Yankees-Twins Game 1: Sorry, Naysayers

Yes, the Twins were tired. Let me get that out of the way right now. But here’s the story of tonight’s game: the Yankees just wouldn’t follow the script that their detractors have been peddling for months.
“CC Sabathia can’t pitch in the postseason.”
He gave up two runs (one earned) over six-plus innings, struck out eight and issued zero walks for the victory. Just a miserable outing, wasn’t it?
“Jeter’s too old for any more postseason heroics.”
He got the Yankees’ first hit of the game, drove in their first runs with a homer to tie the score at 2-2 in the third, and was on base four times. Oh, he’s old all right.
“Nick Swisher is a useless party boy.”
He doubled in the fourth to put the Yankees up 3-2. Big, big hit. The opposite of useless.
“A-Rod is a postseason choker.”

He knocked in two runs with RBI singles in the fifth and seventh – both with two outs. He also made a couple of sparking plays at third. I guess the only ones choking are those who didn’t watch him hit in the clutch this year.
“Matsui and his bad knees are ready for the glue factory.”
He smacked a two-run homer in the fifth to give the Yanks a comfy 6-2 lead. Maybe there’s life in those knees after all.
“Joba Chamberlain is too messed up by the Joba Rules to tie his own shoes.”
Even I was thinking it might be true. But he trotted to the mound in the eighth, following terrific relief performances by Hughes and Coke, and retired Young on two pitches. The crowd roared. He’s just fine.
“Mo is bound to fall apart one of these days.”

He didn’t set the Twins down in order in the ninth, but he got Harris and Tolbert to strike out. That’s not exactly falling apart, is it?
“The new Yankee Stadium is a bandbox where anyone can hit a cheap homer.”

The Yankees did have two, but how come the Twins didn’t hit any – especially with the swirling wind conditions?
“You can’t buy a championship, She-Fan.”

No, you can’t. And one ALDS win is hardly proof of anything. But I’m extremely grateful that I root for a team that can afford the likes of CC Sabathia. I’d rather have him over this…
…or this…
…or this.
OK, forget the last item. I bought it this morning, because my old one died, and had it installed just in time to watch the game. It’s mounted on the wall in my living room, and it’s now my “lucky TV.” I really hope it does its thing again on Friday so I don’t have to return it.


  1. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Buz. I was worried that the Twins would come out smoking, because of their great win the day before, but they looked a little flat and the Yanks took advantage. Your guys are doing pretty well right now. It’s 5-2 Dodgers.

  2. nycbren64@mac.com

    Jane, loved the game! Had to follow it on my phone while at work . I’m thinking Kate Hudson might be the trick. Jeter, gotta love that guy. Swisher look so happy to be there tonight! Dont ya love that about him?!? Still wondering why they brought in Mo in the 9th.
    Way to go Jane, Great read tonight!

  3. Jane Heller

    The Dodgers are hanging tough, Buz. It’s the 7th and they’re looking good.

    Swisher did look happy to be there, Brendan. Can you blame him? Last year he was toiling away in Chicago, batting .211 and not getting along with Ozzie. Now? He’s the toast of NYC – at least for the moment. I was surprised to see Mo in the 9th since it wasn’t a save situation. But he hasn’t pitched in awhile and they have the day off tomorrow, so I guess it wasn’t the worst idea. It was a great game and I’m glad you got to follow it even though you were at work. I totally slacked off today. Back to the grind tomorrow.

  4. ibrenne@yahoo.com

    Jane, I highly advise you don’t throw anything at the new TV. Is that how the other one “died?”

    Some comments about the game: (1) Thank g-d Huuuuughes shaved off that horrible mustache (2) Jeter is a g-d (3) I’ll take this a-rod over previous yrs a-rod any day (4) Mauer did not have his best game: lots of passed balls, no clutch hitting with RISP-very cano like-he gets on base whenever he can’t hit in a run.

    Nice start for yanks.

  5. lenn23

    This was a good win Jane. A very good win. I think the Twins still had a lot of energy at the start of this game it’s just that towards the end their batteries ran out. To me a great side benefit of the Yanks winning this year is to shut up all the naysayers. I just wish they were a little more creative with their critiques. This next game on Friday is going to be pretty big. I remember what happened against the Tigers in 06 after a Game 1 win at the Stadium and it wasn’t pretty. Hope this A.J./Molina decision is a good one and pays dividends. Although Posada didn’t help his cause with his game behind the plate.

  6. TribeTed

    Jane all those Yankee Haters got smacked in the teeth. And with every other team rooting against them, the Yanks still pulled it off. It was a great game – and I knew the Yankees would win it, that is just how they are (a strong playoff team.) Jeter showed why he is captain of this team.


  7. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Great point by point accounting of how the Yankees overcame the negative predictions. I was very happy to see A-Rod overcome the issues of the past. I was a little surprised that Tex did not perform well but that just leaves room for him to do so in the next couple of games. Posada did not look very good behind the plate – maybe it won’t be a bad thing to sit him on Friday.

    Jeter always comes through; I’m just don’t want to make the whole post season about him. Much as he is our captain and a huge reason we are where we are, this is a team effort and we have to view them that way.

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    ALWAYS good to win the first one, but that’s all it is…to make a tennis analogy, it’s like winning the first set in a mens’ (5-set) match, because you held serve…lenn23 is right, one win means almost nada…I was disappointed to learn that today is an off-day…’cause now’s the time to POUNCE on them while they’re still tired, but it’s not to be…you know what Jersey Bob thinx about AJ not pitching to HorHay…GOOD!! We shall see…a dozen things going on at home, could barely watch last nite…but was in the car to hear Godzilla’s big tater, and later, sweating thru Hughes’ multi-multi-pitch at-bat to Cabrera…HUUUGE to get that K, with Mauer on deck…the margin of victory was deceptively large, given our two-out rally in the 5th and what the Twins almost did in the 7th…that’s playoff beisbol, boys & girls! Mo Mo Mo (how do ya like it?)…hey, that could be the hook for another song…whaddya think, Diane??

  9. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Yea! Nice win. I don’t know if I’ll make it through – every time the Twins had men on base, my heart was pounding really hard!

    If Kate Hudson is ARod’s lucky charm, great, but I really don’t need to see her reaction to every thing.

    The announcers are okay. Ron Darling says some good stuff, he’s just got a boring delivery. But at least I’m not shouting “SHUT UP!” at the TV.

    Sister She-Fans, did you notice how no one gives us any credit? As my husband noted, all the ads are aimed at old guys: Viagra, heart disease and enlarged prostates.


  10. ladyjane303

    Couldn’t agree more with you, Jane. Great way to start the post-season. And while we’re listing good things, let’s not forget that great throw that Swisher made from RF to hold the runner on 3rd – another scoreless inning for the Twins. A-Rod getting RBI’s with singles – priceless! One down, ten to go!!!!

  11. cheshirecat9

    That was a great game! The Yanks did everything right and completely dominated. Enjoy your lucky TV Jane, I hope you get to watch many championship Yankee teams on it. I am predicting that Molina hits a clutch RBI double on Friday. My only regret about this series is that Pavano won’t be pitching in Yankee Stadium. I would have loved to see the reaction he provoked.

  12. irishsoxkid19

    I did watch parts of last night’s game and I gotta say, the Yankees did a great job. I know, what am I saying?! Being a Red Sox fan and all and saying the Yankees did well in game one. They did, no doubt about it. The Twins on the other hand, probably tired from the tie-breaker the other night. Hope you don’t have to return your TV for another few weeks (or games)!!

  13. adirondackgal46

    The Yankees win!!!! Yes its only the first one, but you gotta win one to get to two! Every win is important and closer to the prize! The Yankees sent a strong message to the Twins last night IMO.

  14. Jane Heller

    The TV is safe from all tantrums, ibrenne. My husband is guarding it with his life. (The other one was a plasma that burned out from too many hours of watching baseball!) Good points about the game.

    I know people weren’t thrilled with Posada’s defense, len, and he didn’t look his best. But there were a couple of cross-ups, and he and CC seemed to work well together on pitch selection. Let’s hope Molina can deal with AJ’s occasional wild pitches and even gets a hit or two. Great game last night!

    Jeter’s first hit seemed to relax the Yankees, Ted. It certainly relaxed me. Once I knew they could get to the Twins pitcher, I felt a lot better.

    I, too, was surprised that Tex didn’t do anything offensively, Diane. But there’s plenty of time for him to contribute some heroics. He looked like he was pressing. He doesn’t need to hit them out. A single or two will do just fine!

    Good analogy about winning the first set in tennis, Dave. It’s a step in the right direction and tends to give the winner confidence. But there’s still a lot of work to do, so nobody should get overly confident. And you bet Hughes’ strikeout was huge. I heaved a big sigh when that at bat was over.

    I sure do like the “steamroller” idea, Jen. Sometimes the 2009 Yankees do seem very dominant. And it’s THAT team I want to see throughout the playoffs!

    I must have been looking away when they showed Kate Hudson, Melissa. I didn’t see her a lot. But then I sit with my score pad and my computer, so I’m multi-tasking. LOL. GREAT point about the ads aimed at males. I’m so sick of them. Could we please get some attention? Do the networks and MLB not have a clue that there are millions of women who watch baseball?

    Thanks for reminding me about Swisher’s throw, ladyjane. It was huge! I should have added that to his note. And wasn’t it great to see this “new A-Rod,” knocking ’em in with singles? Good for him to make the adjustments this season.

    I like your prediction, cheshirecat. I keep reminding myself that Molina had the last homer in the old stadium, so it’s not as if he’s incapable of getting a hit! Too bad about Pavano, but it will be fun to face him in any case, and I bet there will be a contingent of Yankee fans at the Metrodome to show their affection. 🙂

    Thanks for the nod, Holly. The Yanks did do well and my new TV didn’t let me down. It was hairy getting it all set up in time for the game. That made me almost as nervous as the game itself!

    It was weird seeing Mo in that situation, Jenn, and many of us on Twitter were wondering about it. He doesn’t do as well when the game isn’t on the line for some reason (adrenaline not there?), but he took care of business and it all worked out. Thank God!

    Swish isn’t useless, Jeff. He really isn’t. He may have been in Chicago, but that’s in the past. He’s picked up his defense and been a big help to the team with his offense. Posada did look a little lost out there last night. I don’t think he was wearing his white nail polish!

    Yes, it was only one game, adirondackgal, but as you say it was an important game. It’s always nice to have the first one in the bag and build on it. The magic number is now 10!

  15. diamondgirl55

    Never thought I’d say this but I am SO GLAD the Yankees won last night and I’m excited for them to win the next one! Since I lived in Detroit, I truly was heart-broken when the Tigers lost that tiebreaker :[ Never was a fan but I guess I subconsciously was. Tear! So now I would like you guys to send those soft and creamy Twinkies home to MN, thanks! :] P.S, so jealous about your new TV!!!!! xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  16. arizonacacti

    Two things that bother me about the huge sports media machine, one is all these so called specialists commentating on games and matchups leaving things out like strength of schedule as in the streak by the twins to make it to the playoffs…oh yeah 9 games against a bad white sox team and a worse K.C. Royal team. This game was exactly what I expected and what I expect the rest of the series to look like, an average Yankee win with louder fans.

    The second is selective overstating certain things and omitting facts to make a story. Posada is not angry and last night proved that he is losing his defensive skills, love posada(love realism more) and what he has accomplished as a Yankee. Burnett throwing more balls in the dirt to get strikeouts would be hard to watch posada dig them out like molina proved he can do, framing a close pitch..molina, throwing out base stealers…molina. Posada’s offensive output last night shows he can take a break and the Yankees will be alright.

    Omitting the fact that the red sox and twins are the only two teams in the playoffs with a below .500 record on the road and the Yankees have home field throughout the playoffs. The stadium and the crowds are so beautiful to look at and joy is brimming as 27 approaches, seven runs by the seventh on 10/7…perfect.

  17. peggy3

    Hi Jane and fellow posters…

    Nice game last night …a TEAM effort with contributions from
    many different guys. CC may not have had his best stuff but he certainly had more than enough. THANK GOD that Alex finally drove in some runs …I couldn’t take hearing about it anymore. This is the Yankees (the team) NOT just about one person playing well. Fortunately the players understand that even if the fans can’t seem to comprehend the fact. Jeter …what can you say about him that hasn’t already been said …he’s just amazing and more so when the playoffs start. Huuuuuuuuuuughes was terrific with that big strikeout of Cabrera after a long battle. Happy to see the support for Joba especially after the booing he received at the last game at the Stadium (What’s wrong with Yankee fans? Booing their own players ..especially the younger guys trying to find their stride?)

    Next up …AJ and I’ll be at the game cheering him on. The nonsense that has gone on in the media and the fans over this Posada/Molina “controversy” is so silly. SO BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION !!! Let’s just cheer whatever player is in the game and hope they do well and win. That’s the bottom line.

    Jane ..two things…I have the same Sony TV and I LOVE IT !!! Also ..I finished “An Ex To Grind” and I LOVED that too. A fun read and I will now be buying more of your books and contributing to your royalties (with pleasure)…. :o).

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s game…

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!!

  18. Jane Heller

    I can understand your feelings about the Tigers, diamondgirl. You lived in Detroit. They weren’t your favorite team, but they were your local team. I’d be thrilled if the Yankees could get by the Twins and move on to the ALCS. But it’s one game at a time. Root for us! And yeah, the TV is cool. I’m really liking it!

    I hear you on the Posada thing, arizonacacti. He and CC both took the blame for those passed balls: Posada for the first one and CC for the second; I guess Posada asked for a specific pitch and CC threw something else. There’s no way Molina can replace Jorge offensively, but if he can go get AJ’s pitches in the dirt then I’m fine with it. The stadium did look beautiful last night, and the crowd’s ovation for CC was fantastic. Let’s keep rolling!

  19. Jane Heller

    I agree with everything you wrote about the game and the team, Peggy. Maybe you should be doing this blog! We’ve been through Posada controversies before and they never amounted to anything. Pettitte used to have Jim Leyritz catch him, for God’s sake, and he and Jorge are still great friends. It’s all silly. So glad you’ll be there tomorrow to cheer them on. Seems like quite a few commenters are going to that game. Lucky you guys! So glad you enjoyed “Ex.” I hope you’ll try the other novels and let me know which ones appealed to you. Have a good “off day” and have a wonderful time tomorrow night!

  20. peggy3

    Thanks for the compliment Jane but NO ONE could do this blog the way YOU do. The fact that you have so many posters from other teams is a testament to your writing. I read it everyday and I just love the way you mix the facts with humor (btw …the laughing lady always cracks me up …HAHAHA). When I read Confessions of a She Fan I immediately loved your writing and then I found the blog ….although I might not comment everyday I’m a huge fan and I count on you to brighten my day…each and every day. After enjoying “Ex” I know I’ll love reading your other books. I’m going to order a few today…any suggestions which ones? Maybe 3 of them to start …

    On a side note ….I was upset when Pete left the Lohud Yankees Blog but I’m VERY happy with the fine writing that Chad, Sam and Josh are providing for the fans. It’s nice to have different perspectives and styles especially since they post so many times during the day. Great coverage of the game by the guys yesterday. Here’s to them keeping us informed and happy throughout the off-season too.

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  21. peggy3


    I’m going to order the three you mentioned ….NY, daughter and supernatural …three of my favorite things (naturally daughter is first even BEFORE the Yankees). Yankees are right behind my daughter of favorite things but I already read your book about them… :o). Off to order before I leave work …..have a great rest of the day ….

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  22. Jane Heller

    ‘Nuff said, Dillon. It went just the way we hoped it would.

    Thanks for that, Peggy. I agree with you about the LoHud guys. They’re doing a great job, posting frequently with valuable info and a sense of humor too. Very good mix of personalities there. As for which of my novels to read? Hmm. The three you might try are 1) Name Dropping, since it’s set in NY and is the reason I got to see the Yanks in the 2000 World Series. 2) Lucky Stars is fun if you enjoy mother-daughter comedies. 3) The Secret Ingredient is about marriage and has a touch of the supernatural. Go on my web site and see which plot summaries appeal to you.

    I didn’t think he over-managed, Paul. Yankee fans were all over Torre when he didn’t make certain pitching moves in the postseason in ’07. I think Girardi will play every game as if it’s a must-win. I have no problem with that.

    I like the script from last night, Erin! I know your guys were tired. How could they not be? And I know the Yankees are dreaming if they think they can keep Mauer at bay forever. See you again on Friday!

  23. ibleedpinstripes

    And so the nausea is gone for at least a day, thank the Lord. LOL. If it was that bad yesterday, only God knows what it’ll be like when it’s coming down to the wire. I’m afraid I might barf up a kidney, and that would not be very ideal. Great win last night – a real team effort! Love seeing that!

    – Lisa

  24. Jane Heller

    Barfing up a kidney, Lisa? LOL. We can’t let that happen. So the Yankees will just have to score a lot of runs in each of the games in the postseason and then we can sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Jeremy, there will be always be questions when it comes to the Yankees, but I hope there will also be answers this time around! CC has been terrific. I’m so happy with him. (Not that I don’t still covet your Doc Halladay.)

  25. Greg

    I must say, if the Yankees don’t sweep the Twins, they should go put their heads in a hole. 😉 Who the heck pitched for the Twins yesterday? Who the heck is pitching tomorrow? My goodness. The only the hope the Twins should have is the embarassingly ugly stadium (soon to be imploded) called the Metrodome. They may be able to steal one there.

    Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

  26. Jane Heller

    You know me, Greg. I take nothing for granted. The Twins could throw anyone out there and I wouldn’t assume a victory. I’m glad you like the Yankees’ chances though. 🙂

  27. wetfeet

    Hi Jane I am not a Yanky hater they are just the last team in the MLB I ever want to win. By the way I would take the car and or the house over Sabathia any day. They would both look great here on beautiful LAKE CHEEROKEE TX. GO TWINS P.S. great blog

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