Is There Crying In Baseball?

Not according to Tom Hanks’ character in the movie “A League of Their Own.” But I’ve done my share of crying over the Yankees and I bet I’m not the only fan who’s cried over her team. I’m certainly not the only crybaby in baseball.
As we move deeper into the postseason, there’s bound to be plenty of crying if our favorite team doesn’t win. So just in time… I’m giving away the perfect T-shirt for the occasion!
Actually, it’s a company called Vintage Blue that’s giving away the tee – to one lucky winner on this blog. Vintage Blue owns the exclusive license to the All American Girls Professional Baseball League that was featured in “A League of Their Own,” and they sell adorable organic tees with graphics from the 40s and 50s. One of their most popular items is the famous “There’s No Crying in Baseball” tee.
Here’s the link to their site, as seen over to the right under “Cool Stuff.” And here’s specific info about the “There’s No Crying” tee. If you’re a she-fan who’d like to win a free tee – or you’re a he-fan who’d like a tee for the she-fan in your life – now’s your chance. All you have to do is be the 27th commenter on this post. (Yes, it’s in honor of the 27th World Series I’m praying the Yankees will win this year.) If you’re the 27th commenter, I’ll be in touch to ask for the size you’d like and the address where you’d like the tee mailed. It’s as simple as that. Just make sure you’re #27 and the shirt is yours!
For anyone who’d like to buy the tee, Vintage Blue is offering a special deal just for readers of this blog. From October 9th-16th, they’ll take $10 off the price. (Be sure to use the promo code yankees10.)
And now on to baseball…..
Tomorrow it’s AJ on the mound for the Yanks. I want him to keep his head in the game and not have a hissy if he gives up a run or gets a bad call. He has filthy, dirty stuff and he just needs to throw it!
I’d also like to see Tex get on the postseason train….Gardner steal a base if he comes in to pinch run….A-Rod continue to knock ’em in….Swisher keep up the good work in right….Damon smack one into Damon’s Deck…Jeter lead off with another hit…. Oh, and if humanly possible, I want Molina to put his bat on the ball and swing. Here’s proof that he has the capability.
By the way: My responses to comments don’t count toward the #27th comment!

UPDATE! We have a winner. It’s Wendy, who came in with Comment #27. (Remember, my own comments didn’t count toward the 27. See above.) Congrats, Wendy, and enjoy the tee. I can’t wait to wear mine, but I hope I’m not crying. 🙂

Now, it’s on to tonight’s Yankees-Twins Game 2. I hope the weather cooperates. GO YANKS! EAT THOSE TWINKIES!


  1. gehriggirl4

    Ok I should leave a REAL comment!

    I am working on a blog right now about the beaten dead horse excuse I hear about the Yanks bullpen… It makes me so mad.

    also, I am very worried about the game tomorrow (especially cuz I can’t watch). Molina, as everyone knows, makes me want to hurl and AJ is literally.. “hit or miss’.

    In the mean time, I’m watching the Boston game. Have you decided who you are going for in this series?

  2. gehriggirl4

    ok i heard the word “bullpen” on the television and typed that in my last post instead of “payroll”… haha. i’m writing a blog about the payroll issue! ha. my bad.

  3. latinyankeerebel

    A League of Their Own is my all-time favorite movie. Dottie and Kitt are like my sister and me… except I DO know about baseball and my sister at least knows that, 1. who is Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera. 2. The Yankees are the BEST baseball team ever. And most importantly, 3. Boston Roid Suxs, suck!
    Anywhoo, even if I don’t win this, I’ll go ahead and purchase it.
    gehrigirl, i hate the roid suxs, and I have a contracdictory “want” I want the Angels to anihilated them, yet I want the Roid Suxs to go to the next round so that the Yankees kick their butt…that would make my year, which ironically, is #27.

  4. Jane Heller

    HAHA, gehriggirl. Don’t worry about AJ and Molina. They’ll be fine. You’ll see. I’m watching the Boston game too. Very strange umpiring. I wouldn’t say I’m rooting for either team. I’m “scouting.”

  5. gehriggirl4

    yeah I’ll just buy the shirt too haha! It’s too cute!

    Like I mentioned on Twitter. I am still hungover from 2004 and don’t even wanna risk losing in the ALCS to the Red Sox. The only thing worse than missing the WS is missing it to Boston. I am PRAYING I have that “bring it on attitute” back next year. That and I think if they advance to the ALCS (Boston) that it’ll be because they got lucky or hot at the right time. I think LAA is actually the better team and Id rather beat the better team.


    Jane, I am reading Torre’s book by Verducci, and honestly you are a MUCH better writer. Verducci needs to not write books. You had drama and intrigue – for the same 2007 segment, there’s was blah. Torre should have had you write his book.

  7. Jane Heller

    I liked the movie too, latinyankeerebel. And maybe you’ll win the tee since you won the Flip Video Cam. You must have good contest karma!

    If I had drama and intrigue, ibrenne, it was only because the Yankees provided it. It was such a roller coaster season. And no, I’m not autographing the shirt. 🙂 The winner’s address goes straight to Vintage Blue for shipping.

  8. latinyankeerebel

    I bought the Verducci & Joe Torre book the same day I bought Confessions…. I read Confessions in 2 days…. I still haven’t finished reading Verducci’s… it’s somewhere inside one of my moving boxes that I received last week that I have yet to decided what to do with… and just for the record I bought the book sin february this year when they came out..

    It would be and awesome tshirt to rock-on over here! LOL So I’ll cross my fingers..

    I’m tired of listening to the Burnett-Posada-Molina love triangle… I love Jorge, I do. He is part of the Yankees team that made so happy at the end of the 90s, but unfortunately he’s not in a 100%. He has been one of the greatest catchers in the team, but you know, it is hard to understand that there is a time for everything and that you have to thank the Lord of all the great things you have done. I think Jorge could be an excellent coach for the team whenever he decides to retire. He has so much wisdom he can provide to all the players.


    Man, I want that shirt. There’s this really cute girl I met like a month ago and I like her a lot so that shirt would be a nice starting gift. And I found out today that she’s a Yankees fan too!

  10. TribeTed

    Ha Jane, I don’t know how day after day you find up with new subjects to post on!! : ) Great post. And even though I don’t really want the shirt, I will try to be number 27. : ) Loved it!! And heck yeah there is crying in baseball.


  11. scofid

    I definitely hope this is the year the Yankees reach #27. We’ve been stuck on #26 for too long; just like #22. I suspect that we’ll see a much stronger Twins ballclub tonight. Hopefully, A.J. brings his “A” game. Even if the Yankees struggle, I don’t want to hear anything from Jorge Posada. He just needs to pull it together for the team. I hate to compare Posada to anything-Red Sox, but Jason Varitek has handled his situation in Boston much better than Jorge…and we are only talking about one game. Good luck to whoever posts the 27th comment!


  12. mlbmom

    cute T.
    Maybe I’ll keep the kids home from school so I can focus on winning……
    Naaaaaa. I’ll focus on The Yankees winning tonight. That’s the win I really want…..
    But awful cute tshirt….
    Maybe I’ll check back later.

  13. ooaooa

    It’s funny you bring up crying in baseball. The other night when the young pitcher from the Twins came out the game the camera showed him on the bench and he looked like he was crying. I actually commented to my wife, “look, he’s crying, there is no crying in baseball”! Weather for tonight doesn’t look good. Heavy rain probable. I met with my kids last night and briefed them on what I expect from them tonight as they represent me (and the she-fan nation) in Sec. 133 Row 26. As I have been saying, “confidence is high” and I am confident they will do us proud. With the results of the Sox game please be advised Sox fans are easy prey today. I have already (at 6:30am) toyed with several. Ah, life is good! I live for this!

  14. cheshirecat9

    I had the same siutation as you yankeerebel. I want to play Boston in the ALCS but I can’t actually root for them to do anything good! It goes against every molecule in my body. So I think I will take your approach Jane and “scout” the teams. I hope AJ has a good game. I think he will do great. Good contest, I like that shirt. Maybe we should all chip in and buy one for Mike Schmidt.


    I’ve always found the contrast between baseball and soccer funny. In soccer (REAL football) the players writhe around on the ground to prove to the ref how hurt they are. They actually had to change the rules to limit the amount of time a guy could stay on the ground.
    In baseball, you tough it out. “Spit on it and rub it in the dirt” as my dad always said.
    But who needs that macho man crap – rise up she fans! We can cry! Why buy in to the manly stuff and risk having a heart attack at 50 because you’ve stuffed your emotions back for so long?
    However, I am NOT going to be crying this post season – I anticipate many cheers for some great Yankee wins.


    Christy here.
    This Molina/Posada switch is not sitting real well with me. What’s Molina batting, .210? And Jorge? What? .295? I don’t like taking that bat out of the lineup. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Molina is a good catcher. But it’s not like Posada is a turkey behind the plate. . . despite the game he played Wednesday. And Posada’s a mainstay. Derek, Mo, Jorge.
    He’s beent there, been in the wars, he has won. Molina is a great number 2, a great back up, and I like him alot. But . . .Posada should be behind the plate tonight. If this doesn’t workout, Girardi is going to hear about it. And I’ll be the first caller.

  17. raysrenegade

    This situation almost feels like an old episode a friend of mine had back in High School.
    He liked this girl and they saw each other for a few weeks and they went everywhere together. Then they started to include a friend of his in their partying ways and before you knew it……..they were dating and my friend felt betrayed because he could not see the signs.
    Posada might just be feeling those “betrayal blues”, when in reality there was writing on the walls that he did not see.
    No matter what happens, you know that he will want what is best for the team in the long run, but it does show that even on the Yankees, egos can be bruised like a banana in the produce department.

    Rays Renegade


    What a small world! One of our clients just loaned me Torre’s book yesterday — I swore I wouldn’t spend a dime on it because of how much he knocks our team (you know, the one that made him famous!!!??) — but I’ll give it a shot this weekend. Then I was doing the daily Newsday crossword puzzle and the theme was tic-tac-to — so some of the answers ended in “OX” — yes, that’s right, one of the clues was “2007 World Series Winners” — it was so hard for me to write in the answer. NEVER AGAIN!!

    I didn’t watch the Sux/Angels game but I’m naturally interested in the outcome of the series. I want it to go the full 5 games so both teams are exhausted. Truthfully, although our record probably would push us to want to play Boston, I don’t know that I WANT to play them in the post-season. My husband, daughter and I were at Game 7 of ALCS 2003 which was incredible but then there were more bad outcomes than good in more recent years. No details.

    I’m not worried about AJ and Molina…nor am I worried that the outcome of Game 2 — positive or negative — will affect Posada negatively. They are pro’s and they have played as a team this year like no year since 1998 and they just have to keep their eyes on the prize.


    First up, CONGRATS to ooaooa, you clever devil…and BTW, are you a Frankie Lymon fan with that monicker, or what? If you’ve never heard of him, nevermind. Jane, Diane, Christy, latinyankee & all…you may recall how the subject of Yankee catching has been a sore spot with my local amigo Jersey Bob, who blames ALL the Yankee pitching problems on Hor-Hay, adores Cervelli, and will take Molina (or probably Girardi himself) over Posada. Is #20 way too predictable with his pitching sequences? Don’t know. Not dat smart. But I am CERTAIN we’ll see a different set of Twinkies tonite/tomorrow/from now on…as the Phillies did with the Rockies…it’s a long long way to the Promised Land, and boyoboy is there ever crying in beisbol…and shock (see Cardinals, St. Looie)…and immeasurable joy…I’ll choose Door #3, Ms. She-Fan, and hope to return there…

  20. crzblue2

    When I logged on last night the count was at 15. I was too tired I literally felt asleep right there. Now I am at work and is at 40 comments. Congratulations to the winner! I love the t-shirt! I need one of those!
    No crying for us Dodger fans! We are just ecstatic about being up 2 games to none!!! I was at the stadium when they opened, and my friends and I stayed until the end of the extended Dodger Talk show after the game.


    Hey Jeff, the Red Stater — kudos to you for having the guts to do a posting on this blog AT ALL today — wonder how many Bosox fans woulda done the same back in ’86 after a certain miscue…? One of our unspoken fears is that some poor shlub on OUR fave team will do something similar, and beisbol history is all too “rich” with such awful memory moments…what’s interesting is the comment about how Holliday may have lost the ball in the white towels? In the ’63 Series, when the Yanks got swept by the Dodgers (a really low moment in my youth), several Yank batters said Claude Osteen was so tuff that given day ’cause they couldn’t pick up the ball fast enuf in the all-white-shirtsleeve background of the L.A. crowd…anything can happen, and it usually does. Let’s all hope that there’s no more “Holliday moments” for ANY of our teams this holiday weekend…okay, well, if the Twins (or the Bosox) really WANT to have one, then that’s okay by me!!

  22. Jane Heller

    LOL on the Posada-AJ-Molina “love triangle,” latinyankeerebel. I’m sick of it too, but I guess it’s the only so-called controversy going on with the Yankees right now, and that’s saying something. If this is the biggest issue confronting us right now, we’re in good shape.

    Sorry you didn’t win the shirt, nbaballer, but I hope you and the Yankee fan girl get together. She must be nice if she roots for the pinstriped ones. 🙂

    Yup, there is crying in baseball, Ted. I cry even when the Yankees do something good. (OK, I cry whenever Mo saves a game.) I’m a complete sap.

    Well, in defense of Jorge, he’s been besieged by the media, Scott. If you ask a guy a question enough times, he’s bound to say something they can use in their stories, right? He’s a fiery, proud man and I’d be surprised if he just said, “Oh, no problem.” I’m sure he wants what’s best for the team, and I honestly don’t read a whole lot into this drama. Didn’t Pettitte use Leyrtiz back in the day or was that just in the regular season? Anyhow, I’m with you on the Twins. They’re rested and ready. The Yanks need to be ready too!

    Well, Wendy you got your one wish: the cute tee! Congrats to you! I hope you get your second wish next: a Yankees win tonight!

    Sorry you were beaten out in the contest, John, but you gave it your best shot. LOL! I really hope the rain stays away so they can get the game in and your kids can represent you at the stadium. If they move the game to Saturday, it’ll ruin my weekend plans!

    Very funny idea to chip in and buy Mike Schmidt the shirt, cheshirecat! LOLLLLL. I watched Red Sox-Angels last night and kept trying to decide which team I’d rather play and couldn’t. So I guess I’ll just concentrate on the Yankees and make sure they get through the ALDS before worrying about what’s next.

    Interesting about soccer, Melissa. I didn’t know they were allowed to cry like that. And you’re right about not holding our emotions in. We just let ’em out and live longer. HAHA! But no crying for the Yankees this time unless they’re tears of joy.

    I hear you, Christy. I’m trying not to get caught up in the whole Posada/Molina thing, but I do feel bad for Jorge. He has been a mainstay. But I understand Girardi’s decision. The Yankees spent a fortune on AJ. If he’s more comfortable with Molina catching him, then what are you gonna do? Will we miss Jorge’s bat in the lineup? Absolutely. But my guess is he’ll be in the game to pinch hit and then catch the nanosecond AJ comes out.

    OK, Jen. You certainly piqued my curiosity. You have to tell us why Mike Schmidt is a jerk! Have to! Sorry about last night’s game. I was surprised at the outcome, because the Red Sox have always handled Lackey with ease.

    Renegade, I would say there are a lot of egos on the Yankees to bruise, and yet they’ve remained in check pretty much throughout this season. I don’t think Jorge was blindsided by this move at all. In fact, he told the media, “It’s not like I didn’t see this coming.” But as you noted, it can feel like a betrayal. I do believe he wants what’s best for the team and will act accordingly.

    Let us know how you like the Torre/Verducci book, Diane. I couldn’t even begin to say which team I’d rather play when it comes to Red Sox-Angels. As I wrote above, I’m just taking our series one game at a time and not looking ahead. Too superstitious. In fact, I’ll be having the same food as Wednesday night and wearing the same clothes, and hoping it’s all lucky for the Yankees!

    HAHA, Paul. Well, you chose your team. You could always come over to our side of town.

    Maybe I’m completely clueless, Dave, but I don’t get all the knocks on Posada. Earlier this season, people were debating whether he should be in the HOF! There have always been pitchers who preferred other catchers. Has he lost a step or two behind the plate? Probably, although I thought he came back from the shoulder surgery very well. His bat is still smoking. Anyhow, he’s been a good soldier for a long time and I hope he’s OK with all this hoopla. The main thing is to keep our eye on the Promised Land, as you said!

    I bet you’re crying, Jeff. That loss must have stung. Ouch. Maybe you should order the T-shirt to ease the pain?

    On the flip side of Jeff’s pain, you must be ecstatic, Emma. Congrats to the Dodgers for going up 2-0!

  23. redstatebluestate

    Dave — I appreciate your kind and sympathetic words. You’re good people! Best of luck against the Twinkies.

  24. southernbelle

    Jane: DAMN BLACKOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I only commented last night! I love that tee! Oh well……
    I want a win tonight! Badly! I hate this schedule. Too many off-days. I just want to see my boys play! And I want to see Molina tonight. Maybe he will be lucky and hit one out again…okay let’s be realistic (I saw your proof, it is possible, but just not probable!). Hopefully he will call a great game and A.J. will pitch beautifully. That’s more realistic….I hope…

  25. peggy3

    Hey Jane ….

    I’m off to the game …I’ll tell the guys they better win or they will have to answer to She-Fan !!!! Here’s to AJ …may he bring his best stuff of the season tonight and feast on those “Twinkies”.

    Have a good night all ….

    GOOOOOOOOOOOO Yankees 2009 !!!!!

  26. junojen

    OK – here’s the deal… Mike Schmidt was a member of a certain country club in Palm Beach County when my husband and I lived there. My husband had a part time job working there, taking clubs out of members cars, loading them onto the carts and unloading them at the end of the round. Not an easy job – very physical. Not to mention in 90 degree heat and humidity.

    Anyway, my husband went to help Mike with his clubs and Mike cursed at him and drove by him into the parking lot (a no-no), running over a curb and practically running my husband over. I guess he had a bad round that day. He also never tipped anyone.

    Joe Namath belongs to the same club. He is much more cordial and polite. Mike Schmidt has no respect for people who are just trying to make a living.

    There ya go…

  27. Jane Heller

    Virginia, I kind of like this schedule because it drags the series out a little. My issue with the ALDS is that it’s so short and could be over really fast. So I didn’t mind the day off yesterday. I hope Molina and AJ work beautifully together and the bats are hot. Maybe Jeter will do us all a favor and kick things off again with a leadoff hit!

    Peggy, I’ll be looking for you on TV, although I have no idea where you’re sitting. LOL. Fingers crossed for a great game. Can’t wait to have your report.

    Thanks for filling in the blank, Jen. Inquiring minds did want to know (at least mine did)! Now I won’t be able to look at Schmidt the same way ever again. What a jerk. And to think your husband could have been hurt. GRRRRRR.

    Yeah, I’m lucky with these contests, Peter. Companies approach me a lot and offer to do giveaways. Most of the time I’m not interested, but I loved the “No Crying” shirt so it was a no-brainer.

  28. heartruss

    Jane, I think that poor Matt Holliday needed that teeshirt last night. Poor guy.
    I may have to buy that shirt since I sit around children at the games a lot. Every once in a while one of them will cry cuz they want cotton candy or they are bored. I tell these kids, “There’s no crying in baseball.” and usually they stop and think about it.
    Good luck to your Yankees.
    And good luck to my Dodgers tomorrow for a sweep.
    Poor Jeff. I can feel his pain.

  29. wetfeet

    Jane I hope your shirt has come in looks like you may need it. I am not wishing you bad luck just wishing the Twins good luck. REGARDS

  30. Jane Heller

    That would be really sweet if you got the shirt for the kids who cry, Cat. What a nice thought! I wish you good luck with the Dodgers tomorrow, of course! The Yanks just won in walk-off style. What a game.

    It was a whole game of OMG’s, Buz. They just kept coming. I’m absolutely drained.

    Sorry the game didn’t go your way, wetfeet. Maybe you’d like to get one of the shirts?

    The contest was just a one-day thing, Sue. I wish I’d had more time to spread the word. But they’re offering $10 off this week with the promo code (I think it retails for $25), so it’s a good deal. Anyhow, yes, the Yanks won in extras. And your Phillies play tomorrow in Colorado, I think. Good luck!

  31. wetfeet

    Jane I hope your shirt has come in looks like you may need it. I am not wishing you bad luck just wishing the Twins good luck. REGARDS

  32. daisytat

    Jane – I tried to order the shirt from vintage blue, but there seems to be an error that does not allow adding that shirt to the shopping cart. I emailed them already, just wanted to let you know.

    I love your blog and book. I can’t wait to see what you’ve written each day after the game!

  33. Jane Heller

    Daisytat, I’m so sorry you had trouble ordering the shirt. I forwarded your comment to Vintage Blue and hopefully they’ll be in touch and fix the problem. Thanks for letting me know. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book and are following the blog. It’s so heartening for a writer to know that somebody’s reading! Many thanks.

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