There’s No Place Like Home

I was trying not to think about the playoffs, I really was. I drove down to LA on Friday for a lunch meeting arranged by my agent with a woman producer who is interested in my novels for TV movies. We were sitting in the restaurant, talking business, when I slipped and said the word “Yankees.” I expected her to roll her eyes or stare blankly at me or launch into a speech about her love for the Angels or Dodgers, given that we were in SoCal. Instead, she beamed and asked, “Are you a Yankee fan?” Well, forget the TV movies. All we did for the rest of the lunch was discuss Jeter, A-Rod and everybody on the roster. She said Andy Pettitte was her favorite Yankee and I said wouldn’t it be great if he nailed down the victory at the new Stadium, and we went on and on about the Bombers. It was an omen; I had found yet another she-fan in the last place I expected to find one, and it had to mean the Yankees would beat the Angels in Game 6. She and I decided that it all boiled down to home field advantage.
And so, with Hollywood and the Bronx in mind, I’m posting this video to remind everybody that we’re home. We’re in our house. We survived the Wicked Witch and her flying rally monkeys, and are now safely back where we belong, just like Dorothy. The pennant will be ours.
  Go Yankees.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    Amen to that Jane! I’m a nervous wreck, minimum an I’m one of the players. Something deep within me tells me everything will alright.
    I have faith in our rally bras…. I couldn’t get mine out yesterday ’cause I was at a dinner with my ex-boss and ex-colleagues, it would’ve been a bit awkward, no? even if most of us were Yankee fans on the table… LOL

  2. lenn23

    I just hope they get this game in. Enough with this waiting bullcrap! Grab the tiger by the tail and throw it into the Atlantic once and and for all! They’ve gotta win this game and I believe they will. Go Yanks!!!!!


    I am looking forward to enjoying the win tonight. Andy (Old Reliable) is on the mound and the Yankee bats are going to explode. Did you tell you the producer about twitter and get her hooked???


    How great that you found another she fan! We are everywhere! Good luck with the movie deals.

    Leave it to you Jane, to connect two of my favorite things: the Yankees and the Wizard of Oz. During the game, maybe I should wear my Glinda outfit from Halloween a few years ago. (Okay, so one person thought I was a guy in drag, but I did love being Glinda!)

    I just hope they play tonight and CRUSH the Angels, so my heart can take it. This morning I rolled over in bed, looked at the clock and said to my husband “12 hours and 20 minutes to go.”

    Let’s hope the Yanks find their heart’s desire tonight – right there in their own backyard.


  5. ooaooa

    It sounds like the women you met with and you are feeling as I am, confident. Confidence is still high! I’ve got game 7 covered just in case. Picking up my tickets in about an hour from my ticket partner. Looks real bad for playing tonight. Heavy rain coming for real this time.


    Like Melissa, I, too, love the Yankees and the Wizard of Oz. There really is not place like home. Let’s hope the stadium will rock tonight. I like the she-fan karma. -Ellen


    I wasn’t going to read this as I wasn’t going to read anything today about The Most Important Thing in My Life, but I am weak! I woke up this morning feeling centered again after feeling bad all day yesterday. I talked it out with Marty in bed this morning – about whether or not to watch the game. Then I broke down and read what you wrote back last night. Thanks for being a truly good friend, understanding how I feel. Then I read your post for today and loved your LA Story (BTW I will read one of your comedies soon. I am currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and it is awesome). I haven’t decided yet if I will watch. I guess you’ll know if you see me on Twitter. GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. diamonddiva

    OK, Jane…first, congrats on the #1 ranking for the season! (I know, I’m late weighing in on that…typical for me.) Second, I believe there is some karma involved with the Yankees coming back home and having Andy start Game 6. Andy’s one of the old guys, a guy who some people thought should have retired by now. How satisfying would it be for him personally to win Game 6? Of course, a win would work out pretty well for the team too. 😉 I just hope the game can be played, although the weather forecast doesn’t sound good at all.


    I wasn’t going to read this as I wasn’t going to read anything today about The Most Important Thing in My Life, but I am weak! I woke up this morning feeling centered again after feeling bad all day yesterday. I talked it out with Marty in bed this morning – about whether or not to watch the game. Then I broke down and read what you wrote back last night. Thanks for being a truly good friend, understanding how I feel. Then I read your post for today and loved your LA Story (BTW I will read one of your comedies soon. I am currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and it is awesome). I haven’t decided yet if I will watch. I guess you’ll know if you see me on Twitter. GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. swanton7


    I am confident that the ALCS will end tonight. We’re in the Bronx, our home, and it all will come down to that. Next stop: Philadelphia. Can’t wait to read tomorrows (winning) blog.

  11. Jane Heller

    What? You didn’t wave your rally bra at a business dinner, latinyankeerebel? What kind of fan are you? LOL! Hope you had fun seeing your former colleagues. And if something deep inside you says the Yankees will win, I trust that.

    Len, I say “Grab that Angel by the halo and throw it into the Atlantic once and for all!” (Just a slight twist on your idea.) Either way, let’s do it already. Enough waiting around. It would be great if the weather cooperated, but if not we’ll win it on Sunday.

    Yes, indeed, there are Yankee fans everywhere, Jessica, even in Boston. Two of them comment on this blog: Ellen and Barbara.

    I did tell the producer about Twitter, Greg, but I don’t think she Tweets. I didn’t mention the rally bra either. 🙂 I feel the way you do about Andy. He’s “old reliable,” and this is the moment he’s been waiting for.

    Yup, Melissa. She-Fans are everywhere. I love Glinda too, although my favorite character is the Tin Man. The movie is one of my faves of all time, but there’s one line that really bothers me. It’s when Dorothy is saying goodbye to everyone, thinking she’s going up in the balloon with the Wizard. She turns to the Scarecrow and says, “I think I’ll miss you most of all.” I always feel so bad for the Tin Man (and the Lion). I like the verb you used in your rallying cry. Let’s not just beat the Angels. Let’s CRUSH them.

    So this rain prediction is worse than last time, John? Because everybody was in a tizzy over that forecast and we ended up playing both games. So if the rain does come, maybe it’ll clear out by game time tonight? Nothing we can do about Mother Nature, so if we have to wait until Sunday night, so be it.

    Ellen, I was comforted by the fact that we were back home for this game and that the players would be too. I’m sure they enjoyed the weather in CA, but, to paraphrase Dorothy, “There’s nothing like home field advantage.”

    I’m dying to read “The Help,” Laurie. I’ve just been so busy, but it’s on my list of Must Reads for sure. You can start watching the game, and if it gets too tense you can always turn it off and let our tweets tell you what’s going on. Either way, try not to worry. (I know. It’s hard.)

    Thanks, Shelley. I agree about Andy. Can you imagine if the Yankees hadn’t brought him back this year? When they were haggling over the money/contract, they didn’t even know Wang would be lost to us or that Joba would be ineffective. They were thinking he would be a #5 starter! Amazing how things turned out. Here he is, our #3 starter, and having a very good season. It would be such an achievement for him to get the win tonight.

    I would love nothing better than to write tomorrow’s winning blog, Brian. But we have two obstacles: the Angels and the weather. We can’t do anything about the latter but we sure as hell better do something about the former. GO YANKS.

    If we were down 3-2 and playing in Anaheim, it would be very tough to come back, Babu. It’ll be tough enough to win at home too, because the Angels are a great team. But we can do it. We will do it. We have to do it!!!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Francesa always sounds ready to leap to his death, Paul. When I’m in NY I can’t listen to him. He goes on and on about the same subject, repeating himself so many times he gets lost in his own thoughts. Such a bore. I miss Mad Dog, who was entertaining at least.

  13. scofid

    It’s only right that the series ends back to the Bronx. A celebration on Anaheim soil would have been “nice”, but a celebration on the Bronx turf would be absolutely phenomenal…assuming that it’s our guys doing the celebration! Andy Pettitte has been concerned about his Yankees legacy, so what greater achievement than to propel his team to the 2009 World Series! Well, a World Series win, but that’s not a consideration at the moment. Here’s hoping for a magical Pettitte moment and a “W” after his name in the box score for tonight’s game!



    Thanks to all of you for sharing your pregame angst. It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one sitting on pins and needles waiting for the game to start. From deep in the heart of Utah I’m sending all the good Karma I can muster straight to the Bronx. Let’s go Yankees!


    Here’s some Wizard of Oz trivia that will help put that line in perspective. Originally, they were going to add an extra story line about Dorothy having a sort of romance with Huck, the farmhand played by Ray Bolger aka the Scarecrow.
    There was even a verse cut from “If I Only Had a Brain”

    Gosh, it would be pleasin’
    To reason out the reason
    To things I can’t explain
    And perhaps I’ll deserve ya
    And be worthy erve ya
    If I only had a brain

    So that line was only in there because of the romance angle.

    As far as Yankees go, I just went out to the store and was feeling the love. I live about 1 1/2 hours north of NYC and there were people all over with Yankee caps, shirts, bumper stickers, etc. Sure made me smile!


  16. arizonacacti

    Wow, didn’t know dorothy was a yanks fan but happy about it, she was probably the only person in kansas not angry about that george brett call speaking of tornado shelters. This game has the feel of 2000, game 5, Pettitte vs Lieter(another lefty). Keeping my fingers crossed the Yankees will win and rest up for the series that will start in the Bronx. All the pressure will be on the angels tonight and I think that will show like it did their last game in the stadium. I will admit also that after the Yanks clinch I will be looking forward to your blog also. What a respite from the story thread trolls!

  17. Jane Heller

    While I did want the Yanks to nail it down the other night, Scott, it will be sweeter to win it at home. I’d love to see Andy be “magical.” And I’m sure it would mean so much to him and his legacy.

    You’re not the only one with pre-game angst by any means, yankeeinutah. We’ve been sharing our angst for the entire season, so we’re right there with you. Here’s hoping all that good Karma you’re sending to the Bronx will pay off and we’ll be back here tomorrow high-fiving each other.

    Melissa, that’s really interesting about “Oz.” Dorothy having a romance with Huck? Wasn’t he much older? Or did she just seem younger because of her wardrobe? I can’t picture them having any sparks, so I’m sure glad they scrapped the storyline from the movie. But it does give that line a different meaning, doesn’t it. So glad the fans have been out in force today. It must have given you a boost.

    Not sure what the weather will do, Lisa, but my sister in NYC just emailed to say it’s very humid but not raining – yet. Hopefully, the skies won’t open up until Mo gets the last out and Jeter pumps his fist and the Yankees land on top of each other in a big happy pile.

  18. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Dorothy was a Yankee fan in Kansas, arizonacacti. LOL!!! Auntie Em rooted for the Royals, but she was always into the pinstripes. In fact, she meant to go to the Bronx, not Oz, but that twister sent her in the wrong direction. 🙂 I hope you’re right and the Angels will feel the pressure. That could lead to the kind of mistakes that dogged them the last time they were in NY. But it’s up to the Yankees to play well. They can’t wait for the opposition to fall apart. It’s their game to win and win they must!


    i can hardly wait. i woke up this morning and started counting the hours. actually i started doing that yesterday. i went to the gym and listened to my yankee collection–yankee theme, yankee mambo, ny ny, a collection of yankee home run calls, etc–and worked out for a couple of hours. and then i can’t seem to want to do anything except watch the game. so this blog is helping because at least there are others who are feeling the same and at least there are people talking about the game. i keep picturing mariano on the mound watching the ball fall safely into someone’s glove and the big pile on the mound. if only our minds could will it to be so. i need to do something besides count hours and check ny weather forecast. i could read a jane heller novel but i’ve read them all. i could watch old yankee world series victories. the problem i realize with counting hours is we don’t even know if there will be a game and what time it will start. friends coming for dinner already know they need to leave by 7:57, i live in boston, they are not people i want to stay and watch with.
    can’t wait for the happy blog tomorrow. wishing and waiting, barbara


    Yes, but the Tin Man was a football and hockey fan, rooting for the Houston and Edmonton.
    The Cowardly Lion, of course, was also a football fan, rooting for Detroit, though he did cheer on the Tigers during the summer months.
    The Scarecrow, with his tendency to need help with his stuffing, was definitely a Green Bay fan.
    And the Great Oz himself only watched the NBA, rooting for Washington.


  21. ladyjane303

    There’s no place like home, indeed. Let’s get this thing started. What I’m looking for is a replay of the AL East clincher. Andy gets the win, Mo gets the save (a blow-out would be good, to – great in fact), on to the next round. Go Yankees!!!!!

  22. Jane Heller

    You invited friends over for dinner tonight, Barbara? Wow. Very brave of you. I did that once and we lost to the Diamondbacks. Never again! I need to concentrate on every pitch, and I can’t do that if somebody is asking me to pass the salt. LOL. Good idea to picture Mo getting that final out. That’s what I’ve been picturing, along with everybody jumping on each other in a pile. But according to the weather report I just saw, it doesn’t look very good for the game to start on time, let alone be played.

    Melissa, I don’t watch football, basketball or hockey, so your wonderful analogies are totally lost on me. Sorry! When I was living in NY, I followed the Knicks and my husband was a big hockey fan (Rangers), but we’ve become a one-sport household now.

    Let’s please get this thing started, ladyjane. I was fine with the off day, but now I just want to watch the game already. A replay of the AL East clincher would be awfully sweet. Clinch! Clinch! Clinch!


    i invited people for dinner who will leave by game time. east coast time. they come at 6 and know to leave by 8. i can’t have people over during dinner because i’d just get up and leave the table throughout the meal and that would even ruder than kicking that out at 8.

  24. Jane Heller

    Victory tomorrow, Greg. I wish the game hadn’t been postponed. Now I’ll have to come up with a creative blog post for tonight. LOL. But in the meantime, it’s still afternoon here so I’m heading out for a beach walk. I need to work off all that energy I was saving for the game!


    Lucky you, Jane. While we New Yorkers sit in the ugly, cold rain, you’re going for a beach walk. Sigh.

  26. Jane Heller

    Very lucky, Melissa. Just got back and it was beautiful out there. But even though I had my iPod in and was listening to tunes and life was good, I was going, “Why aren’t they playing?”

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