Partying in the Bronx

It was such a happy day. Yes, there was a one-hour rain delay. But the Yankees swept the Sox with a 4-2 victory, notched their 100th win of the season and clinched their 16th division title. And it was all because:
* Pettitte was solid for six innings.
* Bruney was as effective as he’s been all year.
* Mo recorded his 44th save.
* Cano got his 200th hit.
* Melky homered to put the Yanks on the board.
* Tex started the offense going with a single in the sixth.
* A-Rod fouled off what seemed like a dozen pitches before singling – and ending Bryd’s day.
* Matsui battled Saito, then singled home Tex and A-Rod to put the Yanks up 3-2.
* Tex homered off Bard in the eighth for insurance.
There were some nifty defensive plays too, but bottom line? The Yankees were down early and came back late – yet another display of how this 2009 team rolls, even when the conditions are less than ideal.
Winning the division and getting back into the playoffs feels great, especially after having missed out on the fun last year. I realize that “there’s still a lot of work to do,” as Jeter said. But I’m savoring the moment with some other Yankee she-fans.
I thought I owed it to the Yankees to speak to them personally. It was the least I could do to show my appreciation. So no lectures this time, only gratitude and congratulations.
I realized after I finished my chat that I forgot to mention Dave Eiland. Wang too. CMW? Can you read English? Wherever you are, I hope you’re doing well and I expect to see you back with the Yankees in 2010. OK, if you can’t read English, here’s what I said:
无论哪里您是,我希望you’ 再做的井和我在2010年期望看您与美国人。



    And So it Begins …..Way to go YANKEES ! How great does it feel to clinch the division by beating the red sox and it being win 100?


    Gonna be a wild ride this october Jane ! Lets do this !!!

  2. Jane Heller

    It feels FANTASTIC, Brendan!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! I’m up for the challenge of the postseason – stress and all – so let’s do it and go all the way to #27! (Please?????)


    So today, we sweep the Sox and tie up the season series 9-9 after starting 0-8, clinch the AL East, clinch the best record in the AL, and clinch the best record in the Majors. AWESOME!

    BTW, you forgot Eiland for the coaches.

  4. tingler

    hey she fan.
    first of all, that chinese is messed up. Apparently you used google translate to do the job. And Taiwan don’t use simplified Chinese characters. Hmm. But I think Wang will know what you mean.
    But the important thing is the Yankee’s win, swept the redsoxs, clinched the league title, and they’re one step closer to be the World Champions!

    I wish Wang can get back soon and return to what he was 2 years ago before the leg injury. He was the reason why I started watching baseball, and finally making me a BIG yankee fan.


  5. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Steve. That means a lot coming from you. Now what? Do you think we’ll be facing each other again? I’ll try to make sure the Yankees keep up their end, even though these short series scare me to death!

    You’re so right about me leaving out Dave Eiland in the video, nbaballer. My bad. I just added his name in the post. Tying up the series with the Red Sox at 9-9 is pretty amazing when you think how badly we played at the start of the season. Tremendous second half, that’s for sure!

  6. Jane Heller

    Tingler, you got me on the Chinese translation. I used Babel Fish and chose “Chinese simp,” having no idea what that meant! LOL. I really did want to express my hope that Wang makes it back from his injury and pitches for the Yankees the way he’s capable of pitching. He won 19 games twice. It would be very sad if he couldn’t return to form. Meanwhile, congrats to you on the big clinch!


    You are so right, Jane. It was an inspiring game and had so many positive elements besides the final score. But the bottom line, on this game, on the celebration, on the season and hopefully on the post-season is CHEMISTRY!!! Like no team we have seen in several years, these guys show a clear joy in they teammates and in what they have accomplished. The combination of seasoned veterans and youngsters…of all-stars and day-to-day players…and especially of career Yankees and new-comers…its nothing short of magic.

    I was pretty upset about the umpire buying the garbage about Swisher not tagging up to take third – especially when the follow up hit would have brought him home and tied the score. But all’s well that ends well. And boy, did that game end well.

    I assume we are going to see a starkly different starting line up for the last three games of the regular season — I hope they especially give Tex and Jeter a good rest. It will be nice to get back to The Yes network for the next three games. I know they can broadcast the post-season but they are obviously my preference in any game we watch on tv.

    And so I’ll close with……………………………………………………
    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yesterday was great! The Yankees have shown they can beat Boston and the Angels. This team is very fun to watch.
    Diane, I’m with you. I much prefer the games on YES. For the past two days, all I’ve said is “Shut up, Tim!” “Shut up, Joe!”
    October baseball is back in NY!

  9. swanton7


    Yesterday was an awesome day to be a Bomber fan! It was nice to see Mo record the final out and even nicer to see Teix go deep for his 38th home run. I just can’t say eneough about yesterday. As you said, it was a GREAT day!!

  10. ladyjane303

    Couldn’t have scripted it better – can’t think of a better way to clinch than against the Sox, at home, with Pettite on the mound getting the win for team #100. On to the playoffs, during which the sound on my TV will be turned off (“Shut up, Tim!” indeed, Mel!) Go Yankees!

  11. southernbelle

    Jane: I didn’t know about A.J.’s Dad. Aw. I hope he is okay. I can’t believe you gave thanks to Mitre. Do you love him, Jane? I think you do…..Gaudin has been amazing. I can’t believe we won all of his starts. I hope we can win it tonight! Maybe NOW we will see Cervelli? Please say that we will….

  12. Jane Heller

    I’m sorry about the Indians this season, Ted. I know it’s no fun to sit on the sidelines in October. Bummer. But next season? Could be fun.

    Diane, the chemistry has been fantastic and great for us fans to watch. Now let’s hope it – and talent, plus luck – will carry us all the way. (That Swisher play bothered me too but it all worked out in the end.) It will be interesting to see how Joe uses the players this week. How much rest is too much?

    First goal met indeed, cheshirecat. They really did it!!! Now the real worrying begins. Ah, the stress of the postseason. Nothing like it.

    Melissa, I know the non-YES broadcasters will drive us nuts, but it’s a small price to pay for October baseball! Lol. Let the games begin and a big high five for yesterday.

  13. Jane Heller

    I loved that Mo made the final out, Brian. It was so fitting and reminded me how he fell to his knees after the last out in the world series – an image I’ll never forget. He’s the greatest.

    Thanks, Peter and Jenn! Your Phillies will be there too, so it should be a thrill ride the rest of the way!

    Forgive the bad Chinese, Jeff. You know me and my dopey attempts at translation. Thanks for being our resident expert!

    Good point, ladyjane. It was perfect that Andy was the winning pitcher for that game. CC is our ace but Andy is our history and tradition! Onward!!!

    Much better to be right, Paul. Your credibility is at stake! You predicted the Yanks would win it all and I’m counting on your “rightness!”

    I don’t love Sergio the way you do, Virginia, so he’s all yours! But I do appreciate his help down the stretch. It’s been a team effort all the way! And now comes Cervelli’s turn this week, so get ready!!!

  14. Erin Kathleen

    Congratulations to the Yankees for clinching the AL East! Their long postseason drought is finally over, and their long-suffering fans can finally celebrate the return of October baseball to the Bronx 😀 I keed, I keed, of course. One step closer to winning that 27th ring!-Erin

  15. crzblue2

    A big congratulations! so many things were accomplished. The clincher, the sweeep, 100 games, old Pettite doing weel, Cano’s 200th hit, Mo 44 save, wow! and all in the new stadium! Wow!
    Can you believe we are losing 7-0 Oy Vey!
    Well, the good thing is if they lose, Vin Scully will be back with the team in San Diego and I will be there!

  16. xcicix

    Congrats to Cano for the 200 hits. He’s developing into one of the better second-basemen out there, and he’s working very hard and not being as lazy as he used to. And congrats to the Yanks for clinching the east. It feels like only yesterday it was 2006 though, in some ways.

  17. Jane Heller

    That’s right, Erin. Our long national nightmare is over! Haha. It does feel like a long time between championships though, and I would be mighty happy if there was another trophy coming.

    Your Dodgers will clinch soon, Buz. Their time is coming so get the champagne ready!

    Emma, see above. You know the Dodgers are just having a little fun by making you wait for the big celebration. Very cool that you’ll be in San Diego!

    I agree about Cano, x. He’s not only hitting this season (although RISP have been a problem), but his defense has been superb, with only the occasional lapse. Very happy for him after the hard work he’s put in.

    Thanks, kaybee! I know the Yanks aren’t your guys so I appreciate the good thoughts.

  18. rosehof14

    Congrats to the Yanks, I’m still making up my mind on who I’m rooting for in the post season, and at this point I haven’t see photos or movies of Yankees players getting champagne poured on them while they wear swim goggles so they are a leg up in my book from the Cards.


  19. Jane Heller

    I hate to send you fleeing to another team for the postseason, Cob, but some of the Yankees did wear goggles for the champagne pouring fest. I know. It’s kind of weird. But I guess they’re all so fragile these days. LOL. I still hope you’ll root for my guys. I’d be thrilled to have you on our side.

  20. Jane Heller

    I remember 2007 too, Ted, since I was at those games in Cleveland. Fun for you guys. Not for us! I’m hoping for better things this time around.

  21. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Ginny. Great to see you back. Sorry your Rays didn’t make it this time, but Kaz did. You must be happy about that, right?

  22. raysrenegade

    It is okay to forget about Eiland at times, we did when he pitched here in Tampa Bay (lol).
    Seriously, I am jealous of the champagne tonight. I can still remember it burning my eyes, but going down so sweet into my belly in 2008.
    Now that this monkey is off your back, and you can relax a bit, maybe a vacation down in Florida is in order.
    Oh, that’s right, you are coming here for the weekend.
    Should be fun, and a bit of karma since you were in our stadium when we raised the 2008 AL banner in April.
    Still, best of luck fighting the good fight, and hope that the pinstripes have the right stuff to be playing deep into October………..If not, it is Joe G’s fault.

    Rays Renegade

  23. Jane Heller

    HAHA about Eiland, Renegade. I was jealous of your champagne last year at this time, so we’re even! I wish I could go to FL for the series against the Rays because I have such fond memories of 2007 when we clinched at the Trop. But I hope to be back for spring training. I love it there. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  24. Jane Heller

    I can hear your sigh, 09indians. And I’ve felt the same way myself. Thanks for the congrats even though your season hasn’t turned out the way you’d hoped.

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