It Was Meaningless….Or So Everybody Told Me

If I had a dollar for every time somebody on Twitter (or my husband) said, “Tonight’s game is meaningless,” I’d be a rich woman.
No matter what happened during the bloated, slow-as-molasses marathon, I was reminded over and over that the game didn’t count, that the series in Tampa wasn’t important, that the Yankees were just marking time, getting everybody some work and settling on their final roster moves.
We lost 13-4 to the Rays? No problem. It was meaningless!
CC couldn’t go three innings, let alone win his 20th game of the season? Who cares?
Tex was hit by a David Price pitch that sailed near his head? So what?
The Yankees only managed two hits off Price? Yawn!
Not one of the six Yankees pitchers could shut down the Rays except Bruney? Not even Hughes? HAHAHA!
OK, you get the point. I’d like to be one of those people who shrugs off losses, but I’ve never managed it; I’d prefer that the Yankees win every game. Since that’s not possible, I kept my goals for tonight very realistic.
* I wanted #20 for CC.
* I wanted the offense to kick it up a notch.
* I wanted the pen to stay dominant.
* I wanted the regulars to avoid any conceivable injury.
My goals were not met. Well, Tex is fine; he said the ball only grazed his hand and that he was more shaken up than injured. That’s a relief, obviously. But after he got hit, I wished I could put the Yankees in a protective bubble until next week.
I also wished I could cheer CC up. He hadn’t lost a game since July and was due for a stinker. I’m sure he’ll be great when he takes the hill at Yankee Stadium for Game 1, but he did make my stomach hurt tonight.
I wished he and the other pitchers could refrain from doing their best imitation of a batting practice machine.
There were a few reasons to smile. BJ Upton hit for the cycle – the first player in Rays history to accomplish the feat. Congrats to him. And Juan Miranda hit the longest damn homer I’ve seen in a while – the first of his major league career. Otherwise, the game was meaningless. Yeah, sure it was.
P.S. Since Pete Abe’s departure from the LoHud blog, the Daily News’ Blogging the Bombers blog by the always dependable Mark Feinsand has stepped up its Yankees coverage. Mark not only knows the questions to ask but asks them. Check him out


  1. travelingbballbabes

    The game itself might’ve been meaningless in terms of the outcome, but I feel less comforted by the fact that the Yankees are entering the playoffs with their Ace having been recently beaten with a stick by the Rays. Not just a beating…a smack down. I am sure fans of WWF Raw have better analogies than I do, but I sadly do not watch that show. Or not sadly…whatever. You get my point.


    I will not panic about this loss, but I do feel a little irritated that one of the last regular season games was so not fun to watch. I need to get my fill of great games before they leave for the winter.
    Just read the great article about Mariano in Sports Illustrated. He is amazing.
    Long time Yankee fans, and other baseball fans as well, should pick up a copy of the book “The Brothers K” by David James Duncan. It’s about waaaay more than baseball, but has some great old Yankee stuff in it.
    ALERT! Here is the scariest thing you’ve ever heard: In this issue of SI, they say that Tim McCarver has released a CD of songs. Oh my!

  3. Jane Heller

    Too bad about CC, Dillon. He seemed very upset about his performance after the game, but said he’ll put it behind him and be ready for the playoffs.

    I thought that pic was like an ad for Ritz Carlton or something, Paul. It made me want to check in and have breakfast in bed. My mind didn’t go directly to porn, but that’s just me.

    I do get your point, Serena, and I feel the same way. The game itself wasn’t the end of the world, but I wasn’t jumping for joy that our ace was shelled as he heads into the most important time of the season.

    I was thinking that too, Melissa. We’re counting down to the end of the season and we want each of these final games to be FUN! Oh, well. Thanks for the tip about the book. Will check it out. I haven’t read the SI article about Mo, but the cover shot is fabulous. Yes, I’ve heard McCarver talk about his CD. I think he even sang a few bars of some song on the air. I can safely say it won’t be downloaded onto my iPod.

  4. Jane Heller

    Oh, God, Emma. I watched the end of your game last night and was sooo frustrated that the Dodgers couldn’t get the win. But as you say, today is a new day and I have a feeling this is it! Enough of this losing!

  5. crzblue2

    All I want is one win, one freaking win from my Bums. The Dodgers are killing me! But today is another day. I know I’ve been sounding like a broken record for the last what? 5 games. Fine time they took to lose 5 in row. I got on Dodger Talk last night to vent some frustrations.
    Ok, I am done bitching.
    I read my latest copy of S.I. Very nice article on Mo.

  6. Buz

    BJ was one guy that felt the game had some meaning. I reckon you can’t blame the Yanks for laying down. First game of a road trip that is … well, meaningless. But, it would have been nice to see them buck it up for CC and get him his 20th. Wainwright blew his chance too. Is this the first season there’s been not one 20 game winner? I wonder.

    Buz –

  7. ibleedpinstripes

    I completely agree, Jane. Meaningless? Okay, yeah, sure… but still. You never wanna be subjected to seeing games like the past two. We’re Yankee fans. We’re not supposed to just sit back and relax whenever there’s a meltdown! (Even if the playoffs are in the bag!) Sure, TPPT™ may tell us to look forward to the next one, but when your ace is on the mound and you lose 13-4? I don’t think so. Andy better deliver some sweet Southern cookin’ tonight!

    – Lisa

  8. King_of_New_York

    CC has not pitched well in the postseason, so I hope he will pitch great this time. It’s a good thing the hit-by-pitch to Teixeira wasn’t serious. Also, it was about time for Upton to show what he can do, after a letdown this year.

  9. heartruss

    Jane, I find that every game is important, none of them are meaningless. I know that a team can’t win every game but the Dodgers have lost 5!. I am more sad than anything. It is almost as though they are not playing in the postseason, that they are getting ready to go play golf and be with their families. I want to tell them that they still have a lot of baseball left. They are at least Wild Card. I have not complained. I am just in a quandary. When I see them today I’m going to tell them that we are behind them one hundred percent no matter if they lose the next two games. The media is all over them for their last few games. It must be very depressing for them.

  10. arizonacacti

    It is worth noting that the rays are not a good team to finish the season against especially at tampa as the rays have talent and look as though they are trying as hard as they can to become a team of substance by creating a rivalry with the greatest team in MLB history.

    The only problem is that the Steinbrenners own tampa and the fan base will always be over 50% Yankee fans there and there is nothing the rays organization can do about that.

    The other problem this year is that the rays have a hideous road record not unlike the red sox. That pitch by Price had so many messages on it, about jealousy, yankees putting their star player out for the year , not wanting Tex to beat that star player in H.R.s’ this year,I could not contemplate them all while trying to watch the game.

    It is difficult for me to call any game meaningless until the World Series trophy is in hand so put me in the “all games mean something group”, because I can’t, not watch the games and saying it doesn’t matter makes me feel like I’m throwing away three hours of my life.

  11. Jane Heller

    Upton was definitely due, Buz, so I wasn’t all that surprised he had such a great game. Not sure about whether this is the first season without a 20-game winner. Good question. I only know Mussina finally had his 20-game season last year, and I was thrilled!

    Lisa, I’m glad someone else feels the same way I do. We only have a few games left. Who wants to watch our guys have a miserable time? We want to enjoy the season down to the very last out!

    I know CC has a rep for not pitching well in the postseason, Babu, but I’m not worried about him going into next week. He’s been so solid for us, and he’s maturing every year. I think he’ll be great. I was sooo relieved that Tex was OK after that pitch. Did you see the look on Joe’s face when it happened? Total panic.

    Cat, I know you must be at the Dodger game right now as I’m typing this, but don’t be sad. And don’t listen to the media. You’ll be there to support your guys, who are already in the postseason and should stop feeling so much pressure. I’ll be watching the game as soon as the Yankees are finished with theirs.

    Yes, Dodger fans are having some anxious moments, Ted. I feel for them. Waiting for that one game to clinch can be so stressful.

    I agree that the Rays are going down fighting, arizonacacti, and will certainly not roll over – as they shouldn’t. Did Price throw at Tex intentionally? I have no way of knowing. Girardi and Tex wouldn’t really go on the record either way. What I do know is that you’re like me and watch the games whether they’re “meaningless” or not! I’m watching tonight’s contest right now and am glad Jeter and A-Rod are getting a rest.

    Good luck, Emma! Hopefully THIS IS THE NIGHT!

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