Will Joba Fold Towels in the Playoffs?

According to Sam Borden on the LoHud Yankees blog, Joba told the media after tonight’s 4-3 loss to the Royals that he’d fold towels if the Yankees asked him to. In other words, he gets that he didn’t exactly impress anybody by throwing 91 pitches in three-plus innings and giving up three runs and four walks.
So will the Yankees put Joba Chamberlain on the postseason roster? In the pen, perhaps? Or will he spend the ALDS in the clubhouse doing this?
We’ll find out soon enough. I’m still digesting the fact that tonight was the last home game of the 2009 regular season. How fast it all went, right? It would have been nice to close things out with a “W” before the team heads to Tampa for the finale against the Rays this weekend, but the offense was in sleep mode for the most part. Jeter homered to lead off the bottom of the first, but the bats were quiet until the fifth when Swisher hit a two-run bomb to tie the score at 3-3.
If only he were a better outfielder. In the seventh, he bungled Buck’s fly ball and it went for a triple, handing the Royals the decisive go-ahead run – and the game. Graceful he’s not.
I thought the Yanks might mount another miraculous comeback in the ninth when Cervelli singled and Guzman reached on an error. (Where was Farnsy when we needed him?) Instead, Soria shut the Baby Bombers down, and that was that.
Afterwards, I tried to talk to my husband about the game – and about possible roster scenarios for the ALDS. But he was studying for a course he’s taking and said, “Go on Twitter and talk to @YankeeMeginPHL, the one with the rally bra, or @irb123, the one who comments on your blog sometimes, or @Legendary23, the one who does the Yankee Twitter Roll Call. Maybe they’re not busy.”
“It’s the middle of the night on the east coast,” I said. “My Yankee Twitter friends are asleep.”
I shrugged and went into my office, where I found someone I could talk to. No, she couldn’t talk back, but it’s not as if she didn’t want to.


  1. dorgal218

    Oh, Jane, I’m cracking up over my coffee! I’m a regular over at the Lohud blog and I find myself trying to tell my husband about some of the conversations going on there, and since not everyone uses a “regular” name, I’ll say something like, “Oh, RMYankee4Life was saying today that…” It sounds so ridiculous! And he looks at me very strangely…


    As for the game? Well, it’s hard to get upset, since the winning or losing of a game at this point isn’t important. But sure wish Joba had done better. And Swisher had been showing so much improvement out there. I just hope the bats wake up a bit more in the next few days. Or maybe they’re just saving their hits for more important games?????

  2. yankeemeg

    Jane, I feel like I let you down. I had the rally bra all ready to go, and for some reason, I never used it. I thought for sure we were looking at the Yankees 51st come from behind win as well as the 16th walk off win of the season. Boy was I wrong. When I asked the Yankees “Twitterverse” if I should whip it off, the responses were mixed. The guys told me that “everytime is the right time to swing the rally bra” (alterior motives perhaps?). And you, the voice of reason, said of course, it must be used. What I think it all comes down to is that we ARE spoiled. And we expect to win. She-Fan doll said it best!

    Perhaps the rally bra would have been most useful last night to throw over Joba’s head, obstructing his sight PRIOR to the game. I figure, since the Yankees have been messing with his head all season long, I might as well too, but throw a little fun into it 😉

    And boy, I was really hoping the ******* love child of Orel Hershiser and Brandon League, Kyle Farnsworth, would show up in the 9th. No such luck.
    On to Tampa now, hopefully with a bang and a sweep to keep the momentum going, bra ready!

  3. yankeemeg

    HAHAHAHA! MLB “asterisked” my word that starts with B and ends with D. That’s it Mark- you and I are going to have a war of “words”! Jane, I’m sure you knew what I meant there 🙂

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Inspired idea to interview the she-fan doll. Her depth of baseball knowledge is amazing!
    A walk-off win would have been fun last night, but it was not meant to be. They really have to figure out Joba because the idea of him pitching in the playoffs is scaring me.

  5. cheshirecat9

    I agree with everything She-Fan Doll said. I watched the video on my iPhone on my way to work since I can’t watch videos here, was the doll’s face blurred out to protect her identity or does she just have a blank face? Loved her hands in her pockets attitude! I am a huge fan of Joba, but I am not sure he should be on the roaster for the ALDS. The only place for him is in the bullpen, and he hasn’t pitched out of the pen all season. I don’t think we should try anything experimental in the play-offs, we need to go with proven formulas that win games!

  6. swanton7

    Another great blog.

    I have said from the start that Joba needs to be in the pen, and tonight he proved me right….again. 91 pitches? 3 innings? Pittiful. I really hope they put him in the pen during this series with Tampa to see how he does because I think that’s where he belongs this postseason. If he can’t deliver in the pen, say hello to the towels, Joba. As for Swish…I like the guy. Like you said, he’s not the best outfielder, but always tries and he plays for the benefit of the team…I respect that. Let’s hope he can work out the kinks in the offseason and come back next year with a better glove. I just hope they don’t change his hitting…he’s on the verge of 30 long balls! can’t wait to read Fridays blog!

  7. ibrenne@yahoo.com

    *I’m really being taken to task for my lurking on your blog without commenting. Are my comments so brilliant that you despair when they are not there? Is it not enough that I provide pleasant, insightful banter on twitter during games I can watch? Sigh. I will try to comment more…@irb123
    *PS Disappointed that Joba can only pitch spectacularly when I attend the games. Since I’ve seen him pitch live 3 games this year, that is clearly not enough. Plus, I don’t have playoff tickets. That alone decides that Joba cannot pitch as a starter. Right now I have him as backup mid-relief pitcher when Ace-saves-us in unavailable. The she-doll is right. I miss the Joba of 2007 (minus the midges). Will he emerge in the playoffs? Stay tuned…………….
    *PPS If cervelli is not put on the playoff roster I will be VERY upset. More upset than when I see Marte in the bullpen in a one-run game (when Ace-saves-us is doing just fine). He is better with RISP than most players on the yankees. And he is soooo cute. What’s your opinion on Molina next year? I say he gets cut loose (even though I appreciate his defensive work for us-just his offense was offensive) so Cervelli can take his place. Thoughts?………..
    *PPPS It is a good thing that in the playoffs we don’t play against brand new rookies brought up from the minors. We’d be screwed. Since no Manager in their right mind would do that, yankees will rock the playoffs. Which you knew already, since it was in the (tarot) cards. *PPPPS I think part of why I hate commenting is the annoying formatting of them in mlblogs.com. And I don’t like to keep coming back to check to see if someone commented on my comments. Or worse, ignored my comments of someone else’s comments of your blog. Why can’t we all just twitter? Or FB? You could be my facebook friend. Not myspace though. If you are not twelve you shouldn’t be on myspace. Unless you are the twelve-year-old’s parent secretly spying on them. But I digress…

  8. PAUL

    Another aspect of THE JOBA RUINATION is that the organizational shackles haven’t just hindered his development as a pitcher, but he’s lost his swagger too.
    On another note, um, the She-Fan doll?!?
    Before I say anything about that, you should consider and realize the multitude of mental issues afflicting yours truly.
    I’ll wait a moment.
    Jane, get help. Immediately. Please.

  9. ladyjane303

    October already – You’re right, Jane, it went so fast! Good first season in the new place, now looking forward to great post season. We have to trust that Girardi and staff will find the best way to use Joba. The pen sounds right to me…..

  10. Jane Heller

    That’s what I was thinking, Jessica. At least Joba took responsibility for sucking instead of saying stuff like, “I thought I threw the ball really well!” Re: Twitter. You could be next to get a shout out, so beware!

    You’re probably right, Ted: Joba to the pen. I think it would crush his confidence if they left him off completely.

    Dorgal, isn’t it weird how we get to know people by their screen names? They take on personalities and we begin referring to them as a bunch of weird letters/numbers. LOL. I agree that the bats need to wake up. We’ll be facing the game’s best pitchers and it won’t be a picnic.

    I think not swinging the rally bra was the reason the Yankees couldn’t pull off a comeback last night, Megan. Not that I’m blaming you, of course. I understand the notion of saving it for the big games, but She-Fan Doll and I both want to win every game so please keep it ready at all times. As for the asterisks, yes, have a chat with Mark!

    The idea of using Joba in the playoffs scares me too, Melissa. How can we throw him out there when he’s only shown us flashes of the ’07 Joba? He has the ability to be so dominant and yet he doesn’t execute for the most part. I honestly don’t know what I’d do with him except that maybe if they use him in the pen he’ll revert to form and throw those heaters.

    Here’s the true story about the She-Fan Doll’s face, cheshirecat. When she was made for me by my friend Audrey, she had blue eyes and red lips and a really pretty face. But my office gets a lot of sunlight (I put her in the bedroom for the video, as you could probably tell) and she faded! Not sure what to do except maybe there’s a doll hospital where they could paint a new face on her? LOL. Anyhow, I agree about not experimenting with Joba for the playoffs – or anybody else, for that matter (I’m not that wild about suddenly using Guzman either). BUT Joba does have bullpen experience, so it wouldn’t be new for him. And lots of starters go to the pen in the playoffs, so it wouldn’t be that unusual.

    That’s a great idea, Brian. Use Joba out of the pen this weekend in Tampa as an audition and to get him familiar with the situation again. I hope they do that. And yes, Swisher has been a real asset with the bat this season. I just wish we had a stronger outfield defensively. Damon’s arm is weak and Swisher’s routes to the ball are….adventuresome.

    Ibrenne, you did take the challenge to comment very seriously, didn’t you! It does seem to be true that Joba only pitches well when you’re physically at the games. So if he makes the postseason roster, we’ll need to take up a collection to buy you tix. Molina for next year? I’d say goodbye and let Cervelli have a crack at being the backup catcher – except that it seems prudent to have three catchers since somebody’s always getting dinged up and Jorge is getting up there in baseball years. I agree it’s best that the Yankees won’t be facing rookie pitchers in the playoffs but rather Cy Young candidates. We do better against those. Weird, but true. I’m on Facebook and Twitter is fun, but blogging doesn’t limit me to 140 characters! Nice pic of Cervelli!

    I’m getting help, Paul. I swear. The therapist specializes in Yankees addiction issues. It’s just taking a long time for the therapy to sink in. Maybe I’m like Joba: uncoachable.

    I’d like to trust Girardi and company to come up with the best way to use Joba, ladyjane. But they haven’t exactly made the best use of him so far this year. At least there’s no more worrying about an innings limit and it’s “all hands on deck” from here on out.

    I’d fold towels too, Jeff. And do laundry, wash windows, carry luggage. I draw the line at cleaning the dugout floor. It must be gross with seeds and gum and tobacco spit.

  11. mikeeff

    i thought they were gonna pull off another walkoff as well- but in the end the effort in the ninth was entertaining nonetheless.

    and btw–i’m always awake in the middle of the night….

  12. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Well now…who cares ’bout dat final score last nite, but let’s hope that Joba is folding (and not throwing in) the towel…! As for the Swish, well, it’s part of his charm, one would guess…but we sure don’t really want him in the OF from the 7th inning on…not with Rag Arm Damon in LF too! Gotta have Cervelli, or so I hope I hope I hope…my motto for this weekend is Don’t Get Hurt (and please, Rays Renegade, no “Revenge of the Pena” or anything like that)…luv’d your S-F Doll, and her little bear too…what’s its name: Toto? MoJo? Max Bear? Li’l Bomber? I’ll promise to bury my Joba Action Figure deeper this weekend…hey, whatever works!!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Now you tell me you’re up in the middle of the night, Mike? After I’ve resorted to talking to a doll? LOL. Get ready for the emails. I hoped for a comeback last night, but with Soria on the mound I didn’t really expect it. He’s no Farnsworth!

    Who is Swisher’s defensive replacement in the late innings, Dave? Hairston? Or do we put Gardner in CF and move Melky over to right and put Hairston in left? I guess that’s the ticket. Good motto for the weekend, especially since Girardi intends to play the regulars in at least one of the games. If I were the Yankees I’d make everybody wear body armor!

  14. Yankee Hater Hater

    Send that tape in to ESPN, I’m pretty sure the doll will end up on the Baseball Tonight panel.
    …And being a towel-boy in New York is a tough gig. I’m sure theres a kid in AAA thats ready.
    Joba should stick to pitching…Im pretty sure the only way he’ll see the 7th inning though is if he comes from the pen for it…


  15. cheshirecat9

    Jane, while you are taking up collections to send fans to post season games I just want to point out I was at the only game the Yanks won against Detroit in 2006 and the only game they won against Cleveland in 2007. I think I am a good luck charm! Can you see about having someone sponsor me for this post season?

  16. Jane Heller

    I’m not sure of the homers stat, Buz, but it’s been a record setting season, that’s for sure. Home field advantage? I think so!

    The doll on the ESPN panel! LOL, YHH. Hilarious idea. You raise an interesting question about Joba. If the Yankees use him out of the pen, is he a 7th inning guy? In which case he’d probably bump Bruney off the roster. Or is he an innings eater in a blowout? Not sure what his role would be.

  17. Jane Heller

    I was at that game against Cleveland in ’07 too, cheshirecat! But I was also at the ones we lost, so I guess I’m not a lucky charm. Sigh. Sounds like we need you at this year’s ALDS. I’ll chip in a few bucks. Anybody else?

  18. arizonacacti

    Mikeeff, I have to disagree, I did care about the outcome of last nights game as it would put another arrow in my quiver against red sox fans as we would have topped the sox for most wins in the opening year of a new stadium as now we are tied, a small arrow but an arrow anyway.

    First pitch strikes, Yankee fans love them and set the tone for a game, Justin Chamberlain’s lack of them has assured him a spot in the bullpen. Just typing those words give me a sense of relief.

    Joey, Joey G. protect the players health pleaseee in Fla. and the next time we see an interview with the She-Fan Doll they will be talking about the lineup in the ALCS.

  19. Jane Heller

    At this point, Jenn, I think Joba would be content with folding socks or jocks! Well, maybe not. Actually, I appreciated his latest comments to the media; he did seem to want to help the team any way he could and didn’t seem in denial the way he usually does.

    I didn’t even think about that stat/record, Ron. Oh, well. It was not to be. I’m still more than satisfied the way the team performed in the new cathedral. And yeah, no more Joba in the rotation – at least not this year. We’ll worry about next year when we get there. I pray you’re right about the next interview with the She-Fan Doll. We have to get through the first round this time. HAVE TO.

  20. southernbelle

    Jane: That doll is awesome. We should have a tea party with her! Mitre….Mitre….no one likes Mitre but me…..why, Jane? Well, he gave up that hit that Swish screwed up….but that run was charged to Marte. I know, I don’t think I would trust him in the playoffs, but I don’t want them to trade him or anything. You would hear my cries from California. CC will dominate, I agree with that doll. She seems pretty smart. 🙂

  21. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Virginia. That run was charged to Marte. And while I know you love Mitre, I just don’t think he’s up to the task of pitching in a tight playoff situation. Maybe after he’s had more time to rehab his arm after the surgery? As for the doll, I’ll ask her about the tea party, but I think she likes beer and hot dogs better. 🙂

  22. crzblue2

    Another fan with rally bras! I have two and yes, both Dodger Blue! Come to think of it, I did not take them to San Diego but the way my Bums played there, it would not have helped. They slept (or drank) to the series. Love the She-fan doll. I had lots to catchup here and other blogs. I rooting for Aceves to make it. I only became aware of him after your posts.

  23. King_of_New_York

    Do you think that Chad Gaudin may be able to get the start as the number four starter in the postseason? They will probably chose to go with only three starters in the A.L.D.S., but the Yankees will have a real choice to make if they advance. Gaudin has been pitching well, and Joba has not, but he had that one good start against the Red Sox.

  24. Jane Heller

    Of course you have rally bras, Emma! You have everything else that’s Dodgers related. LOL! Sorry your guys have made you wait to clinch. I know it’s been a tough road lately. I don’t think you have to worry about Aceves though. He’ll be on the postseason roster for sure. He’s been a big part of the Yankees’ success this year.

  25. Jane Heller

    I honestly don’t know what to think about the #4 starter, Babu. Am I comfortable with Gaudin in the ALCS, should we be lucky enough to get there? Not really. Do I want to see Joba out there, given the way he’s been pitching? No. I guess Aceves is a possibility, but he’s so valuable in the pen. I’m glad I don’t have to make these kinds of decisions, that’s for sure.

  26. Jane Heller

    I don’t think they know, 09indians. Or at least they haven’t announced it. Part of it is that they’re waiting to see which team the Yankees play: the Tigers or Twins. And then they need to determine which type of series they’ll choose: A or B. So there are a few variables right now.

  27. raysrenegade

    I got to chat a bit with Joba today during BP.
    Only about 30 seconds while he signed a ball for me, but I said I was a friend of the She-Fan and he came over and signed for me.
    He was actually laughing the entire time and told me he has heard that name alot in the last few mnoths.
    So see, your words do make it into the player’s ears more than you might think at times.
    He was really cordial and told me to enjoy the series, which I made sure to tell him to stay safe during the playoffs.
    I have heard a million things about the kid, but he seems like a normal mid-western kid.
    He called me sir and I kept lokking around for someone’s dad.

    Rays Renegade


  28. Jane Heller

    Very cool that you got a little face time with Joba, Renegade!!!! How funny that you mentioned “the She-Fan.” LOL! I’m glad you had a good impression of him. I’m laughing at the “sir” part too. You must have enjoyed tonight’s game. Upton played just the way you’ve been telling him to!

  29. rosehof14


    I’m thinking that maybe you need to step away from the keyboard a bit. Maybe get some video of you on the beach or you with some of your friends at a local sports bar? The Yanks will be resting for a couple days..why don’t you. Regroup before the post season starts.

    Lots of love,

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