Baby Bombers Rock!

For the Yankees’ opener against the Royals, Girardi rested the vets and played the kids. I figured we’d get clobbered. Wrong. We did the clobbering. Well, the kids did.
How? With the score tied 1-1 in the fifth, Ramiro Pena smacked his first major league homer. It was hilarious when, as per custom, he walked into the dugout and all the vets turned their backs and gave him the silent treatment.
When the score was knotted at 2-2 in the sixth, it was Shelley who came through with an RBI single to put the Baby Bombers up 3-2. I guess he can hit major league pitching after all.
Then we moved into the seventh inning, and the kids broke the game wide open. How?
Cervelli: doubled. 
Pena: singled in Cervelli.
Gardner: singled.
Melky: walked.
Cano: hit a grand salami.
It was Robbie’s second career grand slam and it shut me up about his inability to hit with runners in scoring position. It was also his 25th homer and set a new Yankees record for players with 25 or more dingers in a season (there are five).
The Yankees won the game 8-2, and it wasn’t all about offense, obviously. Chad Gaudin went six-plus and held the Royals to only four hits. I admit I wasn’t thrilled about him at first, but his last few outings have been more than decent and I think he could help the Yanks in the playoffs as a long reliever or emergency starter.
Marte got Alex Gordon to foul out (wasn’t Gordon supposed to be The Next Great Thing?) and Aceves was perfect the rest of the way. And so the Baby Bombers picked right up where the guys who just won the division left off. Nice job, kids. You deserve a treat!


  1. lennysyankees

    Jane! In the first picture with the baby, I have that same exact Yankees blanket! It’s the best!

    Totally not kidding: I was wrapped in that blanket while checking out this post. Hahaha.


    And people say I don’t make comments…I love the scrappy kids. They’re like the little rascals. The yankees are on a roll. Hope they plow through the playoffs.

  3. latinyankeerebel

    I’m supposed to be on a diet Jane… thanks for making me crave cotton candy… LOL j/k!

    I was rather shocked when I saw Melky AND Robbie on the lineup.. I imagined both of them with HUGE hangovers for a reason… But I’m glad Robbie was in… he shows he’s potential from time to time..

    This is part of our future team. They play good! Hope they stay like that!

    – LatinYankeeRebel (I had some problems login in with my real account for some reason…)

  4. TribeTed

    Great post Jane. That kid at the top with the mean look on his face “hysterical”. Loved the post all in all Jane. And the baby Yankees – well showed how good they really are. They could beat the “baby Indians” butts!!

    Ha, Its always fun when you get to see young guys compete, because they have worked very hard to get to this level already. i wish the best to the Yanks – and best to the INDIANS (Like that’s gonna happen) 😉



    The 2 hour delay caused me to miss the end of the game, but at least they got the game in and of course it was a win so that’s a big plus too. The coaching staff has had a very big impact on the improvement of the team overall but especially the pitching. I love that they kept showing Posada finally reacting to Pena’s homerun — it was hysterical. Some of these kids are honestly looking to find a place on the post season roster although I know its almost impossible. But we keep on winning and that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t mind if they continued to rest the starters for a couple more games but I doubt that will happen. Let’s just keep moving toward the first round!!!

  6. scofid

    It was nice to see the younger guys come through, and of course, the veteran Cano with the huge hit. I had completely expected a loss last night, so the win was definitely a great surprise. I am still amazed that the Yanks made it to 100 wins, and no other team can match that feat this year. The bloom is definitely off the Dodgers, so I’d have to say my pick for the NL is the Cardinals. Hopefully, there will be some guys in pinstripes waiting for them…



    Y’know, I used to love this time of year…more precisely, this week on the beisbol calendar…the pennant was clinched, it didn’t matter if you won or lost, watch the cup o’coffee call-ups do their thing, and ponder who was gonna win the NL pennant THIS year. And now all it is is a little bitty break before Round One. Of course, ESPN was quick to point out how the last 3 (or 4?) 100-win seasons for Da Bomberz haven’t ended so well…as if everybody has so many…and half my family is ready to root for Anybody Butt…but such is life…Enjoyin’ The Moment! And THANK YOU, She-Fan, for making this season SO much more enjoyable than it would have been, and taking us all along with you for the ride, staying tuned, with (so much?) more to come!!
    P.S. tried to post yesterday from home, but our phone/TV/internet service was down AGAIN…before it did crash & burn, read your posting…Amen and Hallelujah!!!

  8. ibleedpinstripes

    Mmmmm, that cotton candy looks goooood! Last night’s game was a good laugh, but a great win as well. I think it really shows how strong the Yankees’ farm system is when they have a lineup that’s a good percentage younger and less experienced at the big league level and they still come out and kick butt. It’s a real confidence booster for the future. I wonder what tonight’s lineup will bring!

    – Lisa

  9. Jane Heller

    Lenny, that’s hilarious! I hope the blanket is as comfy as it looks.

    Who says you don’t leave comments is right, ibrenne. I know you love the kids and why not? They’re like the Little Rascals only they don’t get in trouble all the time. (At least not that I know of.)

    You like cotton candy, latinyankeerebel? It makes my teeth hurt just to look at it. (Ouwww.) Cano and Melky will have the day off today and the “old guys” will be back. (Sorry you had problems logging in.)

    I love that the kids play hard, Ted. They won’t make the postseason roster for the most part, but they’re auditioning for the future and this is the time for that. Good for them for getting this far, as you said.

    Posada’s expression after the silent treatment of Pena was an absolute riot, Diane. I couldn’t get enough of those replays. I’m not sure what to think about resting the players. How much rest is too much? They were on a roll. While they do need to rest and recharge, I don’t want them coming out sluggishly for the playoffs. That can happen. So there’s a fine line.

    I was amazed when Cano hit the granny, Scott. He’s had such problems with RISP, but he did it. Very exciting. It’s funny about the NL. I can’t even think about which team will make it through on their side. The Cardinals are looking very strong, but I’m too wrapped up in whether the Yankees will get past the ALDS. If we can do that, I think we’ll be fine. But it’s getting kicked out in the first round that scares me.

    I was sort of looking forward to facing Greinke, Steve, since the game wouldn’t really count. I watched him pitch against the Red Sox and was impressed, naturally. He’s having such a great season so I was up for the challenge.

    Yeah, it was the Royals, Paul. But they put up a pretty good fight against the Red Sox. I don’t take any team for granted. The Yankees lost to the Nationals, remember?

    Don’t even listen to ESPN, Dave. Whenever I have to watch a game on that channel, I hold my ears and go, “Lalalalalalala.” And thank YOU for being such a lively commenter this season on this blog. We’ve enjoyed you and your songs.

    I love that joshin’ too, Jeff. It makes the players seem human and childlike – as if all that money and the business side of the game doesn’t exist and they’re not jaded after all.

    Lisa, it does bode well for the future that the farmhands can perform at the ML level. I wonder what’s up with Austin Jackson. I wanted to see how he’s coming along, but I guess he’s not ready for prime time. Not sure Shelley is either, but at least he got a big hit. I think we’ll see the vets tonight.

    There was so much hype around Gordon, Buz. He and Joba were the big stars in Nebraska. I know he had hip surgery but he kind of fizzled. Don’t you mean Cano, not Melky, who put another record in the books? Either way, they’re both making big contributions this year.

  10. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Gaudin isn’t so bad, kaybee. I know he wasn’t a big hit with Padres fans and I don’t know if he’ll make the postseason roster, but he’s pitched pretty well for the Yankees. What can I say?

  11. ohy22xd

    I never liked Chad Guadin when he was with the Padres. Except when he had a one hitter against the Rangers of course. Besides that performance, he looked lost most of the time. Glad to hear he’s doing a good job with the Yankees.

  12. raysrenegade

    Yeah know some thing Jane,
    some people like certain pitchers for their grit and their stamina to eat innings without letting the score or the game get away from them.
    Other just like them for their quirks and their ability to do whatever job is asked of them.
    But you know something funny, people have commented and cut into Chad Gaudin for years, not noly in the Bronx, and the guy still chugs on and on.
    He is that Everready bunny who can keep going and going, no matter if it is relieving, starting, or a spot in either situation.
    He is that grinder that every teams needs this time of the year to take innings and gobble them up like Ms Pac-Man.
    So just be glad you got a guy like that on your team Yankee fans, he is the one who has made it easier for guys to heal, get some rest, or even miss a start without the team missing a huge beat.

    I think they used to call that guy a unsung hero……….right?

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    Hyunyoung, it’s so interesting how players can be awful with one team (or more) and then perform better with another. Supposedly, the Yankees’ pitching coach tinkered with Gaudin’s slider, but the main thing is he’s done a good job as an emergency starter. Not sensational, but good enough.

    Gaudin is that guy you’re describing, Renegade – an unsung hero. He’s been a spot starter and could be a long reliever and he seems to know what he’s doing on the mound. He throws strikes and has some movement on the ball. I wonder if he’ll make the postseason roster.

    I bet it was heaven for you, Virginia! I can just picture you screaming in front of the TV at Cervelli. He did a great job too. I loved his excitement when Cano hit the grand slam and Pena had his first homer.

  14. southernbelle

    Jane: THAT GAME WAS HEAVEN FOR ME!!! Cervelli, Ramiro, Melky, and Brettiboo all in the same lineup! Did I mention Cervelli? If only Mitre pitched, but whatever. I won’t push it. It was a fun game to watch last night. It was hard for me to take my eyes off Cervelli….I’m so happy I saw him! I hope he catches again tonight!

  15. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Cat. I’m so excited the Yankees are back in the postseason after sitting it out last year. Your guys are next to clinch!



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