The Best Laid Plans

Sometimes, things really do work out the way they’re supposed to. Take today’s 3-0 win over the Red Sox. If the Yankees had drawn it up, it couldn’t have gone better.
In a nutshell…
#1) Would CC be the ace of the staff yet again, throwing seven innings of one-hit ball and notching his 19th win?
#2) Would Phil Hughes preserve CC’s gem, pitch a scoreless eighth inning and confirm his status as a superb set-up man?
check_mark.jpg#3) Would Mo take the mound in the ninth, retire the top of the Red Sox order and earn his 43rd save of the season?
#4) Would Cano continue his torrid hitting, slice a solo shot into the left field corner in the sixth and end the Yankees’ futility against Dice K?
#5) Would Damon step up with bases loaded in the eighth, slap one of his patented bloop singles to right and send two runners home with insurance?
#6) Would Brett Gardner be inserted as a pinch runner for Swisher in the eighth, wreak havoc on the base paths and induce an error by the Red Sox shortstop?
#7) Would Mark Teixeira, whose play at first base has dazzled even the most jaded fan, make a diving stop of Drew’s liner in the eighth and save a possible leadoff double?
#8) Would Melky and his yellow sunglasses go all the way to the center field wall and be able to grab Lowrie’s shot in the third?
#9) Would Jeter, the master of the “little things,” execute a neat leap on Youkilis’ pop up to end the fourth?
#10) Would I jump around my house cheering that the Yankees’ magic number is down to one and that the Sox will not be celebrating their Wild Card berth on Bronx soil?
Until tomorrow….


  1. peggy3

    Hi Jane…

    I’ve been so busy and really haven’t had time to comment lately but I do read every morning before I head out to work …reading your posts always makes me leave my house with a BIG smile.

    I will be at the game tomorrow and I’m hoping they clinch it.
    That would be exciting ….I have seen so many great games this year …fortunately the majority that I attended resulted in wins too. This would be the icing on the first layer of the cake …with three more layers to go …ALDS, ALCS & WS !!!
    I have tickets to the 2nd game of the ALDS…can’t wait.
    Wish me luck so that I get to see the clincher tomorrow …Go Yankees !!!!

    Also …I’ve been reading your book “Ex” and I’m loving it. I’m up to chapter 8. I love the fact that you included a pug
    in the story as my “grandson” is a pug….his name is Yogi after Yogi Berra naturally …. :o). I just adore him …as a matter of fact he just went home after a full day at my house. Like a grandchild …love ’em but I’m happy he goes home after an exhausting play day….lol.

    Let’s Go Andy ….Let’s Go Yankees ….finish kicking those
    Boston butts !!!!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  2. latinyankeerebel

    Hello!! well, I haven’t been online much because I ha dproblems with my ibook, whiche were fixed by a friend of mine..
    anywho… I’m beyond ecstatic with the past few games the Yankees have played… Hey what’s up with your cheerleader dressed in red and the blonde kissy kissy girl in a sexy red dress?? hmm…. it smells fishy… should I get worried here? ;0)


    It was a very exciting game to watch, especially if you are a Yankees fan. Both starters came to play, although its clear C.C. was more on his game than Dice-K — the Yankees once again left like a dozen runners on base without scoring, but that was basically the only down side to this remarkable game. In the first inning I thought we had once again knocked the starting pitcher out of the game, literally. Glad in both cases that no season-ending damage was done.

    I was hoping Wakefield would be pitching today; we basically OWN him. But we must trust Andy to do the right thing – I want the celebration to take place while the Red Sux are in the house! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!


    Hi Jane,
    Thanks for wrapping up the game for me, since I live in Chicagoland, the only fox game I get to see are the dreadful Cubs and Giants and since it is football season, you are more likely to see North Dakota State Community College football highlights than Baseball tonight……sorry I digress, I missed a great Yankee game, just so glad it was perfect for our Yankees……Hope Andy can finish it for the Yanks today, clinch the East and win the Yanks 100th game……..break out the bubbly and cream pies……..Jane

  5. swanton7

    You know what I love most about the 2009 Yankees? Every game someone different decides to step up…it’s awesome. As you pointed out, last night EVERYONE stepped up and contributed in some way to the W. Gardner, Cano, Tex, Jeet, Melky, CC, Hughes, Mo…everyone helped out last night and that goes a long way. I love how it’s never the same 2 or 3 guys doing the winning. It shows that the team is that…a TEAM. Great stuff from the Bombers, and great blog as always. Can’t wait to read tomorrows blog on the sweep. ๐Ÿ˜€


    Jane-Your blog is the best; it’s got this great family feeling -we’re all CRAZY about our Yankees. Maybe we could find a cheerleader in pinstripes? -Ellen

  7. Elizabeth D


    I thought that game embodied what the Red Sox vs Yankees games are all about. An incredible pitcher’s duel that has you on the edge of your seat until the end. Both Jeter and Teixeira’s plays did dazzle me. I’m hoping you were dazzled by Victor Martinez’s play with the bases loaded–I for one thought it was beautiful. I have to say, I hope you guys don’t clinch today!


  8. Jane Heller

    Well, Peggy, you’re probably at the game right now, waiting out the rain, so maybe you’ll read this later. I hope the clouds part, the sun comes out and the Yankees give you the icing on the cake you mentioned. How cool would that be? So glad you’re enjoying “Ex.” And how funny that your “grandson” is a pug named Yogi. The book’s Buster is pretty cute too, isn’t he? I based that part of the story on an article I read about how divorcing couples are fighting over custody of their pets! Anyhow, enjoy the game and let’s go Andy!

    I hear you about the red cheerleader and the red lady blowing kisses, latinyankeerebel, and it does look WRONG. But I couldn’t find any images in Yankees blue! Just pretend they’re wearing pinstripes. LOL. Glad you’re back online and hope all is well.

    Big #19 for big CC, Emma. He’s been a true ace for the Yankees and I hope he gets #20 just because he deserves the milestone. But if not, he’s still done everything that’s been asked of him and more.

    Congrats to you and the Dodgers for the postseason berth, Cat! Yes, celebrate, but you’ll have bigger celebrating soon enough, so pace yourself. LOL. Derek Jeter is better looking in person. I agree with you there!

    Diane, the runners in scoring position thing was driving me crazy yesterday. GRRRRRR. What was it: 0-for-13, or some crazy number like that? But Johnny came through and knocked in a couple of runs and that was all we needed. Such a pleasure to watch CC do his thing. Our defense was pretty stellar too. Not sure what to expect from Paul Byrd. He’s one of those pitchers we should shell, and yet the Yankees don’t hit “junk ballers” well, so it could be a challenge.

    Jane, don’t feel bad about being blacked out in Chicagoland. Here in CA, Fox was showing the Giants game. But someone on Twitter tipped me off that I could go to the Spanish language Fox channel and they would have Yankees-Sox. And they did! So I put the TV on mute, watched the game and listened to the audio play by play on MLB. It was great! Oh, I would love to see a celebration today. Fingers crossed.

    Great point, Brian. It’s never just one guy who plays the hero this year, which bodes well for the playoffs, I think. Everyone HAS stepped up and there’s a definite team mentality. The only negative yesterday was the RISP deal, as Diane mentioned. You can’t away with that stat in the playoffs when you’re facing excellent pitching. They have to be able to drive runners in with bases loaded and one out!!!!! Here’s hoping we get it done today.

    “Crazy about the Yanks.” That’s us, Ellen. If you can find a cheerleader in pinstripes, I’ll put her up and make her our mascot! In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to learn Photo Shop or something. No more red cheerleaders, I promise.

    It was a great pitcher’s duel, Elizabeth, and pitcher’s duels make my stomach hurt! You never know which team will strike first and the waiting is so stressful! I agree that Martinez’s play was great and I thought he did a good job catching yesterday in general. The Yankees didn’t run on him at will and he was very sound catching balls in the dirt. Who knows what today will bring, but I do hope the weather clears so we can find out!

  9. Erin Kathleen

    It is kind of odd that a Yankee fan would post both a cheerleader in a red uniform and a blonde in a red dress on her blog. Are you trying to distract the Red Sox so they can’t pay attention to the action on the field? Pretty sneaky! If it works, I’ll definitely have to try that against the Tigers.-Erin

  10. Jane Heller

    If you say so, Paul. You’re a much deeper thinker than I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Using the two red outfits – plus the red check marks, don’t forget – could be a tactic for distracting my opponents, Erin. And it does seem to be working, doesn’t it. Hmmm. Maybe you need to put some blue Tigers colors on your blog and see what happens.

  11. scofid

    Let’s hope that the Yanks bring home the AL East championship today so that the team can begin thinking about its plans for October with home field advantage throughout the play-offs! It’s a great time to be a Yankees fan! But of course, every day is a great time to be a Yankees fan!


  12. Jane Heller

    It sure has been a turnaround, Buz. And CC has been everything the front office expected. He seems to be a great teammate too.

    Let’s hope, Scott. Andy had such a rocky first inning that I’m wondering how long he’ll go today. Plus, the Yankees haven’t done anything with Byrd yet. But you’re right: every day is a great time to be a Yankee fan!

  13. southernbelle

    Jane: I’m gonna party, party, PARTY if they win today! Down 2-0 now, but this is the Drama Club, so I’m not counting them out yet! Yesterday’s game was a good one. The defense was incredible. Molina is catching again today; I don’t get that at all. Where is Cervelli? I miss him!
    MELKY JUST HIT A HOMER!!!!!!!!!!!! -Virginia

  14. Jane Heller

    We’re up by a run right now, Virginia, but I’d really like some insurance. Too stressful! I don’t get why Cervelli isn’t catching either. I was sure he’d be out there today.

    Somehow I don’t think that trade would fly, Melissa. ๐Ÿ™‚ But you have Beckett and Lester – two aces! Not too shabby. Want to trade them? I’ll give you Bruney and Albaladejo.

  15. peggy3

    Hey Jane…

    All I can say is ….YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! The Division, 100 wins and doing it by beating the Red Sox !!!! How Sweep it is !!!!!! It was just so much fun today and I’m thankful I was able to be there. Amazingly …just before the Yankees won the game the sun came out shining so brightly which I took as a good omen for our guys. The crowd was so into it and everyone was singing New York, New York after the win (except for the two Boston fans who sat next to me …lol). I have said it many times before but I have to say it again ….I LOVE THIS TEAM !!!! They showed the clubhouse celebration on the big board and throughout the Stadium…naturally I came home and watched it all again since I DVR’d it. I can’t wait for the playoffs to begin …this is a special team and I think they just might be christening the new Stadium the best way …a World Series Championship.

    I also think Jeff is wrong …I feel Alex is going to have a big series this year …I wouldn’t exactly say Tex has been trumping him all year either. Alex missed 28 games and might finish the year with 30 homers and 100 RBI’s all while playing at about 80 percent due to the hip surgery. Love him or not …Alex has been tremendous since his return on May 8th starting the turnaround from the awful April start.
    Alex deserves a lot of credit and everyone on the team has mentioned that at one time or another ESPECIALLY Tex.
    Of course if you aren’t a Yankee fan who follows the team every day maybe Jeff isn’t aware of that fact.

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!!

  16. Jane Heller

    That’s all we can ask for, Lisa – #27. Our guys really earned their division title, but now the fun really begins (along with the headaches and nervous twitches). So proud of them!

    Jeff, you do have your A-Rod obsession. I can’t guarantee anything, of course, but I have a feeling he’ll come through this year. As for Tex, he didn’t get it going until A-Rod came back from the DL. They’re a dynamite duo.

    Oh, Peggy. I wish I’d been there with you today. It must have been incredible to watch the game AND the celebration on the big screen. Yippeee is right! Don’t mind Jeff. He hates the Yankees, but it’s his only flaw as far as I can tell. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just posted a little video thanking the boys personally. Some of the names didn’t exactly come out. LOL!

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