My Message To Joba

Yes, we clinched a playoff spot. But nobody’s celebrating until the division title is assured. So it’s essential (and will be way more fun) if the Yankees beat the Red Sox silly on Friday night. I’m not saying it will be easy. Not with Lester on the mound for them. And not with Joba on the mound for us. Poor dear.
He’s been up. He’s been down. He’s been upside down.
But Friday night’s outing – whether it lasts three innings or six – could be his last shot at making the postseason roster. I thought it was time I spoke to him. I hope I got through. We’ll find out soon enough.
Oh. While I’m on the subject of Yankees-Red Sox, author and diehard Yankee fan Paul Keck alerted me to his book, “The Greatest Comeback Ever,” about the 1978 season, also known as the Bucky Dent season.
Check it out and GO YANKS!


  1. heartruss

    Love your video. I hoped that my being at the Wednesday game would help your Yankees to victory. I wanted them to see that a Dodgers fan was cheering for them. I think that A Rod looked at me a little strangely when he saw me in Dodger gear. I would have posted pictures of him but they came out a little out of focus maybe because I was so nervous being a foot away from him!!!! I’m glad they won.

  2. crzblue2

    Oh no! Not 1978. I remember that too well. I prefer 1981! I am checking out “Smithsonian Baseball _Inside the World’s Finest Private Collections by Stephen Wong.


  3. Yankee Hater Hater

    Joba’ll be fine. Word on the street says they’re throwing the Joba Rules out the window for his start so there’ll be none of those innings limit shenanigans.

  4. Jane Heller

    Cat, your presence at the game on Wednesday was the difference maker. I’m sure of it! I’m just sorry it was so hot that you had to leave. I bet A-Rod was sorry you left too. πŸ™‚

    That must be a very interesting book, Emma. Sounds like a coffee table book with lots of great photos.

    No innings limit sounds good, yhh. Let’s just hope he’s pitching well enough to stay on the mound for six-plus innings. I’d be very happy with that.

    Succinct but well put, Brendan! I want to see a weekend with a lot of positives, including a good performance by Joba.

  5. swanton7

    I’m not denying that Joba is valuable to our team, but he hasn’t proven himself much this year. He has had countless opportunities to step up and except for maybe 3 or 4 starts this season, he really hasn’t done or proven much. Even if he pitches a perfect game on Friday night, it won’t prove anything except he is the most inconsistent player on the team…and we can’t afford that in our rotation as we head into the playoffs. If he makes the postseason roster, he NEEDS to be in the pen. Next year, give him another try if they’d like. But he’s already possibly the most hated guy on the team, and if he blows the playoffs for us…man, I wouldn’t want to be him.

    Cut him, or put him in the pen.

    Good blog. I enjoy reading your work.


    Jane, I never remember to say this, but you do such an outstanding job on your blog. The creativity, the comedy, the detail…just awesome!

    I also recently received a book all Yankee fans would probably love – its called “New York Yankees 365” by the Associated Press. Its a small but very thick book with amazing photo’s and short stories from the beginning of the franchise (pre-Yankees, in fact) right up to this season’s acquisition of Tex. Lots of fun for everyone!

    I’m truly worried about the pitching match up tonight but in baseball you can never assume the results based on the numbers thus far. On the other hand, I feel real good about tomorrow’s game. We don’t want to let Boston secure a post-season berth this weekend – not in our house!!! All weekend I will be wearing my Yankees necklace, Yankees earrings and my tee-shirt that says, “Beat Boston – Again and Again and Again” – I really need a life! LOL GO YANKEES!!!

  7. cheshirecat9

    I am at work so I can’t watch your video until I get home. 😦 I really need a new job, with my own office. Preferrably a corner office. And with 6 weeks vacation…
    Anyway, I am in full optimism mode today so I know Joba is going to throw 5 brilliant innings and restore my faith in him. I will once again be able to wear his jersey with pride. The bullpen will hold it down and we will be on our way to a sweep.

  8. cheshirecat9

    I am at work so I can’t watch your video until I get home. 😦 I really need a new job with my own office. And 6 weeks vacation…
    Anyway, I am in full optimism mode today so I know Joba is going to throw five brilliant innings and restore my faith in him. I will once again be able to wear his jersy with pride. The bullpen will hold it down for the rest of the night and we will be on our way to a sweep. Go Yanks!!!

  9. Jane Heller

    Brian, I don’t disagree with your assessment except that I wouldn’t mind it at all if Joba pitched a perfect game tonight! But seriously, I can’t hate the guy. I think he’s blown his opportunities, sure, but he’s shown us flashes of brilliance and I’m hoping that next year, if he’s not jerked around with a new set of Rules every six seconds, he’ll have a better shot at consistency. Meanwhile, I’d put him in the pen in the playoffs.

    That’s very kind of you, Diane. I’m so glad you feel that way about the blog. Thanks for passing along info about the AP Yankees book. It sounds like a winner. The thing about pitching matchups is that they don’t always pan out the way they’re supposed to. How many times have we said, “On paper, we should beat this guy.” And then we can’t score any runs? So maybe Lester will have an off night and maybe Joba will rediscover his inner Joba. (OK, I’m reaching.) Wear all your Yankees trinkets and amulets and whatever else works! Please!

    Yes, you do need a different job, cheshirecat. In fact, we all need to win the lottery so we never have to work and can just focus on baseball 24/7! I’m oddly optimistic too, for some reason. I don’t know about the sweep, but as far as tonight’s game is concerned, I don’t think it’ll be as awful as some fear. Maybe Joba will pitch with a sense of urgency and it’ll kick him in gear. Better late than never.

    Maybe not, Jeff, but I’m hoping he makes a statement and hangs around long enough to show everyone he’s still a viable option on the mound. Otherwise, it’s off to the glue factory with him!

    The bar is very low, Paul. So if he manages to stay in the game for five+ innings he’ll be a hero. At this point, it’s just an audition for the playoffs and a hope that he doesn’t totally tax the bullpen.


    Ooo, yes, this is BIG…and we don’t wanna get smacked around in our yard, not by THESE guys, and decidedly Not Now…worried about Joba 4 sure, but hey, only he can control himself…I was SO inspired by Mr. Keck’s book…for many years after, I hung onto a newspaper article from the Washington Post by Tom Boswell, calling That Game maybe The Greatest GAME ever…one (of many) key plays…the little things…how Lou Piniella totally lost a short fly ball in the sun, but BRILLIANTLY acted like he had it…so the Bosox runner (Burleson?) held his base until it dropped, could only advance one base, and DIDN’T score a run that could have tied it up…remember, it’s almost always those little things, when it REALLY counts — that’s why we all love beisbol!!

  11. Jane Heller

    I’m strapped down, Buz. In a straitjacket!

    Interesting that you read and enjoyed Keck’s book, Dave. I hadn’t been aware of it until he sent me a message on Facebook and asked me to help spread the word. Sounds fascinating. As for tonight, I don’t want us to get smacked around either!

  12. stonebutch99

    Awesome video Jane! You have awfully big hands though. πŸ˜‰
    Joba has been killing me in fantasy this year. I would think he was getting past it, and he would get yanked after 3 innings again. Ugh. Good luck with your team the rest of the way.

  13. indians

    Joba is in a weird situation. He’s only allowed to go 3 innings before he is pulled. How can any pitcher learn how to get batters out more than once in a game when your only allowed to face the lineup one time through? (he’s not facing a lineup 2,3 times like a normal starter).


    Hello Jane,
    Great talk from She Fan to Joba, I have always thought our Joba has been a bit of a head case, and the constant jerking around of him this year has not helped, as you said, throw strikes, no nibbling, you are capable of great stuff, oh god, stress heaven, my acid reflux has reared it’s ugly head, a big Yankee win would work wonders to help my ailment, the ESPN guys say Boston is the best team, Lets bury them tonight and the weekend, Jane

  15. Jane Heller

    I do have big hands in that video, Austin. HAHAHAHA! I noticed it last night and thought it was hilarious. I think the innings limit is off for Joba tonight, so unless he gets creamed early he should be able to go five, six, who knows?

    It is a weird situation, 09indians. Very hard to learn how to pitch when you don’t get to face lineups a second and third time around. I agree. But as I wrote to Austin, I think we’ll see more from Joba tonight.

    LOL, Erin! You’re so right. If Joba is a normal male, he was probably pretending to listen to my lecture while thinking about his car or something. Bad boy!

    Stress heaven is right, Kaybee, although I’d really rather be playing the Red Sox with a 10 game lead!

    Thanks, Jane. Sorry about your acid reflux kicking up, but here’s the remedy. Go out before the game and buy the large size Pepcid and chew one tablet per inning. That’s my prescription! I saw that John Kruk thing and it made me so furious. Talk about clueless. GRRRRRR.

  16. Jane Heller

    Hey, Cob! I hope things have been going well for you. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I’m still hitting the Yankees hard. We’re heading into the home stretch, and I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed.

  17. raysrenegade

    No need in having any champagne wishes and caviar dreams until all the work is done.
    Worst thing is that Boston is coming into town and could even keep that bubbly on ice a few more days, or hasten up it’s icy cold taste if the Yankees can get the upper hand on the Red Sox.
    Either way, the celebrating is better left until after this weekend anyways, or at least until Sunday afternoon so there is time to reflect, compose and get over that bubbly’s mean headache it seems to give deserving players.
    With Joba having a non-defined role right now for the playoffs, his start is going to be extra special to setting up a possible hard decision for Joe G.
    But either way, the kid has come a long way this season over the guy who was on the mound basically struggling with his place on this roster last season.
    He knows he belongs now, and hopefully he can go out and secure a “W” and also let the fans know it too.

    Rays Renegade

  18. swanton7


    I agree with you; put him in the pen for the playoffs. They can workout a “plan” during the off season and try their luck with him again next year. Honestly, I think they should just let the man pitch. Before they messed him up, he was awesome in 07 and 08…this year, not so much.


    As I life long Yankees fan I will disagree with you. It would be way more fun if the Red Sox don’t go quietly and gain games on the Yanks. It is always more fun when the race is close. As for Joba, yikes! He was scary good for his one or two innings out of the pen but now he is just plain scary. I think the management has messed with his fragile ego too much for anybody’s good.

  20. Jane Heller

    Sorry, Virginia. Posada is catching Joba tonight. I guess his toe is better. But don’t worry. Cervelli will get in plenty of games. You’ll see! Let’s go Joba!

    It’s been a rough ride for Joba, Renegade, and I agree that tonight will be the key to whether he’s on the postseason roster, let alone in the rotation. It will also go a long way toward restoring the fans’ trust in him.

    That’s what I would do, Brian. Put him in the pen, where he’s had success, and then figure out a plan for next year once the season is over. But if he does have a good start tonight, I guess it’ll make the decision harder. So complicated!

    You must have a strong constitution, fadaley. I agree that the Yankees and Red Sox make the race more exciting when they’re going at each other and turning every game into an epic drama. But I get way too nervous! LOL.


    My dad, a life-long Yankee fan, died this week (we think he held on until the Yankees clinched a playoff spot) HE, not Bucky Dent, was the reason we won in ’78.
    In 1951, my dad was in the Navy and watching the National League playoff game with some buddies. As Bobby Thompson stepped to the plate, one guy stood up, walked around his chair and sat back down. Thompson hit the home run.

    Fast forward to 1978. My Dad is watching the Yankees/Red Sox playoff game with some buddies. He tells them the story and decides if it worked once, the lucky charm would work again.
    As Bucky Dent steps up to the plate, my Dad stood up, walked around his chair, and sat back down. He didn’t have to buy another drink that night!

  22. Jane Heller

    Melissa, I’m so sorry about your dad. My thoughts are with you and your family. What an amazing story about his lucky charm! You know I’m going to do the very same thing with the chair while I watch tonight’s game – in honor of your father, of course!

  23. arizonacacti

    Like the video but that chicks hands remind me of a seinfield episode, Not only does joba need to STOP playing around but the offense needs to get with it and improve the hits with runners in scoring position and get all the red sox pitchers in a jimmy peirsall state of mind.

  24. Jane Heller

    I remember that Seinfeld episode, arizonacacti. LOL!!! Right now Joba is lights out – perfect through three. He must have listened to me in that video. Now the offense has to do exactly what you said!

  25. Jane Heller

    Emma, you have a very keen eye for detail. Leah does say “really” a lot! Funny. Tonight was a great win for the Yanks. I’m about to start my post about the game.

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