Yankees-Angels Game 1: It’s in the Bag

Actually, tonight’s fans looked more like Nanook of the North, given the raw weather.
They braved the cold to watch CC harpoon the Angels and eat them for dinner.
On Fox’s pre-game show, Eric Karros described CC as a pitcher “who isn’t dominant but is a horse.” Um, Eric? Here’s his line from tonight’s 4-1 victory over the Angels:
Eight innings.
One run.
Four hits.
Seven K’s.
One walk.
If that isn’t dominant, I don’t know what is. But thanks for the laugh.
CC got some nice defense behind him, too – from a snazzy stop by Cano on Kendrick’s grounder in the seventh to this stretch by Tex on Hunter’s disputed bunt in the sixth.


Tex’s split not only reminded me of the move perfected by U.S. Open tennis player Kim Clisters…
…but his little snuggly cap with the ear flaps made me think of Elmer Fudd.
The offense was good enough to take advantage of the Angels’ sloppy play; hits by Jeter, Damon and Matsui, along with A-Rod’s sac fly and Melky’s walks got the job done against Lackey. Speaking of Big John, I did write in my post the other night that he tends to demonstrate his displeasure if his fielders don’t perform. He was at it again in this game. He departed in the sixth.
Not that I blame him for being frustrated. His team committed three errors, including one by Big John himself, and there was that hideous play in the first when Matsui’s pop up dropped between Figgins and Aybar for an “RBI single.” Talk about sloppy.
It’s always satisfying when your team is facing the “fundamentally sound” team and yet they’re the ones who end up looking like Little Leaguers.
When Girardi handed the ball to Mo in the ninth, I knew we had the game won, despite some funky calls by the ump.
It was only the first contest in this series, but what more could a Yankee fan ask for? We got a great performance by our ace, solid defense, opportunistic offense and a quick save by our closer. Obviously, my lucky turkey club sandwich worked again.


  1. ibrenne@yahoo.com

    So turkey club is the magic food? Better get creative with it, because you are going to be eating it all week. I’m getting sick just thinking about it. Next time pick chocolate brownies as your lucky food…

  2. nbaballer913@yahoo.com

    That bunt call shouldn’t have been disputed. He was out and TV replays showed that (though McCarver still thought Hunter was safe despite the replays in front of him, which just furthers my opinion that he knows nothing and just hates the Yankees and makes me think he is blind. This picture tells it all:


    You should have somehow incorporated Robbie Cano the Ninja in your post. He looked hilarious.

  3. lenn23

    Jane, I really don’t like McCarver or Fox Sports. I agree with nbaballer, Timmy kept going on and on about Hunter being safe and the injustice of it all. What about the great play of CC getting to that ball and Tex making the stretch to complete it. Oh yeah, I forgot that the Angels are a sound fundamental team who knows how to play the game right. Thank God the mute button is my friend at least. I keep thinking that they’re going to lose a game eventually since I don’t think a team has ever gone through three rounds without a loss but if it happens I hope it’s when their up 3-0! I think the White Sox lost only one game a couple of years ago and the Yanks also about ten years ago. Don’t think they’re going to be able to get this game in later today. Who knows, maybe that will be a plus. Really think they’re due for a big offensive explosion soon whenever they play again.

  4. ooaooa

    Confidence is high! The swagger is evident again. The bonehead in A-Rod is still present at times. As Suzyn Waldman (our favorite right) would say “he was just trying to do to much”! When is that nursing home going to stop giving McCarver passes to leave the building? He is a disgrace to broadcasting. Turkey club, gobble, gobble , gobble! Confidence is high!

  5. scofid

    A Game 1 victory was great, but now comes the hard part. How to win without CC Sabathia on the mound. Hopefully, we’ll see “lights out” A.J. Burnett tonight, and not someone who lets the aura and significance of the game overcome him. I was glad to see Johnny Damon involved in last night’s game after his silence in the ALDS. For your dinner tonight, I am somehow envisioning a Turkey Club Sandwich! Go Yankees!


  6. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    That was a game made in Yankee-fan heaven. If I died today, I’d die happy. I’d like to think that the Angels can’t afford to give away a game but we will see. I saw the graphic that said they lost game one of the last two seires against the Yanks. The most rewarding moments were when Abreau made his FOUR outs. Second was Rivera slipping on his ***. He was rated better than Damon. And how about that Johnny hitting?

    I ended up using ESPN radio as my audio. It was Joe Morgan and Jon Milller and I know some of you are ********** at Joe for calling Swish a cheater but they are really great. And funny.

    It seemed like a great night to be at the stadium. I know exactly the experience – it is the same cold air mass that was here at the Rockies game on Sunday.


  7. jmf414@comcast.net

    HI Jane,
    A great game for our boys, although I bet they were happy to get back into the warm clubhouse, Damon on the postgame interview looked like he was too cold to talk, anyway…….CC was amazing, love it when they chant CC, I think he does too, totally agree with nbaballer….”Timmy” hates the Yanks and always roots for the other team to win…..great stretch from Tex……..Eric Karros, another loser for Fox, how dominant was he in his career…….hopefully another win this evening…….I had a turkey sandwich last night from Quizno’s, guess I have my meals planned for the next 3 weeks…………………….Jane

  8. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Great game! I only felt nervous once or twice. It’s hard to feel nervous when the other team doesn’t get any men on base.
    Good post Jane. Love the Elmer Fudd.
    When Cano got up one time I said “Who is that masked man?” He was adorable and the mask didn’t stop him from making that amazing play.
    The Yanks played good, solid baseball and proved they don’t need to hit homers to win.
    Kudos to Johnny Damon for running hard on that “easy” pop up that should have ended the first inning.
    I thought Vlad could have made it to third if he’d hustled on his hit, instead of trotting.
    There was a blonde woman right behind home plate last night and I thought “Maybe Jane got tickets at the last minute.” (Yeah, maybe Jane won the lottery to afford them!)

  9. Buz

    I actually think A-Rod pulled that play on purpose. There wasn’t much to lose there and he knew it would be close. If you look at some of the closeup photos. He was almost .. defiant .. ? Congrats on the win Jane. One in the bag.
    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

  10. ladyjane303

    Great way to start a series! CC was everything we wanted and then some. I had to turn off the sound on the TV – can’t listen to McCarver or Buck. Morgan and Miller on the radio would have been just as bad. I ended up with Sterling/Waldman on the radio, tho the time disconnect (a good 3-4 seconds last night) was a challenge. Looking forward to AJ doing good things between the raindrops tonight. Keep enjoying those turkey clubs, Jane – maybe we can make them the official sandwich of the NY Yankees!!

  11. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Forgot to add that I love the photo of the Little League team. They are beyond adorable. The kid all the way to the right reminds me of CC and the way he wears his cap.

    Keep eating those turkey clubs!

  12. Jane Heller

    After the game last night, ibrenne, I said to my husband (who’s stuck with his lucky food, a panini with turkey, cheese and pesto sauce), “How sick are you of this stuff already?” He said, “Very sick.” And you know what? We’re ready to go again tonight, weather permitting. How’s that for sacrifice: we’re willing to be nauseous for the Yankees.

    McCarver is not only wrong much of the time, nbaballer. He’s repetitive and annoying and very hard to listen to. Tex said after the game that he did take his foot off the plate but only after Hunter had reached the bag. It was close enough that Scoscia didn’t have much of an argument. Yes, Cano did look adorable in that Ninja mask. I had a picture of him but, unlike CC, I ran out of gas and thought I should end the post before I coughed up the lead. 🙂

    Errors are killers, especially at this time of year, Cat. The Dodgers capitalized on errors by Holliday and Utley in your two series, and we got a few breaks last night. It was a happy turnaround for the Yanks, since their trips to Anaheim have resulted in their own sloppiness at times. So glad you’re feeling better. I’m sure the Dodgers’ win yesterday helped.

    You make a great point, len. What about CC’s athletic play to get that ball to Tex? He may be a big fella, but he jumped off the mound and got to the ball fast, making a pretty good throw. He does it all. I’d love to see us have an offensive explosion, but it’s not the norm for this time of year. Games in the playoffs always seem to be low-scoring and tight – the kind that makes us nervous wrecks! Don’t worry about the rain. The schedule will take care of itself and the Yankees will adjust.

    After the game, Girardi was praising A-Rod for being aggressive on that play at home. Yes, he made a mistake charging through Thompson’s stop sign, but he was trying to score and if the throw had been off a little, he would have been in there. My concern was his hip. It would have been catastrophic if he’d been injured on a play like that.

    Scott, I was glad to see Damon’s bat come around too. That extra batting practice must have worked. We need him. And if he wants to play again next year, he needs us! I’m feeling good about AJ. He kept it together during the ALDS when he pitched at home, so he proved he can do it. He just needs to give us six good innings and let the pen take it from there. And yes, I will be scarfing down another turkey club if there’s a game tonight. Otherwise, I’ll have a break and be back at it on Sunday.

    Laurie, it was very satisfying to watch CC handcuff Abreu as well as Figgins and Hunter. They have such a tough lineup, so to be able to keep them from getting on base and using their running game was huge. And if they don’t get the game in tonight, we’ll wait until Sunday afternoon and start the countdown all over again!

    Yup, Jane, you now have to eat that same Quizno’s turkey sandwich until the Yankees lose (may that never happen!). No variations. It did look cold, didn’t it? The irony is that it’s unseasonably hot here in CA right now, so I couldn’t even imagine having to wear all that head gear. I should probably stop harping on the announcers for these games. I was tough on TBS last series and how Fox. I guess I’m old fashioned, but I don’t understand why they have to keep blabbing about nothing. Let us just watch the game and provide us with occasional – operative word “occasional” – commentary.

    So funny about the blonde woman, Melissa. A number of people asked me if I’d decided at the last minute to go to the game. Believe me, if I’d gone, you all would have known about it. And if I’d been lucky enough to score seats like that, you really would have known about it!!!! Poor Vlad. He must have thought that ball was in the seats, but even so he can’t run the way he used to. On any other night, it would have been a homer too. Same with Cano’s fly ball. So odd not to see any homers in the game. And you’re right about that adorable kid in the Little League pic. The cap does remind me of the way CC wears his. I didn’t notice that. So funny!

    As Girardi said after the game, Buz, he likes his players to be aggressive. But A-Rod said it was a mistake (and I believe him, given his surgically repaired hip). The third base coach had waved him home, then changed his mind and put up the stop sign. Not hard to imagine the confusion there. It sure is great to get that first win. I know you can relate.

    Yeah, except for the cigarette, the hair color and the lack of tattoos, the guy in the pic looks exactly like AJ, Paul. LOL. I don’t know which pitcher will show up: the good AJ or the wild AJ. But he only gave up a run his last time out, so more of the same would be very welcome.

    The official sandwich of the Yankees. HAHAHA, ladyjane. At the very least, they should sell them at the Stadium, along with the Lobel’s steak sandwiches. I’m as frustrated with the TV announcing as everyone else, but I’ve tried to deal with the delay that comes with the Sterling/Waldman audio and it’s worse for me. Too distracting. So Fox it will be. All I really care about is winning Game 2 – whenever it is!

  13. behindblueyes

    Hey Yankee fans, you would be lucky to have Vin calling your games! 🙂

    Great win by the Yanks last night. Although, in retrospect from both watching the game and reading this entry, I thought two things: 1) BRRRRRRRRR, and, 2) EK is better known for his looks–not necessarily his analysis! Just another pretty face 🙂


  14. devilabrit

    I’m still not sure why they don’t use local commentators for these games, people who actually know the teams and whats going on…ah well the price we pay for national tv I guess…the Yankees actually CC, certainly made the Angels look like little leaguers, he was outstanding…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  15. Jane Heller

    You’re telling me, behindblueyes. I’d take Vin any day. How will you cope when he retires? Never mind. Too awful to contemplate. Yeah, it looked cold in NY. And I was sitting here sweating in Santa Barbara. So weird.

  16. raysrenegade

    We all know that Torri Hunter’s blunder might have shown a small crack in the Angels armor lats night.
    But you know what, the Pinstripes did what needed to be done last night to get back to the World Series.
    I do have a critic on one play tho.
    Can A-Rod not have looked more like a little schoolgirl than to play patsy-cake with Mathis last night on that play at home.
    I am not asking him to re-produce a Rays Fosse-Pete Rose moment in time, but you go in there like a locomotive, not a blow-up toy. In a game against a line-up that can produce 2 or 3 runs fast, that run still could have been a defining moment at the time.
    But the win came with no difference in that play, so he is forgiven……..maybe.

    Rays Renegade


  17. Jane Heller

    Peter, you raise a good point. Why don’t the national networks add one local broadcaster from each team – just for color if nothing else? In some cases, they already do it and it’s a nice touch. Oh, well. I don’t mean to complain. I’m just grateful my team is being televised at all in October, especially after not making the postseason last year. And yeah, CC was outstanding.

    A-Rod didn’t look like a locomotive going into that collision at home plate, Renegade. You’re right about that. But given his recent hip surgery I’m glad he didn’t. It wasn’t pretty, but it gave him a chance to brace himself and go in with his left hip. My big problem with the play was that he should have picked up the stop sign and not done it!

  18. Jane Heller

    I know a lot of fans were wondering about CC staying in for eight innings and 113 pitches, Babu. I kept saying, “Why isn’t anybody warming in the pen?” But he seemed to be cruising, and I guess Girardi just wanted win #1 in the bag by keeping it simple: CC to Mo.

    Great win for our boys, A.J. Now let’s hope your namesake can give us an outstanding performance. He’s capable of it. At this point, I hope the weather cooperates. From what I just read, it sounds worse than last night. Brrrrrrr.

  19. crzblue2

    your post always make me laugh and your pictures are just great. Even though I’ve seen here before, I especially like the laughing woman and how she moves as she laughs. My brother and I were listening to the Yankee/Angel game on ESPN with Miller/Morgan on our way back from Dodger Stadium. Talk about extreme weather conditions between the coasts. It was so so hot at Dodger Stadium.
    I could not believe so many errors by the Angels. Congrats Jane!

  20. Jane Heller

    Emma, that laughing lady is my go-to image. I love her! I just started watching tonight’s game after taking a walk on the beach. Gorgeous day here. Cold and windy night there. Here we go.

  21. ryandepaul

    I’ve never been able to figure out you Yankee fans. Not the fact that it baffles me that you guys root for a team filled with sellouts, traitors and cheaters – but it baffles me that you guys complain about the Umps, or talk about “clutch pitching” or “clutch hitting” or are surprised when the Yankees win or anything else.

    Gets facts straight (yes, these are facts)…
    1. The Yankees don’t have “clutch pitching” or “clutch hitting”… they have “clutch wallets”. You guys have the nations collection of individual sellouts so I am shocked at how you can ‘root’ for a “team” (or lack there of) like this.
    2. You guys brag about “poor calls” by the umps, although EVERY questionable call goes in the Yankees favor. In fact, the Yankees get ten breaks to the Angels’ one… are you all truly that pathetic to where you feel you need 100 out of 100 close calls?

    “Well how many rings you guys got?!?!” – This is the typical response Angel fans have had to deal with my you guys for the longest time. Let me just set the “fact” straight. Of course you guys have more rings than anyone else – You’ve been around decades and decades and decades longer than anybody else – and winning rings when only a few other teams existed isn’t that ‘special’.
    “Well we’ve won more since your team has been around!”. No sir. Not at all. In fact, you guys are looking to “win” your first championship. You guys “purchase” rings – but you sure as hell don’t win ’em.

    Good day.

  22. Jane Heller

    I hope you feel better having gotten all that off your chest, ryandepaul. May you have a long, happy and prosperous life and find a blog where you’ll feel less baffled. Best of luck.

  23. e_man

    gee, what a sore loser, LOSER! anyone who knows anything about team sports know that you always play to win and you assemble the best players to build your team, we do it in pickup games, we do it in corporate, and we do it in life… who deliberately goes out and picks mediocre, or worse, staff or equipment or venue or etc. when your goal is to be a champion, to be the best. Hey Jane when shop or buy presents for a love, what??? do you got to the 99 cent stores??? or do you get the best. Even the best is a crap shoot… but at least in Yankees Owners, Management, Players, we want the best and are willing to pay for it, not our fault that there are greedy owners who would rather horde their money and are frugal when it comes to their teams and fans… people like you shoot for mediocrity and then begrudge other peoples’ success, enjoy your “99 cent” mentality.

  24. e_man

    oops I apologize Jane, my post was a reply to ryandepaul, the sore loser… which is idiotic because like me, I’m fan and do not receive any compensation from my team, and like his team, these players’ make millions, I’m sure they’re just stressed about my comments or his, right?

  25. raysrenegade

    It is so wild to me that these two teams match-up so well it is taking some costly errors or blunders to bring about wins.
    But that says a lot about the talent in the American League right now.
    Player-by-player it might be a superior league to the Senior Circuit, but collectively as a team base sports, the Senior Circuit might win out.
    But last night it almost seemed like it was going to be Chad Gaudin as the last soldier on the battlefield, but he got to rest.
    Amazing game, 5+ hours of baseball, which included 6 extra innings of baseball for the Yankee faithful.
    I hope they did not cease the coffee and hot beverage sales in the 7th inning…….If they have a Starbucks in the stadium, they will need a armored car on Monday.

    Rays Renegade


  26. Jane Heller

    The teams do match up well, Renegade. That’s the good news and bad news. Every pitch feels like it could determine the outcome of the game. So nerve-wracking! You think the NL is a superior league regarding teams? Interesting. The NL games this postseason have had a few errors of their own. But the Phillies did win it last year, so we shall see. And yes, your buddy Chad was the lone man in the pen last night. Bizarre to see him sitting there all by himself!

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