Sleepless in Seattle

Somehow, I was able to sneak aboard the Yankees’ private charter and take the team’s flight to Seattle.
Man, that plane is plush.
I was hoping to get a few words from each Yankee, but they all pretended they were asleep, just to avoid me.
I wanted to ask about their expectations for this road trip, how they felt about their magic number being 10, if they were worried about the state of the rotation or the bull pen, what they thought of Jorge’s suspension, etc. Oh, and I wondered if they’d miss Yankees beat writer Peter Abraham.
For non-Yankee fans, Peter’s LoHud blog has been the bible for many of us. It’s where and how we’ve gotten the most up-to-date info, as well as insider stuff. And Peter was the first beat writer I interviewed for my book – something I’ll always appreciate. But he’s changing jobs, moving to the Boston Globe to cover the Red Sox, crossing over into enemy territory.
I had to get at least one Yankee to weigh in on Pete’s departure. So as soon as the plane landed in Seattle, I threw myself at Jorge, figuring he had plenty of time on his hands. After elbowing me (a cheap shot, I thought) and then trying to pawn me off on Shelley Duncan, he finally agreed to meet me at my favorite cafeteria. Here’s our conversation.


  1. TribeTed


    love the post.

    I like the video at the end!!

    the Yanks are just amazing, as day in day out,

    they always somehow come up with a win.

    the Posada brawl “had” to happen, but it was “stupid” to elbow the pitcher.

    The Yanks really put their bodies on the line as they could have had a few injuries.

    No one wants that blemish on their postseason record!!

    Ted’s Take

  2. mlbmom

    sad (read : DEVASTATING) news about PeteAbe!!
    While I am truely deeply saddened, I understand completely the family angle….
    So, now one of my two fave blogs is coming to an end….
    Jane, if you are ever thinking of shutting down “She Fan” I must then have lotsa notice to get my Yankee grief under control….of course if AJ can’t recall the “how to’s” of pitching, I’ll have other reasons to grieve….

  3. scofid

    I was shocked to hear the news of Peter Abraham’s upcoming departure from the LoHud Blog and move to Boston to cover the Red Sox for the Boston Globe. It is definitely our loss. I always appreciated his perspective in providing us with updates. Somehow, he consistently does it better than most. Boston fans are very lucky to get someone of his caliber. This is a very critical road trip for the Yanks. They are going through two cities that they’ve historically had trouble with. Despite last night’s loss, the Red Sox are playing extremely well so they have a chance to make up some ground if the Yanks struggle. I guess that’s why Joe Girardi keeps saying that this one is going down to the end. If we could only get A.J. Burnett turned around, I’d be feeling so much better about the team…


  4. peggy3

    Good Morning Jane…..

    I can’t begin to tell you how shocked I was about Pete Abe’s announcement. If he was going to any other team it wouldn’t sting as much …BUT THE RED SOX !!! I was fortunate to meet him at the SWB Lohud Outing this August. I’m going to miss Pete’s humor and inside info. His was the
    first blog I went to each day for any new updates and from there I headed to your blog for my morning smile. You never fail me on that account. I’m hoping Sam Borden will take it over as he always did a great job when he did guest posts for Pete on the blog. Too bad you don’t live in NY because I think you would have been a GREAT replacement too.

    As for the Yankees ….I hope they have great road trip (it will be a sleepy one for me with the late night games). A 4-2 trip would make me happy :o) but 6-0 would make me ecstatic !! I know it’s hard for teams to keep the intensity this late in the season especially with a lead but I have high hopes after seeing how they reacted to the walk off by Frankie C. I just LOVE this team !!!

    Anyway …when you are watching the game at normal time tonight think of me trying to keep the eyes open …thankfully it’s the weekend… week against the Angels will be the killer with work. Have a great weekend everyone …GOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

    P.S. My copy of your book “An Ex To Grind” just arrived at my office so I will start reading as soon as I finish the book I’m reading now. Can’t wait !!!


    ‘Nother fun funny posting, Jane…luv your sunny optimism, too, which is something I need to read today…hoping that the Baling of Abraham, right at Jewish New Year, isn’t some bizarro creepy foreshadowing of Dr. Doom, or the Fickle Baseball Fates changing horses near the end of the race (I’ll shut up now; I’m such a pessimist)…saay, is that short-cut hairdo on the Animated Jane a forewarning of a New ‘Do for You…or one you have contemplated? Michael, let us know if that’s so…and WWHT (what would Hubby think)? Too many deep thoughts for the morning after an off-day, so let me retreat to the shallow end of the pool…let’s all relax, and have a fine weekend!!

  6. yankeemeg

    Jane, this post makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

    I am sooooo glad you got on that flight! Every “road trip” you’ve “made” this season has worked in our favor!

    We will miss Pete terribly. LoHud will never be the same but I wish Pete the best and I hope Red Sox fans appreciate him as much as we do.

    Here’s to an awesome road trip!! Let’s Go Yanks!


  7. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Ted. Bodies are always on the line at this time of year, brawl or no brawl.

    I feel your pain, Wendy. I was stunned by the news, as I’ve come to rely on Pete for all things Yankees. Let’s hope AJ takes the sting out of all this with a great performance tonight. It would be such a confidence boost for the team and for him.

    Ditto on Pete, Scott. I’m glad he’ll be moving closer to his family, but I’ll miss his nonstop blogging. I don’t think the Yankees will struggle in Seattle, but Anaheim is always a concern. There’s something about that stadium! I’m more worried about Andy’s shoulder than I am about AJ. I really hope he’s OK the rest of the way.

    They do look dead, Paul. Dead asleep.

    That’s right, Peggy. You just saw Pete at the outing. His leaving must have been a shock for you too. We’ll just have to carry on. I agree that Sam Borden would be a great choice to take over the LoHud blog. I hope he’s up for that kind of commitment. It’s funny about these west coast games. They are at a normal time for me, but I’m so used to stopping everything at 4 pm to watch the east coast games that it’ll mean adjusting my schedule too! I’ll be up late writing my blog posts, so I sort of wish they were on earlier. Very excited that you’ll be reading “Ex.” I’m appearing at a book group next week – the members have been reading the novel and asked me to answer their questions – so I’m flipping through it now and boning up!

    Dave, the animated She-Fan has a ponytail! Check out the last frame toward the end where she’s in side view. No short hair for her or me. Have a great weekend and try to think positively, would you please?????

    No, I wouldn’t, Jeff. Not in a million years. But then I didn’t grow up in Boston and leave all my family there. So I get where Pete is coming from. That’s some nightmare, btw. Shudder.

    Thanks so much, 23gonzo!

  8. Jane Heller

    Yankeemeg, I hope my road trip will be helpful. Sometimes you have to take one for the team, you know? And riding on that private jet wasn’t exactly a hardship, even though no one talked to me. I just ate and drank and had myself a good time.

  9. peggy3

    That’s right Jane….I guess it does mess up your schedule too…never thought of it that way. Maybe we should all be on the same time zone and make life easier for sports fans everywhere.

    I wish I could be at the book group for your commentary on “Ex”. It must be terrific getting insight straight from the author’s mouth and the thought process that went on behind the book. Hopefully when the movie hits you will be doing a worldwide tour promoting it which would bring you back to NY…maybe Letterman?? I would definitely have to try and get tickets to that show. In the meanwhile…I’m trying to hit that lottery so we can be Yankee stalkers for a full season…. :o).

    Enjoy the weekend …I know I will…especially if the
    Yankees win !!!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!

  10. Jane Heller

    I’ve often thought we should all be in the same time zone, Peggy! The good parts about being here are the World Series (they start at 5) and the Oscars (same time). I love that! The book group should be interesting. I’ve spoken to large groups many times and done tons of signings. But I’ve never gone to someone’s house and sat around with a dozen people who’ve read one of my books and who will undoubtedly have things they liked and didn’t like about it. I hope it’s fun. And yes, please win the lottery. Being a Yankee stalker with you for an entire season would be the best!

    Can you imagine their rudeness, 09indians? Pretending to be asleep when I’m trying to interview them? The nerve! LOL.


    My bad, Jane…you’re so right about the negativity…my wife sez that I shouldn’t even watch sports anymore, ’cause I’m too much with the GloomDoom…so That’s It. Good Day Sunshine! Ac-cen-tu-ate The Positive! Maybe then I’ll appreciate the details (and pony-tails) better…so thank you once again, Doctor Jane, I’m all better now…

  12. Buz

    You’ve got great interview skills kid.. maybe you should switch to TV : ) One good thing.. you’ll be able to watch the Yanks without propping your eyelids open while they ply their trade in the PST. Speaking of P.S.

    P.S. I stole your heart for my blog : )

    Buz –

  13. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Kaybee. I bet you’ve been on the Padres’ plane a few times (in your mind)!

    Glad to be of service, Dave. I’m a pessimist too, so I should know. But TRY to think positively!

    It’s true, Buz. I’ll be able to watch these west coast games without forcing myself to stay awake. But then there’s the blogging…..No rest for us sports fans.

  14. Jane Heller

    Yes, the Yankees are in Seattle, diamondgirl! And I’m very nervous about them having to face King Felix tonight. We were lucky last time around and missed him. But tonight will be a challenge for sure.

    They’ll need good luck tonight, Cat. They’re facing Seattle’s best pitcher (see above)!


    Well, the Mariners had a 14-inning game last night, and as I recall the last time the Yankees headed out there in August, they had a long extra inning affair the night before they arrived. The Yankees ended up taking 3 of 4 from them in that series, so let’s hope the Mariners are a tad exhausted.

    And, like many have already said…Pete Abe will be sorely missed. Others may try (and it looks like Mark Feinsand of Blogging the Bombers is up for the challenge), but we were so accustomed to Pete’s near manic style of giving updates, not to mention his wry sense of humor, that it’s hard to fathom anyone else replacing him.

  16. Jane Heller

    The Mariners did have an extra-inning affair last night, Charmaine, but we didn’t have to face Hernandez last time and I think Beltre was on the DL. But maybe Matsui will have another 5 RBI night. He seems to like Safeco! You’re so right about Pete Abe. Even though I know he’s winding down, I keep checking the blog for updates as usual. I can’t imagine anyone else writing it!


    Hi Jane! My name is Sulema from the Bronx and OMG I LOVE your book “Confessions of a She-fan”. I have been a Yankee fan since ’96 and I have to be honest I fell in love with Derek Jeter while flipping through channels on Saturday afternoon. I would only watch the Yankees for him, but soon after I found myself knowing more about the Yankees as a team and this awesome sport called BASEBALL!! Been a Yankee fan ever since.
    Anywho, I just want to thank you for writting this incredible book. Even my husband, who I hate to say this, is not a sports fanatic, found some parts I would read to him entertaining. He did recommend the book to a coworker which I thought was cool.
    Take care of yourself and have fun in Seattle. Im going back to finishing up dinner while listeining to 880, waiting for the game..


    Nice to “meet” you too! Its pretty cool you have this blog. Good way to connect with fellow fans. I also became your fan on Facebook. I am kind of a newbie on Facebook though.
    Enjoy the game and pray A.J. has it tonight.

  19. Jane Heller

    Welcome, Sulema! I’m so glad you stopped by and left a comment, and how wonderful that you enjoyed the “She-Fan” book. Thank your husband for recommending it to a co-worker. Very sweet of him. So you became a Yankee fan because of Jeter? You must have been pretty excited when he broke Gehrig’s record. He’s having a terrific season, and I’m so happy for him (and for the Yanks). I wish I really had taken that trip to Seattle, but I’ll be watching tonight’s game and hoping for a good one. So nice to “meet” you!


    Love your blog, Jane. Great interview with Jorge about Pete. It was the link on Pete’s blog that first got me to check out this blog and it’s now one that I come to every day. Keep churning out those xtranormal videos, they’re great.

  21. Jane Heller

    How weird that your second comment was posted before my first one to you, Sulema! Oh, well. It does that sometimes on MLBlogs. The blog has been a great way to connect with other fans, especially because there aren’t many Yankee fans for me to talk to here in CA. Speaking of Facebook, I forgot to post the link to the above entry last night. Will try to remember to post tonight’s blog entry after the game. (I’m praying AJ has it, believe me!)

    Thanks, alljunkusa. I’m glad you had fun with my “interview.” So you checked out my blog because of the link on Pete Abe’s blog? Cool. As I’ve said in other comments, I still can’t believe he’s leaving, but I’m sure they’ll find someone good to take over his beat. There’s always something going on with the Yankees, so we need someone to track it all down for us!

  22. southernbelle

    Jane: Great post, as always. I hope you are right about the Yankees being in the World Series!!! I don’t think pillows help much with a neckache. I don’t even sleep on my pillow. I just keep my hands underneath it. I hope Jorge takes as long as he needs to recover; I’m perfectly fine with seeing Cervelli again!!! Speaking of suspensions, my big brother got himself suspended from school for 2 days. There was an altercation, and he was defending himself. That shows how retarded the principal at my school is. Suspending a good kid like Bobby. Now I hate my principal even more. Stupid SOB. -Virginia

  23. Jane Heller

    So sorry about your brother, Virginia! I’m sure you and your parents are upset about it. Hopefully, the Yankees will win tonight and make you feel better. Most importantly, I hope he wasn’t hurt in the altercation.

  24. travelingbballbabes

    Jane, what I like to do when someone pretends to be asleep instead of listening to me (ahem, Tech Support), I pinch his nose until he is forced to wake up because he can’t breathe. : ) It works every time.

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