Could I Feel Any Worse Right Now?

Tonight’s opener against the Mariners was moving right along. Everything was going just the way Yankee fans would have drawn it up.
AJ delivered the kind of performance we’d been hoping for, allowing only one run over seven innings – including two (yes, two) pickoffs of Ichiro. The Yanks were facing Cy Young candidate “King” Felix Hernandez, so it was no small feat when they went up 2-1 in the sixth on Tex‘s sac fly. But then the tension mounted.
Huuuuuuuughes came on for the bottom of the eighth and retired the side in order, looking pretty impressive doing it. It would have been sweet if the Yankees’ offense had tacked on an insurance run or two in the top of the ninth, but no matter. We had Mo on the mound to take care of the Mariners in their half.
And he did take care of them. Well, the first two of them. In fact, his strikeout of Carp, who was out number #2, was the 1000th K of his career. All he and the Yankees needed was one more out and the victory would be assured. And then the unthinkable. I’m still freaking out as I type this.
Mo gave up a double to Sweeney, not to be confused with the Sweeny who covers the Yankees for WFAN.
So what, I figured. There are two outs and it’s Mo pitching, not some journeyman. The guy has only blown one save in 43 opportunities. I wasn’t wild about having to see Ichiro again, since all he does is get on base. But there he was, looming large in that little body.
Before I knew what hit me, Ichiro hit the ball out of the park.
The Mariners won the game 3-2 and I sat in front of the TV going, “WHY? WHY?”
It’s baseball, that’s why. I have no other good answer.


  1. shiningstar12992

    This is a really creative and fun entry, I like it. Nice job =) Sorry about the loss to the Mariners (though as a Red Sox fan, I was thrilled.)

  2. shiningstar12992

    This is a really creative and fun entry, I like it. Nice job =) Sorry about the loss to the Mariners (though as a Red Sox fan, I was thrilled.)

  3. lenn23

    I missed the first seven innings of this game so I’m very happy about A.J’s performance. The Mariners offense is nothing like the Angels or the Sox but still a good game. The ending of this game shocked and stunned me more than made me angry. It was bound to happen to Mo so it’s good to get it out of the way before the playoffs. Still the most important thing to come out of this game is A.J. I have a good feeling about this game later today. The offense is due for a big explosion and CC will keep rolling!

  4. inty

    I couldnt believe it and im a Mariners fan, anyway Yanks are going to the playoffs and we are not, that is really all that matters in the end. Great win for us though.


    The game was a joy to watch, Jane…until the bottom of the 9th. For a west coast game to progress so quickly that the results were actually published in the local NY papers is astonishing — just sorry it ended the way it did. I know it was only Mariano’s second blown save of the year but I hope its not a sign that there are still underlying physical issues where he is concerned.

    We do have to see the positive side – A.J. seems back on his game. And Hughes was spectacular as usual. And we did hit the ball a couple of times that would have been home runs in any other ballpark.

    One thing though…when Girardi made the defensive changes in the outfield, maybe it was Swisher he should have replaced. I don’t know, I could certainly be wrong, but I think he should have caught that long fly for the final out. Maybe this amazing season has caused me to expect too much, but the team cannot just place it all on Mo’s shoulders in the 9th inning. They have to play well behind him. Next game, please.


    What a game! Nice to see AJ pitch well.
    As a Yankees fan, it was a tough loss. So unexpected with Mo on the mound. We really do take him for granted.
    As a baseball fan, it doesn’t get much better than this. One of the great things about baseball is that so much can ride on one pitch. Had Ichiro hit a pop fly or grounder: game over.
    I highly recommend the book “The Meaning of Ichiro” by Robert Whiting.

  7. TribeTed

    When Ichiro hits a homer, you know something has gone wrong. He just “doesn’t” ever do that. Mo never blows saves and of course he did last night, so you know it was crazy. 😉 the night was crazy itself, and the Indians lost again surprise, surprise. The Yanks pitching just let the M’s stay in it all game long, and they took advantage. Great post.

    Ted –

  8. Jane Heller

    Glad you liked the entry, Priya! Thanks for the comment.

    Mo is human, Len, and it’s hard for us to remember that. It’s hard for ME to remember that, because I assume he’ll be perfect every time out. I’m still getting over the Scutero walkoff from 2007! So he was due for one of those nights. No worries about him. And, most importantly, AJ was great.

    It definitely was a great win for your guys, inty. Ichiro can do no wrong, it seems, and has no many weapons, including the home run. Congrats to the Mariners.

    Not sure what ominous signs you’re referring to, Paul. Mo blew a save for the first time in ages, so you must mean something else?

    I agree, Diane. It was a terrific pitcher’s duel until the unlikely happened. Everybody did their part. I didn’t notice that Mo’s velocity was down – was it? – and I haven’t heard about any lingering physical problems. So I hope all is well on that front. But on with the next game. CC to the rescue!

    One pitch was the difference maker, Melissa. Oh, how I’d like to redo that at bat and maybe have Girardi walk Ichiro to pitch to Gutierrez? Too late now and maybe it just wasn’t our night (or Mo’s).

    Actually, it was the Yankees’ offense that let the Mariners stay in the game, Ted; we didn’t score many runs off Hernandez, so there was no insurance. The pitching was fantastic until the ninth with two outs.

  9. Buz

    What a great game by AJ. He really needed one.. .and he delivered. Sadly, Ichiro Monster slayed the Yanks. The guy is incredible. And Ted.. you should watch this guy take BP.. he can slug it when he wants to.. .trust me! Sorry to see Yanks lose Jane.. but… like k90 sez.. taste of your own medicine. How’s the west coast?

    Buz -

  10. scofid

    Last night was definitely a heartbreaker! If there is any consolation, at least A.J. pitched like we expect him to. Hopefully, he has put his slump behind him as we approach October. With the Rangers’ loss, the magic number to reach the play-offs is down to 3 so hopefully we can secure that fairly quickly even if the AL East remains in doubt. I can’t believe the Red Sox get the lowly O’s and Royals while the Yanks face a winning Mariners ballclub and playoff foe Angels. Let’s hope CC gets his 18th victory today!


  11. mlbmom

    Jane –
    We need a new term for “blown save” for Mo…It just doesn”t fit for him….how about “monent of human-ness” instead???
    More asthetically pleasing, dont you think??

  12. devilabrit

    A blown save…I know how that feels more than we should… but now its just a matter of who gets home field advantage, the Yankees are almost definately safe to the post season and look as if they will get homefield through out….tough loss, but it makes the wins much better…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  13. diamondgirl55

    Jane, what a game last night! We said similar things at the end of our blogs :] I agree with you completely, “it’s baseball”. Even Ichiro said he couldn’t believe he did that against the great Rivera. It was definitely cool to watch such an amazing pitcher against an amazing batter. The luck was with us last night but I’m sure you guys will bring it back in the next two! xoxo

  14. Jane Heller

    K90sdrk, I guess you’re right, although it sure didn’t feel good watching it!

    AJ did pitch well, Buz, and it was great to see. I felt sorry that he didn’t get the win, but 99% of the time Mo would have wrapped it up in a nice, neat package for him.

    That’s one way to look at it, Erin. At least it wasn’t a scrub that took Mo deep. Still, it was over so fast! I was like, “Hey. This can’t be happening!”

    I agree about the schedule, Scott. The Yankees got the wrong end of that deal! But they cant worry about the Red Sox or anybody else. They have to get it done on their own, and as you point out their magic # for a playoff berth is a tiny old three. We can do it!

    I like that term much better than “blown save,” Wendy. You’re so right. It doesn’t apply to the brilliant Mo, although he sounded plenty mad at himself for turning a great game into a bummer.

    This kind of loss does make winning better, Peter. So true. I’ll feel better when the next win comes, hopefully tonight.

    Great win for your boys, diamondgirl. No doubt about it. Hernandez pitched well, Sweeney kept the Mariners alive and Ichiro finished us off. It hurt, but congrats to you!

  15. bosoxrockx

    I know it’s never fun to see your team lose, even when the games don’t really matter anymore, but you guys have nothing to worry about. The chance that my Sox will catch you guys is extremely slim, and the only reason that we have any chance at all is because of series against BAL, KC, TOR, and CLE, plus a head to head rivalry showdown.
    The Angels shouldn’t be able to catch you guys for top seed in the AL either.
    May the best team win in October…

  16. Jane Heller

    There’s still a chance you guys could catch us, bosoxrockx. Anything is possible in this crazy game, and no lead seems big enough. And you know what trouble the Angels present for the Yankees. But it won’t be long before we know who’s playing in October and for how long!

  17. Jane Heller

    Exciting when they’re your team, Cat. NOT exciting when they’re not! Ichiro hasn’t hit any homers tonight. (Hope I didn’t just jinx the Yankees.)

  18. Jane Heller

    It did bite, 09indians, but tonight was the total opposite. The Yanks came back and thumped the Mariners, so all is well in my world!

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