Yanks Lose to Rays 5-3…..Oh, Never Mind

I have nothing. The game was a bore. The players got their work in. That’s about it.
*Pettitte threw 95 pitches without melting.
* Hairston survived getting hit by a pitch – twice.
* Aceves made a throwing error but pitched well, as did Gaudin. Damon broke his hitting slump. Gardner and Guzman showed off their speed. Blah blah blah. My husband nodded off.
The excitement was in the AL Central, and I kept switching back and forth to check on those games. Will the Yanks play the Twins or Tigers? Tigers or Twins? It was enough to make my head spin.
The Yankees’ goal this weekend has been to give the players their at bats and make sure they don’t get hurt. But what about the fans? Isn’t it our job to stay healthy for the playoffs too? Well, I screwed up in that department. I was making dinner and opening a bottle of wine when I cut my hand. Now what? Do I keep the injury to myself and try to play hurt? Do I tell Girardi and get treatment over the next few days? Will I be left off the playoff roster?
Since Gene Monahan was in Tampa tending to the Yankees, I turned to my husband for help. He bandaged me up and told me to try holding a ball and going on Twitter at the same time.
(Yes, that’s Mickey Mantle’s signature on the ball. Or so I was told when I bought it.)
I was in pain, but I’m hoping I’ll be OK for next week. I have to be. There’s too much at stake to miss even a single pitch.
Off topic, for those who enjoy good movies, I heartily recommend a film I saw earlier in the day as part of the screening group I belong to. It’s called “An Education,” and it’s getting lots of Oscar buzz already. Scheduled for release later this month, it’s a coming of age story about a young woman in ’60s Britain who falls for a much older man. It was written by Nick Hornby (“High Fidelity,” “About a Boy”) and has a cast of terrific actors, including newcomer Carey Mulligan, who’s amazing in the starring role. Here’s the trailer.
I’m watching Dodgers-Rockies right now. It’s 0-0 in the sixth. Contreras is pitching for the Rockies and Manny is up. Uh-oh. He just struck out looking.
Update: Dodgers win! 


  1. gregdevoe@comcast.net

    A couple of thoughts:

    The Twins and Tigers drama is the only thing left in the regular season and it’s enough drama to be must watch versus football today.

    I hope the Yanks win today….getting swept by Tampa would definitely stink!!!!

    Your injury didn’t keep you from twittering or blogging. You’re good to go for the playoffs!!

    The Rockies were finished as soon as Contreras had to come in the game to replace an injured De La Rosa. What is he………..80 years old?

  2. nparlin@aol.com

    Jane, I can’t imagine the play-offs without you!!! Just take it easy for a few days and you’ll be fine. Loved the movie trailer, will definitley see it. Thanks for a great season!

  3. Elizabeth D

    All will be okay if you can hold a baseball and tweet at the same time. Those are obviously the most important things in life to a baseball fan. I am very excited to see who the Yankees will be playing. I’m kind of craving a Sabathia vs Verlander matchup because it would be a pitcher’s duel to the end, but then again, the more Joe Mauer I see, the better.

  4. southernbelle

    Jane: It was a boring game. But I watched it anyway. I didn’t get to see the end, though. My little brother made me watch Die Hard with him. I missed Cervelli! Oh well… It was a boring game, but even though we lost, there were positives like you mentioned. 1 more game before October…I hope it is a good one 🙂

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Last night’s game wasn’t too bad – just not great. The play with Ah-save-us and Hinske at third, just highlighted to me the difficulty of playing third. The angles are so weird for players not used to it.
    I think MLB should pass a rule that no one end their season at Tampa Bay. What a crappy stadium!
    It’s certainly an exciting time to be a Tigers or Twins fan! Let’s hope they end in the tie and have to play the one game playoff. The TV stations must be going nuts, not knowing who is playing when!

  6. Jane Heller

    I was thinking the same thing about Contreras, Greg. But he pitched really well! I’m not sure why the Rockies took him out, but it was nice to see the Dodgers finally clinch the division. Now onto Tigers and Twins. Talk about down to the wire! I tested the hand. It’s sore but I’m good to go. 🙂

    Very huge, Ted. Looking forward to watching the Tigers/Twins scenario and see how it turns out. It would be amazing if they go to a one-game playoff on Tuesday.

    The movie really was good, nparlin. There’s a nice article on the young star in today’s NY Times Arts & Leisure section if you’re interested. Thanks to you for stopping by and reading the blog this season!

    I think the hand issue will be OK since I’m a righty and it was my left hand that was injured, Elizabeth. But I’ll try to rest it just in case! I’m torn about which team I’d rather face. At first I was thinking the Twins, because the Yankees have beaten them before. But now I like the idea of the Tigers, since they’ve been slumping. Should be an exciting finish in that division!

    He did pitch well, Buz. I didn’t know what to expect when he came into the game, but he was pretty impressive for awhile. I guess the NL suits him better than the AL did, all 80 years of him. Congrats to the Dodgers.

    You missed Cervelli for “Die Hard?” For shame, Virginia! He’ll never forgive you. Ha ha. I’d really like the Yankees to at least TRY to win the game today, so they can make us feel better about next week.

    Well, Melissa, the Yankees clinched a wild card berth at the Trop in 2007, so I can’t blame that stadium for the sloppy games. Our boys need to pick it up today – just because I want to see them win one before we get to the big time stuff! Can you imagine being a Tigers/Twins fan right now? We’d be going nuts!

  7. devilabrit

    and now you won’t know till Tuesday-Twins or Tigers… I’d just like the Yankees to decide what day they will start there post season play so we can all get game times for our respective teams…maybe you can tell them to hurry the hell up and make their minds up….:-)
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  8. Jane Heller

    If you were a Twins/Tigers fan, Ted, then Tuesday will be the most hectic day of your life. The Metrodome will be rocking!

    It’s annoying for me too, Peter, that they haven’t said which series they’ll play. And now, with Tuesday’s Tigers-Twins battle, it’ll be even longer until we find out. I can’t stand not knowing! I have to plan my life!

  9. Jane Heller

    I wish I liked beer, Jeff. It’s much easier to deal with. But the moral of the story for me is: Let somebody else open the wine bottle.

    It was a good bottle, Jen, but I was so busy taping up my hand that I didn’t really get to enjoy it. Maybe tonight! Ah, yes. Here we go into the postseason. All my lucky clothes are ready to go.

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