The Yanks Get Blown Out, Then Thrown Out

Well, one Yankee got ejected.
Jorge Posada was a bad, bad boy in the eighth inning of the Yankees’ 10-4 drubbing by the Blue Jays. It was not his finest moment, and he could get a fat suspension by MLB for elbowing Jays reliever Jesse Carlson. You just can’t be in a pennant race and let your emotions get the better of you, putting yourself and your team at risk. I mean, who wants to act like this guy?
The Yanks should have taken advantage of the fact that Halladay wasn’t at his best, but they couldn’t pitch with any consistency and couldn’t hit with runners in scoring position. It was a miserable night to be a Yankee fan.
Mitre was pitiful, allowing seven runs over five-plus innings, four of the hits homers. Edwar, Melancon and Dunn weren’t much better in their collective role as The Mop Up Guy.
But this one was all about the brawl, the scrum, the donnybrook, the fracas, the fist-a-cuffs, the altercation, the imbroglio, the ruckus, the rumpus, the rhubarb.
Mitre and Melancon had plunked Encarnacion and Hill, respectively. Carlson retaliated by throwing behind Posada. The benches were warned and Posada eventually walked. That should have been that. But Gardner’s double sent Jorge home with the Yankees’ third run. As he was crossing home plate, he gave Carlson a little shove, and both teams came spilling out.
spilled milk.jpg
Jorge had to be restrained by CC – a fate worse than whatever Bob Watson will hand down, if you ask me.
And Carlson?
He got a nasty bump on the head; a contusion is my guess.
Even after his ejection, he stayed in the dugout, jawing. I would expect him to sit out a few games too.
But this one was all on Jorge. He issued an apology for his conduct and was embarrassed, according to Pete Abe’s blog. I’m hoping the team gets it together on Wednesday night. No more forgetting how many outs there are. (Hello, Tex.) No more stranding runners. (That means you, Damon.) No more pitching like crap. (We need a good outing, Chad.) There’s still plenty to play for, Yankees, so act like it!
P.S. My husband predicted in the previous post that the Yankees would win this one. Apparently, he is not psychic after all.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    hey Jane,

    I was having dinner with one of my best friends, and I kept checking the score on my phone. I was beyond mad when I saw that we had lost 10 to 3. But I mean, it was Halladay vs Mitre, so I was kind of expecting a loss, but not that bad.
    I get home and my dad comes up to me and said, “Lille, did you see the fight that when off at the game? it was brutal!”. Yep, that got me even more mad because I love watching benches clear. I seldom agree with Michael Kay, but he did say mention something about not the right time for this types of brawls, we have to be healthy and strong for the post-season darn it!
    Funny thing was watching Swisher and Duncan getting in the middle of it all… And ofcourse the had to use Sabathia to get Jorge! Jorge is BIG… they needed someone BIGGER to get him.. and man, if I was ever in a fight and I see CC coming towards me, I’ll definitely calm down.

  2. JQuist

    *That fight was something else! Losing Posada won’t be very fun, but it’s always exciting to see the bench clearing brawls… We just need to be happy that CC’s on our side – he’s as big as they come! We should also be greatful that Carlson came out of that dust cloud with the biggest knot out of anybody lol – that was insane. Woke me up… that’s for sure. Tough loss though, and that’s all that really matters.

  3. lenn23

    I don’t know if I should start feeling nervous about the Red Sox yet or not. They’ve been like a machine lately. Let’s face it, Sergio was terrible! I thought he was supposed to be a ground ball pitcher. Well, those four home runs that he gave up in five innings were the strangest sort of ground balls that I ever saw! Chad has to do better later today. I expect an offensive explosion from the Yank offense in this game. Really kick their ***! Posada with three homers!!!

  4. TribeTed


    Guess your husband isn’t psychic as you said at the bottom?

    Sometimes us psychic people take breaks,

    like your husband probably did yesterday.

    I made a prediction that the D Backs would come back in the later innings and win,

    and guess what? They did…. =)

    Love how you said “both teams came spilling out”

    love how you put a pic of milk up. Hilarious!!

    Love it here. 😉

    Ted’s Take


    Jane…ALL our pitchers last night were mop up guys — The Jays wiped the floor with them!!! I have no specific figures but I’m pretty sure that we outhit our opponents in most of our losses.

    I usually like a good brawl – hopefully this one will have a positive effect on the team. I also don’t see giving Posada a rest as a negative. How come Carlson was allowed to stay in the dugout after he was tossed? The funniest part of any brawl involving the Yankees is watching Jeter – its the only time that he’s on the field and has no idea what to do. I think he was looking for Roger Clemmens to pull away from the pile. Lol.

    All joking aside, we have to turn it around and win like 5 of the next 7 games. I don’t think that giving Pettitte a little bit of a rest is a bad thing – we are really going to need his talent and experience in the post season. GO YANKEES!!!

  6. ooaooa

    No cake, thats more hurt than the welt on Jesse Carlson’s head! FYI, Carlson is from Berlin CT about 5 miles from my house. He is now a folk hero in a predominent town of Sox fans. Watch the video of the brawl and take note who is holding up the BACK of the scrum jumping up and down like a jack in the box. Number 13! Poor judgement by Georgie. He will surely get 4 or 5 game suspension.


    Baseball “brawls” are hysterical! Men are just so silly when their testosterone gets the better of them. Gotta go out and swagger, puff out their chests and for the most part, do nothing. Watch the replay – there are a few guys in the middle actually fighting and the rest are just acting macho around the edge of the circle.
    I just find them ridiculous and a waste of time, though they are always good for a laugh.
    You want to get back at a team? Speak with your bat!

  8. ladyjane303

    Nothing funny or exciting about it. This is not the time to be risking suspension or – even worse – injury. This was a pretty scary brawl, if you ask me, especially with the whole starting rotation right in the middle of things. Forget about the fight – the fact that we out-hit but grossly under-scored the Rays is more of a problem. We need a win today and a good road trip – that 9 game lead of less than a week ago got down to 6 1/2 pretty quickly.

  9. cheshirecat9

    I agree with ladyjane, I was not amused by the brawl. It was an ugly chapter in an ugly loss. The Yanks need to keep their head in the game and concentrate on finishing the regular season strong.

    Jane, love the use of the word “rhubarb” 🙂

    I have tickets to tonights game, so of course it looks like lousy weather. Not content with merely hoping for a good game I performed a ritual and slaughtered a lamb this morning so that Gaudin would pitch a good game. (Okay, I am a vegetarian so I really stuck a butterknife in a lump of tofu, but the sentiment was the same!)

  10. mlbmom

    Jane –
    Call the Bronx.
    Today, they need to do two things…
    Win, for starters.
    Keep their (cool) heads in the game.
    Cant have any more brawls….suspension I can handle, injury to anybody….notsomuch…..

  11. Jane Heller

    I think last night’s brawl was Shelley’s big moment, latinyankeerebel. He seems to enjoy playing the enforcer. And since he hasn’t done much else, I can see why! CC was trying to settle things down, but it would have been horrible if he’d gotten hurt in the process.

    The brawl woke me up too, JQuist. The game was pretty boring, once it was clear the Yankees were out of it, so I started to make dinner and then I saw the events unfold. Obviously, dinner was put on hold! The worst part was the game itself. The Yankees played a sloppy, sluggish game, and I think that bothered Joe too.

    That’s exactly what I said last night, Len: “I thought Mitre was supposed to be a ground ball pitcher.” He was horrible, and now with Pettitte’s shoulder problem, it’s more clear than ever that Cashman should have gotten a bona fide #5 starter on the trade market. But I’m not worried about the Red Sox or any other team; the Yankees have to control their own destiny, as the saying goes.

    Glad your psychic prediction came true, Ted. Maybe you’re on a roll. My husband has resigned as a psychic.

    It’s always interesting watching Jeter during these brawls, Diane. He’s usually on the periphery, chatting it up with the opposition. This time he seemed more concerned and involved. I wish I could be as sanguine as you are about the “rest” for Pettitte. I’m glad he’s describing the shoulder in slightly different terms than last year’s injury, but I’m very worried that he won’t be available and/or effective when we need him the most. His news was the last thing I wanted to hear yesterday.

    I’m glad A-Rod wasn’t in the middle of that heap, John. The Yankees really don’t need their cleanup hitter with a bum hip at the bottom of a pile of angry players. I wasn’t happy to see Damon in there. Or Swisher. Let the scrubs get into it (watching skinny Edwar Ramirez dragging Barajas by his catching gear was the highlight). I agree that Jorge will get 5 games, maybe 4 on appeal.

    I wish they had let their bats do the talking, Melissa. If only. In fact, I wonder what would have happened if Jorge had popped one out of the ballpark instead of walked. Well, he’d probably have said something as he circled the bases, and the result would have been the same. Let’s hope they can play a good game tonight and that there will be no repercussions.

    Well said, ladyjane. I agree completely. This team seems to have forgotten that they haven’t won anything yet and that leads can shrink very quickly. They can’t coast by any means. They should play the rest of the games as if they mean something. No more sloppiness. Focus, Yankees. Focus!

    I love your pre-game vegetarian ritual, cheshirecat! It’s perfect. The Yankees will win tonight, and it’ll be all your doing! I do hope the weather holds and you can see a great game. Bring a sign and wave it around, so we’ll know you’re there. Do you have good seats?

    I’ve placed a call to the Bronx, Wendy, and spoken to all the parties involved. They promised me they’d not only behave but that they would score 1,000 runs. (OK, that was my fantasy, but I tried.) I really do hope they get it together before the road trip.

    HAHA, Jeff. But I thought Mauer was Boston bound? Has anybody ever thrown a hook in one of these things? I can’t remember.

  12. peggy3

    Hi Jane ….

    I’ve been so busy the past few days I’ve only had time to read but not comment …I was at DJ’s record breaking hit game and it was so exciting …the fans were so into it and pumped despite the bad weather putting such a damper on the game. The best part was watching the whole team run out to lst base to congratulate him. A really nice moment for DJ !! Unfortunately we lost and I as usual stayed till the very end which was about 1:40 am. I didn’t get home till almost 4:00 am due to train congestion (YES …congestion at THAT time…only in New York Fortunately the trains are still crowded at every hour in the city that never sleeps so I feel safe enough riding them no matter what time.

    I was also at the Angels/Yanks game on Monday. Nice win by the Yankees beating the Angels at their own tricks. I am loving Tex more and more each day …I’m so happy he’s with us for many years to come.

    Naturally I was at the game last night …I agree with those who do not like the fighting. I don’t want to see players get hurt especially our players this close to playoff time. A suspension isn’t that great either. The only comical moment which I didn’t really notice till I arrived home and watched the replays was Edwar (all 100 lbs of him) holding back Barajas. …that did make me laugh. You couldn’t even see Edwar behind him except for his arms and head. Anyway …I’m just happy no one was seriously hurt. Joe had the shiner and Carlson that knot on his head…thankfully that was it. I can’t believe Jorge would let his temper get the best of him at this critical time of the season tho’. Not the
    smartest move by Mr. Posada. He gets no hip hip Jorge for that …

    Hopefully they start their winning ways again TONIGHT !!!

    Go Yankees 2009 !!!


    Well, THAT was ugly…first the excuses…it’s not often, if ever, that a MLB team plays 3 different opponents on 3 successive days, and they went 2 for 3…also, methinx that Hor-Hay came down with that new strain of Swine Flu takin’ over the nation, known as Rudeness Syndrome (see Kanye West, Serena, MJ, That Congressman in Obama’s speech, etc.)…but NO MO’ excuses. I promise not to say Meat-Tray again (well, I just did), because it’s too accurate too often…am I nervous about seeing 2 1/2 games melt away in less than a week? YOU BETCHA. So let’s get our heads & hats out of our collective rumps, pleez, and show Senors Sergio & Hor-hay how to win politely…thanx…

  14. Jane Heller

    Peggy, I honestly don’t know how you do it – going to all the games and coming home so late and then showing up for work. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. When I went on the road for the book in ’07, I went to the games but could sleep late! Glad you got to see Jeter’s milestone – a happy moment in Yankees history – and the win over the Angels. As for the fight, yes, Jorge wasn’t very bright and as a veteran should have known better. And yes, the Edwar bit caught me completely off guard too. I kept saying to my husband, “Is that little Edwar with the catcher?” I expect much better tonight.

    There does seem to be a rash of people losing it, Dave. I get the baseball player mentality and the heat of battle, blah blah, but just walk away when somebody pisses you off, especially in Jorge’s situation. And don’t be nervous about losing ground. It was bound to happen. The Yanks were on a roll and now they’re hitting some bumps. That’s why it was smart of Joe to have a team meeting and remind the players that there’s still a season to finish!

  15. matttan7

    That game was not cool for the Yankees, I did see this in person though. While the brawls were going on, I just looked at the out of town scoreboard. The Blue Jays had a homer filled night, that’s for sure.

    Matthew Tan

  16. Buz

    haha.. I love the kid in the corner pic! Now, just hold on about your husband’s psychic traits… recall that there was some pressure placed on the man when he made that hasty prediction. Hmm.. full belly or no full belly? Hmm. . I bet he knew the Yankees were going to lose but didn’t state it.. knowing full well that he wouldn’t make you happy with that one : ) In essence, he took one for the team : )

    Buz –

  17. Jane Heller

    You were at the game, Matthew? It must have been quite a wild one! I doubt I could have averted my eyes the way you did.

    You raise an interesting point, Buz. Maybe my husband did take one for the team and told me what I wanted to hear, just to get dinner. LOL! I’ll see if he’s got a prediction for tonight’s game and will promise not to hold food over his head.


    The Yanks should be more concerned about their starting rotation than “brawling” . Mitre is a joke;Burnett is VERY unpredictable, and Joba is better suited in the “pen” We haven’t WON anything yet and should we get by Detroit we still would have to face the Angels or those dreaded “SOX” who in case you haven’t noticed have a better starting rotation. Thank God for “C.C”

  19. Jane Heller

    The rotation is a concern, Spence – especially with Pettitte experiencing “fatigue” or soreness and having to miss a start. I’m not ready to anoint the Sox as having a better starting four though. They’ve had their problems with injuries and ineffectiveness too, but they’re stronger now that Dice K is back and pitching well. Thank God for CC is right!

  20. Elizabeth D

    Jorge definitely seems like a class act, hey may not have been in that moment, but it is quite evident in his apology and feelings afterwards. Definitely not the smartest thing to do to get suspended in the middle of the grind of September. It kind of shows the humanistic aspect of baseball though.


    Well, as they say in the locker room; “we put this one behind us and go out there tomorrow and try to win one.”

  22. Jane Heller

    Jorge’s a good guy, Elizabeth. He’s got a hot temper and he let it get away from him. He said earlier that he was surprised Carlson threw behind him and that you never know how you’ll react until it happens to you. I guess that’s true. These guys are human beings, as you point out.

    Exactly, lawnwizard. The Yankees are down by a run to the Jays right now, but I’m really hoping they’ll score and get a win!

  23. southernbelle

    Jane: That brawl was something else. I think Carlson was asking for trouble, though. He was standing in the wrong spot. I don’t think Jorge “elbowed” him. He did brush past him, much like a cat brushes past your leg. It was intentional, but I don’t think he was trying to hurt him. And with all that testosterone, a fight was bound to happen. Men…they don’t know how to let things go….

  24. Jane Heller

    Lots of testosterone, Virginia. Luckily, Jorge only got a three game suspension (I thought it would be more) and has a stiff neck from the fight (it could have been worse). The best news is we won tonight!

    I agree, 09indians. The Yanks should focus on winning games and that’s what they did a few minutes ago – another come from behind walkoff win!

  25. raysrenegade

    As the clock ticks down and the numbers fall towards “0” for a playoff berth, sometimes that rush of emotion comes out from places you never even thought about before.
    Posada will get a little time in the corner for sure, but sometimes even that burst of emotion can also fire up a team the way a few instances with your team did for the Rays in the spring of 2008.
    Baseball is very physical, but we forget that it is also a very emotional game that digs and eats at you daily because of the failings and triumphs that rollercoatser every day within the confines of the game.
    Chalk it up to fire and determination and watch the team during their next game.
    Either it will spark others, or it will take that energy generated by the outburst and store it again for another episode somewhere down the line in 2009.

    Rays Renegade

  26. Jane Heller

    You’re saying exactly what Posada said, Renegade, so you obviously know the territory. The emotional part just comes out, and when players are in the moment, they don’t say to themselves, “Well, I’m hoping to be healthy for the playoffs.” They just react. Posada got three games from Bob Watson, and I think that’s fair. So that’s the end of that story….for this season. I heard there were fireworks in your clubhouse? Crawford vs. Burrell?

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