On the Eve of Yankees-Angels Game 1….

The time for pre-game posturing is over.
The hype about how unbeatable the Angels are means nothing.
Who cares if they stole 100 bases.
Good for Abreu that he found a new home.
How special that John Lackey isn’t intimidated by New York.
So what if Kendry Morales is the Second Coming.
I prefer to focus on the Yankees and what a special, soul-stirring, we-can-do-anything season they’ve had. And so without further ado, I’m posting a video that my Yankees blogger friend Michael Fierman sent me. It got me on my feet cheering, feeling positive about the ALCS and believing that my team will find a way to win. I hope it does the same for other Yankee fans.
See you back here tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the weather clears in time for the game.


  1. ooaooa

    Sounds like you are saying in a few more words what I have been saying, “Confidence Is High”! My next ticket draw appears to be game 7 of this series if it goes that far. I am supposed to be in Maine next weekend but health issues are still a problem and may keep me on the DL. My kids may get another lifetime experience in the Bronx.

    Confidence is High!

  2. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Jane, I know you’ll understand when I say it made me cry – and gave me goosebumps!
    Important things to note: three of those walk offs came with the Yankees behind at that at bat. They had walk offs against both the Angels and Phillies. And other strong teams as well.
    This team can do it!!!!!!!!!

  3. mhugill@verizon.net

    Here I sit at my desk at 8:59a.m. smiling like a damn fool.
    This made me very happy. I can’t even articulate how happy and excited.

    My stomach has been in a knot the last few days.
    I have been trying to absorb all the news on the upcoming series and most is not so great for we NYY fans but I say hooey – we’ll take ’em and on to number #27.

    Here in DC we have pretty much the same weather as NYC and it’s unseasonably cold, rainy and dreary. I am doing my stop the rain dance all day. It WILL work and there will be a game tonight.

  4. cheshirecat9

    Great video Jane. I am so excited about tonite! I have my ticket sitting on my desk. Hopefully I will be busy at work and the day will pass quickly! My seats are in the tier, section 324. I am sitting in lucky row number 5 in lucky seat number 13 (my other lucky numbers are 9 and 23 in case you are interested. Hey, now that I think about it 3+2+4=9). I will be doing the no rain dance with mhugill all day as well. I am confident there will be a game, that it will be exciting and that the Yanks will win!

  5. hrcoyankeefan@comcast.net

    I bought your book last night – NEW! You at least deserve that. I read those first couple pages on Amazon and I can’t believe there is someone out there just like me. This proves there is life on other planets. I’ll have more to say on all this as I read the book which I will save for the off-season. I tried to find a picture of Mike S. in his playing days on the internet but with no success. Hopefully Fox will dig up some old footage. Melissa, you are right – he was sort of cute. He is 6’2″ and was 220 when he played and probably 290 now with lots less muscle. I am admitting here that one of the reasons I love baseball is I like hot bodies. I’m sure you do too, Jane, because you’re just like me!


  6. Jane Heller

    I felt better about A-Rod too, Ted, after all his clutch hits this season. He’s answered his critics this year, coming back from the steroids admission and the hip surgery, and put together quite a highlights reel of his own.

    Sorry your health issues are ongoing, John, but at least your kids get to take over for you. If I lived in NY, I’d be begging you to let ME represent you at Game 7! Feel better and GO YANKS.

    Every time I get nervous, I watch the video and get a boost of confidence, Melissa. It’s a great pick-me-up – especially the walk-off against the Angels. We can do this! We WILL do this! Thanks for the weather link. “Showers” sound better than “Downpour.” LOL. But I know it will be cold and windy and gross. Glad I’m not playing! As for CC, he’s got his special heating pad that he puts on his abdomen between innings. He’ll be fine.

    Mhugill, my stomach started knotting up yesterday. (It got a little break this week, which wasn’t a bad thing. πŸ™‚ Glad the video helped. Thanks for doing your anti-rain dance. We all appreciate it. And yeah, hooey is what all the Angels hype is. How about the Yankees? Are they chopped liver? No!

    I’m so excited that you’re going tonight, cheshirecat! You’ve seen some great games this year and I know this will be the best one yet. Your seat sounds VERY LUCKY! Have a terrific time and stay warm!

    I hope you enjoy the book, Laurie. It’ll be perfect during the off-season when you’re missing all things Yankees. And I’m sure you’re relate to my adventures. As for the hot bodies, when I was younger I was convinced I would marry a Yankee. (You’ll read all about that part in the book!)

    I was surprised the video was up on youTube, Jeff. The description has all the copyright info, so maybe the person who made it got permission to use it? Either that, or someone was sleeping. If you must bash the Yankees, I’m glad you’re doing it with love. πŸ™‚

  7. nycbren64@mac.com

    Hi Jane, Great video, loved every “COMEBACK” walk off win. i read the comments above and i noticed no one said what i am about to say. Lets not forget the reason why we have had so many come from behind walk off wins. Our pitching has let other teams score lots of runs. Only for us to have to score more. Joba? Mitre?
    Marte? Coke?. Wins and losses may look good for these guys but E.R.A’s are awful. Check out our losses this year against the Angels. We were ahead in games we lost to them only to let our pitching let us down. Damn it Yankees, beat these Angels this post season. I live in Santa Monica and i am so sick of hearing how great the angels are! Good Luck Jane! Good Luck YANKEES.

    P.S. – sorry for rambling and ranting !

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Okay…lemme use this as my forum for the next four (or more) days (or games??)…it’s rotten miserable here back east, which could mess up the rotation, but que sera sera… like all us Bomber fans, I’m dreaming of the best, trying to block out any thoughts of the worst, and am damn glad and proud that they’re this far…it’s hard in my house with the YH Half always ragging on how “They Bought It, It’s Already Over,” both of ’em openly hoping for a zoo full of rally monkeys…but there’s still Son #2, a YL (Yankee Lover) like me) to even the score, and all of this is Cosmic Beisbol Payback for my 5 years of Rants against the Red Sox…hope just to SEE most of the games, as we’re going away Sunday thru Tuesday…but even if I don’t, I’ve got youse guys to keep the faith, and keep those positive vibes (and worry warts too)…I’m there in spirit, if nothin’ else…so JUST DO IT !!!!!!!

  9. robinlyn

    Ahhh!! that made me so exicted. I’m not sure if I want a blow out or if I want a walk off to end the game! Maybe a couple of big wins then for fun a walk off for the 3rd or 4th win?!

  10. Jane Heller

    Brendan, I feel very comfortable with our pitching (minus Marte). Overall, the bullpen has done a great job and don’t forget: this team won 103 games! So try to stay positive. (I love that I’m the one trying to settle somebody else down. HAHA.) We will do just fine and the Angels will be defeated!

    What will we do without you for a few days, Dave? You’ll be gone during the games in Anaheim! OK, we’ll hold down the fort and keep the faith and hope you enjoy your time away with your family.

    If I had a choice between a blow-out and a walk-off, Robin, I’d pick a blow-out every time. The pies are fun, but sitting back and watching a dozen runs cross the plate is pure heaven.

  11. Jane Heller

    Not panic, Paul. At least not on my part. Just the usual pre-game nerves. I felt the same way before the Twins’ series, even though the Yankees were supposed to win it with ease. But ask me again before Game 7. I’ll be panicking then.

  12. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    After watching the video I thought how cool it would be for the Yankees to have a walk off on each game of the ALCS. Then I realized I would end up in a mental ward if I had to go through all that tension!
    Heard Steve Phillips on ESPN radio this morning saying he thought a rain out might favor the Yanks. He doesn’t like the idea of the 3 man rotation and thought it would be better for the Yankees to have to use 4 men.
    So, if there is no rain out, I’m sticking with the idea of liking CC pitching 3 games. (SHHH – IF NEEDED, ’cause really, with a sweep he’d only have to pitch twice. )
    If there is a rain delay, I’m looking at things Steve Phillip’s way. Gotta keep thinking positive!!!!

  13. peggy3

    Hi there Jane ….

    LOVED THE VIDEO !!!! I’m hoping we can add to it in the near future…

    WOW …FINALLY …it feels like a season has passed since we wrapped up the ALDS. This LONG layoff was a killer for both fans and the players. I am soooooooooo excited about the game tonight. Unfortunately I’m not going but I will be sharing it with my Yankee Meetup Group at a bar in Manhattan. Right now there are around 30 Yankee buddies going to the meetup. It’s second best to being at the Stadium ….hanging with a bunch of Yankee fans for the game while enjoying food, drink & watching on a big screen TV’s with lots of cheering going on.

    I’m hoping the Yankee hitters are mashing and the pitchers are dashing any hopes that the Angels have of proceeding onto the WS. It’s time for Championship 27 !!! Let’s Go Yankees …Let’s Go Yankees…Let’s Go Yankees ……

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  14. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    That was so much fun to watch. i am counting the hours until the game starts. i hope we can get this one in because i like the idea of the three man rotation (assuming cc can win against the angels which worries me a little. i guess i always find something to worry about). I am scared of the angels but so glad it’s the not the sox (even though i thought it was more likely we could beat them) because living in boston with a red sox husband it’s more than i can bear. i like that we have speed on the roster. the last game we beat them we played their style–speed and trying for havoc on the basepaths and it worked out well so i’m up for more of that. well it’s stopped snowing in boston so it’s almost baseball time. fingers crossed and yankee earrings are on, it’s time.

  15. rrrt

    Made the mistake of watching the video, and having to be reminded of Lidge’s blown save over Memorial Day weekend. Anyway, CC has a special heating pad? He’ll definitely need it tonight, weather here on the East Coast sucks! Cold, gray, and windy right now, but at least not raining like yesterday – blech!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  16. Jane Heller

    I don’t listen to anything Steve Phillips has to say, Melissa. If the weather forces a postponement, then so be it. I like our chances any way we go – 3-man or 4-man. And for sure I’d end up in a mental ward if we had walk-offs in this series. Way too much tension for me!

    I wish I could be there with your Meetup Group tonight, Peggy. It’s the thing I miss most about living here in CA – not being surrounded by Yankee fans. So enjoy the game and have a great time.

    Yankee earrings are good, Barbara. I hope they bring us luck. So it’s been snowing in Boston? Yikes. Isn’t it only October? As for the Angels, we can outrun them, out hit them, and out pitch them. There. How’s that for confidence!

    That’s right, Jenn. You have a doubleheader. Congrats on last night’s win. I hope you’ll pass some of that good cheer onto the Yankees.

    The weather sounds awful, Sue, but at least your guys are playing in sunny CA, where it’s actually hot today. I mean like really hot. You must be happy about last night. Lidge got the job done, so maybe his rough patch is over.

    Sorry about your boys, Buz. It wasn’t their night. I only saw the end of the game but I thought they might make a comeback. Should be another exciting one tonight.

    Yay, Erin. So you’re rooting for the Yankees? Good move! I like knowing you’re on our side, even if it’s just temporary.

  17. xcicix

    Oh, the weather. It’s so cold and…if I have to listen to the broadcasters say that Lackey is SUCH a tough guy because he has bare arms one more time…
    The Yanks definitely have the upper hand in this series, though.

  18. Jane Heller

    Great Game 1 tonight, Dillon. I’m sure it’ll be an exciting series all the way through.

    Lackey wasn’t so tough after all, xcicix, despite his bare arms! We won. So relieved to have taken the first one at home, especially with the likelihood of rain tomorrow.

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