Yankees-Angels Game 4: Oh, Wow

I just got home from Anaheim after a LONG drive. I’ll have lots of game notes, pics and videos tomorrow (Wednesday), but it’s too late to post anything coherent now. So I’ll just say I had a fabulous time at the Big A watching the Yankees take Game 4 with a 10-1 victory. The Angels fans I sat next to were really nice. And the Yankee fans I met along the way were as excited to be there as I was. You’ll see a few of them tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with this very special fan. I heard her before I actually saw her. My husband and I were among the last to leave the stadium and we were walking to our car in the parking lot when we heard a tiny voice yell, “Let’s go Yankees!” And here she is.


  1. etoubman@yahoo.com

    Jane- ADORABLE!! I wonder if we were all that cute at one time? What would Red Sox nation think about that?! (sorry, I live here) Anyway, I am so glad that you were at that game -how exciting. CC is the man. Can’t wait to see your other photos and stuff. Go Yankees!!!

  2. ibrenne@yahoo.com

    I seem to remember the last time you went to an angels home game vs yankees – we got spanked. So glad you watched a good one! Love the kid. I feel so good about things right now. Do we clinch next game with AJ? Can’t wait to see the game (on replay). But I will be able to watch the next one (or 2 if necessary) when they win the pennant. CC is worth every penny. And I’m proud of a-rod for stepping up. Plus, the consistency of Jeter is unbelievable. I love this team! Go yankees.

  3. pinstripepride3

    That little girl reminded me of my daughters. “Let’s go Yankees!” was the first sentence each of them learned how to say when they were about two. Great game for you to attend yesterday. Six wins down, five to go. We’re more than halfway to the goal. I’m hoping AJ wraps things up tomorrow.

  4. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    cc and jane (the good luck charm) were a winning combination. what a great game. even me, the nervous yankee fan could enjoy it. even the ridiculous umps couldn’t ruin it. another day of it being so worth being tired for. what fun!

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    She is adorable!!!!
    Thought of you last night Jane. I was so glad the Yankees won big for you – even without the turkey club sandwich.
    Looking forward to the next post. There is a lot to talk about, isn’t there?

  6. ladyjane303

    I’m so glad you got to see the win and such a great performance by CC. Don’t know what you did or said to him, but Melky was a new man last night! Tex is so great in the field – I’d love to see his bat wake up a bit. Game 5 would be an excellent time for that, don’t you think? Looking forward to your next post and seeing pictures. Go Yankees!

  7. ooaooa

    That family is raising their child right! You did a fabulous job last night. I had the radio on for a short time and I could hear a blond female voice yelling “lets go Yankees” in the backround. CC and A-rod and the milk man were awesome. A-rod is in another place right now. I hope you are going again Thursday. You have the chance to see a clincher. How far is it from your home? You MUST go! You MUST! Confidence is VERY high!

  8. mhugill@verizon.net

    You know what I have noticed in these games?
    The Angels say nice things about the Yanks.
    Oh I also noticed the umps were blind and the announcers take every chance they have to go to a negative place when it comes to our boys and they root for the Angels.

    But the players and manager of the Angels haven’t seemed to go that route.
    It’s so rare to have the opposing team do that. What I saw on ESPN last night and this a.m. was respect. From the players and the managers. So rare don’t you think? You wouldn’t hear Manny on the Dodgers do that. He doesn’t even have respect for his own teammates. That is what I mean. So little respect out there that it stood out and while I want them to lose sooner than later I have to appreciate and respect their sportsmanship.
    Now go kick their ****’s Yankees!

  9. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Oh Jane!!! The bats really needed to wake up and boy did they ever. CC was incredible – I think he was even better than he was three days prior. What an amazing win you got to see in person. The TV showed very depressed LA fans – I’m glad those around you were not nasty.

    The umpiring overall was just awful. I think they really need to get rated – report cards on what they do throughout the season and especially in the post season. I don’t want to get into instant replay on anything other than homeruns but there has to be some sort of repercussion for such a terrible job. Fortunately it was not a close game so it didn’t matter but I would hate to have lost (or even won) by one run and the difference being such horrid calls.

    I really, really, really want to win this on Thursday – I don’t want to go any further — the weather is supposed to be less than stellar back here in NY over the weekend and I don’t want it to come down to game 6 or god forbid 7 in the rain and cold.

    The team on the local early news on CBS got pumpkins and decided to have a competition for the best jack-o-lantern — two of the four were Yankee-decorated. Everyone is so excited…GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

  10. stonebutch99

    That was a good game with some bizarre situations on the bases. The ump seemed a little lost on the play at 3rd involving Posada and Cano. It was actually a little bit comical.
    I agree with Kruk on this, there is no way the 3rd base ump can see when the ball is caught *and* when the player’s foot leaves the bag.


  11. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    Jane, I’m so gald you were at the game last night – it made it more personal and I am thrilled you got a blow out! Though it didn’t feel that way at first, did it? The moment that got me jumping up and down and yelling and singing was when Damon hit the homer (I sing Johnny Damon to the worlds of Johnny Angel and always have, even when he was with KC). It was then that it became a blow out and I knew they had a win. And it was such a beautiful shot, out in right where Barry Bonds hit them in the World Series. CC was outrageous and he did a sweet post-game interview at the door to the clubhouse after hugging his teammates as they walked by. I’m sure you recorded it and will watch it. I listened to WCBS most of the game because as mhugill says, they were Yankee bashing and I needed to here a familiar voice. Though John Sterling was a bit a mess himself, screaming, “here come the Angels” during their two little rallies but, of course, CC settled him down. My husband was reading your book and laughing during the ninth inning. Nice touch. Can’t wait to see your extravaganza of a post!


  12. adirondackgal46

    Congrats on seeing a blow out game, they are so fun!
    One suggestion for the umps, have another ump in the replay booth. On controversial plays he can check the replay and relay his findings to the crew chief. It won’t take much time. All the plays last night could have been over ruled in less than a minute.
    Can’t wait to see your post of last nights game!

  13. mikeeff

    glad you got to see such a good one–especially CC at his finest and an offensive explosion. I hope Paul won’t find me too arrogant but i think i’ll look into some of those world series tickets!

  14. nycbren64@mac.com

    CC, Alex , That Very Cute little girl and the Yankees winning!! Fantastic! Jane, Can we see if CC could pitch on one days rest?

  15. Yankees Reality Check

    Too, too cute!! I think between you and Karissa there was a lot of Yankee luck combating the awful umps! Oh yeah, and CC was pretty good, too. šŸ™‚

  16. dschaub@gpo.gov

    “Oh what a night…
    Mid-October in 2009…
    She-Fan’s there, and all the world seems fine…
    As I remember, what a night…
    Oh what a night…
    You know I don’t even recall the score…
    I just felt there’s so much more in store…
    What a lady, what a night!!”

    That’s enuf. But I am SO glad you were there…no wonder it all worked out so great!! I am in AWE of A-Rod right now, and after all the abuse and humbling humiliation…well, it is truly something special to behold. Jersey Bob asked me this morning when was the last time we had a Dominator on the hill like C.C. — I think it has to be Gator, back in ’78. Yup, I was obnoxiously nervous too…the YHH was yelling at me to stop yelling and pounding pillows and worse…but for me, Melk-Man’s single was a HUGE lift that literally took a weight of everybody’s shoulders…lessons of ’04 and other years for other teams tell us Don’t Wait, Don’t Hesitate, get this while the getting is good…Diane is SO right, again…but meanwhile, sit back and savor that flavor for another day…!

  17. Jane Heller

    I think all little kids are cute, Ellen, but this girl’s voice and enthusiasm (it was 10 pm and she was exhausted but gave it her all anyway) really got me.

    You’re right, ibrenne. My last visit to the Big A was not as fortuitous. The Yankees got thumped and I had to sit through it. This time it was our turn, thanks to CC and A-Rod. Worth every penny indeed.

    Sounds like you taught your daughters well, pinstripepride. Lucky me going to that game, right?

    Barbara, I felt exactly the same way. I couldn’t be as nervous when we were ahead by nine runs, although in the bottom of the 10th I turned to the Angels fan next to me and said, “Well, you guys might make a comeback.” He rolled his eyes. LOL.

    I was so glad I got to see them win, Melissa. During the long drive down I kept wondering if I’d be watching another bummer – and I said to my husband, “Are we sure we want to do this?” Really happy we didn’t turn the car around!

    It’s weird about Tex, ladyjane. His first time up against Kazmir, he hit two liners that just went foul. I thought for sure he’d be hitting homers all night. But I was heartened to see his stroke coming back. I think he’ll be great the rest of the way. And CC? My God. The man is amazing.

    Oh, John. I wish I could go on Thursday, but it’s not happening. So I’ll just have to exert my influence from 125 miles away. Not the same as being there, I know, but I’ll do my best. And you probably did hear me yelling, “Lets go Yankees” since I was yelling it all night.

    You got to see a win at your game too, Jenn, although my weather was a lot better. LOL. Let’s see if our teams can get the job done now.

    The weather was perfect, Sue – like a warm summer night. And you’re so right about the blowout. When the Yankees were up 5-1 I was still nervous. But after that, I did sit back and say, “Now this is the kind of game I love.” Let others love those tense pitcher’s duels!

    Mhugill, the Angels are a very classy organization. They tip their cap when they lose and don’t throw it in your face when they win. I appreciate that. And the fans I sat with were equally fair. After the game they were looking so sad and I went around telling them I was sorry. And I was! Not sorry we won, of course; just sympathetic to their situation. The Angels are not out of it by any means, but it’s tough to watch your team not play up to their capabilities.

    The fans were very depressed, Diane. (See above to mhugill.) And who would blame them? But the umpiring drove everybody nuts – on both sides. There was endless booing after each call and nobody could figure out what was going on because we had no replays like you did watching on TV. MLB needs to take charge of the umpiring and put only the very best-rated crews in the playoffs.

    Austin, those plays were so bizarre that they did have a comical, Abbott and Costello quality! As I wrote to Diane, all the fans there were stumped each time a call was made. Nobody could figure out what was going on. That play with Swisher leaving the bag was just crazy.

    Laurie, I didn’t get the “blowout” feeling early on. Not at all. Not even when we were up 5-1. Not against the Angels at their ballpark. I kept thinking CC would run out of gas but he never did. In fact, he seemed to get stronger as the game went on. Incredible. I’m glad your husband was getting some laughs from my book. He was probably reading the part where I said I prefer blowouts!

    Paul, contending teams regularly put World Series tickets on sale before the fact. Come on.

    That little girl certainly expressed my feelings, Buz. If I were the Yankees, I’d put her in a commercial.

    Blowouts are the absolute best for me, adirondackgal. No nerves. Just pure pleasure. I’m not wild about the instant replay for all those plays. I just think they need to train their umpires better. Right now they’re not held to a high enough standard. There needs to be more training and more consistency.

  18. Jane Heller

    Mike, I honestly didn’t expect CC to be that dominant last night. I kept reading how three days rest would keep his velocity down and affect his location. Not so. He was just great and seemed to get better as the game went on. Very glad I was there! And thanks for the emails while I was in Anaheim.

    HAHAHA, Brendan. How about if CC pitches every day? If he’s such a horse he can do it, right?

    The Yanks were great and the umps were awful, YRC, but they always say that luck plays a part in the playoffs. Whatever it takes. I’m just glad we’re in it this year instead of sitting on the sidelines like last year.

    Interesting question, Dave. Who was the last Yankees starting pitcher to dominate a series like CC is right now? Gator, sure. And Whitey in the old days. Wells and Cone were great but did they have three starts like CC’s? Don’t think so.

  19. dj2jd5jm7

    ibrenne, thank you for noting the consistency of Jeter. While I, like many others, am extremely happy A-rod has finally overcome his post-season fears and that CC is so stellar, Jeter’s consistency is also a contributing factor to our playoff success. It is not only these three men, but ALL of the Yankees that have learned to play as a TEAM this season.
    I also must say that I appreciate how respectful and classy the Angels organization is. Unfortunately we don’t see much of that these days. I am so excited to see our team playing so well, but it aint over until we have FOUR wins.
    So glad you had such a fun game to watch Jane! Can’t wait to see what more you have to say (and show) us.

  20. kozmo

    That girl is adorable, Jane.

    Great win last night, and way to bring back the W. C.C. is a flat-out STUD. 3-0 this post-season, 1.19 ERA in 22 2/3 IP. Tremendous, as is A-Rod, who looks in total control. As impressive as his hitting yet another homer to me was his double and run on Abreu’s errant throw. He ran as if he were the tying run, totally making that run. Outstanding. Melky had a great game, too. Good to see Gaudin get some work after a century off and look sharp in the ninth.

    Get the clincher tomorrow night, A.J.

    Jason from The Heartland

  21. rocklandyanks

    I think its funny that I’ve been hearing alot about how the Umpires missed two calls that favored the Yanks last night neither of them resulted in changing the score of the game, whereas the one call they missed that favored the Angels did.

    Oh and people like Paul clearly have some underlying reason to dislike the Yankees aside from the normal and bored arguments, (which are usually erroneous or exaggerated in nature) but for the “best baseball writer you’ve never heard of”, he sure doesn’t seem to know very much about baseball postseason ticket sales huh? Maybe thats why we’ve never heard of him šŸ™‚

  22. Jane Heller

    Your namesake has been the model of consistency this year, dj. I think it was a smart move by Girardi to put him in the leadoff spot, where he has just been amazing. And yes, this 2009 group plays like a team. Everybody contributes in some way. Now let’s see if we can finish the job. You are so right: it ain’t over!

    Isn’t she cute, Jason? There will be more of her in my next post, along with her dad. I second every word you wrote in your comment. It’s been so long since we’ve had a bona fide stud who says, “Gimme the ball and I’ll get it done.” A-Rod’s running game has amazed me too. If I ever need hip surgery, I’m calling his doctor! Finally, Melky’s bat rose from the dead and Gaudin was able to get some work. Such a satisfying win on all counts.

  23. Jane Heller

    The umpiring was just plain awful, rocklandyanks. Since I was at the game, I didn’t get to see replays. But I just watched a tape of the game a few minutes ago and those calls were brutal – for both teams. Clearly, MLB needs to have a stronger hand in the umpiring process for the good of the sport.

  24. fhschw@comcast.net

    My daughter, Barbara, and I are usually pessimistic before a game or series, especially in the playoffs but it was a treat to relax last night as the Yankees batttered the Angels and CC wove his magic. His 3 games have been some of the best in playoffs in many a year. I would be a lot less nervous if Texeira started hitting; can’t expect ARod to be this hot forever. Things are looking good but I can’t forget the infamous Red Sox debacle of several years ago. So, as Prof. Berra said, it’s not over until it’s over. You saisd that Mantle was your hero; mine was DiMaggio and I loved to sit in the bleachers, behind him, and watch a tutorial on how to play center field. He was also a marvelous base runner, always took an extra base and had a hook slide that was a thing of beauty. Harold(from Florida).

  25. Jane Heller

    I understand the pessimism, Harold. I’m always awaiting disaster too. But this team seems to have a resiliency that’s been lacking the last few years. I think Tex will start hitting (he smacked a couple of balls that went foul off of Kazmir that were almost HRs). And if not, the other players will pick him up. No, it’s definitely not over. I agree with you there. And yes, my childhood hero was Mantle. I would love to have seen DiMaggio play.

  26. southernbelle

    Jane: LOL Carissa is adorable! She reminds me of me! I was a big fan as a little itty-bitty girl, too. In 2nd grade, when all the other girls were Barbie and stuff, I was Tino Martinez for Halloween. Good times….That Yankee win was great. I needed it after Girardi’s stupidity the other nigh-wait, I’m trying to forget that….cut him some slack….I’m trying…

  27. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Hey Jane,
    Remember how you said you never listened to Steve Phillips? You have sound instincts.
    From the huffington post:
    “ESPN analyst and former New York Mets General Manager Steve Phillips is at the center of the latest sex scandal to rock the media.
    The New York Post reports that Phillips was having an affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley, who sent Phillips’ wife Marni a letter describing their relationship ā€” and a birthmark Phillips has on his crotch ā€” after Phillips ended their relationship.
    The Post story is full of scandalous details: Hundley crashed her car into Phillips’ home after dropping off the letter; she may have impersonated a 16-year-old to chat with Phillips’ son online; Marni Phillips has since filed for divorce.
    The Post also reports that ESPN has suspended Phillips for one week over the scandal.

    Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/21/steve-phillips-brooke-hun_n_328518.html


  28. Jane Heller

    You dressed as Tino for Halloween, Virginia? That’s hilarious!!!!!! You should post a pic of that for us some time. Carissa (not sure how she spells it) was so adorable, even though she must have been very tired. Last night’s win erased my annoyance at Girardi. Funny how that happens, right?

    Yikes, Melissa. What a sleazy mess! And what’s up with ESPN suspending him for a week? I mean, a week to do what? Very strange, but as you know I’ve never liked him or believed anything he said. Creep.

    It was a great game to go to, behindblueyes, but I’m sorry the Dodgers had to lose in such stunning fashion the other night. Good luck tonight.

    She’s so cute, twinklegurl. Sorry you don’t like the Yankees but CC was pretty amazing last night. No doubt about it.

    Maybe he’s just coming into his prime, 09indians. I guess pitchers can mature with age and experience, especially postseason experience. He’s been great for the Yanks and I feel very lucky to have him.

  29. fwdgralnick@earthlink.net

    I can say without a doubt, 100% that this is the cutest little girl ever!!! I am her mother though so I’m sure I’m a teensy tiny bit biased. haha!! Thanks for posting this and the one of my hubby and her above. I loved seeing these. She’s been talking all day about the “big” game last night, she had a blast.

    Thanks again for posting this!!


  30. Jane Heller

    Dianne, I’m so glad you saw the two videos and enjoyed them! Thanks for the comment letting me know. Your little girl IS the cutest ever and I’m grateful that I spotted her on our way out of the ballpark last night. Your hubby was great too, and I appreciate the time he took to talk to me. You have a terrific family of Yankee fans!

  31. Jane Heller

    Cute story, crystal. I can just picture the little girl you saw on her daddy’s shoulders going down the ramps. I would have loved to have her on video!

  32. crystal.warren1@gmail.com

    This reminds me of a game I went to two years ago at Yankee Stadium after a huge walk off win. Everyone was exciting and cheering. This little girl (probably about 3?) was on her Dad’s shoulders going down the ramps and it got quite and the Dad asked her “Who is your favorite player?” and she answered “Derek Jeter” in the most distinct New York accent. Cutest moment ever.

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