Message to the Yankees: “Please Forgive Me!”
I had you all wrong tonight, Yankees. After the fireworks with Jorge and Carlson and the suspensions and contusions, I had expected you to come out swinging against the Blue Jays.

But instead of looking like sluggers, you spent seven innings looking like slugs.
Seriously. You could only manage four hits against Tallet and a trio of Jays relievers, and Toronto was ahead 3-2 and then 4-2. I was restless and frustrated and – yes – bored.
I called you names. I accused you of mailing it in. I said you were coasting on your nice cushy lead and not playing with sufficient intensity. And worst of all, I kept watching the clock, as if the game couldn’t be finished soon enough.
Sure, I was impressed by Chad Gaudin’s performance. Three runs over five-plus innings with only one walk? Plenty good enough for a #5 starter. Marte and Coke did their jobs, too, although I can’t say the same for Bruney, who needs to be voted off the island.
The point is that I doubted you. I thought you’d blow the game, fly to Seattle and spend your off day feeling like losers.
But along came Huuuuuughes to keep the game at 4-2. And then Matsui stepped to the plate in the bottom of the inning with A-Rod aboard and – bam!
Tie score. I snapped back to attention, reminding myself that the 2009 Yankees had the most walkoff victories in the majors. Mo did his thing in the ninth and the question became: would you pull off yet another miracle? Could you? Was it possible? And if so, who would be the hero? The ending revealed itself soon enough.
Gardner singled, stole second, took third on Jeter’s grounder….and then scored on Cervelli’s hit.

You poured out of the dugout to congratulate Cisco.
And before long, he was getting pie.
Or was I the one who deserved the pie in the face for not trusting your ability to come back? Yes. I have sinned against you, Yankees, and I hope you’ll forgive me. I will not make the same mistake again. Well, I’ll try not to.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    Wooohooo.. I love to get pie! well, not me.. but when I see one of the Yankees get pied… LOL… Cervelli is a great catcher and a great addition to the Yankees. We won, and now our magic number is 11! I’m crossing my fingers everything goes as planned. :0) Hope all is well with you! Oh, by the way, I think after you kind of threaten your husband with dinner, he was obviously not going to play with you and decided to tell you what you wanna here.. I think he’s a psychic, but tells little white lies once in a while to be in your good graces…. LOL


    Jane, I have to say that I never felt like we weren’t going to win last night. I even thought they’d come back against Toronto in the first game. But I don’t blame you for your feelings; although this year’s team has come back strong, there has been a serious history of collapse for like the last eight years.

    Cervelli is the face of the future Yankees and its obvious he’s thrilled to be here. Once again, Tex helps big time with his awesome defense. Jeter made a dumb error but he’s made so few this season I don’t think we can really call him on it.

    Now to the previous comment by latinyankeerebel…a husband who lies??? When does that ever happen? haha.

    Glad that our boys get a day to acclimate to the west coast time zone — Hey Jane, maybe you can interview Posada and find out what happened. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. TribeTed


    the win wasn’t what you wanted but you did it in “similar” fashion, as the other “12” or so walkoffs you had before this one.

    I would kill if the Indians would “walk off” that many times.

    But they did in the 07 season, which was why they won “96” games.

    Its great that a new person every day is becoming the “hero” and the Yanks aren’t getting walkoffs from one person.

    Like the Dodgers, Andre Ethier has about three fourths of their walkoff wins. 😉

    The Yanks are just “good” IN CAPITAL LETTERS!!

    Ted’s Take

  4. cheshirecat9

    The game last night will probably be my last one at the Stadium this year (unless I win the lottery and can afford post season tickets) and it was a great one to go out on. The first inning was exciting, then it slowed down for a while and got boring. Then a mysterious sewage like odor kept wafting over us, we couldn’t identify where it was coming from or what it was but it was very unpleasant. Finally we decided enough was enough and moved down to an empty row of seats in a better section. As soon as we settled in Matsui hits one out of the park! Then it went from there. Got to see Mo. Got to witness the pie (which they also broadast on the big Jumbotron). Good times!
    Looking ahead we have to have a good roadtrip. We can’t let up now, almost there! Go Yanks!

  5. ooaooa

    Oh yee of little faith, the so called “She Fan”, you should be reminded of what the great Pontiff Yogi Berra always said about it not being over till its over. For your pennance you must deliver two 2 out of 3’s in the next six games. Have faith my child all is well in Mudville.

  6. ladyjane303

    Make space in the mea culpa room for me, too, Jane. I had the same early reactions as you. But we have seen the future of the Yankees and its names are Phil, Brett and Cisco! The 9th inning in Fenway was a real downer, but we got our win and that’s what counts.


    Hi Jane,
    NO need to apologize, they needed a kick in the butt, Gaudin did well, and it is clear how important Gardner is to the team, upsets the opposing pitcher and defense…….Cervelli had a great clutch hit and Matsui has been quite amazing, Red Sox pulled one out of their A…….with 2 outs Nick Green struck out not only once but twice, as the ump blew two strike calls and then Gonzalez when on to single……..Good grief, hope fully the Yanks can have a good trip to the West, get that good starting pitching we dream about……..Jane

  8. PAUL

    Dog The Bounty Hunter looks a lot different away from the set.
    I’d tell AJ Burnett to shove that shaving cream pie garbage up his butt until he’s pitching better. It’s not as bad as when Jose Lima (UGH!) was leading over-the-top celebrations when he pitched for the Mets and was simultaneously giving up grand slams to Dontrelle Willis, but it’s in the same ballpark.

  9. Jane Heller

    Latinyankeerebel, I have to tell you – last night I kept moaning about how the Yankees were looking so flat and not scoring, and my husband said, “Just wait until after the seventh inning. They’ll come back.” It turned out that he was right. I don’t know if that makes him psychic but it makes him more of a believer than I was!

    That Jeter sequence was so bizarre, Diane! One minute he’s making an amazing play and on the very next play he commits a dumb error. Just so unusual for him that I had to laugh. I think the reason I didn’t think they’d come back last night was #1) I’m a pessimist and #2) they looked so punchless in the first two thirds of the game. It’s like night and day with these comebacks; the first part seems as if they’re coasting and the second part it’s like they’re a different team. Whatever works. There’s never a lack of excitement, that’s for sure. I’ll do my best to take good care of them here on the west coast.

    Yes, there’s a different hero with every walkoff, Ted, although I think Melky has had a couple of pies in the face. Jeter has never had one and I was hoping last night would be his first. Maybe he’ll be next after they get home from their road trip.

    That’s right, you were there, cheshirecat! Must have been a terrific game to watch during the last part. I wonder what the foul odor was. (Maybe it was the stink of the Yankees’ inability to hit Brian Tallet’s pitches. Haha.) Glad you got to move down to the better seats in time to see Matsui, Mo, and the boys do their thing. Very exciting – and definitely more to come.

    There’s definitely a shot at that WS, Jenn. Both teams just have to do their part, and it’s never easy. You guys made it through last year, but it’s been awhile for the Yanks.

    Thank you, Pontiff John, for forgiving me. I will, indeed, do penance by delivering two out of three in each road series. It’s the very least I can do for the sins I committed. Amen.

    Glad to have the company in the mea culpa room, ladyjane. It just felt like they couldn’t get out of the quicksand last night. And then all of a sudden it was a new game and a chance for victory. So exciting. But it would be nice if they didn’t give me a heart attack all the time!

    Gaudin did do well, Jane, and I’m beginning to trust him a little more. He’s been doing all that was asked of him – throw strikes and keep us in the game. Now if only they could figure out what happened to Bruney. He was looking so promising for awhile. I have the same hopes for the road trip as you do. I’ll feel a whole lot better when I see Andy healthy and pitching without pain.

    I disagree, Paul. I love AJ’s pie celebrations and most fans do too. (The players don’t seem to mind either.) It’s true that he hasn’t pitched well for a stretch now, but nobody’s giving up on him – least of all me. He’s one of the guys. He started the pie thing when he came to NY. Who better to do it than him?

    Lots of drama for sure, Jeff. But I think you’re watching the games to do some advance scouting for the Cardinals just in case you have to face the Yanks or Sox. Am I right?


    To the tune of…well, you know…
    “Cisco Kid, he IS a friend of mine!
    Cisco Kid, he IS a friend of nine!
    Give him whiskey, we drink Vict’ry Wine!
    The Blue Jays had us pinned down, 2 to 4…
    Blue Jays had a win down, 2 to 4…
    ‘Zilla comes out blastin’ — 4 to 4!!”
    That’s more than enuf. Yes, Miz J, it was a tuff one last nite. I come home after umping a doubleheader, and the toilet was overflowing…Yanks losing…but at least it was 3-0, Angels. By the time I cleaned up our mess, it was too late to clean up the Angels, now losing 5-3, and the Yanks are STILL losing…I’m ranting about how now it’s gonna be 5 1/2 games, aggravating my dear wife the Bosox fan, and the Yankees may as well have gone down our toilet too. But the Angels go back up 7-5, and Thank God Zilla, redeeming the evening? No, not quite…but oh, Pancho, oh, Cisco, muchas gracias…latinyankeerebel, keep the countdown counting DOWN…in the words of Danny Glover, “I’m too OLD for this s**t!!”

  11. Jane Heller

    Great song as always, Dave. Your creative juices are flowing today. Sorry about the toilet. LOL! I know it’s tough not to scoreboard watch at this time of the year. But the Yankees really do have to take care of their own business and let other teams do what they do. So we needed that win. And now we need a good road trip. And if that happens, we’ll be just fine!

    You’re right, Kaybee. I gave up and I’m so so so sorry!!! But sometimes they play like sleepwalkers before they get it going!

  12. southernbelle

    Jane: I was losing faith in them, too. I was about to go to bed. But I went upstairs, and I saw my little brother was watching “The Princess Bride.” I love that movie, so I stayed and watched. I told him to flip back to the Yankees, and he did. It was the 9th. I saw everything. It was great. Cervelli deserves to be the everyday catcher. I’m not kidding. I really think he has proved himself worthy. Well, maybe not everyday, but more than once a month! -Virginia

  13. Jane Heller

    Wow, Virginia. Lucky that you flipped the TV back to the Yankees just in time to see Cervelli do his thing. He adds real fire to the team and I’m sure he’ll see more playing time during the road trip, given Jorge’s suspension – and maybe after that. Who knows?

    That’s an interesting take, Erin. So you think my motivational tactics are working? HAHA. I’ll have to keep them up!

  14. letsgoyankees

    This particular game I never lost faith in them. I always thought they’d come back for some reason. Just had that feeling that they weren’t going to let themselves lose two in a row.

    Not that I’m any better. I was very upset in that one Mets game before Castillo dropped the ball.

  15. raysrenegade

    I am thinking we need to pop a peanut butter pie with a nice head of fine whipping cream if you really feel you need a pie in the face.
    Might as well have that Southern delicacy instead of a pecan pie, which could bring about an eye injury.
    But one of the events that brought about that entire Posada/Carlson debacle was the ball hit off the foot of Brian Tallet.
    I have not seen the play on video yet, but for a pitcher to leave the game for that shot, it must have gotten one of his support toes on his front pitching leg.
    So, we see now that it is actually a tri-fold of unfortunate results that got us to the pushing, shoving and the all-around suspensions of Posada and Carlson.
    Worst part of it all is that Carlson could be shut down for three games and it would just be a spot missed in the Bullpen.
    But Posada will be sorely missed if he doesn’t appeal the process bvecuase of those pesky Mariners coming into town this weekend.
    Let’s settle this like they did in the olden days and make one of them walk the plank, while the other just gets 5 lashs with a rolled up shower towel made into a rats tail.
    Might sting for a bit, but Jorge could still hit with a mark hidden on his hip.

    Rays Renegade

  16. ibleedpinstripes

    Ahhh, the walk-off. Always a pleasure meeting it. It always has such a lovely time in the Bronx. I wish it would visit more often. =)
    I’m happy for Cervelli. After the time he had spent here a few months ago and helped out as much as he did, he definitely deserved it. He’s adorable. His enthusiasm really cannot be matched or surpassed. I’m glad we stuck it to those damn Jays after Tuesday! They had it comin’! LOL. Hopefully this upcoming west coast trip will be good to our guys… I don’t want to be up until all hours of the night for nothing!

    – Lisa

  17. Jane Heller

    OK, I’ll let myself off the hook, Buz. And I agree: it was a great game!

    Glad you can relate, letsgoyankees. Sometimes it seems as if they’re not playing with intensity, but then they turn it on and it’s pie time!

    Hmmm, a peanut butter pie, Renegade. Now that sounds delish! Tallet didn’t have anything to do with the brawl though. He pitched last night’s game, post-brawl. Also, Posada and Carlson got three games, because they agreed not to appeal. Not that big a deal, since Posada could use the rest. And the Yanks are headed west to play the Mariners in Seattle. It should be an interesting road trip because they go on to play in Anaheim and finish up in Boston.

    I was happy for Cervelli too, Lisa. He seems like such a good guy and his enthusiasm is contagious. Now if we could have a great road trip I’d be thrilled. Mostly, I hope Pettitte’s shoulder is OK. I’ve been worried about him.


    Jane, I just read that Pete Abraham is moving on to the Boston Globe to cover the Red Sox!!! He had valid reasons, but he will be missed by those of us who enjoy his blog every day. I know you have met him and read him too; just wondered what your thoughts are?

  19. Jane Heller

    He will be so missed, nparlin! I sent him a congratulatory email a little while ago, and he wrote back that he appreciated the sentiments. Sounds like it was a tough decision for him, but he’s looking forward to the challenge. I know he enjoyed covering the Yankees and thought it was a dream job. I also know he loved working with Mark at the Daily News and Tyler at the Times, and will miss that camaraderie. I just hope the Journal News gets somebody great to replace him!

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