Yankees-Angels Game 5: Way Too Much Stress

They say that baseball breaks your heart, but what they don’t tell you is that it gives you heart attacks. Seriously, it should come with a warning label.
With the exception of Tuesday night’s 10-1 blowout, the ALCS games against the Angels have been as nerve-wracking as they’ve been exciting, with the outcome never clear until the final out. Tonight’s 7-6 loss was a case in point, and I’m exhausted.
AJ was so astonishingly bad in the first inning that I was ready to jump off a bridge. He had nothing. His pitches didn’t dive and dart. They just sat there, begging to be eaten, like some balls of mozzarella.
At the same time, the Yankees offense looked lifeless against Lackey (is there any Yankee batter who can hit a curve ball?), so I figured it just wasn’t our night – especially after yet another blown call; Damon was clearly safe at first and, instead, was ruled an inning-ending out. I’m beginning to think the umps should use these.
But then a funny thing happened: AJ settled down. He held the Angels scoreless for five innings, giving the Yanks a chance to come back – and they did. Lackey became unhinged in the seventh after he gave up a double to Melky and a bitterly contested walk to Posada. He walked Jeter to load the bases, and Scoscia had seen enough. Lackey didn’t want to leave the game and practically had to be dragged away.
In came Oliver, who helped Tex break out of his slump by serving up a three-run double. Then he intentionally walked A-Rod and allowed an RBI single by Matsui to tie the score at 4-4. Suddenly, we had a brand new ball game. When Cano tripled off Jepsen, the Yanks went ahead 6-4 and I got up from my couch and started dancing around the living room.
No, I didn’t think we had the game won. Not with three innings left to play. But I was feeling a whole lot better about our chances. Should Girardi have brought back AJ to pitch the bottom of the seventh – with a rested bullpen available, not to mention the best closer in baseball? Probably not. But it was Hughes who threw mozzarella balls to Guerrero and Morales, and the Angels took a 7-6 lead and kept it. Where was Dave Robertson? That’s what I’d like to know. When it became clear that Hughes didn’t have it, why not bring in D-Rob, who has shown such great strikeout-potential? Why, Joe? Why?
And then in the top of the ninth, after A-Rod walked against Fuentes, you pulled him for Guzman. So my question is…..What if the Yankees had tied it up and we’d gone into extras? Why would you want your best hitter out of the lineup? What’s more, why didn’t you have Guzman try to steal, since his speed is the only reason he’s on the roster? Why, Joe? Why?
And just one more thing, Joe. Gardner should be in the lineup and Swisher should be playing this.
Just a suggestion. Anyhow, the series moves back to New York for Game 6. I’m sure Fox is thrilled. I’m not. Well, my heart isn’t. It’s still recovering from tonight.



  1. stacie32

    OMGosh I feel the same way! These highs and Lows of the series are driving me nuts! At lease now we can win and celebrate at home in front of the best fans!!!

    GO Yankess!!!!

  2. lenn23

    Damn, that game really hurt! The blame for this game I place squarely on Hughes, Swish, and A.J. in that order. They just didn’t get the job done. It has to be admitted though that the Angels are pretty damn good. Also, I hope this ends the A.J./Molina experiment for the future. It really pains me that Jorge is not starting when the Yanks have a chance to clinch the pennant. They’re really going to need his bat against the Phils if they get there, esp. in the NL park. I still think they’ve got this series going back to the Stadium. Do not think that Saunders can pitch another great game there and hopefully Tex is getting hot again. But Jane, if they lose this next game and have to go to a game 7 then I’m going to need some of that wine that you are drinking!

  3. dorgal218

    Oh, I think my heart is still pounding a little from last night. I am drained – totally drained. I expected close games, i really, really, did. And I expected the Angels to win 2 in that monkey-infested, thunderstick-contaminatned joint! But, oh, the heartbreak of getting 6 runs (without a HR!) to take the lead, only for AJ and the bullpen to give it back, and then Swish with the bases loaded, praying it was his time to break out, just like Cano and Tex earlier, and going to 3-2, and then. SINK. Exhale. Exhale.

    Lots of room for second guessing, but I see it the way you do, Jane. If Hughes gets Vlad, it’s a whole new game. And as much as I don’t know that Gardner would do much better than Swish, at this point, he could not do worse.

    I still like the Yankees’ chances at home. I will say, I HATE all these days off in the middle of the action. I truly believe if they don’t have Wednesday off, and have to come right back the next day to play, the Angels would have been a little different team in game 5.

  4. mhugill@verizon.net

    I was screaming at my tv all night because of some of the stupid choices/decisions of Girardi and his coaching staff….if his staff are on the same page as their boss and don’t have the calones to say otherwise.

    I have given up on him. I have tried all season to give him the benefit of the doubt but it’s time we must part ways.
    I want a divorce!

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    As a baseball fan, I delight in such a great game. As a Yankee fan, I think I just might explode from all the emotion.

    As a total Pollyanna, I am trying to look at the good things. AJ pitched a good end of the first inning and then 5 more good innings. Cano can hit with RISP. Teixiera is starting to hit again, as is Damon.

    A funny thing happened when Marte was in the game. They showed a close up and I total shock. I said “That is not the face I want to see there. I want to see Mo.” It is so comforting to see Mo during a tight inning. Not only is he a great pitcher, but he is like a Zen master and calms me right down.

    It’s always easy to second guess management decisions, especially with pitching changes. If Joe had lifted Hughes for Robertson, and he hadn’t pitched well, we’d all be complaining about that. (Though really, that is a mighty big IF.)

    I do have to tip my hat to the Angels – they play a good game.

    Now the Yanks will be home and it’s always better in pinstripes. Let’s hope Huuuuuuuuuuughes returns in Yankee Stadium. The place will be rocking.


  6. ladyjane303

    Jane – As usual, I couldn’t agree with you more on everything. My blood pressure is through the roof and I thought I would be ill so many times last night – but especially after we tied and the promised land was in sight. Top of the 1st and top of th 9th were just killers! So many missed opportunities. Leave A-Rod in – he’s been running great! Guzman could have run for Matsui. Gardner or Hairston could have batted for Swisher. And you’re right – where the heck was Roberston in the 7th? I have a dinner to attend on Saturday night and will not be in front of the TV. My heart will be in the Bronx, but my blood pressure may be better off not watching. I have faith in Andy Pettitte to bring home the win. I don’t want to see CC pitching again until Wednesday! Go Yankees!!!

  7. adirondackgal46

    What a ride huh? It’s a love, hate thing, I love the thrill and hate it too.
    Happy birthday Cano!
    Swish, I was screaming, lean into it, take one for the team!!! LOL.
    I have the IV in the arm today, pumping the coffee in me at work! I am so tired and drained!
    I knew the Angels would be up for it, they won the battle but we will win the war!!! See ya in NY!

  8. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Last night’s game was the FIRST post-season game that was not a blow-out that I was CERTAIN we were going to win – right up until the top of the ninth with bases loaded and two out and Swisher at the plate. Then I knew it was over. That was the only decision Girardi made that I disagreed with — I would have pulled Swisher at that point for Hairston – you just knew that Nick was not going to do anything there.

    The comeback was very exciting – it was really how I thought it was going to happen. Then when the Angels came back too — I didn’t believe it but I also was certain we were going to come back once again. Oh well!

    I do not want this to go 7 games. Andy has to win it for us tomorrow so that C.C. can start Game One of the World Series. End of discussion.


  9. cheshirecat9

    Arrg! That was the most intense game yet! What is going on with Hughes and Joba? We should have won that game. Our bullpen is one of our strengths. Now all of a sudden we are leaking like a sieve. Jane, any chance you can have a talk with those two and slap them around a little bit? I knew we were in trouble when Hughes shook off Posada three times at one point.

    Jane, “like balls of mozzarella”? Great simile! You always crack me up even after a loss like last night. Or maybe especially after a loss like that.

    Guess it’s up to Pettitte now.

  10. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    Again thank you – I have laughed for the first time since the game ended. I think we are all permanently damaged from the 2001 World Series and the 2004 ALCS. It is really tough to take. It seemed that the bullpen was mismanaged setting each guy up for failure. The reality is that all the close games have been won by the home team and that is why home field advantage is turning out to be the difference maker. I am practicing the Derek Jeter philosophy of baseball – treating it like any other game.

    Keep up the great work.


  11. arizonacacti

    Down by four with two outs the Yankees put up six runs without hitting a homerun, that is the glass half full and thats where I’m staying. I really believe the coaches will sit down with the bulpen and watch the tape and fix the problems with an emphasis on execution. Lackey is a free agent but I hope the Yankees dont even think about it, Yes , the yankees struggled with the curveball and the umpires portable strike zone but he did have a 60-40 strike to ball and thats not great. Dont be lured in Cashman(I know you read this blog). The Yankees looked pumped up and ready for game 6 and my chant will be, Run support, run support RAH RAH RAH. Go yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jmf414@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    As with you and all the rest of our friends of your blog….I am drained and just wanted it to be over last night with a Yankee win……Burnett should have NEVER come back out to pitch after they went ahead and lets just think about Hughes, to bring him in with that situation, he has been great all year, BUT….He is a very young man and clearly was affected by the highly emotional position, he should have started the inning (maybe)…….yes where is Robertson??? Hughes had Guerrero with the curve ball and shook off Posada and then look……Even McCarver could not believe the pitch he threw……..As much as I like Swisher, Girardi stayed with him way TOO long in this series, Lets see if Girardi has the guts to put Gardner in center and Melky in right……….good luck to Andy and the rest of boys and to all of us and hope we make it through another game………must go buy more Chardonnay………..Jane

  13. pmcjohnson@optonline.net

    Jane – I am exhausted!! Late night on the East Coast, and a disappointing one. I was screaming with joy when they came back with the 6 runs, only to become deflated by the outcome. At least, I said to myself, I can read Jane’s blog in the morning, and that will cheer me up!! Keep up the good work. I have faith in Petitte on Saturday – he’s one of the old guard and will do it for us. (Just hope the weather in NY doesn’t mess up the game schedule).

    Pearlann (another She-fan)

  14. llabesabrm

    She-Fan- I couldn’t agree any more! When Guzman didn’t even attempt to steal until the 3-2 count I said “A-Rod could have done that!” Let alone the fact that if we had tied it up, then Guzman is batting instead of A-Rod. It was also obvious from his first pitch that Hughes did not have it, not that he’s really had it during the postseason, and yet Girardi didn’t have anyone warming up until later when Joba, who has also not had it, started again. Then he did not have anyone warming up when Joba came in and had to rush Mo through his routine.

    I really think he took the deserving criticisms of his over-managing in game three to heart and in this case under-managed. This game really exposed the two weaknesses of this team: 1) we don’t have a good bat to come off of the bench, although anyone would be better than Swisher at this point, and 2) Joe Girardi is managing. Maybe some day he will be a great manager, but at the moment there are way too many head scratching calls.

  15. mikeeff

    a rollercoaster from hell. i have a few thoughts. one could make an argument feither to leave AJ in after only 80 pitches or take him out as he had sat there for a half an hour. with a day off and ALL hands on deck i was shocked when he came back out. but so be it. the minute he gave up the hit to Mauer – ooops sorry, Mathis there should have been joba or in my opinion robertson and a lefty ready to come in instantly. no excuse to leave hum in to walk that little creep aybar after having down 0-2. furious that hughes shook off posada who was no doubt calling for another curve… lesson learned? we’ll see. but YES–taking alex out for a pinch runner who didnt run was absolutely idiotic –i understand you do it with matsui but then he had alex AND matsui out of the game with no one with pop off the bench. now he’s counting on scoring not only the tying run but the winning run. in the end it was all for naught but he’s a terrible manger who has a team that usually wins despite his bungles. i sincerely hope that last night proved the AJ/ Molina project has stopped being funded by the Girardi foundation

  16. Yankee Hater Hater

    Joe shifted gears from over-managing to under-manageing without clutching 1st and the Yankees derailed in LA.
    The bright side is we can now clinch at home and Pettittes pitching…and if he somehow fails, CCs got this.
    Lackey needed to calm himself down. He wasnt getting that 3 out anyway. It wouldve ended just like when Martinez tried in 03 game 7. Damned if you stay, damned if you go.


  17. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Too Much Monkey Biznezz…an oldie from Chuck Berry, but all too relevant today. What GREAT postings, fellow bloggers! I can only Second that Emotion…dorgal218 is SO right…I DESPISE days off between Games 3,4, and 5…they FLY IN THE FACE of baseball tradition, AND they give the trailing team LOTS of time to regroup…look at the 2007 ALCS, when the Tribe had you-know-who by the you-know-whats before…a DAY OFF. And we all know the rest. So perhaps this day off will reverse the course, encore? Diane, as usual, is also so right, again…DO NOT GO TO GAME 7. Too many obvious reasons. And EVERYONE is right about the confounding choices of pitching…CAN’T ANYONE GET MATHIS OUT? Oh yeah…Joba did…THEN WHY NOT HAVE JOBA PITCH TO HIM THE FIRST TIME??! But I’m just parroting all y’all (“Squawk! Can’t take this…not another day…”), but like you, I sure do. For one brief shining moment there in the 7th, I had that old feeling again…and I want to get it back…NOW, please, or ASAP will do…

  18. devilabrit

    tough game especially after I thought they’d pulled it off and AJ was sure to left on the bench….not to worry it’s always sweeter to win the series at home
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  19. tmpalomino@gmail.com

    Well now it’s 3-2 everyone!!! Tough loss for the Yankees last night. Here’s hoping they can get things done in Game 6 with ol’ reliable, Pettite on the mound against Saunders at home. I’ve got a good feeling. Definitely don’t want to go to game 7, even with CC on the hill. Anyone worried about him wearing down???

    Also, let’s hope Girardi doesn’t keep hurting us like I think he has so far!!! Thoughts?

    Also, check out some great New York Yankees stuff, it’s great to see from any Yankees Blog. The stuff is from Steiner Sports, my client. Thanks!

    Thanks again, LET’S GO YANKS. Let’s put up #27!!! Keep up the good work with these funny posts!!!

  20. Jane Heller

    Stacie, that would be the absolute best scenario: to win at home on Saturday with Pettitte on the mound at Yankee Stadium in front of the home crowd. Fingers and toes crossed.

    Len, thanks for reminding me to tip my cap to the Angels. They’re a tremendous team and they play great baseball. But we had a chance to steal that one and blew it, and it was so frustrating. It was a very positive sign that Tex lined that huge double; hopefully he’s getting hot just in time. And I, too, would like to see the AJ/Molina experiment come to an end. As for the wine, it doesn’t help the Yankees win. It only takes the edge off when they lose!

    “Drained” is exactly the right word, dorgal. I was so tired after that one. Well, after all these games. Lots of room for second guessing Girardi and, in truth, I try to refrain from it because who’s to say we could all do a better job? So once I get my questions off my chest, I move on and hope for the best. I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I actually like the days off in these series. They give the fans a chance to regroup, but more importantly, they give the pitchers time to rest up.

    You’re divorcing Girardi, mhugill? LOL! Don’t forget what happened to me when I threatened to divorce the Yankees. We must stick with them for better or worse.

    Baseball fans have to be happy with these games, Melissa. They’re so exciting, no matter which team you root for. Obviously, we’d have preferred to snuff out the Angels last night, but having the opportunity to do it at home isn’t a bad option. I thought Marte was good, although Mo is definitely the Zen master. There’s nothing better than seeing him step on the mound and taking charge. I hope Hughes can get back on track. He hasn’t been as dominant.

    That should always be Girardi’s mantra, ladyjane: LEAVE A-ROD IN! I know you’ll be torn having to go to the dinner on Saturday night, but I hope it’s fun and it’ll be good for your blood pressure. We’ll hold down the fort for you! And best of all, Andy will be pitching. He will get this done!

    It’s such a love/hate thing, adirondackgal. I can’t wait to watch these games even as I dread watching them. So funny. But onward we go. I keep hearing dire weather predictions in NY for Saturday so I hope this series doesn’t drag out forever. Just win it, Yankees!

    No F-bombs, Jeff. I save them for Twitter. This blog is G-rated, as much as we try to fool the ******* censors.

    I thought the same thing, Jenn. When Tex hit that double after having been in such a slump, I said, “OK. Now it’s done.” But noooo. Oh, well. We’ll try again tomorrow and hope for a meeting with the Phillies.

    So you were confident the whole way, Diane? I admire that! I was hiding my eyes, fearing the worst. LOL. I wouldn’t necessarily have wanted Hairston batting for Swisher (although Swish has been awful in this series, truly) but I was wishing we’d had Hinske on the roster. He’s not Babe Ruth but he can hit with power. Yes, Andy must win tomorrow so CC can line up to pitch Game 1 of the World Series. PLEASE.

    Cheshirecat, it drove me nuts when Hughes and Joba were shaking off Posada. They have how many championships? They have how much postseason experience? They’re how old? If nothing else, Girardi needs to sit down with these kids and explain the facts of life to them. And if won’t do it, I will. Maybe as early as tonight on this blog.

    Laurie, you are so right about home field advantage. We earned it. We need it. It will work for us. It’s just so much more stressful when the other team can win the game in the bottom of the ninth with one swing of the bat. I can’t wait to be back in the Bronx tomorrow, cold weather and all. (Easy for me to say since it’s about 80 degrees here in CA right now. 🙂

    I agree: I’d have absolutely no interest in Lackey, arizonacacti. He’s a good pitcher, no question, and a great competitor. But I can’t picture him in pinstripes. He’ll be sought after by plenty of teams, I’m sure. As for our bullpen, it’s been so effective all year and I still think it’s better than most. I like your glass half full idea!

    Hughes must be feeling the pressure, Jane. I don’t know what to make of his recent mistakes. Also, he’s from SoCal and probably had family and friends at the game last night, so maybe he was especially nervous. And Swisher? I know we’ve been going with him all year, but why wait until the late innings to use Gardner? His speed can be such a disruption on the bases. So yes, more Chardonnay for you until we win this thing!

    I love the article in today’s NY Times about the “old guard,” Pearlann. Did you read it? (Wish I had the link handy.) Andy is one of our stalwarts, so I have faith that he’ll bring us a pennant. He said that coming back to pitch for the Yankees this year was all about stepping out on the mound at the new Stadium and being there for playoff games. Now he’ll get that opportunity.

    Llabesabrum, that Guzman move ticked me off. Why use him if he doesn’t run? He can’t hit. As I said above, I don’t think Hinske is the greatest hitter that ever lived, but he would have provided some pop off the bench. I would have gone with him over Guzman, given that we already had Gardner to pinch run. That said, I’m still in Girardi’s corner. Some of my friends who are Dodger fans are complaining about how Torre didn’t do anything to help their team win. Managers really are damned if they do and don’t.

    I know, Brendan. But we’ll win it tomorrow at home. We have to.

    It sure is baseball, Buz. And if I were a Fox executive, I’d be so happy with the way things are going. The games are the best entertainment there is.

    “Mauer….oops Mathis.” LOL, Mike! I echo your sentiments. You can’t manage as if you’re playing at home – when you’re not at home! And the shaking off of Posada seems to be a common theme here. As for AJ, after he put us in the hole early, I was impressed that he held it together for five scoreless innings, so I can understand bringing him back out for the seventh. Sort of. All I know is I’m as drained as everybody else.

  21. Jane Heller

    Joe did seem to go from over-managing to under-managing, YHH, although I thought pulling A-Rod for Guzman was over-managing. In any case, these games are all a trial for both managers and they’re earning their money in this series. Having Pettitte at home is a nice “backup plan.”

    Dave, first we were all saying, “Can anyone get Kendrick out?” Now it’s all about Mathis. Who would have guessed? But as Buz says, that’s baseball. Again, I know I’m the only one who actually doesn’t mind the off days. I’m actually going to LA today to have a business lunch. Yes, I’m doing some work today because there’s no game. What a concept!

    It was sweeter for the Phillies to win it at home, Peter. And it will be sweeter for the Yankees too – but first they have to actually DO it! If they do manage to win the AL crown, it’ll be a great series against your guys.

    Tmpalomino, I’m not worried about CC wearing down. Not in the slightest. He looked stronger the other night as the game went on. He’s amazing.

    If the Yankees lose the series, Paul, there won’t be anybody available to bring the lawsuit. We’ll all be jumping off rooftops.

  22. Erin Kathleen

    It is a lot easier to watch these dramatic postseason games when your team isn’t in it, that’s for sure. It might not be much fun for Yankee or Angel fans, but the rest of us are rooting for a 7-game series. I cannot think of a better way to promote the sport than to have a bunch of close, dramatic postseason games decided in the final at-bat.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.blogspot.com

  23. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    this blog is so great. and i don’t read blogs.
    jane you have created a community of support.
    does this mean we are your groupies? i’ve never been a groupie. how do you make the time to respond to all of us?
    i’m still thinking of the guy who write yesterday that his wife tortures him while he watches with comments about steroids and money. i just want to tell him, stop watching with her. go to another tv or if you don’t have one, like me, go to the radio and leave the partner who roots for the wrong team.
    ok i must admit, and i feel weird admitting here amongst my people, the serious, crazy yankee fans, i didn’t watch. i quit watching after 2 innings and listening after 3. i felt certain we would lose and i can’t tell is that my usual nervousness talking (yes i once said “game over” and my friend’s response was “but barbara we haven’t even gotten up to bat yet”–yes over reaction from the sox scoring in the first inning one game) or my psychic sense. i needed sleep so i decided not to lose sleep on a losing game. i think we’ll win saturday and i am not always this optimistic. again, not sure if it’s my psychic (jung calls it synchronicity) predictions that are often right or my extreme wish that andy, one of the old guard–i liked the article–and one of my true favorites, wins.
    if we don’t win saturday, i fear for sunday. so i’ll just assume good things for tomorrow.
    i only trust robertson and mo and that seems to keep being true. what happened to the others? also what happened to swisher? you were right about tex coming out of it.
    jane, you sure went to the right game on your coast.
    now the home field magic has to pay off. we won 103 for home field advantage. let the advantage come. it was over 70 yesterday but the cold is back to hopefully freak out the angels. go andy.
    take care to all you yankee lovers, barbara

  24. Jane Heller

    The umpiring has been awful, Emma, for both sides. Usually I don’t pay much attention to it since it seems to even out in the end. But this season has been particularly troubling. That said, I’m not an advocate for expanding instant replay. I still love the human element.

    Erin, there have been times during this series when I’ve said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to watch without being invested in either team.” That’s what made the nlcs so enjoyable. But despite the cardiac arrests, I’d rather be in it than not – an understatement!

    Barbara, we’re a community of like- minded fans and it’s been such a pleasure to share all the ups and downs with you and everybody who comments here. I wish we could all be in the same room tomorrow when Andy takes the mound. We could either celebrate together or commiserate. And judging by your “psychic” sense, it sounds like we’ll be celebrating.

  25. gregdevoe@comcast.net

    I have to simplify things to be able to deal with last night’s loss. We lost using the same players that have come through in many situations throughout the season and that’s why we are we are now. It’s easy for me to second guess every move but you can’t blame Joe for dancing with the ones who brought him this far in the dance. I just wish that one umpire would get a call right……..

  26. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane – As you know, I’ve always got Swisher’s back, but I would like to see Gardner get more of a chance to disrupt things from the beginning. I understand the philosophical reason for leaving him in there, i.e. you can’t break out of a slump unless you are working it out in real at-bats. But I also understand that this is the playoffs. BTW- Am I the only one who thought that Joba didn’t look all that bad last night? I think Hughes is just tightening up a bit because of the heightened importance of the playoffs. He should have some mandatory chat time with Mo and CC. Or, I’m happy to go into den-mother mode, again!

  27. dj2jd5jm7

    “As a baseball fan, I delight in such a great game. As a Yankee fan, I think I just might explode from all the emotion.” Melissa, I could not have said it any better.

    As excited as I was to take the lead in the top of the 7th, I was even more excited that we scored six without any HR!! Now THAT’S real baseball. Not that I am tired of A -Rod’s homers, especially in the clutch, it just makes the game even better.

    Jane, I love the human element and am not a fan of expanded replay. That said, this season has had some very, shall we say “questionable” umpiring. So much so that something needs to change. Just not entirely sure of what or how!

    The “bright” side of losing last night’s game is that we can win it in the Bronx! I also will get a workout in since I can’t sit still thru these close and exciting games. Just hope Jane won’t have to resort to the wine! (and me to the martini)

    One more note: God- forbid we lose this series, I believe Cashman should be fired. He’s been around for the last 9 years’ downfall, maybe it has something to do with him!

    Go Andy! and GO YANKEES!!

  28. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    to dj2jd5jm7,
    I understand how frustrating this all is. But really? Cashman? What would you fire him for?

    Signing us an ace who won 19 games, has been almost lights out since the All Star Break and is undefeated in the post season?

    Signing us a second pitcher, who had a good start, has had some shaky times, but won 13 games and is second on the staff for most stats and has only allowed 9 runs in 3 games in the post season?

    Signing us a player who has saved so many runs with amazing defense, as well as being the league leader in home runs AND RBIs?

    Signing an utility player who has filled in and played third, short, second, and the outfield and gotten some clutch hits?

    During the game the other night, the announcers said that Mike Scioscia said something like “you can only put the players in, you can’t play for them.”


  29. robinlyn

    Ok, now that I have calmed down enough to talk about yesterday I’ve come to the realization that this isn’t so bad. I mean I would loved to win it all yesterday but now we are back home and can win it in 6 which is more reasonable against this team. Also after this series we have at the most 7 more games till April! Let’s enjoy the baseball games that we have left, as long as we win it all!! The post season goes by much quicker when NY fans are happy. Remember that Giraidi next time you decide to make some dumb move. 🙂

  30. Jane Heller

    Sue, I would SO love to win the AL Pennant and advance to the WS so we can play your guys. If the Angels win, you’ll not only have to put up with the thunderstix and rally monkey, but your TV will go crazy. It would just be way, way too much red!

    Greg, you’re right that Girardi is going with the players that got us here, and there’s something to be said for that. I admire his loyalty and I agree that when a guy is struggling he has to play to get hot again. But these playoff games are crucial, and I would just tinker with the Gardner/Swisher situation. Plus, Guzman? He was a late arrival and I don’t see why he’s on the roster.

    YRC, I think you do have to go into den-mother mode and have a chat with Hughes and Joba. They need your guidance (and maybe some milk and cookies). And yes, you might be the only one who thinks Joba didn’t look all that bad last night. He gave up a leadoff double to Rivera and an infield single to Aybar before departing for Mo. He’s capable of better. We’ve seen it. As for Swish, I know he’s your fave. And he’s been so much better than I ever imagined he would be. I’d love to see him break out of his slump tomorrow night. But I wish Gardner could get more playing time.

    Scoring six without a homer was big, dj. I loved it too. I just really thought it would be enough to get the win. Aargh. Sitting through the game tomorrow will require intestinal fortitude – with or without wine – but I can’t wait! As for Cashman, why so down on him? Win or lose, this is a great team. My only issue with him this year was not picking up another starter after Wang went down and Joba was ineffective. Gaudin has done a good job, so I guess it’s worked out.

    Melissa, you should have been a lawyer. (Or maybe you are?) You stated your case very succinctly and convincingly. I’d buy whatever you’re selling!

    It’s not bad at all, Robin. We’re up in the series and we’re going home to try to wrap it up. It’s all good. We were never sweeping a team as good as the Angels, so this is not unexpected. And if we do make it through to the WS, we’ll have the pleasure of watching our Yanks for a little longer, as you say. Wouldn’t that be great?

  31. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    I am with Barbara, as I may not watch tomorrow night though it will be hard. I did not watch when the Tigers closed out the Yankees but that was during the day. My husband and I went for a bike ride and I was an emotional wreck. I recorded it and would have watched later if they had won. I really can’t bear to see them lose! And I am troubled by this. I know why Jane does the blog, it releases the pain from the loss. It has been a very tough day for me. Just needed to say this.

  32. wetfeet

    Jane I started thinking about your club sandwich, and your yesterdays statement about a all red W/S. I dug out a 15 year old red Rangers cap and a old red Pudge jersy and wore them during yesterdays game, it worked! Now before sat. I need to find some red undies, red socks to go with my red sweat bottoms, and that should take us into game 7! All in all you have to admit, it was a GREAT game!

  33. twinkiegurl

    Yes baseball is defantily a stressfull,game 163 was sooo stressfull for me,good game last night tho from what I saw(the last three innings)hopefully anoter good one Saterday

  34. Jane Heller

    Laurie, it’ll be OK. You’ll see. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Andy will pitch well and the hitters will do their jobs, and if not then CC will be there the next day to take care of business. And if the weather interferes with the schedule, then everything will get pushed back another day. If you decide you can’t watch, not to worry. I’ll watch for you!

    It was a great game, wetfeet. Very exciting and full of twists and turns. I question your wardrobe choices though. Your red outfit doesn’t sound very appealing.

    Game 163 was one of the most thrilling baseball games all season, twinklegurl. I think every fan, no matter what team they root for, was watching it.

  35. dj2jd5jm7

    You’re probably right. I don’t really have a good excuse. I just hold a grudge. I am so mad at him for betraying Torre. Yes it has turned out fairly well for us, but the way he treated Torre after all those years disgusted me. Thanks for not calling me an idiot. You make a much better case than I do. I’m just still pretty emotionally drained from Thursday night’s game!!

    This extra day of waiting is tough. My Saturday night was not without a heart-stopper though… My beloved Iowa Hawkeyes won in dramatic fashion in the last 2 seconds tonight. I’m not sure I can handle another increase in blood pressure Sunday night. I usually love close/exciting games, but I’d go with Jane enjoying a blowout in game 6!

  36. Jane Heller

    Yes, please can we have a blowout in Game 6, dj? With the Yankees on the winning end, of course? My blood pressure would really appreciate it. 🙂

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