Yankees-Angels Game 3: Fail

It wasn’t as if the Yankees didn’t make it interesting. Over the 11 innings that lasted four-and-a-half hours and resulted in the Angels’ 5-4 walk-off victory, there were moments that were so excruciatingly tense that I almost couldn’t watch. And there were plenty of positives:
Jeter’s homer off Weaver in the first.
A-Rod’s homer off Weaver in the fourth.
Damon’s homer off Weaver in the fifth.
Posada’s homer off Jepson in the eighth to tie the score.
Pettitte’s ability to get out of jams with the double play ball.
Tex’s mastery at first base throughout the game.
Mo’s Houdini act in the 10th with bases loaded.
Nice work by Marte, Hughes and Robertson.
There were also some amusing moments. Like when Posada was batting in the second and the home plate ump forgot how many strikes there were.
And there was that base running blunder by Abreu after he smacked a double off Coke in the eighth – a gift.
But then there were the frustrations, the wasted opportunities, the times when I wanted to throw a sharp object at my TV:
The deadly duo of Swisher and Melky at the bottom of the order.
Joba’s ineptitude in the seventh.
Gardner caught stealing in the eighth.
Girardi pulling Robertson for Aceves in the 11th after consulting his stupid scouting book.
Sure, the Yankees had chances to score insurance runs and didn’t; they were dismal with runners in scoring position. And yes, Kendrick has historically been a tough at bat for the Yanks. But Robertson was pitching lights out. Why not leave him in to face Kendrick and Mathis? Why must every decision be based on match-ups and stats? Why not go with your gut and let the guy who’s doing a great job keep doing it? Why, Joe?
OK, I feel better now. Sometimes, it’s cleansing to get things off your chest.
The good news is I don’t have to eat that “lucky” turkey club sandwich anymore. The even better news is I’ll be at Angel Stadium tomorrow for Game 4. I will be embedded in enemy territory, sitting somewhere in this sea of red thunderstix.
Will I witness a dazzling performance by CC? Will the Yankees bounce back from today’s defeat and win? Will I run onto the field and try to say hi to Jeter?
Will I maneuver my way into Kate Hudson’s suite so A-Rod will wave to me too?
Or will I sneak into the dugout, steal a copy of Girardi’s scouting book and set it on fire?
Anything is possible.


  1. lenn23

    I vote for setting that damn book on fire! He really overthinks his decisions and manages like he’s going to have a nervous breakdown if he doesn’t make just one more move. I really thought they were going to win after Mo escaped that big jam in the 10th. They really need to start hitting now! I mean, the Angels bullpen is not that good. Much more upset after this game than I expected to be but not nervous yet. If they lose this next game than all bets are off. It would be nice to come home at 9 p.m. and turn on the TV and find the Yanks ahead by eight runs. That would be very nice!

  2. swanton7

    Have fun today, Jane. And please, if Joe (uses) and pulls Robertson…give him hell! That was a dumb move and it made me furious. Most of all…Go Yanks!

  3. adirondackgal46

    When Jeter hit the home run in the first, I though we are ok!
    To say I am dissapointed this morning is an under statement but I watched the video you posted of all the walk offs this season and felt better!
    This is a special team this year and I feel like its their year, it won’t be easy in Anaheim but I think we can do it! We didn’t lay down for them last night at all. The good thing is even if we take one in CA , we can win it at home, which is always sweeter!

  4. ooaooa

    Confidence REMAINS high especially since you will be there to convey it to the masses. Rumor back here has it that Suzyn Waldman will be interviewing you on the pregame show! Lucky you!! Enjoy the game and be assured I have full confidence in your ability to make a difference.

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I was depressed last night. (Though it could have been due to a sugar letdown after eating 5 cookies during the early innings. I usually don’t eat cookies.) But really, the Yanks are ahead in the series, and had won 5 straight playoff games!

    I thought taking out Robertson was dumb also. Don’t know why Joe didn’t call and ask me about it first!

    Have a great time tonight Jane! Cheer for all of us! Let’s hope it’s a big win!!!!!!!!!

    And last but not least, it would be much worse to be a Dodger fan this morning.


  6. ladyjane303

    Burn the book!!! And I think it’s time for you to have a serious talk with Melky and Swish. Say what you will, but to me all those missed scoring opportunities (especially early in the game) are what did us in. Any one of those runners scores, and we don’t have to go to extra innings. Have a great time, Jane. I know you’ll bring the good luck with you.

  7. cheshirecat9

    I felt sort of like I was punched in the gut after that game. I guess we had to lose at some point, but that game was so winnable. If Andy doesn’t throw that one pitch to Guerra, if Gardner doesn’t get caught stealing, if Joba doesn’t suck, we win that game. Oh well. Like you said Jane at least you don’t have to eat that sandwich anymore (believe it or not that thought actually crossed my mind after the game last night.) Have a great time at the game Jane! Let’s go CC! Let’s go Yanks!!!

  8. branbranal@aol.com

    I read your blog all the time, and finally just had to comment on how much I love it! Funny, witty, and right to the point! (I just started reading your book as well – loving it so far!) I’m all for you sneaking into the dugout and stealing that stupid scout book. Don’t worry, we’d all come bail you out of jail if you got caught. Hope you have fun at the game today. I’ve got my fingers crossed that all goes well and we take a 3-1 lead in the series!

    Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!!

  9. jihnyyanks@cs.com

    Good Luck today Jane! Please root loud enough for all of us in NY that can only watch it on TV. While you are burning Joe’s book, can you also burn those rally monkeys?!?! Thanks 🙂

  10. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net


    Boy did I need your post this morning. I am not a fair weather fan but I am a fair weather reader of the internet. I figure, why make myself more sad. But I knew you would make me laugh. Thank you! Along with Abreu’s bonehead play was another instant classic heads up play by Jeter. He probably won’t even talk about it since it didn’t lead to a win. I am upset with Girardi too (I haven’t listened to his explanations) but I think he should not have let Andy pitched to Guerrero. Our buddy Al Leiter says that he doesn’t pitch well to him and is even worse because of his lack of success. Oh well. I’ll take all the positive fibs I can get from this post and a great effort by CC tonight. Have fun at the game.

    PS. First Yankee loss since October 3rd – what a run!
    PSS I ran out to get the mail between innings and walked in the door as A-Rod hit his home run. And what was in the mail? Your book! Now that’s a sign.

  11. arizonacacti

    Joe Girardi has been pushing all the right buttons for awhile and I am glad he is the manager of this team. This will be a lesson for him I believe and he might have put that book in a shredder before he lit it up.

    I will not change my mind that any team that twirls towels or bang sticks together should lose just because it looks so annoying to other fans surrounded by these imps. I was watching and it was the only sympathy I could muster up for angel fans.

    C.C. WILL be the man again tonight so I hope all Yankee fans enjoy the game. 6-9 please push some runs across tonight, yes I am talking to you swisher, cabrera!

    A Giambi jersey…..lol

  12. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Paul said “I can smell the fear among the Yankee faithful. And it smells good.”
    Fear? Fear! Are you kidding me? If you are smelling fear, it’s probably from some idiots who jumped on the Yankees bandwagon in the late 1990s and probably rooted for Boston or St. Louis the last few years.
    The Yankee faithful have no fear of any team. We support our Yankees: win, lose or puzzling decisions by managers.

    We are also knowledgeable about baseball enough not to have one loss in a series shake us after winning 5 playoff games in a row, 103 games in the regular season, and having 17 walk off wins this year, the top RBI and HR hitter in the AL, two other players with over 200 hits, and the best closer of all time.


  13. Jane Heller

    I won’t forget the rally bra. Don’t you worry, latinyankeerebel. I was going to post a pic of it via Karen on Twitter yesterday, but I didn’t think MLB would appreciate it. 🙂

    Len, when I saw Girardi hop over to that scouting binder right before Kendrick came up and how he was quickly flipping through the pages, I screamed at my TV: “No! Don’t do it! Step away from that book!” But he didn’t listen. Oh, well. Most of his decisions have worked out, as quirky as they seem. The bigger issue for me is the hitting. Or lack thereof. Solo homers are nice, but they don’t help with RISP! An eight run lead would be much more appreciated. I agree with you there.

    If that happens, Brian, I’ll leap onto the field and drag Girardi away from Robertson. Not a problem!

    Good idea watching that walk-off video, adirondackgal. I think I’ll take your advice before I head down to Anaheim. It’ll perk me right up. You’re so right about this series. No one expected it to be a picnic. The Angels will play us tough but we will prevail, even if it’s back in NY.

    A chat with Joe in the cafe. Hmm. I should do that, Ellen. Let’s see how it goes in Game 4. If he behaves himself, he might not need the tongue lashing. But I’ll burn the book, guaranteed.

    Right, John. Suzyn is dying to have me in the booth today. LOL. I might try to say hi to Sterling though. And a few others. Should be fun. As for the game itself, I’ll do my best to represent you, but it’s a daunting task. I might need just a little help from CC.

    If I kidnap Joe, mhughill, what will we do for a manager? Tony Pena? Probably not a bad idea. I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

    Melissa, that Dodger game was such a downer. My good friend who teaches the writing workshops with me is a big Dodger fan and I called her right after the walk-off and said how sorry I was. She was so upset she could hardly speak. As for us, yes, it was a depressing loss because we were so close to winning it and because we’ve been on such a roll. But we have to be prepared for the long haul and know we’ll win in the end when it counts.

    I agree about the hitting, especially at the end of the lineup, ladyjane. They were partially responsible for the loss. Every time Cano hit into a fielder’s choice or Melky grounded out or Swisher looked lost at the plate I was tearing my hair out. Even Jeter, despite the leadoff homer, was off. He kept hitting fly balls, not his usual Jeterian singles. So frustrating! I hope we’ll turn it around tonight.

    Your smelling mechanism is malfunctioning, Paul. Better get yourself to an ear, nose and throat doc.

    You hit it, cheshirecat. We had to lose sometime. We knew we weren’t about to sweep our way into the World Series, but it still feels crummy to lose, especially with all those “ifs” you listed. We have to be like Mo and turn the page. So it’s on to Game 4 and I’m free of that once-delicious-now-disgusting sandwich! (I do love that fail site, btw.)

    Thanks for commenting, branbranal. It’s always great to “meet” people who are reading the blog. Glad you’re enjoying the book too. So you’ll come bail me out of jail if I sneak into the dugout and steal the scouting book? Good to know that I have your support!

    Thanks, jihnyyanks. It’ll help knowing you’re watching on TV and sharing the experience with me. I’ll try to burn at least one rally monkey. Or at least strangle one.

    You’re right about Jeter’s heads up play, Laurie. He always knows where to be and where to throw. Just great instincts. I wasn’t as upset about leaving Pettitte in to pitch to Vlad, because Andy was only at 91 pitches or so and he has so much playoff experience. What I didn’t get was that conference on the mound before the at bat, where Girardi seemed to talk only to Jorge and Pettitte stood there looking peeved. But thanks for reminding us what an amazing run we’ve had since October 3rd. And I love that my book arrived during the game!!!!

    Could happen, Jeff. Or maybe I’ll witness one by So-sha. You never know.

    Girardi’s moves have puzzled and angered me at times, arizonacacti, but I agree that most of them have yielded positive results. He was the one who put Jeter in the leadoff spot, for example, and that has paid big dividends. And we all screamed at Torre for sitting there drinking green tea instead of making more moves. So we’ll see how it all works out. I agree that 6-9 need to start hitting – big time. I loved her Giambi jersey too. LOL.

    Heartbreak is right, Buz. So sorry about the Dodgers last night. It wasn’t a good night for either of us.

  14. peggy3

    Have a great time tonight Jane and bring the boys luck …I’ll be watching from Mickey Mantle’s with all my Yankee buddies.

    The event at the Stadium was fun and had nearly 6,000 people in attendance cheering, clapping for the 3rd strike, chanting the player names. They played enter Sandman when Mo came into the game. It was great being with all the Yankee fans. There was a guy who was the almost the spitting image of Johnny Damon. When they showed him on the big screen the crowd starting chanting ..”Johnny Damon” over and over. They let everyone sit in the EXPENSIVE seating area too. Many happy people were there and it was a great time by all…until the Yankees lost… :o( . If the crowd at the Angel game is any indication you won’t be alone in cheering for the Yanks. It was quite loud when the Yankees hit those homers at their ballpark. Watching in the Stadium on the big screen was almost like being there …except we wore jackets and the Cali people were in shirt sleeves ..lol. Great job by the Yankees for opening the Stadium to the fans. I hope they do it for the World Series when we get there (No fear here …Paul).

    I agree with the majority here …GRAB THE DARN PLAY BOOK while you are there ….even if you have to knock Joe G. out !!! I don’t usually question the manager’s decisions but losing Johnny’s bat, the DH and taking out Robertson was way too crazy for even me. He lucked out on Saturday with the nutty moves but it caught up to him last night. Hopefully he learns from his mistakes like Mike Scioscia did …..walking Arod instead of letting Fuentes pitch to him even tho’ it meant putting the leadoff hitter on since we hairston coming up next.

    Come on CC …do it for us again big boy. Come on Jane …bring us luck!!! GOOOOOOOOOOO Yankees !!!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  15. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    The game made me sick. I could barely watch. I couldn’t believe girardi took out robertson, amongst the few i trust not named mo. i kept waking up all night thinking about the missed opportunities and how fun it would be to be up 3-0 and how i am worried about cc on 3 days rest. i am one of those extremely nervous yankee fans. i was raised to be that way by my dad who wasn’t even available to take my calls. he has plans. he calls me from the theatre before the show for the update and then at intermission for me to deliver the ugly news.
    i did think that jane will get to stop eating turkey but i couldn’t think of anything else to smile about today.
    jane, be our lucky charm and make it all go right today. i am ok with being sleep deprived tomorrow. i just want more yankee wins.

  16. arizonacacti

    Oh, I have been reading and searching from web site to web site and finally read something that made me feel that I’m not alone, I’m not losing my mind when I had this feeling that Girardi needs to start Gardner in center and sit Cabrera to give this team a better chance at scoring runs from the bottom of the line up and improve the defense.
    I’m not a big believer in sparks but if there are sparks this could be one and its obvious something needs to be done in that part of the line up. Andy is one of my favorite pitchers but that pitch was running through my mind on a loop in super slo-mo all night long, Oh its a gauntlet being a fan sometimes. Go C.C. Go Yankees, Kazmir can be had with patient at bats tonight. Thanks for your blog, its so entertaining.

  17. Jane Heller

    You tell ’em, Melissa! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Peggy, thanks so much for reporting on the event at the Stadium. It sounds like the Yankees did a great job for the fans, and your stories about the Damon look-alike and Enter Sandman made me wish I’d been there. I feel the same way you do about Girardi. He’s taken us this far and I like the fact that he’s always thinking of ways to win, as opposed to sitting there passively. But yesterday was too much. He needs to calm down! I’ll try to bring the Yankees luck in Anaheim, but somebody on Twitter just asked me what my record is this season for games I attended. I’m 0 for 2! But I’m 2 for 2 in World Series games. That has to count for something, right?

    Barbara, you’re not alone, believe me. I was so nervous yesterday watching the game that I could hardly stand it. I kept telling myself to take deep breaths but it didn’t work. LOL. But today’s a new day. We knew the Angels wouldn’t just roll over. We were bound to lose at some point. And while it would be great if we had another ace who wasn’t pitching on short rest, it is what it is and I think CC will be just fine. I’d love nothing better than to bring the Yankees luck in Anaheim.

    You’re not losing your mind, arizonacacti. I’d love to see Gardner in center, even though Melky has the better arm. He’s had success in the #9 spot and he’d have many more chances to steal. I haven’t seen tonight’s lineup yet, but I hope he’s in it. And yeah, we can beat Kazmir if he gets into deep counts and exits early. The Yankees must be patient at the plate. And they really have to stop leaving runners on base! You’re welcome for the blog. So glad you’re aboard.

  18. rrrt

    So all four Yankee runs came on solo homers? If only they could have had some men on base! Enjoy today’s game, and I hope you see a win. Since the Phils are off today, I’ll watch and root for your guys, I’m still working on “manifesting” that WS matchup we discussed!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  19. raysrenegade

    Another example of a prized boxing match last night played out on the turf of Anaheim.
    Each team threw some hay-makers, but no one went down for the count until the last second.
    Hairston Junior even made a last ditch effort to try and get that ball in the air.
    Inches, close, within the grasp, just darn close enough to taste yesterday.
    Now be good today, or do I need to get the cell number of a bondsman in Anaheim for your hubby?
    I can actually see you running on the field too……..but then again, they might just run to you!

    Rays Renegade


  20. Jane Heller

    Sue, it was so frustrating! Four homers and all solos. But congrats on your stunner in the ninth last night. My Dodger fan friends are in a panic, but you must be thrilled! Congrats to you. And keep manifesting.

    It WAS just like a boxing match, Renegade. No one went down for the count until the final round. These extra innings jobs are as nerve wracking as they are exciting, so it would be awfully nice of the Yankees to just win today’s game in a blowout. (I wish.) I’ll try to be on my best behavior in Anaheim and not get tossed. But it would be great if you’d keep that bail bondsman on speed dial.

  21. fhschw@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    I forgot to sign my name when I sent my very first comment a few days ago. I am Harold, father of Barbara, the most enthusiastic Yankee fan from the Boston who is married to a Red Sox fan. She suffered mightily after yesterday’s loss, as did I, although I wasn’t home and didn’t get the dismal results until I called after after the show I was at. I can’t believe how feeble Texeira is and how we are doing as well as we are with him in the middle of the lineup. If CC stays strong and we win tonight we should be able to wrap it up, but it may go 7 games. The Phillies are looking good and we will need the real Texeira in order to have a chance. It’s been too long since the last World Series win and this should be our year. Go Yankees. Harold from Florida.

  22. fhschw@comcast.net

    Hi Jane,
    I forgot to sign my name when I sent my very first comment a few days ago. I am Harold, father of Barbara, the most enthusiastic Yankee fan from the Boston who is married to a Red Sox fan. She suffered mightily after yesterday’s loss, as did I, although I wasn’t home and didn’t get the dismal results until I called after after the show I was at. I can’t believe how feeble Texeira is and how we are doing as well as we are with him in the middle of the lineup. If CC stays strong and we win tonight we should be able to wrap it up, but it may go 7 games. The Phillies are looking good and we will need the real Texeira in order to have a chance. It’s been too long since the last World Series win and this should be our year. Go Yankees. Harold from Florida.

  23. arizonacacti

    You see Jane, you see, I said sit melky and play Gardner and the milk man adds four RBI’s for the team and Gardner gets caught stealing, I know your head is spinning with the officiating and the win so I’m a happy man for all Yankee fans. I’m going to leave the armchair managing to the arm-chair, he’s more quiet. That was a refreshing game and will wait for your blog.

  24. rocklandyanks

    “These extra innings jobs are as nerve wracking as they are exciting, so it would be awfully nice of the Yankees to just win today’s game in a blowout. (I wish.)”

    Looks like you got your wish 🙂

  25. Jane Heller

    I did bring them luck, Lisa! Well, they won and I was there to see it. 🙂 It was a great win and it didn’t require me to do anything except sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Hi, Harold. The Yankees were pretty terrific tonight in Game 4, so I’m feeling pretty good after that game. Teixeira wasn’t feeble and CC was very strong and A-Rod….Well, what can you say? He’s been amazing. I’ll write more about my trip to Anaheim tomorrow. I’m beat!

    HAHA, arizonacacti. You see how hard it is to manage? I wouldn’t want that job for anything. Gardner got caught stealing again, and Melky had all those RBIs. Maybe the Melk Man does better when he’s got some competition. Give me a few hours tomorrow morning (CA time) and I’ll post about the game and how much fun it was to see the boys win so handily at the Big A.

    I did get my wish, rocklandyanks! I was amazed. I expected another nail biter and instead found myself relaxing and eating a pizza. Such a pleasure. Kate Hudson’s arms look fat? Mine look like chicken wings. Wait till you see tomorrow’s pics.

  26. tmpalomino@gmail.com

    I just read a great article somewhere else on why Rivera should have been used in the 7th instead of Hughes. Hughes was just terrible, which surprised me. Maybe it was the pressure of the moment.

    I just hope we can handle the pressure of games 6 and 7. We’ve got the two pitchers I’d want on the hill in Pettite and CC, but I am worried about CC. I know he’s done the short rest thing before, but it has to catch up eventually. He’s at like 250+ innings for the season and we’re not to the World Series!

    Anyways, great post. Also, if people would like to see some great New York Yankees memorabilia, head to my client Steiner Sports. It has some great items for any Yankees Memorabilia collection.

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