confidence is evident! Anyone interested in 2 game 7 tickets for tonight? I’ll let them go cheap. I await finding out which World Series game I have tickets for. I’m not well enough to go but my kids will get a lifetime experience. Red, white and blue bunting and that WS logo on the field sure going to look great. All is well and getting better. To quote the Beatles, “getting so much better all the time”!

  10. scofid

    I am glad that you didn’t get hurt celebrating! It was a great win, and it was fantastic to finally put the Angels behind us. The pain of 2002 is slowly going away. Now, it’s time to ease the pain of the 2003 World Series. Let’s go Yankees! It’s time to take #27!



    Oh Jane! That photo (and the thought that you did that) just cracked me up!!!

    What a game last night. I was so glad they tacked on those extra runs. When you’re only up by one run, it just takes one missed pitch to tie the game. The 3 run lead made the 9th so much more bearable.

    Andy was superb and I’m so glad that he silenced his critics who wanted Girardi to put CC into game 6. The pregame guys at Fox said something about that. I know they won’t let me print here what I said about them. (And stupid Joe and Tim saying that Pettite has such a reputation as a pickoff artist that the umps just won’t call balks against him. Jerks!)

    And Mariano. What can you say about him? His post game interview with Kim Jones on YES was just adorable. I loved the fact that he got the last out on a swinging strike.

    I also loved how Jeter was polite, but you could tell he was a little pissed when the first question was so negative. He plays so solidly and focuses, but when it’s time to focus on happiness, he wants to do that.

    Kudos to the Angels for being so good. Yes, they made mistakes, but I think that’s because the Yankees make teams so worried. Scioscia showed lots of class, as did Torii.

    WE BEAT THE ANGELS!!!!!! I kept saying that to my husband last night. Remember when it seemed we couldn’t?

    There are a lot of tired, happy people in NY today!

  12. phillies_phollowers

    That photo is hysterical! Congrats! And I am SO happy!!!! 30+ years waiting patiently for my Phils-Yanks series and here it is!!! :O) So are you coming out East for any games? I am going to game 5 and hoping someone can find me a Game 3 ticket that I can afford, although that is not looking good :O( Well, game on!



    “A long, long time ago…
    I remember how those pennants made me smile…
    And I knew if they had their chance…
    These Yanks could make our people dance
    And YES, we will be happy for awhile…!”
    Wow. Where to start. LOVE that pic of you, with that big new honker, in the shower!! Diane and latinyankee, such great comments…all we Yankee Fans of the Diaspora are smiling with a tear in our eye…so GREAT to see this group of guys be so happy (wouldn’t you LOVE to get a poster of that 3-way hug between A-Rod, Jeet, and Tex? And how about the calm, classy way Mo and Hor-Hay embraced…). Wanted to hoot and holler, but it’s After Midnight, you know the many reasons why I can’t, and Son #2 had some kind of nausea & tummyache from bad 7-11 jalapeno nachos, so off I go to the all-nite drug store just after the game…hey, at least I can hoop & holler now!! Of course, we can’t celebrate for long; Philly is nasty, in oh so many ways, the best NL team since the Big Red Machine, and you know how that worked out for us in ’76…but let’s not dwell on that yet, Diane…oops, I just did…well, before all the bar fights break out throughout New Jersey (oops again, probably too late, bet they’ve already started), let’s just be so happy & grateful for last nite…and for She-Fan and for THIS BLOG to share it with all y’all…


    Jane, it just struck me that you really are an all out fan. After reading your book, I know how important THE HAIR is, and how hard you work to keep it looking good. You sacrificed the hair for the celebration.

    And one more thing about the game. The Yankees scored 5 runs with NO extra base hits. Nada. So much for the critics who think they can only score on the long ball.


  15. cheshirecat9

    Awesome!!! I am so excited we won!!! It was a tense game, but as soon as the Angels made their first error at the top of the 9th I knew we had it. Then Kazmir throwing over the first baseman’s head? Ha!
    I am actually looking forward to the next couple of days off but very excited about Wednesday. That picture of you celebrating is great Jane!

    #27 here we come!


    Hey Jane,
    So funny, only a true fan would risk the hair……A wonderful win with Andy once again coming through, I was a bit misty as he walked off, and a bit nervous to see Joba walking in, but all went well and Mo was amazing……even Swisher came through, a couple days off to relax and prepare for the Phillies…….Your blog has been so much fun……Thanks…………..Jane

  17. ladyjane303

    Great, just great all around!!!! Just the way I wanted it – Andy gets the win, Mo gets the save. The “core 4” get back to the World Series! Mo and Jorge hugging brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eyes. Don’t forget to send some love to Swish for that amazing double play that got Andy out of a mini-jam. Joba reminded us why we love him. Was I a little nervous when he came in? I confess I was. But that heart-to-heart that Mo had with him on the plane back from LA did the trick. Wish I could have seen Bernie throwing out the first pitch rather than just hearing it on the radio. A friend of mine was there last night and said the house was shaking. I’ll be there on Wednesday night, when I suspect that Yogi will make an appearance. Can’t wait!! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!


    Great posts everyone, and Jane you never fail to make me laugh and your list of the players accomplishments was great. I want to give a big shout out to A-Rod for a remarkable turnaround this year and this post season. He has really grown up. How can you pick between CC and A-Rod? So I hereby proclaim them co-MVPs. Our team really rose to the occasion and they are perfect at home this post season. I didn’t cry until I read this in the NYT blog, “..Yankees won the American League pennant”. Not Boston, not Tampa, not Chicago or whoever else, but our team. I am so proud of them and happy for them. Enjoy this glorious day, you earned it!


    Love the post … especially your first line “Oops they did it again”

    I think the most amazing stat from the clinching game was that Joba had a scoreless hold – HE MAKES ME NERVOUS!!!

    Can’t wait for the World Series to start … this series is going to be great … it’ll be AWESOME when the Yankees capture No. 27!!!

    Jay (UC_SID on twitter)


    JANE ! THE YANKEES WIN THE PENNANT ! How cool is that. I am here at work on the fox lot. Its very quiet here this morning. All the angel and dodger and red sox fans are nowhere to be found. Where are they? Why aren’t they in my face like they were all last week? Not easy being a Yankee Fan in southern california. Thank you Jane for making it much easier to deal with. So Glad i found your Blog. You Rock! The Yankees Rock ! Bring on the Phillies ! We Finally got the better of the angels!

  21. Jane Heller

    I know you would have been there if you hadn’t moved back home, latinyankeerebel. But think of how many great games you saw in Baltimore. So many. You supported the Yanks all the way through, and now look where they are: in the World Series. Hopefully, there will be more champagne in their future.

    We’ve all gotten older since the last World Series, Len, so don’t feel bad. LOL. In fact, I was living in FL, not CA, when I went to the 2000 series against the Mets. Seems like a lifetime ago. But now there are new memories and new teammates to go along with the core group. Can’t wait for Wednesday.

    Sparkling cider works too, Brian! How funny that you did the same thing. HAHA. I was so happy for Pettitte. How fitting that he was the one who got us into the WS after so many postseason wins in his career. I still shake my head when I think the Yankees almost didn’t re-sign him!

    Loved that three-way hug, Diane. And yes, A-Rod was a close second for MVP. But pitching trumps hitting, so CC was the man. I don’t know why the Angels made so many uncharacteristic mistakes during this series, but as Scoscia said, “The Yankees just played better.” I think it’s our time. It just is. So don’t be nervous about Philly. Not yet anyway.

    Cat, you were so thoughtful to text me last night. I’ll never forget it. And you’re very generous to throw your support to the Yanks now that your Dodgers aren’t in it. We’ll take good care of you, I promise.

    I remember how beautiful the old Stadium looked when it was dressed up for a World Series, John, so I can only imagine how gorgeous the new place will be. Sorry you won’t be able to go to a game, but I’m glad you’re sending your surrogates. Wish I could be one of them! I’m assuming your “confidence is high.”

    I did get hurt, Scott. That mask was so tight around my face that I still have marks from it. LOL! Isn’t it great to be back in the World Series? I know other teams have suffered a much longer drought than we have, but for us it feels like a long time. So I’ll savor this moment and gear up for Wednesday.

    Thank God, they tacked on those extra runs, Melissa! Only then did I relax – a little. Oh, the Fox guys drove me insane with their second guessing about how Girardi should have started CC last night instead of Pettitte. Idiots! And then there was Jeter’s interview with Ken Rosenthal after the game. You just FEEL how much he wanted to say, “Why do you even exist.” But he was a pro and stood there for those inane questions. Yes, we beat the Angels – a very good team that used to have our number. Very satisfying indeed.

    Wow. Jenn. Here we are, facing off just the way you planned it! I don’t have any plans to come east for the Series but I’m glad you’ll be there for at least one of the games. It’ll be an exciting series for sure and I know you’ll be posting great pics throughout. See you Wednesday night!

    Sorry about son #2’s stomachache, Dave, but how about them Yankees, huh? That three-way hug would make a great poster, but I loved Mo and Jorge too. In fact, I couldn’t stop looking at all the pics last night. It was so much fun to watch them celebrated. I guess that’s why I couldn’t help myself with the ginger ale. HAHA.

    LOL, Melissa. You do have a good memory. The fact that I was willing to douse my hair was huge! And you’re right about The Case of the Missing Homer. I should have put that in my list of factoids in the post. Not a single home run to be seen. Oh, I also forgot to write that the Yankees remain undefeated at home in the postseason. My bad.

    It was very tense, cheshirecat. I was standing for most of the game. I couldn’t help it. Kazmir’s error did relax me though. I could feel the wheels come off there. But when Mo gave up the run, I got nervous all over again. Crazy. Now we have a couple of days to regroup. Will you be going to any of the WS games?

    Thanks to you for reading, Jane. I always enjoy your comments. I got misty watching Andy walk off too. At that point, the outcome was unclear and I wondered if it might be the last time we saw him in pinstripes. But Joba got his ground balls and did his job. Whew. And yes, even Swisher came through – finally! LOL about “risking” my hair. I’m glad you understand the sacrifice!

    The core 4 are back, ladyjane! You’re right about that throw Swisher made to double up Guerrero at first. Huge! And I couldn’t agree more about not seeing Bernie throw out the first pitch. Instead we were treated to boring commentary about football instead of a BASEBALL pre-game show. I was flippin’ mad. You’re soooo lucky that you’re going on Wednesday night. Bring us luck. Full report, please.

    I like your idea of co-MVPs, Laurie. A-Rod really has become part of the team. You could see it in his face after that last out. He was so excited that the gum shot out of his mouth when he yelled. Hilarious. Doesn’t it feel great to be in the World Series today? I’m still pinching myself. You enjoy the day too. I’m sure the players are enjoying it.

    I was going to post a pic of Britney after the “oops” line, Jay, but I decided it would ruin the mood. I think Joba coming in after Andy departed made everyone nervous. But he kept his composure and induced those ground balls. And I think he only shook off Jorge once! I’m so excited about being in the WS. I just hope we play well. Really, really well.

  22. peggy3

    Jane…you are a HOOT !!!!! I have tears in my eyes from that picture. I wish you lived in NY because we would be GREAT Yankee pals.

    I couldn’t go to sleep after the game …I was up till after 3:00 and now I’m at work and still so hyped up I don’t feel the least bit tired. I was watching all the post shows till the wee hours of the morning and rerunning parts of the game.
    Who would think that after all these years the Yankees would still have four of the guys from those great championships still together and still doing the job. Pettitte and Mo are just toooooooo amazing. Jeter his usual unbelievable self and Jorge catching those guys which seems like forever and hopefully for a few more years. I am so happy with the new guys…CC, AJ, Tex and Swish. They have bought a whole new dimension to this team …FUN !!!
    All the guys have just been the definition of TEAM and have been so exciting to watch this season. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it (maybe one or two times …lol)…I LOVE THIS TEAM !!!!!!

    Diane …loved the pic of Jeter, Alex and Tex hugging with Cano running in from behind. Alex seems happy that he is just one of the guys and I smile every time he’s on camera…whether playing or cheering his fellow teammates on it looks like he finally feels like he belongs. He’s become likable …not just a great player. Keep it up Alex …you are the man !!!

    Dave ..loved your little ditty …you always come up with
    a good one … :o)

    Jane ..once again thanks for this unbelievable blog where fans can come and enjoy without malice and nastiness that is exhibited on so many other blogs. You are not only a terrific Yankee fan, a wonderful writer but a fantastic person too !!! THANK YOU !!!!

    Here’s to the boys as they lead us to the Promised Land …
    Championship #27. GOOOOOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  23. Jane Heller

    Hey, Brendan! We did it! And yes, it’s tough being a Yankee fan here in SoCal, but there are more of us out here than you think. I was at the beach yesterday doing my 5-mile walk before the game, and somebody spotted my Yankees cap and gave me the thumbs-up. That felt good. I’m glad you found my blog too and one of these days we’ll have to watch a game together. Meanwhile, GO YANKS!

  24. Jane Heller

    Peggy, if I lived in NY I’d be going to Mantle’s with you and your Meetup buddies. What a time we’d have, although I don’t know if I could keep up with you. I actually need some sleep now and then! It is truly amazing that after so many years this team still has the same core group that won it all in the ’90s. The fact that they’ve been joined by newer, younger talents is what makes this engine run. They’re such a great mix this season and such fun (OK, and torture) to watch. As for the blog, you’re the one who makes it worthwhile – you and all the commenters who have remained upbeat and kept us from jumping off the ledge at times. So thanks to you! Stay fired up, because we still have work to do to get to #27!


    OMG!!!!! That picture of you made my day! I had to stiffle my laughter so my co-workers didn’t give me odd looks. I LOVE IT!!!

  26. Jane Heller

    Glad it gave you a laugh, Melissa. It’s pretty creepy now that I really look at it. I do look like a monster from under the sea. But the Yankees won. That’s all that matters.

    Very sweet of you, Paul. I know you would have preferred a different outcome. As a Met fan, will you now be rooting for the Phillies or would that be too gruesome?

  27. Jane Heller

    My husband is such a good sport, Buz. He stuck me in the shower, dumped that ginger ale on my head AND took the picture. What a guy, huh?

    Thanks, Emma. You’re right about the beer. It would have been much better for my hair, but I didn’t have any in the house! Very excited about the Yanks, naturally. The Phillies won’t be easy, as you well know, but I’m hoping for the best.

  28. crzblue2

    That picture of you is hilrarious! gingerale? LOL Oops! sorry, you got me sidetrack with the picture!
    Congratulations!!!!! I am happy for you, Virginia and all the faithfull Yankee fans that post here.
    Hey, wouldn’t beer work too? I think is better for your hair. But glad you did not go with red wine. I wonder if wine is good for your hair…
    Emma _Bleeding Dodger Blue!

  29. robinlyn

    Your picture was the icing on the cake today! I can’t believe that my job still requires that I work today. Good thing I’m a VISTA and I can work from home so I don’t feel guilty for having Francesa on in the background!

    BTW… your twitters messages are now famous with my friends, when something happens they ask what do your twitter people say?! ha!

    Everybody’s comments are great and say pretty much everything I was thinking. Arod was so cute winning and I wanted to hit Rosenthal for Derek! Oh and I think that is the longest I have ever heard MO talk when he did his interview for YES.

    You can tell its been 6yrs when everybody has their kids with them!

    All in all it was a great win and I can’t wait for Wed. Thanks for making it a better experience for us with your blog! 🙂


  30. Jane Heller

    Isn’t it annoying that we have to work today, Robin, and that nobody has declared this a national holiday? LOL. Your friends who hear about my Tweets must think I’m crazy, but when I’m in game mode there’s no telling what my fingers will type. I’m so sorry I don’t get YES here. I missed all their post-game stuff, but I went to the MLB Network and their coverage was good too. I love listening to Mo no matter what he’s talking about, and how cute are his kids? Thanks for reading. More to come!

  31. kaiserthegreat

    Hilarious idea! I didn’t have a stake in the ALCS, but I admit to kind of rooting for the Angels, just to see the underdog get it. (And I’m born and raised California, so…) But the Yankees definitely played a better Game 6, so props to them. And either way, it was a much more entertaining and nail-biting experience than the Phillies/Dodgers slaughter. Congrats on your team’s victory, and have a fun World Series, whatever the outcome. Let’s hope for seven games!

  32. kaiserthegreat

    FYI, when you click on your name in a comment, your link doesn’t work. Looks like there’s no “http:” on your web address.

  33. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane! You are the most dedicated fan I know! That pic is a riot!

    I just sat on my couch and watched the post-game, a little misty-eyed. I guess I didn’t realize how much pent-up frustration I’ve been carrying around as a fan since 2001! (Btw, I was also incredibly relieved by no. 4 on your list above.) I am psyched for this series!! (East Coast bias and all!)

  34. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane! You are the most dedicated fan I know! That pic is a riot!

    I just sat on my couch and watched the post-game, a little misty-eyed. I guess I didn’t realize how much pent-up frustration I’ve been carrying around as a fan since 2001! (Btw, I was also incredibly relieved by no. 4 on your list above.) I am psyched for this series!! (East Coast bias and all!)

  35. Jane Heller

    Glad you liked the pic, kaiser. So you thought the Angels were the underdogs? They killed the Yankees the last couple of postseasons so I always thought they had the edge. That’s why it was such a relief to beat them. They’re a great team and the series was a nail-biting experience, as you say. As a fan of baseball, I hope the World Series goes 7 games. But as a Yankee fan, I pray we win it much, much sooner.

    I’m not more dedicated than other fans, YRC. I’m just sillier. Isn’t it interesting how starved we felt for another pennant? It wasn’t that long since the last one and yet it did seem that way last night. The old regulars (Jeter, Posada, Mo, Pettitte) looked so happy to be back playing late October baseball. And the new kids were just taking it all in. I’m psyched for the series too!


    Yes, we were starved for the pennant win, but some how that makes it even better. -great pic, Jane (a little scary, but great). I loved all these posts. It’s almost starting to feel like the good old days again? -but of course there’s more work to be done.

  37. Jane Heller

    Do you believe it, Virginia? After all these months of hoping? It’s really exciting and our guys did deserve it. I can’t wait for Wednesday. Oh, boy.

    Got it, kaiser. I’ll look into the problem. Thanks for the heads up.

    The waiting does make it more satisfying, Ellen. No doubt. I can’t feel like it’s the old days exactly, because we still have a BIG job to do. But we’re almost there.


    I just went to the Boston Globe web site because Dan Shaughnessey is one of my favorite sports writers and I wanted to see what he and Peter Abraham had to say.
    It’s pathetic! The front page says “Five Years Ago Red Sox Ruled the World.” And then there’s a link to the complete coverage of the 2004 season.

    Peter Abraham did write the article about the Yankees. The comments are rather bitter between Yankee and Red Sox fans. I’m so glad we didn’t have to play them and deal with the hype.



    Go Yankees!!! Great post Jane! I was so tired but happy at work today and it was so nice to see how excited some of my students and co-workers were as well! #27 here we come!!

  40. ibleedpinstripes

    AMAZING ENDING TO AN AWESOME SERIES! AAAHHH! I’ve been in a good mood all day, which is pretty epic in itself because, well, it’s a Monday, and my Mondays are hardly ever good! Thank God they got it done last night, ’cause if this went to a Game 7, I don’t think I would’ve made it. Whew. Four more to 27! LET’S GO YANKEES!

    – Lisa

  41. contractyear

    Hi, Jane, Congrats on your team winning the pennant. They certainly outplayed the Angels last night. I was pleased to see so much energy from your high-priced players. Sometimes it looks to the rest of us like they just expect to win because they get so much money. It was nice to see them so jazzed at winning, cheering each other on in the last few innings, etc. Reinstills my faith in the Yankees. As an American League fan, I wish them the best of luck in the Series. Check out my latest blog post entitled “Can We Predict Who Will Win the World Series?” I am a numbers nut so I had fun with it. Let me know what you think.


    so tired, so happy, wish i had more time to check out all the articles and all the videos but so far i only had time for this one.
    thank you jane for making this post season even better i told my husband he should thank you for giving me a community to relate to when he and my neighbors don’t get it. by the way, not only is he a red sox fan, but he’s from philadelphia.
    i love today and tomorrow. all the joy, all the happy anticipation and no angst. i hope you enjoy the yankee victory cobbler.
    oh happy day. barbara

  43. Jane Heller

    Melissa, you’re a glutton for punishment reading that stuff. Save your sanity. Stay in the bubble and read only happy things about the Yankees!

    I think we were all exhausted today but in a good way, wildirishrose. And I think we’ll sleep really well tonight too. But tomorrow? The worrying will start. It’s inevitable. So enjoy the rest of the day while you can!

    Oh God, Lisa. What if there had been a Game 7? We’d be watching it right now and be biting our nails instead of relaxing. Sooo glad that didn’t come to pass and CC can rest up for Wednesday. Congrats on a fantastic ALCS!

    Hi, Bee. It’s interesting that it appears to you as though high-priced players look like they expect to win. If you listen to Derek Jeter, he talks constantly about how hard it is to win and how the Yankees can never take anything for granted. They’re all little boys at heart, whether they make a lot of money or a little (relatively). So glad you’ll be rooting for them in the WS. Every bit helps!

    Your husband is from Philly AND a Red Sox fan, Barbara? Wow. You do have your hands full. LOL. And speaking of husbands, mine said to thank you for the cobbler recipe and that berries are in season right now. (The second part was a nudge to me to make the cobbler right away. 🙂 Enjoy today and tomorrow. No angst yet. It will come soon enough.

  44. raysrenegade

    Only you would “take one for the team” in your own shower.
    Classic photo and moment, and they deserved it. They took it to the winged ones and won it on hitting.
    To think a few guys were struggling, and the top of the order kept this series alive game after game.
    Hopefully the next time you can have a small bottle of bubbly on hand and do it the “Yankees way”. But look out, your husband might come in with the odd Budweiser while you are taking the pitcure and add extra colling powers.

    Rays Renegade


  45. Jane Heller

    I did take one for the team, Renegade! LOL. I’m still so excited about getting through to the final round. If the Yanks manage to win the WS, I’ll dump milk on my head if that’s all I have in the frig! But champagne would be a whole lot better.

  46. theheirloom

    Love that last photo!!!! I should show that to a few people.

    The milk idea is primarily reserved for the Indy 500. Yet, Helio Castroneves (was it him? nevermind) did the unthinkable a few years ago and poured said champion’s milk bottle on himself (The Brickyard folks have protocols, apparently, on milk celebrations – then threw them out the window after that 500). He knew that milk doesn’t spray as well as champagne/sparkling wine.

    Regardless, this should be a very good Series. Good luck, Jane!

    BTW, the book’s in my possession. Love the cadence of the story, so far!

  47. Jane Heller

    Thanks for filling me in about milk and the Indy 500, Randy. I had no idea! See how much I learn from this blog? It should be a great series. Now that it’s almost upon us, I’m starting to get nervous. Glad you’re enjoying the book so far!

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