My Motivational Message(s) to the Yankees

Yes, the Twins won the AL Central. Congrats to them. But now I must do my Yankee She-Fan best to assure their quick and painless exit from the playoffs and send them to an early duck hunting season.
How will I accomplish this? By reminding the Bombers that:
* They had the best record in baseball.
* They swept the Twins during the regular season.
* They beat the Twins in recent postseasons.
* They’re the New York Yankees.
As we all know, however, it takes more than simply stating the facts to propel a team to victory. So just in case the Yanks have had too much time to rest on their laurels, I thought it would be appropriate to give them the same motivational speech used by hockey coach Herb Brooks in his now-famous pep talk.
Here’s A-Rod’s potential father-in-law in the movie version.
Here’s Rizzo, the kid, in the now-even-more-famous YouTube version.
And here’s the She-Fan version. It differs only slightly from the two above, plus I’m not wearing the tan blazer.
And if none of those work, the Yankees should watch this and be reminded that the magic did, indeed, follow them across the street.


  1. lenn23

    That Twins/Tigers game was a weird experience for me. Since I had no idea on who I wanted to win whenever either team did good I got nervous! We have to at least get past the first round this year. This first game is going to be big. Will it be an energized or tired Twins team? Hopefully they’re still be hungover! Oh yeah….Go Yankees!!! We’re gonna do it this year!!


    It was quite a game and I was grateful that I wasn’t rooting for either team. I also kept just hoping for a tie and was delighted when it went in to extra innings.
    I laugh almost every time they show Joe Maeur stand up when he is catching. It’s such an incongruous image to see the catcher towering over everyone.
    As I watched the Twins celebrate, I kept thinking, “Drink more. Get hungover.”
    Jane, I also thought of Jeter’s speech this morning.
    Go Yanks!!!!

  3. dorgal218

    Me, too, jenn23! And I kept rooting for the tie. Every time one of them scored, and the other was in a position to score, I just wanted them to score enough to tie. Realistically, once it got into extra innings, I figured the Twins would win, what with the Detroit bullpen being what it is, and walk-off-ability in the home half of the inning and all. But it was a crazy game and strange experience as a Yankee fan who didn’t really care who won the game.

    Time to make some new post-season memories! (Is it okay if I’m a little paranoid today????)

  4. cheshirecat9

    It was an exciting game last night. The only thing I was rooting for was for it to go into extra innings and for the winner to go through a lot of pitchers. Check and check. I’m excited for tonight. LET’S GO YANKEES!!!!

  5. ooaooa

    Confidence is high! We now have and opponent and confidence is high! I have secured tickets for the Friday game and the gift of being blessed with children 37 and 26 years ago has paid off. Due to a nagging medical situation (not extremely serious) they will represent me at the Catherdral in the Bronx on Friday. My son and daughter have been raised from birth versed in the fact that “In a perfect world we would all be Yankee fans” and “Friends don’t let friends become Red Sox fans”. They have passed muster many times already and they will represent me seamlessly on Friday. I will share their insights with you on Saturday. I am confident I will be ready for a playoff appearance in the next series. The ducks are in a row and the planets are in alignment. All is ready, let the games begin! P.S. Plans for Tampa 2010 have already begun.

  6. junojen

    OMG – I don’t know where to start. This post has so much for me to comment on…

    1) I love Kurt Russell, even in plaid pants and a bad Minnesota accent (or whatever that was…).

    2) The little kid in the YouTube video is hilarious! I was LMAO when I first watched it. Then I was a little bit afraid. He started to remind me of Damien in the first “Omen” movie. SCARY!

    3) Your video is hilarious! I have never heard you say “Screw It” on your blog. I can tell you are officially fired up. ha ha!

    You know I will be rooting for the underdog Twins…


    PS. I wish I knew how to get spaces between my paragraphs. You’d think after a whole season of doing this, I would have figured that one out.


    Hi Jane,
    Great pep talk from She Fan……As I watched that amazing game last night I kept thinking, extra innings, yes, drain those bull pens, and just keep drinking all that champaign boys, A big game from CC tonight and we should be on our way, Burnett has already announced that sluggo aka Molina will be catching him, that is fine, maybe he will actually get a hit in the post season…….OK…….. positive thinking and my trusty supply of Chardonnay to get us through the playoffs and WS……………………..Go Yanks, Jane

  8. ladyjane303

    Very inspirational, Jane – great job! Last night I kept repeating “15 innings, 15 innings….” the more they played, the later it went, the better. I’m psyched for today, and extra psyched for Friday because I’ll be there in person. All I can say is “BRING ‘EM ON!!” Go Yankees!

  9. redstatebluestate

    Okay, okay, good luck and all (though I hope the Yankees lose – sorry, can’t help it despite you being a nice, kind, thoughtful person, it just hurts me when the Yankees win šŸ˜‰ And Jane, what did Michael think of your motivational speech to the Yanks? I’m not talking about the speech itself, but the very short pink skirt you wore while delivering it. I wouldn’t let my lady anywhere near Nick Swisher and A-Rod while wearing such little clothing, LOL.


    What a long, strange, and wondrous trip it’s been, and is still becoming, in 2009…
    Jane, that’s one of your best postings yet. In seasons past, I’ve just stomped around like a racehorse, nervous for getting in that starting gate, and that opening gun, on the first day. Thanx SO MUCH for your focus!! Of course, the Yankee Hating Half (YHH) of my family was full of more sarcasm last nite, esp. with each passing extra inning, but that don’t wash with me. And how amazing is this blog that some folks still want to wish you well, but please LOSE anyway!? Okay, been there, back again. It’s all on us now. All I will say is that after today, there IS no edge…it’s all between the lines…Just Do It.

  11. devilabrit

    Now we now the Yankees get the Twins… the next question is will A-Rod manage to lose his post season blues and actually do some good….some of us hope not….good luck in the post season….just dont win…LOL
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  12. Jane Heller

    Good to see you fired up, levelboss! Me too!

    I was nervous too watching that game, len! I kept going, “It’ll be the Tigers.” Then I’d say, “No, the Twins will win.” And so on. I even wrote on Twitter, “If the Yankees were in this game, I’d be on a stretcher right now.” I don’t think the Twins will be hungover at all. I think they’ll be energized and ready to roll. But we’ll be ready!

    Melissa, watching Jeter’s speech got me all choked up for the 100th time. I’m such a sap! Joe Mauer is a beast. We were able to contain him during the last series, so I hope they pitch him the same way. I don’t want to see him on base every single time up.

    I’m a little paranoid too, dorgal, so don’t feel bad. I have that strange mixture of confidence and dread. LOL! I was rooting for yesterday’s game to go into extra innings, but then it made me so nervous I actually had to go out and take a walk in about the sixth inning!

    I’m so excited about tonight that I had trouble sleeping, cheshirecat. I had this weird dream too – that somebody was poisoning me. What do you think it means? If only Freud were around. Anyhow, I wasn’t poisoned and I’m ready for a great game.

    Sorry to hear about your medical condition, John, but glad it’s not serious. And thank goodness you raised your kids right and they will represent you appropriately on Friday! I’ll look forward to your report of their experience. Meanwhile, let’s get the first win under our belt tonight!

    HAHAHA, Jen! That kid in the video does look a little scary, doesn’t he? He’s adorable but also sort of Damien-ish. LOL. And you’re right. I’ve never said “Screw you” on the blog, but I had to follow the script, didn’t I? And btw, you did have spaces between your paragraphs – at least in your comment here. I always hit the return bar three times and that seems to do it.

    Jane, I was worried when I first read about Molina catching AJ. I mean, why not just concede Jose’s every at bat, right? But if it helps AJ pitch at his best, the offense will take care of itself. And remember: Molina did get the last homer in the old stadium. Maybe he’ll actually get a hit in that game. I’m sure Jorge isn’t pleased though. Yes, the wine will be at hand tonight! Only a few hours to go!

    I almost predicted the score of yesterday’s game, ladyjane. Early on, I said on Twitter that it would be 7-5 and it turned out to be 6-5. Not bad. But today is our turn to shine and shine we will. As all those videos said, “It’s OUR time!” Good to know you’ll be there on Friday. Can’t wait to hear about it.

    Michael loves that little She-Fan skirt, Jeff. He always tells me to do one of those videos so he can see it. I’m beginning to wonder what’s up with that. Should I be jealous of her?

    “Just do it.” That’s a good motto, Dave. No more wondering about which team we’ll play. No more guessing about who’ll be on the roster. No more prep. It all starts tonight (well, this afternoon for me in CA). It’ll be very hard to concentrate on anything else before game time. Do the players get as nervous as we do? I doubt it. LOL.

    The fans aren’t overly confident, Paul. Just read the comments here. And I’d guess the players have a healthy regard for the Twins. They’re playing a very hot team – the hottest in baseball. They must be at their very best.

    I wouldn’t worry about A-Rod, Peter. He’ll be just fine. I’d be more concerned about Brad Lidge. Or was he left off the postseason roster?

  13. Jane Heller

    Yankee propaganda. LOL, tomtheace. The Yankees did have the best record in baseball. I didn’t have to put a spin on that. And our pitching? I think we were among the leaders in strikeouts as a staff, plus our ace won 19 games. Not too shabby. And, of course, we have the game’s best closer. But yes, the Twins are hot and not to be underestimated, and the series should be very exciting!

  14. realrent

    Typical Yankee propaganda. šŸ˜‰ heh. The Twins are on a nice streak you have to remember that. Yankees did have the best record though, but also how good was their pitching? Tonight is going to be interesting. GOooo Twins, Twins, Twins!!
    Two Voices | Two Guys

  15. Jane Heller

    You’re conceding already, Erin? After that amazing game yesterday? Can’t you read between the lines and see how terrified we Yankee fans are right now? LOL! Good luck today. It would be fun to watch the game together.

    Wowzer is right, Buz. Back and forth the momentum went. My emotions were all over the place, and I didn’t even care which team won!

  16. crzblue2

    OMG! Those are great videos! Love Kur Russell, especially in the movie “Tequila Sunrise.” even though he does not get the girl. The little kid was Grrrreat and she-fan stepped up to the speech too.
    Very well done!
    I am nervous for my Dodgers! but I always get nervous from the excitment!

  17. Jane Heller

    Emma, I loved Kurt Russell in “Swing Shift” where he met Goldie Hawn. I loved them both in “Overboard” too. And isn’t that kid hilarious? It was tough to top them with a computerized voice. LOL! Good luck to the Dodgers tonight. I’m so nervous I can’t do any work.

  18. Jane Heller

    I must have missed that movie, Jen. The title is enough to make me glad I missed it! Meanwhile, the kid in the video is supposedly all set up with a Hollywood agent. I think we’ll be seeing more of him whether we like it or not!

  19. junojen

    One more thing about Kurt Russell – I loved him when he was in the Disney movie “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.” Of course, I was only five and he was a much more mature 18. LOL!

    I’m still scared of that kid…


    I have no audio here at work so I’ll have to wait until I get home to enjoy the blog for today. I’m watching the wind blowing and I’m a little concerned about how it may affect the game. I know Swish is going to miss some fly ball because of it for sure. It’s gotten so windy I’m afraid they might have to put rocks in C.C.’s pockets to keep him from blowing away (LOL).

    All kidding aside, I really enjoyed the game between Detroit and Minnesota yesterday, and I NEVER watch a baseball game if the Yankees aren’t playing. When a game goes into extra innings the scores rarely change until the end but this one had some moments when you thought it was over and it wasn’t. Very exciting. I was hoping it would go at least 20 innings so we’d be facing a rather tired team but I don’t think that’s going to happen. They definitely used their bullpen though, and I think that might help us.

    Dave. it must be so hard for you to have Yankee-haters in the family. I have a few Mets fans in my in-laws that don’t like the Yankees much but it doesn’t usually get too ugly. A dear friend of mine who grew up in Upstate New York has a family that consists of Yankees fans and Red Sux fans. In fact, he is a diehard Yankee lover and his identical twin brother is a Red Sux lover. How crazy is that!

    Anyway — we’re in the post season now and we really need to bring the championship home in the inaugural season. I’m psyched!!! GO YANKEES!!!

  21. cheshirecat9

    Sorry I had to get one more in. I too am having a hard time concentrating on work.

  22. Jane Heller

    Diane, that windy weather makes me very nervous. Not only could Swish and Damon have trouble tracking balls, but the hits could sail into the seats for a high scoring game. I need to calm down! Game time coming up in minutes!

    This day has been a total waste for me too, cheshirecat. No work whatsoever, although I tried. LOL. GO YANKEEEEEEES!

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